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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

The next morning Kayla woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. She looked at Benji he was still asleep so she tried to answer the phone as quickly and a quietly as she could with out waking him.
"Hello?" She said quietly and still quite groggy from juts waking up.
"Have you only just woke up?" Jenny asked laughing.
"Yeah what time is it?" Kayla asked holding the pone away from her ear a little because Jenny had obviously been up for a while and was being rather loud.
"Ten past twelve. I take it you must have had a really good night then." Jenny said smugly.
"Fuck is it really that late and yes not that it's any of your business we did have a good night. So what are you calling for this time?" Kayla said waking up more and sitting up carefully.
"What do you mean this time I haven't called you since four o'clock yesterday, that's a long time."
"Yeah for you." Kayla laughed.
"Hey watch it. I was only calling to see if it was safe to come round."
"Yeah it's ok."
"Oh good see you soon."
"Ok bye." Kayla put the phone done still being careful not to wake Benji.
"Who was that?" Benji said groggily. She obviously didn't succeed in being quiet so not to wake him.
"I was trying not to wake you." Kayla smiled.
"It doesn't matter." Benji smiled back sitting up.
"Do I really need to tell you who it was." Kayla smiled.
"No. what did she want this time?" Benji laughed.
"Just to see if it was ok if she came back yet." Kayla rolled her eyes making Benji laugh.
Kayla got up, showered then got dressed she put a vest top and tight jeans on and she left her hair down to dry on its own. She walked back into the bedroom only to find that Benji had fell back to sleep. She laughed to herself then went and sat on the bed straddling him. She said his name softly but he didn't wake up so she said it louder, still nothing. She kissed him softly on the lips then down his check to his neck and his collar bone. She sensed that he was awake even though he stayed lying still with his eye closed. She kissed back up his neck back to his lips. When she got to his lips he started kissing her back. The kiss got more heated, which then turned into a have make out session. They only stopped because they heard Jenny and Tony walk in.
"Mmh nice way to be woke up." Benji smiled.
"Yeah." Kayla smiled.
"Kay!" They heard Jenny call.
"Urgh piece and quiet over." Kayla laughed getting up. "I'll go see them; you can have a shower if you want."
"Yeah, will do. See you in a bit." Benji said getting up and going into the bathroom. Kayla went in search of Jenny.
"Kay!" Jenny shouted again. Kayla found her friend in the kitchen, she walked up behind her.
"Yeah?" She said making Jenny jump. Kayla laughed.
"Shit Kay you gave me a heart attack then." Jenny said turning round to face her. "What in the heel happened in here?" Jenny said looking at the half washed dishes and the water splodges everywhere.
"Oh yeah me and Benj where doing the dishes but then..."
"Looks like you where doing anything but the dishes." Jenny laughed. "Where is Benji anyway?" Jenny said smirking.
"In the shower." Kayla said plainly.
"Oh right you mean the shower where you have just been?" Jenny smirked looking at Kayla's wet hair.
"Hey don't be getting any ideas I had a shower alone." Kayla said.
"Yeah sure." Jenny said suspiciously.
"Jen!" They heard Tony shout from the living room.
"Coming." Jenny called to him as Kayla and Jenny made their way to the living room. Whey they got to the living room there was Tony, Joel and Billy.
"Hey Kay, Having a good time?" Tony smirked.
"Yeah I was until ya'll interrupted." Kayla replied smugly. Just then Benji walked in.
"Been sharing showers now have we?" Tony smirked.
"Been looking through anyone's personal shopping lately?" Kayla threw back at him.
"Ok, ok you two give it a rest." Jenny said stepping between Kayla and Tony laughing at them.
"So what was so important about coming over here anyway?" Kayla asked sitting down.
"Nothing much just wanted to nosy at what you two where up to." Jenny said. Kayla rolled her eyes. They hung out together for a little longer.

About an hour later Kayla was in the kitchen making something to eat. Benji walked in and put his arms around her waist.
"How about we go out for something to eat together and ditch all them." Benji said quietly his lips brushing against Kayla neck. She leaned back into his touch.
"Sounds like a plan to me but we can't tell them that where going because they'll just follow us."
"Ok well after three we make a run for it." Benji said. Kayla nodded but they still stood there Benji's lips teasing Kayla's neck. "One...two...three." Benji said. But instead or making a run for it. Kayla turned round in his arms and they kissed. A second later they pulled away reluctantly.
"Ok if we want to go we're going to have to go now." Kayla said.
"Ok come on." Benji said. He grabbed hold of her hand as they hurried out of the house and got into Kayla's car because it was closest.
"Shit I've not got my keys." Kayla said feeling in her pickets.
"Come on." Benji said grabbing her hand as they ran to his car. Fortunately he had his keys with him. They got into his car laughing and drove off.

"Hey where are they going?" Joel said noticing Benji and Kayla running out of the house.
"I think they've bailed on us." Tony laughed.
"Well that wasn't very nice." Jenny pouted.
"Aw leave them alone you should be glad that their not ripping each others heads off any more." Billy said.
"Yeah I'm happy for them." Joel agreed. "Still jealous that he gets the playboy model though."
Meanwhile in the car. Benji and Kayla where still laughing.
"I can't believe we actually managed to get out of the house with out them stopping us or following us." Kayla laughed. Just them her phone started ringing.
"What you remembered your phone but not your keys?" Benji laughed.
"Yeah I never go anywhere with out my phone." Kayla said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Benji laughed and she answered the phone.
"Hello... in Benji's car... going getting something to eat... I'm not telling you... because we don't want you following us and gate crashing... yeah sure you won't... I'll see you when we get back... bye." Kayla hung up.
"Jenny?" Benji asked.
"How did you guess?" Kayla laughed. "They want to know where we're going and why we didn't invite them so I told them I'm not telling them where we're going because we want to be alone and don't want them gate crashing."
"So where do you want to go?" Benji asked.
"I really don't mind." Kayla said. "How about there?" Kayla pointed out to a quiet small diner.
"Yeah sure." Benji said pulling into the car park. When they got into the diner there were only a couple of people in there. Benji and Kayla went and sat at the back."
"Piece and quiet." Benji smiled.
"Yep they'll never find us here." Kayla agreed. They waitress took their orders. They had a really good time talking and laughing together. After a few hours they decided to go back to the house.
"Aw I fell guilty now for leaving them like that." Kayla said.
"Really?" Benji asked.
"No." Kayla laughed making Benji laugh too.

When they got back to the house no one was there and they had left a note on the table.
"Ha their pretending to be pissed at us. They've gone out 'somewhere' and their not telling us where." Kayla laughed reading out the note to him.
"Well seen as their not here, which means where here... alone." Benji said walking over to her putting his arms around her.
"I like what you're getting at." Kayla smiled. Then they broke into a kiss which turned into a heavy make out session which then lead then to the bedroom having sex.
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