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Chapter Five: Cuddling

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The group watched "The Sixth Sense"

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Authors Note: Originally, the movie they were going to watch was "The Others" but I changed it to "The Sixth Sense"

Ryan pushed the videotape into the player and pushed 'play'. He squished onto the couch with the rest of the group. Nevada was wedged between Brendon and Ryan, next to Jon and Spencer. The movie began to play, and they all watched quietly as the film began to pick up. Brendon's heart was racing; he could feel Nevada's thigh pressed against his, he could hear her every breath.
"Oh my god...he turned around, he's going for the gun..." she whispered.
BANG. A gunshot erupted from the screen and Nevada shrieked, and sank back into the couch, snuggling into Brendon's side. He drew a shaky, nervous breath. Ryan reached over and put his arm around his girlfriend, and Brendon relaxed slightly as she snuggled into Ryan instead.
"Pass the popcorn." Spencer whispered from the other side of the couch. Brendon leaned over and handed him the bowl. Intrigued by the movie, they all sat in silence for nearly half an hour. On screen, the little boy named Cole heard a noise and turned around, following the source. He stepped into the kitchen...
The ghost turned around and revealed a bruised, grotesque face. Nevada shrieked again, and Spencer jumped. The bowl in his lap went flying across the couch, showering everyone with popcorn.
"Spencer!" Jon cried, brushing popcorn from his hair. Nevada began to giggle, which turned into uncontrollable laughter that caught on to the rest of them.
"Remind me to never let Spencer hold the popcorn ever again." Brendon said as the laughter died down, brushing tears from his eyelashes. They became fixated on the movie once again.
"Oh, no...Cole, don't lift the blanket!" Nevada whispered, burying her face in Ryan's chest. Brendon felt a twinge of jealousy as he watched them from the corner of his eye. The suspenseful violin music was picking up, faster and faster. Brendon felt his heart racing as he watched the movie, and Cole lifted the blanket...Brendon jumped and startled Nevada, who nearly jumped into Ryan's lap. Ryan and Nevada smiled at each other, and seconds later were making out, squished between Brendon and Jon. Brendon sat straight up, his eyes wide as he tried to ignore them and concentrate on the movie. Jon rolled his eyes and tried to inch away, but Spencer angrily shoved him back with such force that he fell against Ryan's shoulder, and Ryan and Nevada were pushed over into Brendon's lap. They abruptly pulled away from each other, laughing hysterically along with Jon and Spencer. They did not immediately sit up again, and Ryan was on top of Nevada in Brendon's lap. He was having difficulty finding any humor in the situation.
"Get out of my lap." He snapped, tugging on the collar of Ryan's shirt. The couple sat up and Nevada turned to Brendon, laughter dancing in her eyes.
"Sorry, Brendon."
Brendon's anger melted as her piercing blue eyes burned into his. He smiled weakly.
"S'ok." He muttered. They all turned their attention back to the movie. They sat in silence for the remainder of the film, but every time a ghost would jump out or something of the sort, Nevada would jump a little bit and snuggle into Brendon, sending shivers up and down his spine every time. When the end credits rolled, they all stared at the black screen for a moment.
"Wow, I never would have guessed." Nevada finally breathed.
"That M. Night Shyamalan sure comes up with some creepy stuff." Spencer agreed, standing up and turning off the TV. Jon and Ryan followed, stretching and beginning to get ready for bed. Nevada and Brendon remained on the couch, still cuddled together. Brendon was enjoying it so much that it took him a moment to realize what was going on. Embarrassed, he jumped up and headed for the bunkroom to change for bed.

Author's Note: "The Sixth Sense", written by M. Night Shyamalan, is a really good movie. It's a horror film, but it's smart horror. None of that axe-murderer-blood-and-guts crap. It's amazing, you really should watch it.

Nevada kissed Ryan good night and he stepped into the bunkroom, closing the door behind himself. She sighed and crawled onto the couch, covering herself with her blankets. She was still a little spooked from the movie, and squeezed her eyes shut tight so she didn't have to look at the shadows dancing around the moonlit room. She thought about what had happened during the movie; whenever she got scared, she couldn't help but snuggle into Ryan and Brendon. How could she not? They were like sardines on the couch! But she had felt Brendon tense up every time she did she did so. He did not look pleased at all when Nevada and Ryan had tumbled into his lap, either. She vaguely wondered if he liked her; it made sense. But Brendon had said so himself, she was the first girl Ryan had been with since Miranda...why would Brendon want to ruin that for him? She shook her head, deciding he couldn't like her.

Ryan lay in the darkness of the bunkroom, staring at the top of Jon's bunk, listening to the snores of his friends. It was cold; he snuggled into his sleeping bag. He reached under his pillow and pulled the crumpled photograph of him and Miranda. He squinted at it in the dim moonlight. She wasn't half as pretty as Nevada, Ryan decided, and he lifted the corner of his mattress and hid the photograph.
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