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Chatpter 5

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Chapter 5

The next day Kayla did her photo shoot then went shopping to get some stuff in for Benji coming over later that night. While she was shopping she got a call from Jenny.
"Hey Kay. What you up to?"
"Erm...I'm shopping. Why?"
"Just wondering."
"Jen what's going on and aren't you supposed to be at work?"
"I am at work; I'm on my lunch break. I was bored so I thought I'd give you a call."
"Oh ok."
"So how was the photo shoot?"
"Good, it went ok."
"So what you shopping for?"
"Getting some food and other bits and pieces ready for tonight."
"Tonight? What's happening tonight?"
"Oh shit I didn't tell you."
"Tell me what?"
"I invited Benji over. That's ok with you isn't it? Because you're staying at Tony's tonight weren't you?"
"Oh I get it now. It all adds up." Jenny laughed.
"What do you get? What's all adding up?"
"You, inviting Benji over, getting rid of me so you two can be alone and your shopping for food and BITS AND PIECES. What bit's and pieces might that be." Jenny laughed.
"Jenny how dare you imply such a thing." Kayla laughed too.
"Oh so you not denying it."
"I'm not confirming it either."
"Kay just stop while you're ahead. I totally believe you when you say that absolutely nothing is going on with you and Benji." Jenny said sarcastically.
"Ha ha very funny."
"Just one last question."
"What shop are you in?" jenny asked Kayla could hear the grin on her face.
"Why does that matter?"
"I knew it your in a lingerie shop, aren't you?" Jenny laughed.
"So what if I am. I was just passing and thought I'd have a look round." Kayla laughed trying to sound innocent.
"Yeah right just passing and thought you'd have a look round, more like deliberately went in for something to wear tonight." Jenny laughed.
"Don't you have work to do?"
"See trying to change the subject I was so right."
"Ok yeah your right I came shopping especially for Benji coming over tonight happy now."
"Yeah for now."
"Ok see you tomorrow."
"Yeah, have a nice night." Jenny giggled.
"I will, you too. Bye."
Kayla continued her shopping, she got everything she needed then went home. It was three o'clock when she got home so she dumped all her shopping in the kitchen and went for a shower. She was exhausted after her busy day. She had been up since six that morning for the photo shoot. It was harder work than people thought. When she got out of the shower she left her hair down to dry on its own, threw on a vest top and hot pants then went downstairs. When she got down stairs she heard someone in the kitchen. She thought it was Jenny come to get something that had forgot. She walked into the kitchen only to find Tony.
"Tony, what are you doing here?" Kayla asked.
"Oh Kay you scared me then." Tony said turning to look at her.
"Yeah a funnily enough it's my house that your in." Kayla laughed.
"Sorry Jen asked me to come and pick up her work clothes for tomorrow but I haven't got a clue which they are. Can you help me?" Tony asked. Kayla smiled.
"Yeah sure. For starters you won't find them in the kitchen. Come on." Kayla said leading him to Jenny's room.
"Well I noticed you where home so I didn't want to go wandering though the house so I thought I'd wait here for you." Tony said. They got into Jenny's room. Tony sat on the bed while Kayla looked through Jenny's wardrobe for some work clothes for her.
"Here you go these should be fine." Kayla said handing him some clothes.
"Thanks." Tony smiled. They walked to the door in silence. "Well I'll leave you in peace now." Tony said when they got to the door.
"You can stay for a drink or something before you go if you want." Kayla offered.
"No thanks. I'd love too but I need to get back."
"Ok no problem."
"One thing before I go though." Tony said. He leaned into her then whispered. "You look absolutely stunning with the whole just got out of the shower wet hair, vest top and hot pants look but Benj will love the new lingerie it's very sexy."
"Tony Lovato! You looked through me shopping?" Kayla laughed shocked.
"Well not really the bag just happened to fall open as I walked past."
"What you mean the lingerie bag that was right at the back just happened to fall open just as you walked past for you to have a good look in?" Kayla smirked.
"Well maybe I ..." Tony tried to explain. Kayla laughed.
"It doesn't matter. Thanks for the opinion though." Kayla laughed.
"Have a good night. I know Benji's looking forward to it. It's all he's talked about today." Tony said stepping out the door.
"Good to here." Kayla said.
"Ok have a good night. Bye." Tony said getting into his car.
"See you." Kayla said as he drove off.
Just as she closed the door the phone rang.
"Hey, did Tony get the right clothes?" Jenny asked.
"Yeah he just left."
"So did you get what you wanted when you where shopping?"
"Yes I did actually and I have your boyfriends' approval on my new lingerie."
"You showed him?" Jenny asked shocked.
"No he claims the bag accidentally fell open and he accidentally seen while I was in the shower." Kayla laughed.
"Oh right sure the bag fell open accidentally, I'll be having words with him." Jenny laughed. "So did he have anything else to say?"
"No not really, when I came out of the shower he said he was here to pick up your clothes and would I help. So I went t and got the clothes, gave them to him, then when we got to the door he said Benj would love the lingerie and that he was really looking forward to tonight it's all he's been talking about all day."
"Well that's good. He really likes you, you know."
"Good I like him too."
"So now you admit you like him? Kayla I don't get you." Jenny laughed.
"Don't worry not many people do."
"Ok well like I said before have a good night, I know you will. See you tomorrow."
"Ok bye."
When Kayla got off the phone with jenny she made her self a drink of coffee then went to have a sit down until she got everything ready for that night. just as she sat down the phone rang again. She cursed to herself. She thought it was Jenny again. She sighed and picked up the phone.
"Ok you really staring to piss me off now." Kayla said.
"Erm... Kayla its Benji, if this is a bad time I can call back later." Benji said. Kayla felt really stupid.
"Benji sorry I thought it was Jen calling again she's been bugging me all day. What where you calling for?"
"Oh right... I was just checking that where still ok for tonight?"
"Yeah course we are."
"Good do you want me to bring anything?"
"Erm, no just yourself will be good." Kayla laughed. She heard him laugh too. "Ok well see you later."
"Yeah see you later."
Kayla put the phone down and finally got her peace and quite before she had to start getting everything ready for Benji coming.
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