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chapter 2

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chapter 2

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Story Start.

Naruko felt like she was slowly being pulled towards the land of the living. Her internal clock telling her that it was time to get and do something. The red head tried to resist, she wanted nothing more than to sleep in for once. But a voice in her head that sounded like a mix of Hinata and Sakura started berating her for not taking her responsibilities as a Konoha ninja seriously an that if she even wanted to be considered for the Hokage's chair then she'd better get up right now. Unable to win the argument with the voices Naruko finally started to put some effort into waking up.

But as she began to become aware of her surroundings, she found herself in the enviable (or unenviable) position of being the filling of a girl pie. Naruko's head was firmly planted between Konoka's breasts (and Konoka's top was wide open!), Haruna was snuggling into Naruko's left side with her right arm under Naruko's back. Nodoka was doing the same from the right while Yue had sprawled out on top of all of them with Nodoka and Haruna's remaining arms tossed over her.

'Well this is a new experience.' Naruko thought as she tried to find some way to get out of the pile without disturbing the rest of her new friends. Though every time Naruko would try to move her head, Konoka would purr like some giant cat which was very distracting.

Finally Naruko came up with a plan that might work. Very slowly she worked her hands into a position were she could form the necessary hand signs, and a soundless puff later a shadow clone of her silently left to complete her creator's orders. a couple of minutes later the clone returned with Naruko's large beanbag bed, which it set down a few feet from the pile of girls. Naruko began to slowly manipulate her chakra, slowly lifting herself along with Haruna, Yue and Nodoka a few inches into the air. From below Naruko could hear Konoka wimpier lightly when she lost the weight and warmth of her friends. It didn't last long cause at the moment the other four were high enough, the clone used a Substitution Jutsu to switch the beanbag for Konoka with the clone catching the sleeping heiress before the jutsu dropped her.

With phase one out of the way, Naruko started on phase two. With a gentle application of more chakra the red head lifted Yue into the air again, along with Haruna's left arm and Nodoka's right. She then packed them with enough chakra to hold for a little while, even if Naruko suddenly moved. With everything ready the clone did another substitution, switching Konoka for her creator. There was a moment just after Konoka appeared under Yue were she looked like she was going to wake up. But the airhead just snuggled deeper into the large beanbag before giving off a contented sigh and started trying pull Yue closer to her.

An amused smile appeared on Naruko's face as she gentle cancelled the chakra holding Yue up, allowing the heiress to play her shorter friend into her chest. A quilt to keep them warm and Naruko was almost ready to leave for her morning training; she'd just had to leave her roommate a note. But were to put it so that no one missed it when they woke up?

Naruko's smile suddenly turned evil as she pulled out a pen and a pad of sticky notes. A couple of minutes later Naruko lightly shut the door as she left in a form fit gym suit with a duffle bag over her shoulder.


In a cabin in a pine grove several miles from the junior high dorms a young blond girl in a bath robe sat on the edge of her bed, her attention was focused on photograph in her hands.

Now most people wouldn't take Evangeline A.K. McDowell for being the sentimental type, and most of the time they'd be right, but there were times and subjects that could send Eva off on a trip down memory lane. Having the son of one of her second favorite and currently most despised person as her teacher was one such occurrence.

This particular round of flashbacks was brought on by the arrival of one Kazamaki Naruko, a red haired firecracker that joined the class the day before looked so much like the little blonds foremost favorite person that Eva had hardly been able to concentrate on the teachers and their lessons. It was bugging her so bad that Eva hadn't been able to sleep until she'd gotten to the bottom of this.

The photo in Eva's hand was the starting point, it showed her and her three best friends just before two had died and she'd been seal away in Mahora.

Two of the people were red-heads like the new girl, and the other was a golden blond in a white and orange cloak. The three were gathered around a small blond girl in a frilly white dress that almost reached the ground, on the blonde's head was a small doll in a black, gothic style dress with a large cleaver over her shoulder. The girl was a (slightly) younger Evangeline and her combat puppet Chachazero, though you wouldn't think it from the fact that the picture was sixteen plus years old. The reason for the disparity was quite simple really. Eva is a Vampire, a Shinso to be exact the most powerful kind of vampire there is, and was over five hundred years old.

To the left of pictoral Eva was Minato Namikaze, the Forth Hokage of the ninja village of Konohagakure and one of the most powerful ninja to ever exist. He and Eva, while never close, had developed an understanding during their short acquaintance. Even while they had clashed over many issues of dark vs. evil and self vs. community.

On Eva's other side was Nagi Springfield, the Thousand Master as most of the magical community thought of him, and Idiot Extraordinaire to those who really knew him. Nagi's white mages cloak was battered and thread worn but that mattered little to him as he stood here grinning like a maniac. He had rescued Eva from a mob just before he had meet with his two friends and had allowed her to travel with him for awhile.

And in the middle of the group with her arms around the little vampire and a grin even larger then Nagi's was the one Eva considered her big sister, Kushina Namikaze nee Uzumaki. The red haired woman was wearing a long red dress instead of the usual blue jumpsuit and flak jacket that was her uniform when on duty. The picture had been taken just before the Namikaze's were to return to Konoha.

The reason they were heading home was that Kushina was expected to give birth in October, and Eva had acted like a little girl for the first time in centuries. This had greatly amused the red haired Kunoichi and much teasing from the two men when ever they saw it.

A month after the pair had left; letter arrived for Nagi and Eva. In them Kushina and Minato confirmed Eva and Nagi as the Godparents of their son, who was to carry the name Naruto Uzumaki until he was strong enough to survive against Minato's many enemies, then he would be allowed to take the Namikaze name. Or that was the plan if something were to happen to his parents.

And something had happened.

Just before Kushina had gone into labor, she and Minato had sent another letter along with a scroll to the vampire.


I hope this finds you well. Naruto is due tomorrow and both Minato and I are really excited. We are also very nerves as the former Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi has come to us with a warning that some of Konoha less savory elements may be planning something to coincide with the birth of our son.

Sarutobi said he was trying to mitigate whatever they're planning, but he doesn't know that where Naruto is concerned we count everyone in Konoha as a possible threat now. He knows that we made you and Nagi Naruto's godparents and has been trying to make us change are minds ever since. If something goes wrong in the next couple of days he may return to being the Hokage and try to keep Naruto here in Konoha.

NO WAY THIS SIDE OF HELL WE"RE ALLOWING THAT!, its hard enough growing up here with people that love you around, If something happens to us Naruto will be coming to Nagi first, and if he's unavailable then you get to care for our son.

I know, scary though that. The son of both the Forth Hokage and the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi raised by the most powerful dark mage to ever exist? But if the rumors are even half true then Minato and I think its a far better option.

To go along with this plan we have pack everything of value that we own into the sealing scroll that came with this letter. If nothing happens then Minato will come and retreive it, and bring you to meet your godson. But if something does happen then guard that scroll with all your unnatural abilities and try and get our son to safety.

with love

Kushina Namikaze

Kushina fears proved well founded as the Kyuubi had somehow escaped from Kushina's seal and Minato had been forced to reseal it into his newly born son. Then Sarutobi retook the hat, and firmly denied that Minato ever had any children or that Naruto Uzumaki even existed. Nagi had even gone to Konoha in order to find their godson, and been thrown out before he even had a chance to really look.

They had even tried to go through the Daimyo to get around the blocks the Hokage and village council had put up. But their letters never got through.

This left Eva VERY pissed off, and she was seriously thinking of just crushing Konoha and physically finding Naruto that way, but Nagi managed to stop her before she could do it, sighting that in her rampage she might freeze NARUTO! Along with the rest of the ingrates. He had then snuck up on her and hit her with the Infernus Scholasticus curse that confined her to Mahora academy grounds and limited her power.

When Eva had demanded a reason from the mage, Nagi had said that it would give her a chance to cool her temper while Nagi used other methods to find Naruto, as well as keep her in a semi safe location that made it harder for Konoha's ninjas to get at her and try to steal Naruto's inheritance from her. He had promised to come release her when he found Naruto or when she graduated, though he had also built in a fail safe just in case something happened to him, which proved fortunate as Nagi had disappeared a year later.

This had left her stuck with no way of trying to get her godson out of that bastards grasp. Was it any wonder that she was cranky most of the time?

When Nagi's son had arrived at the school for his training Eva had thought she had a way to get out of here. But that plan fell through when she tried to take Negi's blood by force (lets face it she still doesn't always think thing through), but at least the boy was going to try and help find a away to remove the curse.

Then the three little leaf kunoichi's had showed up, and it took all a Eva's (limited) self control not to rip the brats into little pieces. In fact the only things that had stopped her was Negi's begging and the Dean's orders not to, they themselves had done nothing to warrant her wrath.

But Naruko's arrival yesterday had thrown Eva into complete disarray. The red head had looked and acted so much like Kushina that Eva was sure that her friend had found a way to cheat death at first. But after a few moments of doing every calming exercise she knew Eva began to spot some differences, the girls hair and eyes were the wrong sides of color for Kushina, and her late friend didn't have whisker marks on her cheeks.

Just as the vampire was about to blow the girl of as another Kushina look alike the girl walked passed her and Eva got a noise full of the girls scent. Like all other vampires Eva had the ability to tell people apart by scent, but as a Shinso she also could tell a persons health, magical power and PARENTAGE from just a whiff of the person scent. And this Naruko Kazamaki smelled like a mix of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki.

Eva had spent the rest of the day trying to get the girl on her own, where she could use the rest of her vampiric abilities to confirm what her noise was telling her. But the girl was always surrounded by all or part of the rest of the class, and when Eva had tried to sneak into the girl's room dearing the night a barrier around the room had stopped her. The vampire had returned to her cabin to try to get some sleep so she could try again in the morning.

It was morning now so Eva got up and head down stairs to start the day, and hopefully answer the mystery of that girl.


In another of the dormitory's rooms Hinata Hyuuga was getting ready to start the day with her normal morning workout on the roof.


When Eva arrived at the girl's dormitory she followed the new girl's scent to her room, which was still locked and protected by that barrier. But a new scent trail led away from the door and up the stairs. Eva took the stairs two at a time as she ran up them until they stopped at the door to the roof.

"HAAA!"THUD!' Evangeline paused a moment when she heard the war cry, followed instantly by the sound of flesh hitting fabric and padding. A few silent steps later and Eva found her red-haired quarry making a punching bag regret its existence. Naruko had the power and speed to make many of the fight clubs in Mahora either drool with longing or tremble in fear, though she lacked a firm combat form.

"Chachamaru" Eva whispered and the green haired robogirl appear silently from, where ever, to stand next to her master.

"Yes master?"

"We're going to give the new girl a little combat test, physical combat only with minimal injury. Oh and make sure to fill this syringe with some of her blood as well" Eva gave the robot a clear syringe.

"Right away master" Chachamaru said in a monotone before she leap to her task.


Naruko was starting to sweat from her morning training as she stepped away from the poor bag that she'd been whailing on. The red head had always found a morning workout got her fired up for the rest of the day, though she could do without the audience.

Roof most have been a very popular place in the mornings for the more, combative, members of class 3-A. Ku Fei and Cho Lingshen were several dozen meters away going through forms for what looked like Kung fu. At the other end of the roof Setsuna was swinging away with her sword. Hinata was in the middle practicing her juken.

Oh and Chachamaru was charging her with swords sprouting from both arms. . . What!

Naruko backpedaled as fast as she could to dodge the attacks and still her tracksuit top was nicked, but now she had her full attention on her attacker and was able to clearly dodge the rest of her attacks.

"What the hell!" Naruko yelled as she found an opening to nail Chachamaru with a right snap kick, knocking the robot several meters back. Chachamaru easily reset after she landed, folding away her sword blades as she dropped into a more stable fighting position.

"My master as asked that I give you a light combat test" the robot said in her usual monotone before she charged back and started throwing punch combo at her shorter classmate.

"Oh? OK" replied Naruko as she dodged and deflected the flurry of punches before ducking the last and launching a left leg sweep. Chachamaru easily leap over the sweep and lashed out with an axe kick, which Naruko rolled away from before planting a right hook into Chacha's face.

And so it continued for another ten minutes, as each girl tried to pound the other into submission (though Chachamaru wasn't really trying to hard). Each would seem to get the upper hand for a bit, only for the other to find a way to back her momentum and go on a counterattack. Neither girl paid any real attention to the audience that was watching from the sidelines and in a couple of instances cheering for their favorite fighter.

When Chachamaru had what she'd been ordered to get she boosted away from the panting kunoichi to signal the end of the fight.

"That will be enough to fulfill my mission, please enjoy the rest of your day" Chachamaru said as she gave a bow to her panting and bleeding opponent, then prepare to walk away.

"Hey Chacha-san, let your 'master' know that they owe me a new suit" Naruko yelled after Chachamaru's retreating back. Chacha just gave a wave before she turned a corner and left everyone's view. Naruko sighed as the green haired robot left before turning to pack up punching bag to head back, only to find herself jumped by a pair of excitable Chinese fighters that keep gushing about how assume that fight had been, while Hinata was trying to drag Naruko someplace quiet so she could treat the numerous cuts and bruises.

"Later we have fight, yes." Ku Fei said as she helped hull Naruko's bag back down to her room.

"Sure, just give me some time to heal first" Naruko said as she was half carried half dragged down the hall by Hinata. "Hinata-san please slow down. I'm going to be hurt even more at the rate pulling me!" Hinata blushed slightly at the scolding and slowed to a more reasonable rate of travel.

"Sorry, but I just can't stand seeing people I care about injured" Hinata was yanked to a stop when Naruko seemed to freeze in place. When Hinata looked at the newest 3-A recruit, she was surprised to see a worried look on the girl's face.

"Sorry" Hinata started again "It's just that you reminded me of someone I know for a moment and I just sort of reacted".

"That's good, 'cause I just don't swing that way" Naruko said with a straight face, which lasted for two seconds as what she'd said slowly penetrated the blue haired girl's skull before Naruko almost fell over laughing as a massive blush covered Hinata's face. Hinata blush soon gave way to a scowl as she contemplated pummeling the laughing girl next to her, who was starting to really remind her of Naruto Uzumaki, her best friend from back home. They even had similar names!

"Knock it off you. . you. . PERVERT!" Hinata yelled, which only made the girl laugh harder.

"Sure thing Ero-nata" Naruko said as she finally managed to get her laughter and started walking again, but stopped when she felt a bunch of kill-intent and heard a demonic voice.


"-DO NOT-" Naruko spun around in time to see Tyrannis Hinatacis yank the bag of training equipment away from a terrified Ku Fei. Suddenly Naruko felt that making a quick exit was a good idea.

"-ALLOW ANYONE BUT NARUTO UZUMAKI TO CALL ME ERO-NATA!" a now demonic looking Hinata shouted as she spun the heavy bag above her head while her body was wrapped in black flames and her eyes glowed with rage. Naruko couldn't help but gulp when she saw Hinata's state, and only two words escaped before she was forced to start running.



Several blocks away from the carnage, Eva strolled along with Chachamaru as she listened to the report the robot had put together for her while she looked at the small vial of blood in her hand.

"She definitely has combat skills master, and experience. But her skills seem unpolished, like no one will teach her more then a few moves before leaving her to figure out the rest" the monotone of Chachamaru's voice barely got through her master's distracted state, but she'd been asked to report so she did.

"Did you catch everything master?" the robot asked.

"Of course I did" Eva said testily as she brooded about what she'd just seen. Naruko had obviously been in some fights, and serious ones too. But for someone suspected of being ninja trained, Naruko's fighting just seemed sloppy, like she'd missed more then half her combat training and had only recently started to relearn it. If Naruko really was who Eva wanted her to be, then this was unacceptable!


"What?" Eva really didn't her brooding to be interrupted.

"When I was fighting Naruko you asked me to look for anything unusual. In addition to her unbalanced fighting abilities I noticed that Naruko had two powerful seals place on he-"


"One is a highly advanced containment seal, of a type I am unfamiliar with, that restrains a massive amount of demonic power. The second is also highly advanced and probably one of a kind" Chachamaru said, ignoring the interruptions as she always did. Eva though, was both horrified the seals. She probably knew what the containment seal was holding but the second worried her.

"The second?" the blond vampiress asked.

"A loyalty seal of extreme power and extreme complexity" there was a moments silence before Eva loosed an enraged cry, and Mahora was suddenly suffocating under the unrestrained kill-intent of a Shinso class vampire who was now majorly PISSED.

Eva now needed every ounce of control she could muster to keep her from either running to Negi to demand his blood to break the seal, or running to hug the girl who might just be her godson.

Luckily for everyone, a distraction arrived in the form of the silver haired, cigarette smoking Takahata Takamichi, who had came running the second he felt Eva's bloodlust spike.

"Is everything ok here Eva?" Takamichi asked congenially as he approached the vampire girl with his hands in his suit pocket. You'd think this would mean that Takamichi was completely at ease, but in reality this was his ready stance for combat, and only someone with a death wish would approach a t'd off vampire like Evangeline A.K. McDowell without being ready to fight or run for their lives.

"No, something is very wrong" Eva growled as she looked at her former teacher, "Is the Dean available? I need to speak with him". Takamichi didn't even need to think twice before he answered.

"Yes he is" was all he needed to say before Eva started to march of to meet with the Konoe. While they were walking Takahata asked Chachamaru what had sparked Eva off so badly, and a few monotone sentences from the robot was all that was need to make the usually relaxed teacher speed up his walk to parallel the steamed vampire.


Down in the city of Mahora Naruko's head snapped up when she felt the kill-intent wash over her. A quick scan of the people around her showed that the blast of intent had been powerful enough for even untrained people to feel its effects.

"Something wrong?" Yue asked as she and Nodoka stopped slightly in front of the red head. Yue had also felt something like a chill run up her spine, but she had just blown it off as the wind, until she saw Naruko react the way she had.

"No, just a chill" Naruko responded, her eye told a different story though as she continued to scan her surroundings. The two library girls bought it though and soon the three were entering another store to buy supplies that they'd need for the Kyoto trip.


In the School Dean's office things were anything but calm. The knowledge that Jiriaya had sent them a possible bomb had everyone on edge. Not that many people held Naruko responsible for this but the knowledge did mean that some of their plans had to be moved up.

"Chachamaru, can you please show us what this seal looks like?" the Dean asked from behind his desk, while to one side Negi fidgeted next to Takamichi.
"Yes Headmaster" Chachamaru said as she took a piece of paper and started to sketch the seal. It took the robot several minutes to finally complete her task, and when she was done the result didn't exactly go over well with the assembled mages.

"That's a monster!" professor Akashi shouted when he got a good look as the seal.

"It will take us awhile to construct a counter seal" the Dean said as he steep led his fingers while he thought.

"Should we keep Naruto-kun here while the class goes to Kyoto?" Takamichi asked.

"No" the Dean responded, "Naruto was sent here to help protect the class, the seal won't interfere with that and holding him here might lead to awkward questions. No it's best if we let Naruto do his job while we work on the counter seal". The assembled teachers nodded in response while thinking about how to destroy the loyalty seal.

"But that doesn't mean we won't send some insurance." the questioning looks from his staff caused Dean Konoe to bust out laughing for a few moments before he turned to the resident vampire.

"So Eva-chan, how would you like to go to Kyoto?"


Chapter End.

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