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The Messed Up Mission

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Naruto is sent on a mission to protect a school trip and uncovers things about the past that will write his whole future.

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I don't own Naruto or Negima. This is a fanfiction, nothing more.
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Written stuff

(Small Notes)


Story Start.

Naruto Uzumaki looked around the train as he rode it to someplace called Mahora Academy; or rather Naruko Kazamaki looked around. The part of Mahora that Naruto was going to be working in (Infiltrating) was the girl's middle school section, and Jiraiya had thought that it would be a good test of his newly improved chakra control by seeing how long he could hold the sexy jutsu.

Plus the old pervert thought of it as the perfect training for his successor in all thing perverted.

Naruto looked across the train car into the window to see his reflection. His 'Naruko' form had undergone some major changes since he had left Konoha with the pervert. Gone was the sexy blond bombshell that had vanquished many pervs, though he could still pull her out if he really needed too, it was no longer his primary form. In its place was a slightly shorter redhead with an athletic body and firm mid D-cup breasts. Naruko was wearing the standard girls uniform of a maroon blazer over a white button up shirt with a red ribbon tied around the caller, a plaid pleated miniskirt, black knee socks and brown street shoes. Naruko had added a belt that was slightly longer then needed from which she had hung her phone holster along with a pair of pouches. One pouch held ALL of his/her belongings sealed into fifty six cards that had been disguised as a poker deck with four jokers along with an identical REAL poker deck incase someone wanted a game.

The second larger pouch held blank cards and Naruko's prized calligraphy set. She had found that she had a real knack for seals about six months ago and had devoured all the old pervert's books on sealing to the point that Jiraiya now only gave her a new book if she made progress in some other area of training.

The train pulled into the stop that Naruko had been waiting for and the doors opened to release a torrent of girls all sprinting to get to class on time. Naruko took a slightly slower pace as she made her way towards the dean's office. Along the way she made sure to pay attention to what the people around her were saying and doing. This led her to learning some very interesting rumors about the teacher of class 3-A apparently being a ten year old genius along with the class being known as 'The Madhouse' by their fellow students.

Naruko arrived at the dean's office shortly after class started and knocked on the door.

"Enter" and older voice called from inside. Naruko pushed the door open and entered the office. It was massive, easily able to hold a hundred people at once. At the end of the room behind an oak desk sat the school dean, and older man with a long white beard and ponytail along with massive eyebrows in white clothes. He seemed to chuckle as he watched Naruko walk up to his desk.

"Hohoho! What can I do for you missy?" he asked.

"Sir, I'm Naruko Kazamaki. Lord Jiraiya sent me because you needed some help with something" Naruko said as she handed over a scroll from the old pervert to the dean. The man chuckled as he read the letter that Jiraiya had sent him before he moved his hand over one particular section and unsealed a copy of the latest Icha Icha books. After he had admired the book a few seconds he turned back to Naruko, to find her contemplating the murder of Jiraiya for being used to deliver porn.

"Hohoho, don't mind that, I actually do in fact have a mission for you" Naruko straightened up when the old man became serious. "I'm Dean Konoe, did Jiraiya inform you of the hidden world when he sent you on this mission?" at Naruko's blank look the dean let out an exasperated sigh, Jiraiya never did know when to inform people of things, "Ok you know what magic is right" nod "well the Hidden World is a group of mages and other magic users that use their abilities to secretly make life better for the masses"

"So their kind of like ninjas then?" Naruko asked as she entered the Uzumaki thinking pose.

"Yes and no. Most mages try to save life, unlike ninjas who tend to take it." the dean said with another sigh. "Look all I need you to do is keep an eye on one of my new teachers and his class for awhile, you'll even have some help as the class is full of other magic users and I've already hired some other leaf ninja's to help you out"

Naruko didn't like being called a murderer but she had a mission to perform, so she just blew it off for later. Instead she concentrated on finding out who these leaf nin's were.

"Who are these ninja Dean-sama?" she asked as she tried to keep from squirming. Naruko never could standstill for very long, no matter what gender she was. The dean gave one of his annoying laughs as he handed Naruko four vanilla folders. The first was of a girl named Negase Kaede, a girl from an unaligned ninja clan who was a member of the class. It seemed that she only had limited ninja training, though she was able to make chuunin.

The next three though worried Naruko. Haruno Sakura, Yamanka Ino and Hyuuga Hinata had been in the same class as Naruto, and they all knew about his Naruko transformation. When they found out about this there would be hell to pay, and they would fined out because Hinata had always been able to see through Naruto's transformations. Stupid bloodline of hers!

"Is something wrong?" the old dean asked as he watched the red head in front of him seemed to be nerves about something, judging by the amount of sweat that was pouring off of her. Naruko quickly stashed the files with a laugh and a big cheesy grin while rubbing the back of her head nervously.

"NO Sir! No problem at all" 'I'M GOING TO DIE!' "So ah? When to I meet the class?"

"In a few minutes, but first there is one final question that must be resolved" the dean said with a smile before he speared Naruko with an angry glare. The red head almost backpedaled at the amount of kill intent directed at her; she didn't know that she had done to piss him off but she felt that she was about to find out.

"When I contacted Jiriaya to request ninja support, I asked for one very specific ninja with whom I have business. Business straight from the Forth Hokage, but every time I try to get a hold of this ninja I'm told that he is 'unavailable' or out on 'missions'. Then I find out that he has been assigned to Jiriaya as an apprentice and left the training mission I thought that I might finally be able to get into contact with him. But instead I get you." The old man seemed to relax a little after he got most of the rant of his chest.


In a distant village a blond haired woman sitting at a desk drinking sake felt a horrible shiver run down her spine. Somewhere in the world something horrible had just happened that would destroy everything she was working to save, and she had a feeling that Naruto was involved.

The woman called for her assistant, she had to check on her adopted little brother.


Naruko was doing some fast thinking as she tried to figure out a way to find out just what this old man wanted with her/him.

"Sir what do you want to discuss with Naruto nii-san? I swear that if it's something important then I'll tell him about it no matter what" the dean chuckled as he reached into his desk and pulled out a file. He flipped through a few pages before he found what he wanted and handed the pages to Naruko. Naruko only hand to read the first line of the first page before the entire academy was shaken to its foundation by the resulting scream.



Back in the village far away the blond lady had the most ominous feeling she had ever felt pour through her, along with a shiver that sent her cup of sake flying. Something REALLY bad for the village had just accrued and she had to find out what NOW!

"SHIZUNE send the fastest carrier hawk we have to Jiriaya. I have the worst feeling that something has happened to Naruto!" she said to her brown haired assistant, who had learned long ago that when her master thought something was wrong, then it probably was.

"Yes my lady, right away" Shizune shouted as she ran from the room.


In another small town slightly closer to Mahora a perverted old man lay in a drunken stupor and never felt the doom coming for him from every angle.


Back in the office of Mahora Academy's dean Naruko stood trembling as she read an article that to her ended her life forever.

Official Unbreakable Magical Engagement and Marriage contract for:

Namikaze, Naruto and Ayase, Yue

Version 4-8 mod 5a

We the guardians of Namikaze, Naruto and Ayase, Yue do here by enter them into an unbreakable magical engagement and marriage contract on this the twenty third day of August Nineteen eighty eight.

In accordance with (long stretch of legalize that I am to frack'n lazy to write that outlines the terms of the contract and what each side gets.)

Guardians of Namikaze, Naruto:

Namikaze, Minato. Father

Namikaze, Kushina nee Uzumaki. Mother

Guardian of Ayase, Yue:

Ayase, Kazuma. Father

Ayase, Kikki nee Kazichi. Mother


Ayase, Taizo. Grandfather of Ayase, Yue

Sarutobi, Hiruzen. Third Hokage of Konohagakure


Amneko, Tenzo. Attorney of law

Dated August 23, 1988

The end of the page had several important looking seals on it, including both the third and forth Hokage's personal stamps, making this both VERY real and VERY binding. Naruko could only stand there and shake as she thought of all the choices that had just been taken away from her.

"Well now that you have a clue as to what's going on here could you please drop the transformation Naruto" Naruko snapped her head up and gave the ageing dean a shocked look. The dean just laughed as he tapped a finger to one of his cheeks.

"You can't hide the marks of your um affliction Naruto-chan" Naruko just wilted as she realized that she'd been caught. A hand sign later and the male Naruto Uzumaki stood in front of the dean's desk in his orange and blue tracksuit.

"So what now Dean-sama?" Naruto asked. Konoemon found the situation very amusing.

"Well I do believe I owe you a mission briefing and then we can decide on where you'll be staying while your here." the dean said then tried not to laugh more at the surprised look on Naruto's face. "Yes Naruto-kun the mission is still on. I didn't just bring you here to tell you of your betrotheds, I do in fact need your help to keep one of my classes safe on the up coming school trip and for the rest of their stay here." Naruto straightened up a bit, this was something he was comfortable with.

"Is there anything in particular that I need to watch out for sir, or do I just wait for the bad to find me?" Naruto asked, the dean though for a moment before answering.

"Let's put it this way Naruto-kun. If most of class Three-A never finds out about you being a ninja by the time they graduate, and you start coming to me for missions to relieve the boredom then I'll consider the mission a success" the old man said as he leaned back into his chair.

"And my living arrangements?" dean Konoe thought for a moment, though it was more on who to have live Naruto then where they were going to stay. As he thought his eyes strayed to the marriage contract laying face up on the table, 'That might work the best.' he thought. The dean wrote out two notes before calling for his secretary.

"Well now that that's taken care of, I most remind you to stay in your Naruko-chan form for the majority of the time your here. It wouldn't look good if your new roommate woke up one morning to find a boy in her room now would it. Oh and please don't tell anyone about your abilities" Naruto took on a thinking pose for a moment before responding.

"Does this include my betrotheds as well Dean-sama?, and what should I do if someone does found out about me?" he asked.

"We will discuss your betrotheds after the school trip, along with several other important things"

"Ok" Naruto took a moment to gather the necessary chakra before he disappeared in a puff of smoke, only for Naruko to take his place just before the dean's secretary arrived. She was a tall, blond woman with glasses and an impressive bust who the dean introduced Shizuna.

Shizuna and Naruko were about to leave the when the dean suddenly remember something. He threw a small scroll to Naruko, telling her that her mother had sent them to him incase she died, cause she didn't trust anyone in the leaf village to carry out her last will the way she wanted them to.

"Now go make Jiriaya-chan prou-" WHAM! CRASH! The dean started but was interrupted by a ten pound mallet that left his head imbedded in his crushed desk.

"Naruko!" Shizuna yelled in shock.

"What! The only way I'd make Jiriaya proud would involve running around the school naked while flashing my assets at every man around. No way this side of hell am I doing that!" Shizuna couldn't fault Naruko that as they left the office to find Naruko's new classmates.


Back in the small village, a drunken Jiriaya sat up in his sleep.

"Damn you Naruto, you and your anti-perverted-ness!" He yelled then fell back to sleep.


Finding class 3-A turned out to be pretty easy. All Naruko and Shizuna had to do was follow the racket and it led them straight there. Naruko waited outside as Shizuna entered the 'Madhouse' to calm the students (HAHAHA! yah right!) and announce the new student. A few seconds later she called for Naruko to enter.

Naruko entered the classroom and walked to within a couple of feet of the teacher's desk before she turned and bowed to the class.

"Hello, I'm Kazamaki Naruko and I look forward to working with all of you" Naruko said as she straightened back up. The class studied Naruko quietly for a few seconds in a way that made Naruko look around for Jiriaya, before almost half the class gave a shout and tried to tackle her. But Naruko wasn't a ninja for nothing, and just before the first girl (Makie) could get a hold of her Naruko pumped chakra into her legs and jumped straight up. The mob of girls was unbalanced by the loss of their target and ended up tripping over reach other to form a giant dog pile.

"WHAT!" one girl shouted?

"Where'd she go?" another asked as the dog pile unpiled its self and started looking for the new girl.

"Here's her shoes!" a girl with pink hair announced as she held up Naruko's leather shoes.

"But wher-?" one started but stopped when a piece of sheetrock bounced off her head. The girl looked at it for a moment before she looked up at the source.

"Ah! There she is!" the girl yelled as she pointed at Naruko, who was hanging from the ceiling by her fingers and toes (all a Ranma) while trembling like some little forest creature that had just dodged a troubled fate (which she had). Several of the girls who hadn't joined the charge started laughing at the sight of Naruko hanging from the ceiling and a couple applauded her evasive skills in dodging their classmates.

"All right everyone, we've had our fun so please sit down and stop scaring Naruko-san." Shizuna said as she tried (good luck!) to restore order to the class. "Naruko-san can you come back down please"

"Not until they swear that they ain't gonna try to molest me" Naruko said from her safe position. A tall blond girl seemed to take offence to that.

"Hey new girl, no one in this class has ever tried or even thought about molesting anyone" she said pompously.


More Crickets

Stupid Crickets!

The snickers soon started to flow in from around the room, especially from a red haired girl with bells in her hair. The blond snorted and sat back down when she realized that no one was backing her up on this one. Naruko just stayed were she was.

"That's quite enough class, can everyone please resume their seats so that we can continue with the lesson?" a young, high pitched British voice asked. Naruko looked down at the sound of the voice and was shocked to see a ten year old boy behind the teacher's podium on a stool. The boy had red, spiky hair and was wearing spectacles along with a green suit. The boy looked up at Naruko before giving her a short bow.

"Miss Kazamaki, I'm Negi Springfield and I will be your homeroom teacher while your in class 3-A. If you could please come down and take the seat in back next to Miss Hyuuga" Naruko couldn't help but like Negi right off the bat and actually looked forward to being in his class, if for no other reason that she might actually LEARN something from him.

Naruko let go of the ceiling and managed to twist her body around in time to land on her hands and feet, then stood up an dusted herself off. She retrieved her shoes from the Pink haired girl who had picked them up, and made her way back to her seat. Dodging butt pinches, swats, and wedgies the whole way. By the time Naruko made it to her seat she had succeeded in making herself the new top target of the pink haired prankster twins.

Hinata seemed to be waiting for Naruko and pounced on her the second the red head sat down.

"Hi, I'm Hinata Hyuuga, its a pleasure to meet you" Naruko studied the hand that Hinata was holding out to her for a second before taking it while giving the blue haired girl one of her biggest grins.

"Naruko" the sex-shifter said simply. The two girls spent the rest of the class in a comfortable silence as they tried to make it through to the end of the day without dieing of laughter when someone in class pulled a prank or Asuna and the class president got into a catfight.

Just before class ended professor Springfield looked at the class and cleared his throat.

"Hem, just a few more thing before we conclude for the day" here the b-professor looked back at Naruko "Kazamaki-san, were you assigned a place to stay?" Negi and the rest of the class watch as Naruko dug through her pockets for a moment before she let out a shout of victory and pulled out a slip of paper.

"Yes Sir I've been assigned room 02AX on floor 5?" The class all assumed thoughtful expressions when they heard the room number.

"Has anyone ever used that room before?" Asuna asked.

"No, in fact it hasn't been used in years." Kazumi said, being the resident paparazzi it made some scene that she'd have that kind of info.

"It used to be a teacher's apartment back when the female members of staff used to live in the building with the students, back before the staff got their own apartment building." Ayaka finished before she turned to regard Naruko again.

"Hey! New girl?" Naruko had to really restrain the urge to mallet the blond buffoon for talking to her that way, "Every member of class 3-A is assigned a roommate as a security measure. So which plebian got stuck with you?" Oh yes there would be vengeance for this Blondie.

As Naruko looked back to her slip she missed the looks of disgust that the rest of class 3-A shot Ayaka, but being the blond she was she completely missed the hints to back off, before Naruko found the name she was looking for.

"According to this I'm staying with Ayesa Yeu?" Naruko looked up to see if anyone recognized then name; to find that most of the class was either very confused or laughing their asses off, The only one who wasn't doing either of these was a girl with purple hair that was slit into two bunches that hung down her back to her butt, with two smaller braids that framed her almost emotionless face and just reached her chest, she was also one of the shorter girls.

The girl was currently sucking on a juice box, which was obviously empty is the choking noises it was making were any indication. The reason the girl probably hadn't noticed the fact that her drink was empty was that she was busily glaring at Naruko with a vein pulsing on her forehead.

A tall green haired girl with glasses stepped up behind Naruko and read the name on the paper over the red head's shoulder. After a few moments the girl's smile became a toothy evil grin as she looked over at the glaring girl.

"I think she means Ayase Yue." at this many of the girls lost interest and when back to watching the teacher. No one noticed the look of loathing that Yue shot at her soon to be roommate, well almost no one.

"Well then, now that that's been taken care off," Negi said as he tried to get the class to focus back on him. "Next week is the school trip to Kyoto so if there is anything you need please pick it up over the weekend. Class dismissed." Negi then had to dive for cover as most of the class stampeded out the door. Within a few seconds there were less then a dozen people left in the classroom. After the stampede was over Negi cautiously stood from behind his desk and dusted himself off as he looked around.

"Well then, let's get you settled in Naruko-san".


Yue Ayase was well known in class 3-A for many things. Her love of books yet hatred for studying, the weird drinks she liked to try, and her ability to sit in the middle of the rowdiest class in Mahora Academy history and not bat an eyelash or show any emotion at all were probably the ones most people thought of when her name was mentioned.

Amongst the Library Exploration Club she acted as the level headed voice of reason when Haruna started plotting, and the boost of confidence that helped push Nodoka forward. She also had one of the best analytical minds of the group, allowing her to quickly analyze the people around her with a great deal of skill.

Yet for all her skill she just couldn't figure out what made her new roommate tick (Neither can Shikamaru). The girl could be a complete airhead one second, be handing out sage advice the next, and give Haruna a run for the most devious award right after that.

For Naruko figuring out Yue was fairly simple. She just took her friend Shikamaru Nara, made him female and added a love for books and boda bing boda boom she had Ayase Yue. It was just as easy to figure out Yue's friends. One was a total airhead, one was timid and one was evil incarnate and determined to take over the world.

The five girls plus Negi and Asuna climbed the stairs that led to the 3-A dorms in relative quiet before turning right at the top instead of left and found themselves outside of an overlooked door with a dusty number plate.

"Is this it?" Haruna asked as Naruko pulled out a neckerchief and wiped off the metal plaque, revealing the numbers 02.

"Ya this is it" Naruko pulled out a small key that she'd been given by Shizuna when they met with her after class. The lock gave a satisfying click when the key was turned but the door wouldn't budge when Naruko gave it a push, or when Haruna, Nodoka and Yue joined in. It finally took the addition of Asuna and Negi to pop the door and reveal the room within.

"What a frack'n mess!" Asuna shouted when Haruna hit the lights. The whole room covered in a solid two inches of dust with the light fixtures being so badly covered that they barely gave off any light.

"This'll take days to clear before anyone can even think about living here!" Nodoka was starting to panic slightly at the thought of spending the whole weekend cleaning instead of a dozen odd more relaxing things to due. Naruko though just got an evil smirk on her face as she surveyed the room.

"Anyone care to make a wager?" she asked in a slightly devious voice. Haruna looked up at the sound of that, she was always on the lookout to make some quick change.

"What are the terms?" the manga-ki asked just as deviously. Naruko smirked as she started to set her trap.

"How long do you think it will take you guys to get Juice Box's stuff rounded up and moved over here?" Naruko asked innocently.

"Maybe thirty minutes if everyone helps out," Yue supplied as she pulled out another of her drinks.

"Alright I bet that I can, without help, get this room cleaned up in less than thirty minutes" every head in the room spun to look at the red head, to find her looking supremely confident.

"That's impossible!" Nodoka and Haruna shouted together, Negi and Asuna both started giving Naruko weird looks while Yue did a major spit take. After she got over the though Haruna started to set her own bet-trap, not knowing that she was already close to falling into Naruko's.

"Oh?" Haruna asked with a thoughtful look on her face that was hard to see in the dim light, "and how do you plan to do that magic?" Haruna's laugh was joined by most of the other people in the room.

"But I really can do it" Naruko pretended to poot, the lack of light concealing the vicious smirk that now graced her face.

"Sure you can 'Ruko-chan" Haruna said in a patronizing voice while she patted Naruko on the head, attempting to gall the girl into doing something rash, never knowing that she was in fact the one being manipulated.

"Can too!"




"THAT"S IT!" Naruko shouted as she reached into one of her pockets and pulled out a wad of bills, which she then used to smack the green haired manga-ki a crossed the face.

"THREE THOUSAND YEN SAYS I CAN!" Naruko's trap was baited and set.Haruna did some quick calculations in her head before making her wager.

"Then I bet thirty meal tickets that you can't!" the manga ki said as she pulled out the little paper passes. After that both girls pass their bets to Nodoka for safe keeping while competition takes place.

"Now gir-" Negi started, but quailed when both girl shot him a death glare for interrupting them.

"Try not to cry when you loss new girl." Haruna said with a wide, evil smile as looked at the shorter redhead. Naruko just smile evilly right back and watched as the girls walked out of the room to start packing Yue's stuff. At the door though Yue stopped and gave Naruko a bland look.

"I hope you know what you're getting into." she said.

"What? Don't you trust me?" Naruko said while giving Yue her best Puppy eyes no Jutsu. Yue couldn't hold in her smirk and helped the other girls close the door.

In the near total darkness Naruko waited until the chakra signatures of the girls and their teacher started to walk away. When she was sure that they had left Naruko reached into her card pouch and started removing some of her seals and her calligraphy set.

'Time to get to work.'


Down the hall from where Naruko was working Hinata Hyuuga sat down heavily after a very long day of trying not to die of laughter while in class with the girls of 3-A.

She and her friends Sakura Haruno and Ino Yamanaka had been given this mission by the fifth Hokage herself scenes it was for such a high profile client. Not that the client had been happy with who he got. He had wanted Naruto Uzumaki but Naruto was out of the village right now and unavailable for mission.

Though why the dean had wanted a boy for a mission to infiltrate a GIRLS school didn't make sense to Hinata.

After taking a second to clear her mind Hinata sat up straighter and started forming hand signs to activate her family's bloodline trait. The veins around her pupil-less lavender eyes bulged and soon she could see everything and everyone for a kilometer around her, no matter what might been in the way. Hinata made a quick scan of area around and inside the building to make sure there was no one or nothing trying to get into the in or harm the students inside. After seeing nothing of alarm Hinata decided to engage in her favorite pastime of spying on the girls of 3-A while she did her homework.

It was while Hinata was working on her math problems that she saw the confrontation between Naruko and Haruna. Poor Naruko-chan, letting herself get so easily conned into making a bet with probably the evilest person in the whole of 3-A, Hinata couldn't help feeling sorry for her.

But there was something about the way Naruko was acting that Hinata just couldn't put her finger on. She didn't act like she'd just been had by someone; she looked like she'd been the one pulling the wool. It reminded Hinata so much of her friend Naruto that she couldn't help but giggle just a bit. Back in Konoha Naruto had made a name for himself as a prankster of the highest order, even her father and the previous Hokage had been on the receiving end of some of Naruto's work.

After Haruna and the others left Naruko seemed to get even eviler as she pulled a tag out of a pouch on her belt and put it on the wall next to the door. Hinata wondered what it was for a moment when Naruko seemed to look at her, not in her direction, actually AT HER! This sent a chill down Hinata's spine; she didn't know how she was going to deal with someone who could detect her bloodline when it was active.

While Hinata was thinking Naruko activated the tag she had placed on the wall. Hinata almost fell over when the room Naruko was in suddenly disappeared from her vision.

'What the hell is going on here? First she can track my Byakugan, then see actually has seals strong enough to back it. Who the hell is that girl?' Hinata took one last look at the now opaque room that held Naruko Kazamaki as her shock turned to determination. She was going to get to the bottom of this, and she'd due it before everyone left on the school trip.


"Dang it Yueichi, for someone that doesn't like to study you sure have a lot of books!" Asuna quipped as she walked with the rest of Yue's friend. She had a briefcase in each hand and a rucksack on her back, all filled with Yue's collection of books. Around her the other girls and Negi had split the rest of Yue's stuff between them.

"Why study when I have a good book near?" Yue asked nonchalantly as she walked along with a suitcase the contained her 'personal items'(underwear) and sucked on a new box of some strange juice.

"Less talking more walking!" Haruna ordered from her place at the head of the procession. "The faster you all move, the faster I collect my winnings!" the rest of the group gave Haruna a weird look as the green hair manga ki started to cackle evilly.

"Isn't that a little harsh Haruna? The girls only been here a day and your going to probably take all her money for the trip?" Asuna asked as they continued to walk. Haruna seemed to quiet down for a moment as she actually thought about what she'd done, or at least that's what the rest of the girls hoped was happening.

"Your probably right," Haruna said after a moment "but she DID start this, so if she losses then she can only blame herself" Haruna finished as she reached the door to Yue's new room. She set her load aside so that she could add her shoulder to help open the door. The others joined Haruna in setting their shoulders to the troublesome door (In Konoha a lazy genius sneezed!) and got ready to push.

"On three! One . . . Two . . .THREE!" Haruna shouted as she twisted to knob and all assembled gave a great heave .which was totally unnecessary as the door didn't just open, it was flung aside by the force of the push. With the lack of any resistance the pushers overextended themselves and went tumbling into the brightly lit room.

"Owwwwie! what. . happ. . end?" Asuna was struck momentarily dumb as she gazed around the room. Where before there had been so much dirt that even the dirt was dirty, now it looked like there wasn't a speck of dust anywhere in sight. The lights could now shine properly without the dust getting in the way.

And standing in the middle of it all, smirking like a cat that got the cream many times over was Naruko with her arms crossed behind her head.

"So um, is this clean enough for you?" Naruko tried to sound innocent; she really did, but it just didn't stand a chance of sounding anything less then totally evil with the look on her face. Her smirk only got larger as the blood drained from Haruna's face.
"It's Not. Possible?" Haruna whispered to her self before she jumped to her feet and started looking around the room and into some of the other connected rooms as well. She had to see if Naruko had missed anything or she'd loss a bet for the first time in years.

"While she's off wallowing in defeat, would the rest of you like a tour?" with a nod of accent Naruko began to show the rest of Yue's friends around. The first room was fifty by fifteen feet divided into a thirty by fifteen foot common area and a twenty by fifteen foot kitchenette with an equally sized loft above it. To the left of the kitchen was a thirty by twenty foot room that would have been a bedroom when this was a teacher's room. To the right of the kitchen were two doors. One led to a small toilet that had a small door connected to the room next to it which held-.

"YOU LUCKY BUMS GET YOUR OWN SUNKEN BATH!" Asuna yelled as her pigtail stood out from the side of her head like some spooked cat. Beside her Negi's eyes were bulging as he looked from the sparkling blue tiled floor to the four individual wash stations, but what really dropped everyone's jaws was the ten by fifteen foot sunken pool along one side of the room, and that took up half the room's floor space. Negi turned to his female students to gauge their reactions, only to backpedal in fright when he saw the drool flowing from the girl's mouths. They usually only had this level of reaction when they encountered something of great cuteness or of great personal gain, Negi being the victim of the first a lot lately.

"Yueichi-chan! We're your friends' right?" all the girls said as they threw their best Puppy Eyes no Jutsu at the purple haired juice drinker, even Nodoka was begging for all she was worth and no one knew when Haruna showed up. Yue was calmly sipping on her newest drink as she tried to ignore the pleading from the girls around her, but the evil grin that had started to appear on her face showed that Yue was already making plans on how to best exploit this god given resource.

"We do need to check the pipes." Yue said to an equally evil grinning Naruko.

"If they help you unpack, then I see no reason that they can't join us for the 'breaking in' of the bath" Naruko said to herself as she entered her thinking pose, or at least she pretended to, the sound of high speed movement confirming that the rest of the people in the room were now moving a very high speed to help Yue do something that would have only taken her five minutes for anyway. The two remaining girl gave each other a bland look.

"SUCKERS!" and soon Yue and Naruko were on the floor laughing their heads off. After a few moments Yue drag herself out of the bath to make sure her stuff was put away correctly, while Naruko started the faucets to start clearing any contamination out of the pipes. Both thought that they were coming to enjoy their time together with Naruko hoping that if Yue ever found out that she was really a boy, that she would suffer the 'Sakura' reaction.


Chapter End.

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