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Chapter 9

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sorry nothing much happens in this chap but i promis some drama coming up very soon.

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Chapter 9

The next morning when Kayla woke up she felt much better. She went in the shower, got dressed and had some breakfast. After that she up packed and put some washing in the washer. When she had done that she had some lunch then decided to make a start on the decorating. She decided to start with the living room. She moved everything out of the living room and dumped it in various place all around the apartment where ever there was space. The only things left in the living room where the big thing like the TV and the sofa's which she covered with some ol;d sheets. She put her denim dungarees on that she usually wore when she was painting etc and put one of her playboy hats on so that she didn't get paint in her hair. It was quite hot she didn't wear a t-shirt under then she just had her bra and dungarees on which covered the necessary bits but still revealed quite a lot; but she didn't mind because she wasn't going out in then and wasn't expecting anyone. She got the paint and paint brushes out and was just about to start painting when someone knocked one the door. She wasn't going to answer it but when she looked through the spy hole she seen it was Benji and decided to let him in. when he seen her he looked her up and down then smiled.
"Hey come in." Kayla said stepping out of the way to let him in. "What are you laughing at?" Kayla questioned knowing full well what he was really laughing at.
"Nothing just admiring your choice of dress." Benjis smiled.
"Ha ha very funny. Sorry about the mess I'm decorating."
"Yeah Jen was supposed to help me but seen as she's gone gallivanting off with lover boy I'm left doing it myself." Kayla said Benji smiled.
"I could help you if you want?" Benji offered.
"I thought you where busy in the studio?"
"No we've finished for a little while."
"Oh great sure you can help if you want." Kayla said handing him a brush.
"So what are we doing?" Benji asked looking around the room and the paints.
"Ok we need to do all of this room in that one." Kayla said pointing at one of the cans. Benji went over to it and read it.
"Eastern spice." Benji said.
"I know Jen picked it." Kayla smiled rolling her eyes at Jenny's choice.
"Ok you start at that side and I'll start here and we'll meet in the little over there." Kayla said. Benji nodded then started painting. They painted in silence only talking every now and then. They kept sneaking a look at the other when the other wasn't looking. Benji liked the very revealing article of clothing that Kayla had decided to wear. Kayla had finished her bit before Benji. She went and stood behind him watching him work.
"What?" Benji smiled after a while of being watched.
"Nothing just admiring your work." Kayla smiled to him. He went back to painting. She still had her brush in her hand with a little bit of paint left on it. He finished his bit of the painting and stood back to look at it. Kayla came and stood behind him, putting her arms around him and resting her head on his shoulder. She slowly edged her hand with the paintbrush in up to his face and put a splodge on his nose laughing.
"Oh you think that's funny do you?" Benji smiled turning round and holding both of her arms with one hand and painting a nose and some whiskers on her face with the other hand.
"Good one I have a better one for you though." Kayla said looking at herself in the hall mirror then coming back over to Benji. She held his hands but he could have got away if he had wanted to and painted the letter D I C K on his head. Benji went to look at it in the mirror. It took him a second to read it backwards making Kayla laugh.
"Ha ha very funny and I was going to write something nice on you but I don' think I will now." Benji said pretending to be hurt. Kayla laughed.
"aw go on write what you where going to."
"No. wait you want me to paint you?" Benji laughed.
"Yeah, no, I don't know." Kayla said laughing making Benji laugh. He ended up painting on her too.
"Sexy." Kayla read through the mirror. "I like it." She smiled making Benji laugh. They carried on with their little paint fight putting splodges on each others various body parts. They stopped when they heard the door bell.
"You answer it." Kayla said.
"No I'm covered in paint." Benji said.
"Well so am I."
"It's your house." Kayla sighed and opened the door letting Joel in.
"...And it's your brother." Kayla said continuing their little playful argument walking into the living room followed by Joel.
"Hey what's up?" Benji asked Joel. Joel looked around with an amused look on his face.
"Nothing just seeing what you're up to." Joel said looking and reading what Benji and Kayla had painted on each other.
"Just painting." Benji replied.
"What the room or each other?" Joel laughed.
Benji and Kayla went and got cleaned up then went back to the living room with Joel.
"So you guys painted this whole room today?" Joel asked.
"Yeah." They replied.
"I'm starving what time it is?" Kayla asked. Joel looked at his watch.
"Nine thirty." Joel replied
"Nine thirty! I'm going to have to order a take away do either of you want any?" Kayla asked.
"Why a take away?" Benji asked.
"Because I packed all the pots and pans away for decorating and there's probably no eatable food in anyway because Jenny never thinks to go shopping."
"Well why don't we go out for dinner somewhere?" Benji suggested.
"If you want to?" Kayla said.
"Yeah why not." Benji smiled.
"You wanna come Joel?" Kayla asked.
"If you two don't want to be alone?" Joel asked.
"Don't worry we've been alone all day." Benji smiled.
"Yeah come on Joel." Kayla said. Joel agreed and the three of them went out to dinner. After dinner they went back to Kayla's so that Joel could pick his car up and to drop Kayla off. Benji and Kayla made plans for him to come and help her decorating the next day. Then Kayla went inside, watched TV and went to bed.

The next morning Kayla was up early for a change she put on her usual painting clothes and carried on where they had left off yesterday. Seen as the living room was dry and complete she moved all usual living room furniture back into the living room. Then moved the rest of the stuff from the kitchen and the hall into the living room, leaving the kitchen and hall ready for painting. She started painting in the kitchen first. She had already done a wall when she heard the door bell. She answered it expecting just Benji but found Joel, Billy and Paul there too.
"Hey." Kayla said letting them in.
"Hey I brought more helpers." Benji smiled.
"I see that." Kayla smiled.
"Ok so what do you want us to do?" Paul asked sounding a little too enthusiastic.
"Erm well I've just star started in the kitchen but I need the hall doing as well. So why don't two of you come help me in the kitchen and two of you start in the hall." Kayla said. They all agreed. Benji and Joel went to help Kayla in the kitchen while Paul and Billy started in the hall.
"OK so what colours do we have to day?" Benji smiled looking at the paint cans.
"Lime zest and Bermuda cocktail." Kayla said laughing.
"They sound like a type of drink." Joel laughed.
"At least their more fun colours than the living room." Benji said.
"Yeah you see I got to pick these ones." Kayla smiled.
"Ah well that says everything." Benji said.
They all started painting. Kayla doing the higher places by standing on the work tops while Joel and Benji did the rest of the walls and Billy and Paul worked their way through the hall. They had got half way through when they decided to stop for something to eat.
"Ok ya'll have two choices go out for something or order something." Kayla said from her spot on the work top. They decided to order pizza so Paul rand the pizza place. They carried on painting for a little longer until the pizza arrived when it arrived Kayla went to get the door. As she turned on the work top she slipped off the side luckily Benji was stood next to her and managed to catch her. As she fell she did a girly scream that was not like her. Everyone laughed.
"Woo thanks. That was a bit of a girly scream, I don't know where that came from." She laughed then went to answer he door. She got the pizza and they all sat in the space in the middle of the kitchen eating. When they'd eat they went back to painting. They carried on painting till they had finished. They ended up finishing at ten o'clock. They had a good time talking and laughing as well as painting.

They all came back the next two days to finish off painting the two bedrooms and the bathroom. Seen as the bedrooms where wet and Kayla couldn't sleep in them Benji offered Kayla to stay at his and Joel's until they where dry. Kayla accepted to his delight. She ended up staying with them for three days while the house dried and stopped smelling of paint fumes. On the fourth day the house was dry and there where no more paint fumes. So Benji helped her to move everything back to how it was before. When they where done they went and sat in the living room.
"The house looks really nice." Benji said.
"Yeah it does. Thank you some much for all your help I don't know what I'd have done if you didn't help me I think I'd still be doing the kitchen." Kayla laughed.
"No problem it's been fun spending time with you and I've loved having you stay over for the past three days." Benji said making Kayla smiled.
"Well my house is now liveable and Jen's going to be away for the next two days what do you think about staying over here with me until she comes home." Kayla said.
"I'd love too." Benji smiled.
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