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Chapter 4

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What will happen when they meet Kayla? PLease read and REVIEW

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Chapter 4

At six fifteen everybody was at Benji and Joel's apart from Kayla. There was a knock at the door and Benji answered it.
"Hey." She said smiling at him.
"Hey glad you could come. Come in." Benji said stepping to the side to let her in. she stepped in and he closed the door. They stood in the hall looking at each other.
"Before we go into the mad house I just want to say I'm sorry now for what ever they do or say to you. You should ignore everything they do or say to you." Benji warned. Kayla laughed.
"Don't worry I've had to handle a lot worst before." Kayla said. Benji smiled then lead her into the living room where Joel, Billy and Paul where.
"Guys this is Kayla." Benji said stepping out of the way to reveal Kayla. She smiled at them and said 'Hi'. All of them just stared at her stunned. They all thought the exact same thing 'she was fucking gorges'. Kayla laughed a little.
"O-k." this snapped them out of their dazes a little. They all tried to introduce themselves to her but weren't making a very good job. They where all tongue tied and stuttering.
"H...hi I'm...I'm Billy and this is Paul." Paul said. Billy pushed past him to get to her.
"He's an idiot I'm Billy and he's Paul. N...nice to meet you." Billy said holding out a shaky hand for her to shake. She smiled and shook it. Joel pushed Billy and Paul out of the way so he was now in front of her. He tried to speak to her but no words came out. Kayla was being polite fighting the laughter and Benji was in stitches laughing at how stupid the three of them looked.
"This is Joel." Benji said saving Joel.
"Hey Joel nice to meet you." She smiled.
"Y...yes I'm...I'm Joel."
After about five minutes of Joel, Billy and Paul falling all over them selves trying to string a sentence together to talk to Kayla, Benji decided to rescue her.
"Erm guys where's Tony, Matt and Jen?" Benji asked.
"In the kitchen." Joel replied.
"Ok I think we'll go see them." Benji said leading her away into the kitchen.

"She's gorgeous." Billy said when Benji and Kayla had gone into the kitchen.
"Benji is one lucking bastard." Paul said.
"Tony said she was hot but I didn't think she was that hot." Joel said. They talked about Kayla for a little longer then carried on with their video game.

Meanwhile in the kitchen when Benji and Kayla entered Matt, Tony and Jen where just hanging out, sat round the table chatting.
"I take it your Kayla then?" Matt smiled getting up and walking over to her.
"That would be me." Kayla smiled shaking the hand he offered her.
"I'm Matt, Tony's cousin. Nice to finally meet you I've heard so much about you."
"Oh really. Good or Bad?"
"Extremely good." Matt said sitting back down smiling.
"Good." She smiled back.
"Hey Kay." Tony said getting up giving her a hug.
"Hey Tony." She said hugging him back. Tony went back to his place on the table. Kayla and Jenny weren't acknowledging each others presence. Matt, Tony and Benji sensed this.
"Hey Tone did you see that thing I bought the other day?" Benji said hinting for them to leave the girls alone. Tony gave him a funny look then realised what he was doing.
"No you didn't let's go look at it now." Tony said getting up.
"I'll come with you." Matt said looking at both girls then following Tony and Benji out of the kitchen.
"Wow that wasn't obvious." Kayla gave a little laugh.
"I'm sorry." Jenny said quietly. Kayla sighed and sat next to her.
"You don't need to be I was out of order."
"No I'm sorry for everything thing, for taking the piss out of you and for taking advantage of you."
"Taking advantage of me? You don't take advantage of me."
"Yes I do all the time. We always do what I want to do, you always have to run around after me and I'm sorry I'm going to change."
"Jen don't change if I didn't like it I'd let you know about it. If I didn't have you making me go out I wouldn't go out half as much as I do and Jen I help you out because I know that you would do the same for me if I need you to. I was just being a bitch all day; I'm the one that should be sorry.
"Well where both sorry so lets say where even." Jenny smiled and they hugged.
"So have you met all the guys?" Jenny smiled.
"Yeah." Kayla laughed.
"Let me guess they got all tongue tied and falling all over themselves for you."
"Yeah something like that." Kayla laughed.
"There not usually like that. Their usually really laid back. They think your really hot so you'd better watch out you might have more of a fan club after you than Benj. Come on I want to see them make fools out of them selves for you." Jenny laughed dragging her into the living room. As soon as they entered they all went quiet and smiled at Kayla dreamily. Jenny burst out laughing and Kayla smiled pleasantly. Jenny led her over to the sofa and sat down next to Tony. They all hung out for the rest of the night. Benji sat on the floor next to where Kayla was sitting. Jenny was more or less on Tony's lap making out. Kayla edged as far away from them as possible. Kayla and Benji talked quietly together for most of the night. Joel, Billy, Paul and Matt messed around together and played video games. They kept an eye on what Benji and Kayla where up to. When it got to midnight Kayla decided she should go because she had a photo shoot the next day. Benji walked her to the door.
"I had a really nice time tonight." Benji smiled at her.
"Yeah me too. It was nice meeting your friends." Kayla smiled back.
"Yeah. Sorry about them, I think they where a little dazed at how beautiful and amazing you are."
"Yeah right." Kayla laughed.
"It's true, you're gorgeous but you're really interesting too. I love spending time with you."
"Well maybe you'd like to come over to my place tomorrow to spend more time with me." Kayla said seductively. "Alone." She whispered in his ear. Benji got shivers through his body.
"S...sure." He stuttered. She smiled.
"Good, see you at about six." Kayla smiled then walked away.
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