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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

At 4:30 Kayla started cooking dinner, setting the table and tidying up. At 5:30 the dinner was nearly ready so she went to get dressed. She put her new lingerie on with a skirt and a low cut halter neck top. She went to check on dinner. At exactly six o'clock there was a knock at the door. She went to open it.
"Hey come in. make your self at home I'll be with you in a second." Kayla smiled letting Benji in. she returned to the kitchen finishing off the dinner. Benji followed her.
"It smells good."
"Well I hope it tastes as good as it smells." Kayla smiled.
She put the dinner out and they sat and ate. They had a good time talking about anything and everything.
"So have you had a good day?" Benji asked.
"Not too bad. More hectic than anything."
"Well I've been up since six because I had a photo shoot so I had to go get my make-up and shit done first. That took me till dinner. Then I went doing some shopping. I was half way though shopping when Jen called. So I was stood in the middle of the shopping centre listening to her ramble on and take the piss out of me." Kayla said making Benji laugh. "Then after about half an hour of her rambling I finally managed to finish my shopping. I got back here planning to have a nice relaxing shower then have a sleep before tonight but no. I got out of the shower and I found Tony in the kitchen."
"Tony what was he doing here?" Benji said confused but finding Kayla's description of what she had done today amusing.
"Jen had sent him to pick up some work clothes for her tomorrow but Tony being a guy and all didn't have a clue what to pick so he decided to scare me half to death when I got out of the shower thinking her was a burglar or something." Kayla gave a little laugh.
"Sounds like Tony." Benji laughed.
"Yeah so I finally got rid of him and I thought great I can relax now but the minute I sat down Jen rang again rambling on again for another half hour. And I've just realised I'm rambling so I'm going to shut up now and ask you about your day. So how was your day?" Kayla said taking a breath and smiling at him.
"Not as busy as your." Benji laughed. They carried on talking for a little longer.

When they had finished dinner Kayla put the dishes in the sink and started doing the washing up.
"Here let me help you." Benji said waling up behind her.
"OK, wash or dry?" Kayla smiled.
"Wash." Benji said stepping in front of the sink. Kayla picked up a towel and started drying as Benji started washing. They did the dishes in silence. Kayla picked up a glass to dry it but she didn't realise that there was still some water in the bottom. As she picked it up the water got Benji in the face. He stopped washing and turned to look at Kayla. Kayla just stood there trying not to laugh.
"Sorry I didn't..." Kayla stared to apologise but ending up laughing. Benji picked up some bubbles from the sink and blew them at him. Kayla half screamed half laughed. Before they knew it they where both soaked from their little water fight. She rolled the towel up and hit him with it on the ass.
"Ohh, right then." Benji said then ran after her. She ran into the living room and he rugby tackled her onto the sofa. He was pinning her down with one hand and tickling her with the other.
"Ok, ok I give up." Kayla said through laughter. He stopped what he was doing. They both froze looking into each others eyes then broke into a passionate kiss. The Kiss got more and more full on, their hands roaming all over each others bodies beginning to remove clothes. Kayla pulled away.
"W...wait. Come on." She said breathlessly getting up, taking his hand and leading him to her room. When they got in her room she lightly pushed him down on to the bed and got on top of him straddling him. They started their heated kiss again. Benji sat up a little while she took his shirt off. They stayed sat up; she kissed his neck while he undid the tie at the back of her top letting it fall off. He went back to kissing her while they worked on removing his pant and her skirt. When they had successfully removed their clothing leaving just Kayla in her lingerie Benji flipped them so that he was now on top. He sat back for a second taking in how beautiful and sexy Kayla was. He defiantly liked the lingerie. Kayla smiled.
"Tony said you'd like the lingerie."
"You shown Tony?" Benji said raising his eyebrows. Kayla laughed a little at his expression.
"Yeah but it doesn't matter right now." Kayla said pulling him down for a kiss and they continued having sex. When they had finished they lay together. Benji had his arm around her and she had her head resting on his chest.
"So tell me how Tony got to see this lingerie?" Benji smirked. Kayla smiled.
"I bought it today and when I came in I left my shopping in the kitchen. While I was in the shower he claims that the bag just happened to fall open as he walked past."
"Yeah sure it did. He's so nosey." Benji said. She agreed and they laughed. They ended up falling to sleep where they where not long after.
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