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Chapter 8

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nothing really big happens in this chapter but it's setting it up for the next chapter. please read and review.

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Chapter 8

The next five days Kayla and Benji didn't see each other because he was busy in the studio and she was away in Paris doing a photo shoot. Jenny went to pick Kayla up from the airport when she was due to come home. When they got into the car they caught up with each others gossip.
"So how was Paris?" Jenny asked.
"Great really fun. I went seeing loads of sights, it's so beautiful." Kayla explained.
"How was the shoot?"
"It went really well, we got most of it done in a day and then I only needed to go back the next day to do a few other things."
"So how come you had to stay for five days?"
"well the first day I was just steeling in and getting things sorted the next day I had a meeting about what types of stuff we where going to do in the shoot. We spent the third day and the next morning doing the shoot. So I have the fourth day's afternoon and all of the fifth day to see sights and pack ready to come home." Kayla explained.
"Oh good, I'm glad you managed to have a little holiday out of it too." Jenny smiled. "So have you not spoken to Benji? He's been asking me about you." Jenny smiled.
"No I haven't. To tell you the truth I haven't stopped since I landed in Paris. Is there anything wrong?" Kayla said a little worried.
"No there's nothing wrong. I think he missed you." Jenny said. Kayla laughed.
"Missed me? How could he miss me, we've barely known each other five minutes and I was only gone for five days." Kayla said quite amused even though she couldn't lye she had been thinking about him too.
"Yeah he missed you, he's really taken a liking too you. Come on you can't say you haven't given him one single thought since you left." Jenny said.
"Ok yeah I have thought about him once or twice." Kayla admitted smiled.
"See, you like him." Jenny teased.
"Maybe I do." Kayla smiled back.
"You better had like him, because according to Tony and the other guys he's absolutely smitten about you."
"Aw really?" Kayla smirked.
"Yeah so don't go playing him." Jenny warned.
"I don't play people." Kayla said ridiculously. Jenny just looked at her with raised eyebrows.
"Ok maybe I played a few people once or twice but I swear that I would never do anything like that to Benji."
"Ok, I'm just making sure because Benji doesn't deserve anything like that he's a genuine nice guy." Jenny said.
"Don't worry about it. So what's been going on with you while I was away?" Kayla asked.
"Nothing really Tony's been staying over and I've been going to the salon for a few hours during the day that's it really nothing interesting." Jenny said. "Oh there is one thing I need to talk to you about."
"What?" Kayla said getting a little worried.
"Well you know how I took next week off so that we could decorate the apartment."
"Yes." Kayla said suspiciously.
"Well erm it turns out Tony took the same week off and booked a holiday for the two of us during that week. I'm really sorry."
"Its fine I suppose I'll have to decorate the apartment on my own then." Kayla sighed.
"I really am sorry I'd change it if I could but it's all been arranged. I'll make it up to you I promise."
"Its fine really, go have a good time." Kayla smiled. They pulled up outside their apartment and Jenny helped Kayla in with her bags. When they got in Kayla noticed Jenny's bags packed in the hall.
"Jen when do you and Tony leave?" Kayla asked.
"Tomorrow." Jenny called.
"Tomorrow?" Kayla said.
"Yeah I know it's really soon and we've barely had time together since you got back but I'll..."
"Make it up to me. Yeah I know." Kayla smiled and gave her best friend a hug. "You don't worry about me I'm fine."
"You sure?"
"Yeah course I am." Kayla smiled.
The two of them hung out all night having a girly night in watching movies and chatting about girly stuff. The next morning they got up after having only three hours sleep. Kayla was the worse seen as she hadn't slept properly in thirty five hours with flying back from Paris. Tony came to pick Jenny up. Kayla answered the door while jenny just got the last of her things ready for her trip.
"Hey Kay, did you have a good time in Paris?" Tony said giving her a hug.
"Hey Tony, Yeah it was really good thanks."
"You look shattered." Tony pointed out.
"Yeah I am I haven't slept properly in the past thirty five hours. Me and Jen stayed up most of the night having a girly night in so she doesn't look much better than me." Kayla laughed. Just the Jenny came to the door.
"Hey you ready?" Tony asked.
"Yeah that's everything." Jenny said pointing at her three suit cases.
"Jen you know we're only going for a week not a month." Tony laughed.
"Shut up and get going." Jenny said playfully hitting him. He picked up her bags and put them in the car.
"OK you sure you're ok with me going?" Jenny asked.
"Yes I'm fine. You go and have a good time; I'll see you when you get back." Kayla said. They hugged then Jenny left. Kayla went back inside and fell asleep on the sofa.

It was five pm before Kayla woke up again and that was only because someone was knocking on the door. She got up groggily and answered the door.
"Joel?" Kayla said confused and still half asleep.
"Yeah, erm can I come in?" Joel said.
"Oh yeah sorry." Kayla said stepping out of the way so that he could come in and she closed the door behind him. She walked into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee to try and wake herself up a bit. Joel followed her and sat on one of the chairs at the table.
"Do you want a cup of coffee?" Kayla asked.
"Yeah sure." Joel said.
Kayla made the coffee and handed him the cup.
"So what brings you here?" Kayla asked going into the living room to sit down somewhere more comfortable. Joel followed her. she curled up on the sofa where she had just been sleeping and Joel sat opposite her.
"Jenny called Benji and asked him to come and check up on you make sure you where ok while she was gone." Joel explained. Kayla was still confused why Joel was here though.
"No offence but why are you here?" Kayla said taking a sip of her coffee.
"Oh well Benji was stuck at the studio they are doing the guitar bits today so he asked me to come over instead."
"Oh right well I'm fine I don't know what Jenny's so worried about." Kayla laughed.
"I know when she called Benji he got worried thinking something was up so I had to come to stop him having a heart attack." Joel said. They both laughed. "Well now I've made sure your not dieing I'll go tell Benj." Joel said getting up to leave.
"You don't have to go you can stay for a little bit if you want, that's if you're not busy?" Kayla offered.
"No I'm not staying I just thought if you wanted to be alone or if you where going anywhere."
"No I'm not going anywhere and I certainly am not busy, I can't say I'll be much company I might just end up falling a sleep but you can defiantly stay for a while." Kayla smiled.
"Ok I will, you do look really tired." Joel said sitting back down.
"Yeah I haven't had much sleep in the past two days. I think I've had about eight hours sleep in the past two days. I was sleeping when you called."
"I thought something was up it took you a while to answer."
"Yeah sorry about that but I'm glad you woke me up I'd been asleep sine Jen left this morning. I didn't know it had gotten that late." Kayla laughed.
"Well glad to be of service to you Joel." Joel laughed. "So how was Paris?"
"Really good. It was really fun and I got to see some of the sights. I love Paris it's so beautiful." Kayla explained.
"Yeah I liked Paris too." Joel agreed.
"So how you all been, Jenny tells me you've been in the studio?" Kayla said.
"Yeah went in doing some bits and pieces." Joel said. "so what are your plans while Jen's gone?" Joel asked.
"Decorating. Originally Jen took this week off to help me decorate the apartment but she'd rather go on holiday with Tony and leave me to do the decorating by myself." Kayla said.
They chatted for a little longer. Joel had been at Kayla's for an hour before his phone rang.
"Hello...yeah Benji I'm with her she's fine, she doesn't know why Jen's so worried, there nothing to worry about...yeah I'll see you soon...bye." Joel said then put his phone back in his pocket. "Benj seeing where I am seen as I've been gone for an hour. I'll have to go now." Joel said getting up.
"Ok, well it nice talking to you." Kayla smiled and walked with him to the door.
"It was nice talking to you too. See you soon." Joel said they hugged.
"Ok bye." Kayla smiled and watched him leave. She went back into the house made her self something to eat, watched some TV then went to bed.
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