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Dancing Flames

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"On the subject of love.. I just remembered something."

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Frank jumped off the bed, kneeling next to Gerard, looking at his drawings, trying his best to distract Gerard’s attention.
"It made me laugh, that Mikey called me pretty." He giggled.
"Yeah, I don't know why he said that. He's never come out with anything like that before." Gerard smiled, lovingly. Frank giggled, blushing softly, gazing at the pictures.
"You're a very talented artist," He smiled sweetly, sitting on Gerard's lap, to see the table full of paper clearer.
"Um, thanks," Gerard jumped, a little unsure of whether he was enjoying the closeness. Was this some sort of friendship construct that he was unfamiliar with? He let his arms hang to his sides, unsure of where to lay them.
"Sorry, I can't see the drawings when I kneel down, I'm too short." Frank shrugged, standing up, gazing over the pictures.
"Oh, it's um, okay." Gerard nodded, squeezing his legs together in embarrassment. Frank giggled softly, knowing why Gerard was closing his legs. Gerard unwrapped the bandages from his hand, finding it a little bloody, but healed. He pulled away the bandages and put them away, making sure he would clean them later. He crossed his legs, coughing softly, before starting to draw to distract himself.
"Why are you crossing your legs?" Frank asked, trying not to laugh.
"No reason." Gerard replied, continuing to draw, his face a soft scarlet. Frank smiled, giggling.
"I know why, so don't try and hide it." He blushed softly. Gerard grumbled and kept his head down.
"Then why would you ask?" He said, sarcastically.
"I'm sorry, because I wanted to see if you would say it or not." Frank giggled.
"S-say what?"
"Say that you have a boner." Frank smiled softly, giggling. Gerard furrowed his brow.
"I don't like that word. I'm a good person."
"You are a good person, but saying things that are true, don't make you bad." Frank smiled softly.
“I don't.." Gerard turned away from Frank. "I don't.."
"Look, I didn't mean to say anything mean, I was trying to make you smile, or at least laugh a little." Frank admitted, climbing back onto his bed.
"I.." Gerard was unsure of what to say. "I know you were, it's just.. It's just.." Frank gazed at him softly, smiling faintly.
"Not real love."
"What do you mean?"
"It's not real love." Gerard said uncomfortably, adjusting himself. "I thought it was and it's not."
"I still don't understand, between who?"
"The.." Gerard gazed quickly at his lap and back to Frank, embarrassed. "I used to think that.. It was real love, th-this, and it's not. I was being stupid.. I.." Frank smiled softly, shaking his head.
"That, isn't real love. You can't help yourself from 'that' Okay? That isn't real love, that's lust."
"I don't like it." Gerard frowned. "I've never felt it. I want to. It's not /fair/." He skulked, sighing. Frank wasn't sure whether he meant a further, intimate love; He'd already said that he loved his brother once today, so he does love someone.
"You've never felt real love?" Frank asked, "I know I haven't."
"Any kind of love." Gerard shrugged, sadly. "Not even a crush. Nothing." Frank sighed.
"Have you ever kissed anyone?"
"No," Gerard mumbled, softly. "I've never wanted to. I just don't feel anything, and it's not fair." Frank jumped down from the bunk bed, stepping in front of Gerard, knelling to his height, pressing his lips to the older boy's, softly. Before pulling away, walking back to the bunks. Gerard stood, letting his arms hang as his lips were touched, not reacting. Once Frank was back on the bunk, he considered it, and sighed, sadly, sniffling.
"What's wrong?" Frank asked, smiling softly.
"I can't feel anything!" Gerard was very obviously upset, throwing his arms down. "It's not fair. It's not fair!"
"Look, you haven't found the right person yet, that's all." Frank sighed softly.
"I /have/, but I don't feel anything and.. It isn't fair." Gerard quietened, sitting back down and hunching up his shoulders.
"Who is it?" Frank asked. Gerard dipped his head, softly.
"You." He said, his voice almost a whisper. "I can't feel, but I still know." He rubbed his eyes. Frank blushed hard, smiling.
"Maybe we just need time? We've not known each other for long."
"But I've never felt anything for eighteen years!" Gerard raised his voice, banging his hand down. "I want love too." Gerard huffed. "I want a connection." Frank jumped off the bed, kneeling in front of him.
"Trust me, you will." He sighed, cupping Gerard's cheek, gazing into his eyes.
"It's not fair." Gerard repeated, crossing his arms. He shook Frank off him and climbed through the cupboard, moving the board back behind him and curling up in the hole in the wall.
"Please don't pass out, please?" Frank begged.
"I'll think about it." Gerard nodded, curling up on his side.

Frank sighed, sitting on Gerard's chair, at the desk, flicking through the drawings of himself, smiling.
"You made me...Pretty." He blushed.
"You are pretty." Gerard replied, softly. "Mikey said so too." Frank smiled, shaking his head.
"Thank you, I guess." He blushed.
"S'okay." Gerard flicked his lighter on and off, watching the flames dance in the dark cavern. Frank smiled as he saw a picture of Gerard and Frank, but their backs, and it looked like Frank's head was laid on the older boy's shoulder.
"This is beautiful, Gerard." He blushed.
"Thanks." Gerard hummed, tempted to light a cigarette.
"I can hear what you're doing." Frank sighed, running his hand over the picture.
"I want to, Frank." Gerard sighed, pushing his head back. He glanced down at himself and noticed that he wasn't particularly excited anymore.
"Please," Frank sighed, looking at the pictures.
"But I.. Hold on." Gerard pushed the hole in the cupboard open slightly, so the smoke could escape. He lit up a cigarette and breathed deeply.
"Okay, thank you for the compromise." Frank smiled, still gazing at the drawings.
"S'alright," Gerard whispered, leaning back. He was tempted to pull back the board and keep the smoke in, but he didn't actually want to upset Frank. He just enjoyed having his lungs full of smoke.
"I've missed the smell of smoke for ages," Frank hummed contently, smiling softly.
"Now you know why I like to be full of it."
“If you need more cigarettes, I have like four packets," Frank giggled.
"No, I have a pretty good amount in here." Gerard made the hole in the cupboard slightly smaller, just to make him a little bit drowsy.
"Gerard, no passing out," Frank smiled softly, shaking his head, "I don't want to have to drag you out again."
"You don't have to, I'm good, I'm good," Gerard replied, slurring slightly.
Frank sighed, putting the pictures down, sitting by the cupboard.

Gerard put out the cigarette, and waited until he was sure that Frank had gone to sleep. He pushed himself to the very back of the cavern and sung, very softly.
"Keep your mind set, keep your hair long.. Oh my my darlin', keep your head up, keep your heart strong.." He sang, quietly. Frank woke up, and smiled, listening to Gerard, before dragging himself into his bed, yawning.
"You have a beautiful voice." He whispered. Gerard immediately stopped singing, embarrassed.
"Th-thanks." He mumbled, pulling the blanket over him.
"Please, don't be embarrassed." Frank added, smiling softly.
"I don't like singing in front of people." Gerard mumbled, turning over. The cavern itself was made from rubble and brick, so it wasn't particularly comfortable. Tomorrow, he hoped, would be a better day.

Frank woke up in the middle of the night, clutching his stomach, his head thumping. He ran to the bathroom, locking himself in, hoping he didn't wake Gerard. Gerard blinked as he awoke, crawling out of the cupboard and shutting the board behind him, holding out his lighter to see. He stood outside the door, breathing quietly. Frank sat in the corner of the bathroom, biting his lip, wincing at the pain of his stomach. He hadn't eaten in four days, and this was a regular occurrence. Gerard curled up outside of the bathroom and started singing.
"Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep.. I'm tired and I, I want to go to bed.. Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep, and then leave me alone.. Don't try to wake me in the morning, 'cause I will be gone.." Frank smiled softly, blushing.
"I didn't mean to wake you." He whispered, grasping his stomach.
"You're hurting. I was going to wake up, wasn't I?"
"You didn't have to, honest, you can go back to sleep." Frank smiled, holding his stomach.
"Yes I do, you're my best friend." Gerard paused. "Can I come in?"
"Yeah, okay." Frank smiled, both hands, clutching his stomach. Gerard pushed the door open apprehensively, shutting it quietly and standing before Frank a little awkwardly. Frank winced at the pain, gesturing for Gerard to sit beside him.
"My little brother used to have pains in his stomach all the time. 'Course, I never knew why.." Gerard grumbled. "But, point is-" Gerard knelt down, resting the side of Frank's head on his lap, stroking his hair and under his ear. Frank smiled, feeling comfortable.
"I get them, because I don't eat." He explained, softly.
"I used to get them. But I eat so little that my body is used to it." Gerard nodded, thumbing his hair gently.
"I only started a few years ago, because of the bullying." Frank sniffed, sighing.
"They bullied you about your weight?"
"Yeah. They bullied me about everything, my weight, how I dressed, my intelligence, my dysfunctional family..."
"I was never bullied. But then again, I spent my teens in this place, so.."
"You're lucky. I would of loved to be in a place like this when I was younger." Frank smiled softly.
"I don't know why I'm in here." Gerard stated, gently. "I literally have no idea."
"I don't know either, to be honest." Frank sighed, turning so he looked up at him, "You're wonderful, you have no reason to be in here." He smiled softly, blushing, turning back on his side.
"I know there was a reason, but no one will tell me, when I ask." Gerard shrugged. "Reynolds says that I'm a good person. Maybe she's protecting me from everyone outside of here."
"Reynolds scares me. I think everyone scares me, to be honest." Frank sighed.
"She's nice. She's like a mother to me." Frank nodded, feeling the pain in his stomach go. He sat up.
"I feel a lot better, thank you." He smiled softly, blushing.
"Good," Gerard nodded, entwining one hand of fingers with his other hand. "I should sleep, but.. I'm not tired, anymore." Frank nodded.
"Neither am I," He shrugged, kissing Gerard's cheek. Gerard jumped, feeling stupid. He held out his lighter until he reached the table, switching on the lamp and sitting down. He pushed open his sketchbook and started sketching. Frank sat in bed, pulling out a comic and reading.
"The kiss was for spending some of the night with me, being nice company." He smiled.
"Okay." Gerard nodded, bowing his head. He sniffed, thinking of his brother, and eventually falling asleep with his head on the table.

Frank woke up, seeing Gerard still at the table. He sat up, remembering last night, smiling softly. Reynolds walked in quietly, sitting down opposite and offering a sympathetic, apologetic smile to Frank.
"What's wrong?" Frank asked, softly.
"I wanted to speak to him about yesterday, stealing his little brother back here.. But he's asleep, I see."
"Something happened at night and he kept me company, that's all." Frank smiled.
"You were in pain?"
Frank nodded.
"I got bad stomach pain last night, and so I went to the bathroom, not wanting to wake him, but he sat by the door, and he stroked my hair and talked to me for the night, until I felt better." She smiled fondly at the sentiment.
"And he says he doesn't love," She sighed, softly. "Do you happen to know why Gerard brought his brother back here?"
"I have a strong feeling that Gerard's mother is beating Mikey." Frank shrugged, "That's all I can say, he's being a good brother."
"I was worried about that." She exhaled, rubbing her temple absently. "I'm going to sort it out. I'll need details, but when Gerard awakes I'm sure he can provide me with them.." Frank nodded.
"Also, can I show you something he drew?" He smiled, jumping off the bed, showing Reynolds the drawing of him and Gerard, sat together.
"That's very sweet of him." She breathed, smiling gently. "You really care for him, don't you?" Frank nodded, shyly, blushing, "Yeah, he said I'm right person for him." He blushed harder.
"Did he.." She sighed, worriedly. "I know you trust him, I think he's gotten better too, it's just.. Be wary, Frank."
"I know, but he said he wants to love me, he just can't. I believe him." Frank sighed softly.
"I believe him too, Frank, I just don't want to see you hurt, you know things now," She persisted.
"But, he says he didn't do it, and I believe him," Frank smiled softly, gazing at him.
"He doesn't remember, Frank." She sighed, shaking her head.
"Okay," Frank nodded, seeing him wake up.

Gerard stretched, glancing up at Reynolds and smiling ever so gently. "Hello," He said, drowsily. Frank smiled, sitting back on his bed, with the drawing.
"Gerard, i know you've only just woken up, but could you shed a little light on Mikey and his mother?" She asked, abruptly. Gerard sniffed, rubbing sleep from his eyes and sitting back.
"He.. She.. She locks him in the house all day, stops him from going to school.. She comes home drunk and beats him up, chases him.." Gerard mumbled, gazing sadly. "He hides from her in the basement." Frank sighed, placing the drawing next to him, shaking his head.
"It's not right," He added, shrugging.
"I'm going to sort him out, alright? Where could he go, that's safe?" She asked. Gerard hummed, considering.
"My grandma's. She loves me and Mikey, Mikey especially, she'll do it." Frank was still waking up, stretching his arms out, yawning. Reynolds nodded, standing up.
"Thank you, Gerard. And you, Frank. I'll keep you updated, alright?" She wandered towards the door, remembering something from the back of her mind. Frank nodded, laying in bed, looking up at the ceiling.
"Frank?" She turned, holding her hands.
"Yes?" Frank sat up.
"You have an injection later. A few, actually, and some tests."
"Wait, what?" Frank gasped, shaking his head.
"We're putting you on new medication, and we need to make sure you won't react, okay?"
"Fine," Frank grumbled, laying down, sighing.
"I'll come get you when you do, alright? You might have to stay in overnight, but it's actually comfortable in the infirmary," She smiled, gently.
"It'll feel weird without Gerard, but okay." Frank nodded, sighing.
"It's probably best Gerard doesn't stay," She sighed, apprehensive. She shut the door behind her and walked down the hallway briskly. Gerard wiped a hand across his face and exhaled. Frank looked confused, blushing, then over at Gerard.
"Morning," He smiled softly.
"Good morning," Gerard paused. "Sorry about your injections."
"Not your fault, don't apologize." Frank shrugged, yawning.
"They're not very nice. But the infirmary is very comfy." Gerard smiled, reassuringly. Frank smiled, nodding softly.
"That's always a bonus." He giggled quietly.
"Sometimes I'd stick my foot through a window to be in there when I was a kid. I didn't have a roommate for about two years." Frank smiled softly at him.
"I would understand, if you're sticking your foot through the window." He giggled very quietly, making eye contact with Gerard.
"They gave me them and I freaked them out, so they left. Eventually they just stopped bothering." Gerard shrugged, softly.
"That's a shame," Frank sighed softly. "You're a good guy and a very good friend."
"To you, yes," Gerard grinned, softly. "Everyone else thinks I'm like, I don't know, some sort of murderer, like I'm evil or satanic, and I don't know why."
"Ignore them, no one knows the real you," Frank beamed, softly.
"Nope," Gerard gazed downwards. "No one." He repeated. "Not even me."
"How wouldn't you know, the real you?" Frank asked, softly.
"I just.. Don't." Gerard shrugged. "I don't remember much from being a child.. I remember after Mikey was born, but before that, nothing. I don't remember much of being in here either.. I don't know much about myself, other than that I can do art.. I can't love.. You know."
"On the subject of love.. I just remembered something." Frank smiled softly,
"You're my first kiss."
"You're mine too."
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