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Chapter Six: Small Children

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Nevada teaches Spencer, Jon and Brendon how to make chocolate chip cookies

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Nevada awoke the next morning and crawled out of bed. She padded across the room and into the small bathroom and stripped down, starting the shower. She turned around and fiddled with the doorknob, trying to get it to lock, and she eventually gave up, stepping into the shower. She sang softly to herself as she lathered her hair with shampoo. "...Sweetie you had me..."

Brendon rolled out of bed first out of his friends and stepped out into the living room. Early morning sunlight streamed through the windows. He yawned and stretched, deciding to take a shower. He crossed the room and turned the handle on the bathroom door...
"AHHHH!!!" Nevada screamed, trying desperately to cover herself with her arms. Brendon jumped and closed the door.
"I'm sorry!" he called.
"What the hell is going on out here?" Spencer asked, as him, Jon and Ryan all walked into the living room. Brendon felt his cheeks grow hot with embarrassment.
"I, uh, walked in on Nevada taking a shower..." he mumbled.
Spencer and Jon laughed.
"Nice, Bren."
Ryan grew slightly pale and rushed over to the bathroom door, pushing Brendon aside.
"Nevada?" he called, knocking on the door.
"Come in, Ryan." She called.
"I have a towel on!"
Ryan threw a quick glare at Brendon and stepped inside the bathroom, closing the door behind him.
"Wow, Brendon, that must make Ryan feel great! You saw his girlfriend naked before he did!" Spencer laughed, pulling a tee shirt over his head.
"It was an accident, ok?" Brendon snapped defensively, pulling some clothes out of the closet.
"Yeah, yeah, we know, Bren." Jon replied, pulling a box of cereal out of the cupboard and pouring himself a bowl. Brendon and Spencer copied. Several minutes later, Nevada and Ryan emerged from the bathroom, Nevada now fully clothed. Ryan was still in his boxers, and he dressed himself while Nevada poured herself some cereal. She looked at no one.
"Uh, Nevada, I'm sorry about..."
"It's ok." She replied shortly, sitting down next to Spencer at the dinning booth. An awkward silence filled the sunlit morning air, broken minutes later by Ryan's ringing cell phone.
"Hello? Oh, Ah, ok, I'll be there in ten minutes...bye." He hung up and turned to the group in the kitchen.
"I have that magazine interview, I have to go now."
"Remind me again why they want to interview you and not us?" Jon asked, irritation in his voice.
"Because it's for an issue of some magazine that is going to feature articles on lyricists." He explained.
"Aw, Ryan, do you have to?" Nevada whined.
"Yeah, I'm sorry, sweetie." He walked over to the dining booth and bent down, kissing her passionately. "I'll be back in two or three hours." And he left. Nevada sighed and finished her cereal.
"Hey, Nevada, do you like Mario Cart?" Spencer asked, pulling a gamecube out of a cupboard above the TV.
"I dunno, I've never played it."
"You haven't LIVED until you've played Mario Cart!" Jon exclaimed, joining Brendon and Spencer on the floor in front of the TV. Spencer passed Nevada a controller and the four of them began playing. Half an hour, Nevada was giggling hysterically along with the guys. She was absolutely awful, but she loved this game.
"Wow, you came in dead last everytime!" Jon laughed, giving Nevada a one-armed hug.
"I'm hungry." Brendon sighed, crawling forward and switching off the gamecube.
"I know...we have to go grocery shopping."
"Why?" Nevada asked, "Your cupboards are full."
"We have no more chips, cookies, fruit, cereal..." Spencer replied, ticking off his fingers.
"Okay, so you have no more quick-grab kind of food." Nevada stood up and wandered into the kitchen, and began opening cupboard doors. "We can make chocolate chip cookies!"
"You can bake?" Jon asked, sounding stunned, as the three boys came into the kitchen.
"It's the easiest thing in the world."
And so, Nevada wrote down her cookie recipe that she had memorized as a child and began dictating the boys.
"No, Spencer, a teaspoon of salt not a tablespoon."
"Who raised you, Brendon? You do not need three cups of chocolate chips!"
"Jon, you're spilling milk everywhere!"
Nevada couldn't help but burst out laughing. The kitchen was a mess; flour was sprinkled all over the counter. There was a puddle of milk on the table, and chocolate chips were strewn here and there. Spencer was covered in flour and Jon had milk running down the front of his shirt.
"Okay, we have to clean up before Ryan get's back." Spencer sighed when the cookies were finally in the oven.
"Why the fuss about Ryan?" Nevada asked.
"He's a total neat freak."
Nevada laughed and began to run water for the dishes.
"I'm serious. He goes nuts if we leave clothes or towels on the bathroom floor."
They washed the dishes and cleaned up the spills.
"Cookies are ready!" Nevada announced, pulling the pan out of the oven and placing the cookies on a cooling rack. Brendon stepped up behind her a tried to pick up a cookie.
"Ow!" he cried, dropping the hot cookie. Nevada turned to face him and stared with blank amazement.
"Are you stupid?"
"Of course he is, Nev, you haven't figured it out yet?" Jon laughed.
Brendon glared at Jon. Nevada grabbed his burnt hand and shoved it under the tap, running cold water over his fingers, rather like a mother would do for a small child. Brendon felt chills run up and down his spine as an effect of her hand holding his, not the cold water. She turned off the tap and dropped his hand. She turned to face him and smiled.
"You three are like small children, you know that? Grabbing hot cookies, spilling things...."
The screen door creaked open.
"I'm back!" called Ryan.
"We made cookies!" Spencer cried gleefully.
"God, Spence, you sound like a three-year-old." Ryan said, frowning. Nevada and the other boys burst out laughing and Ryan looked confused.
"Never mind, Ry." Nevada laughed, wipping tears from her eyes and kissing her boyfriend.
"Mmmm..." sighed Ryan, and they kissed again, more passionatly. Jon and Spencer groaned, but Brendon felt his heart fall, and he looked away.
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