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Chapter 8: And isn't this exactly where you'd like me

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"Ryan, why are you eating out of the peanut butter jar?" Delia came into the room.

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Chapter 8: And isn't this exactly where you'd like me

"I still have a chance. Nah I couldn't do that to Delia," Ryan said.

"You sure?" Aiden said. Ryan thought about it for a minute.

"I don't know, Aiden. I want her to be happy, and I want Brendon to be happy. I know Brendon's still in love with her, he wouldn't go near any girls on tour. But I want to be with her so bad it hurts ," Ryan said.

"Your too nice, Ryan. Call me if you want to get her to be yours," Aiden stood up , grabbed her bag and walked out of the apartment.

Ryan sipped his beer, and took another spoonful of the peanut butter.

"Ryan, why are you eating out of the peanut butter jar?" Delia came into the room.

"I don't know. I guess I wanted some peanut butter," Ryan said. Delia went and grabbed a spoon and began eating with him.

"You look sad, Ry?" Delia said.

"It's nothing," Ryan said.

"No, there is something?" Delia said. "You can, tell me anything remember?"

"Anything but this," Ryan said.

"Fine," Delia said. "I'll get it out of you, eventually."

"You're the one, who looks sad," Ryan looked at her and saw all the sadness in her eyes.

Delia just turned and sat up straight.

"I am sad, Ryan," She looked at him.

Ryan wanted to ask why, but some how he already knew.

Delia attempted to get up, "Would you help me?" She asked Ryan.

Ryan stood up and grabbed her hands and pulled.

"Thanks," She walked away.

She walked past Brendon room. She saw him. He had his head in his hands.

She looked at him for a second.

(Isn't this where I wanted him to be... In pain? Thinking about me, thinking about the baby. I don't know if I could forgive him or not.)

She went into the room and sat next to him on his bed. He lifted his head and stopped crying, he didn't want to appear weak.

She wiped a tear away from his cheek and smiled. He just blinked at her for a minute.

She suddenly felt the baby kick, and she grabbed Brendon hand and placed it on her stomach.

He felt the baby kick, when it stopped he took his hand away and asked, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

" I don't know, I guess I'm going to find out tomorrow," She looked at him still smiling.

"Do you need a ride tomorrow?" Brendon asked.

"Yeah, I do," She said. "I missed you, Bren."

"I missed you too, De," Brendon said.

"Can I honestly tell you something?" Delia said.

"Sure," he looked at her.

" I never stopped Loving you," she said.

" If I didn't come back, you would of moved on. That's why you didn't tell me you were pregnant," he looked down at his shoes.

She looked down at his shoes then to his faces.

" I was gonna to tell you when, Ryan sent me a letter saying you guys were home," Delia said.

"Oh," Brendon said.

" I tried to forget about you and I was doing a pretty damn good job of it till I found out I was pregnant," Delia laughed.

"But every time I went out with Aiden, a guy hit on me and I just let them pass because I didn't realize it at the time, but I wasn't ready to move on."

"I still love you too, De," Brendon looked up from his shoes.

" Could you believe me now? Because that really hurt me, when you said you couldn't believe me that I still care," he said.

"Of course, I believe you. I don't believe myself," she began to cry.

He leaned over and hugged her. She cried on his shoulder.

"I love you," He whispered in her ear.

"I love you , too," she back.
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