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Chapter 3

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What will happen the morning after? pleas read and review.

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Chapter 3

The next morning Kayla woke up first. She was confused at first then suddenly remembered where she was and who she was with when she seen Benji's arm around her.
"Benji, Benji wake up." Kayla nudged him. He started to wake up.
"What?" Benji groaned eyes still closed.
"Benji its Kayla you asleep in my living room." Benji opened his eyes and sat up. "We must have fallen asleep watching the movie."
"Yeah. We did."
"Want anything for breakfast?" Kayla asked.
"What time is it?"
"Erm... eleven." Kayla answered looking at her watch.
"I should go."
"You sure. You can have something to eat or drink before you go." Kayla offered.
"If it's not too much trouble."
"No I'm used to make breakfast for two when Jenny's here."
Kayla made them some breakfast, Benji helped a little. They carried on talking and joking around. They where both surprise at how much they had in common and how easily they got along.
"Ok I really do have to go now, Joel will be wondering where I am." Benji said after they had finished breakfast and cleared up.
"Ok, well it was nice spending time with you."
"It was lovely spending time with you too." Benji smiled.
"Ok well I'll see you around."
"Hopefully." Benji said then got into his car and went home.

When he got home he found Joel watching TV.
"What happened to you last night?" Joel smirked. Not taking his attention away from the TV.
"Yeah I'm sorry about that. I took Kayla home and we ended up falling asleep while we where watching a movie."
"Kayla? That the chick Tony set you up with?"
"Yeah. I thought you met her once before and called her a dirty cheep slut?" still not really paying too much attention to Benji.
"I did and I was wrong. She's so nice and smart and funny and sexy and..."
"And sounds like you've got a crush on her."
"Joel where not in high school but yeah I do really like her. She's gorges."
"Didn't I remember Tony mentioning that she was a playboy model?" Joel said paying a little more attention to Benji seen as the show he was watching went to a break.
"Yeah she is." Benji said. Joel suddenly paying full attention to Benji.
"Wow she must be hot then."
"Yeah she is, she was wearing this tiny halter neck black dress and seriously it was low cut and clung to all the right places."
"So when do I get to meet her?"
"I don't know, I don't even know when I'm going to see her again." Benji said sitting down next to Joel.
"So you said you spent the night with her?" Joel grinned suggestively.
"Yeah I did but nothing happened. We talked and got to know each other. She's so cool she's really clever and funny. We get along really well. After that we started watching a movie and fell asleep before it ended."
"Really you went on a date with a playboy model and then went back to her house and you're trying to tell me all you did was talk. Did you not even kiss?"
"No we didn't need to it wasn't about sex we just had a really good time in each others company."
"Benj enjoying each others company is what you save for when your seventy and too old for sex."
"Joel I really like her and I don't want to mess this up."
"So how did you end up at her house anyway?"
"Tony and Jenny bailed on us and Jenny had gave her a lift to the restaurant so I offered to take her home when we got there she asked me in."
"Benj she asked you in she as good as she come sleep with me." Joel laughed.
"Shut up, it wasn't like that." Just then Tony walked in.
"Hey Benj how was the date? Glad to see she didn't kill you." Tony said.
"It's mustn't have been that bad seen as he spent the night at hers." Joel smiled.
"Now way! Benj how did you pull that off with a playboy model you lucky basted." Tony laughed.
"Nothing happened. We talked and watched a movie that's it." Benji defended.
"Aw what happened?" Tony said thinking something went wrong.
"Nothing. We just enjoyed each others company and getting to know each other." Benji explained.
"So you do like her?" Tony asked seriously.
"Like her, you should have heard him when he came in, it was 'oh she's so hot and sexy and funny and smart.'" Joel mocked. Laughing.
"Aw has my Benji got a crush on a playboy model." Tony said putting an arm around his shoulders. "Hey what happened with Jenny and Kayla when you came over last night? Jen came in, in a really shit mood after."
"I don't know there was something wrong with Kayla too but all she said was that Jen pisses her off sometimes and that they would be ok once they'd slept on it."
"Weird. Anyway when are you seeing her again?" Tony asked.
"I don't know?"
"You don't know, come on Benj she's a playboy model if you don't get there soon enough there's going to be some other lucky basted ready to take your place. How about tonight why don't you ask her over, we'll invite Billy, Paul, Matt and Jen over and we can say where having a little get together thing but really it's just an excuse for us all to check her out."
"I don't have her number."
"I do." Tony smiled pulling out a piece off paper from his pocket.
"'Fucking sexy playboy model'" Joel read out taking the paper from Tony.
"Tone she has a name." Benji said.
"I know that but she is fucking sexy and she is a playboy model." Tony said smiling, Benji rolled his eyes. Joel called Billy and Paul while Tony called Matt and Jenny. When they heard that Benji was bringing a playboy model they didn't need any more persuasion.
"Ok last but defiantly not least Kayla." Tony said dialling her number. Joel listened in.
"Hello?" they heard Kayla answer.
"Hi is this Kayla?"
"Hi Kayla its Tony, Jenny's boyfriend."
"Oh hi Tony. Jenny's not here."
"It's not Jenny I was calling for. I wanted to ask you to come over to Benji tonight where having a little get together. Just a few friends, Jenny's coming too." Kayla immediately clocked onto what they where up to.
"Oh really and why couldn't Benji ask me him self." She decided to have some fun with them.
"Oh Benji? Well he's erm in the shower, he asked me to give you the message. He'd love to see you."
"I don't know I'm kind of buisy tonight. I need to wash my hair." Kayla said trying not to let him hear her laughing.
"Oh right well could you not come over after that."
"I don't know I need to practise a few poses for me photo shoot tomorrow."
"Maybe some of you guys could help me out with that?"
"W... rea...I...we...sure." Tony stuttered. Kayla couldn't help but burst out laughing giving her game away. "You where playing with me this whole time weren't you?"
"Yeah I'm sorry. I'd love to come over, what time?"
"Around sixish?"
"Ok see you later."
"Bye." He put the phone down. Joel burst out laughing.
"I like her." Joel said laughing at Tony.
"Yeah she's a real comedian." Tony said.
"She had you going."
"No she didn't I knew what she was up to I was just playing along."
"Yeah what ever."
"So is she coming?" Benji asked.
"Yeah at around six."
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