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chapter 3

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chapter 3

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Story Start.

"Those jerks!"

Several heads looked out of their doorways in curiosity, only to shake in exasperation when they saw the red head leading the Library Exploration Club up the stairs with several bags in her hands. The girls couldn't keep the smiles off their faces as Naruko riled against the store's prices.

"I swear the shop owners were calling each other after we left so they could jack their prices up!" Naruko growled as she stomped up to her room and shoved her key into the lock. One loud click later and Naruko was pushing her way into her room. Outside the library girls were having a good laugh at their new friend.

"I don't know how your going to get any reading done Yueichi, with that psychopath aroun-" Haruna's quip was interrupted by a shopping bag slamming into her head from the open room.

"I heard that!"

"Damn that girl has good ears" Haruna whined quietly as she held her head. That was it for the rest of the library girls, who commenced to roll around on the ground while laughing so hard that Nodoka lost the ability to make sounds for awhile. Haruna tried to give the others an evil glare, but the sight of her holding her lumpy head took any real sting out of it.

"Am I interrupting something?" a calm voice asked. The girls who could looked up to see their former professor walking up to them.

"Just the usual professor" Yue managed to get out between bouts of laughter. Takamichi just smiled as he thought of all the good times that he'd had riding herd on the girls of 3-A.

"If that's all then I'll leave you to it if you tell me where I can find Kazamaki Naruko?" The girls started to quiet down a bit so they could answer, when the girl herself stuck her head out of her door.

"Ya need something Professor?" Naruko asked.

"The Dean sent me to get you, something about some of your paperwork that he wanted to talk to you about." Naruko saw through the calm demeanor of Takahata's, this had something to do with her mission.

"I'll be out in a sec." Naruko said and rushed back into the room the stash her shopping and grab her coat. Yue suddenly found the situation less the funny for some reason and pulled out one of her many juice boxes to hide her nerves. Nodoka saw the reaction and move to put her friends mind at ease.

"Its probably nothing Yueichi" Yue wished her old friend was right, cause the look on Naruko's face said that the red head was taking it very seriously. Yue had never seen Naruko look that serious before, even when they had been talking about serious topics dearing the shopping trip today. The girl's face was set and her gaze became colder then ice as she threw on her smoky gray duster and started following professor Takahata away.

"I'll grab us some takeout for dinner tonight Yue-san" Naruko yelled over her shoulder as she walked away. This got everyone's attention since the red head was almost never formal, something major must be afoot.


"So, ah what's up professor?" Naruko asked after they had walked for a little while. Naruko didn't know Professor Takahata that well, so she couldn't get a read on his emotions to judge the situation with. Takamichi couldn't resist giving a chuckle at the obviously confused girl following him.

"Dean Konoe wants to see you as there's been a change of plans for the Kyoto trip." Naruko looked even more confused now and a little worried as well, "Don't worry the trip is still on, we're just going to send along a little more firepower. and we need your help to allow as to us this source of power." Takamichi finished as they stepped into a disserted alley, allowing Takamichi to instant movement them the rest of the way to the Dean's front door.

When Takahata pushed the door open Naruko saw that there were three people waiting for them. One was the green haired robot that had attacked her that morning, along with the old Dean and a little girl in a frilly dress that looked slightly familiar. She had long blond hair and held herself in a proud, slightly arrogant way. But the look on her face was one of longing and anticipation, like she'd lost something and was about to get it back.

"Ah Naruko-chan, so good of you to join us." Dean Konoe said before he indicated the two girls there with him, "I'm sure you recognize Chachamaru-san and Evangeline-san from your class."

"Yes, I had a very interesting 'conversation' with Chacha-san just this morning" Naruko said while giving the green haired robot a bland look, Chachamaru just gave her a nod in return.

"Well now that your here we can begin" Konoemon said as he placed a hand on a seal hidden on his desk, with a small flash Naruko felt the security barriers around the office go up. What ever the Dean wanted to talk about, he wanted it to be private.

"Now then Naruko-chan, at the last teachers meeting we were discussing the upcoming Kyoto trip when we realized that while we may have enough combat personnel hidden through out the classes, very few of them have any combat experience, and the teachers will be spread pretty thinly as well especially on free activity day." The Dean said blandly before he started chuckling, "Then I realized that I had and individual in one of the classes who can boast of have more combat experience then the entire school put together." Konoe held out a hand to indicate Eva, who was still standing proudly beside his desk.

"Eva-san? how does Eva-san have more experience then the rest of the school?" Naruko asked.

"Do you know what a Shinso vampire is Naruko-chan?" Naruko just gave the old man a questioning look.

"Do you even know what a Vampire is!" Eva asked incredulously. Naruko gave her a glare before responding.

"A Vampire is a psychopathic, blood sucking, undead freak that will only die after contact with either sunlight, running water or silver." if Naruko had seen the look Eva was giving her then she might have reconsidered the way she'd said that. Eva couldn't believe what she just heard. Sure it was the popular view of vampires, but she thought that her godson would have been taught better then that. Then the vampire remembered that this 'girl' had been raised by people who didn't want him to have anything to do with her.

"Well that's the popular view anyway" Takamichi said, "the reality is slightly different. You see Naruko-chan when someone becomes a vampire they get bombarded by a host of new instincts. Among them are the thirst for human blood, the desire almost need to kill and a whole host of new things that can cause them great pain in the new vampire isn't careful." Naruko nodded her head as she followed along with what was being explained.

"In reality one in ten vampires doesn't survive the first month or two. Most young vampires stumble into one of the anti-vampiric substances and are destroyed, or else they are hunted down and terminated when they try to quench their thirst. There are even some who just plain refuse to drink blood and starve to death." Takamichi finished before lighting a new cigarette, which was promptly terminated by Chachamaru's eye lasers. The silver haired teacher throw a glare at his former robotic student, which said student blandly ignored.

"You have that remember Naruko-chan that Vampirism IS A CURSE, one of the worst ever created, and that there is no cure" Dean Konoe said as he took over from Takamichi "people don't get up in the morning and what to become vampires, well ninety nine percent of them don't, there's always a few nut jobs out there that do but let not think about them shell we" everyone had a good laugh at the Dean's joke.

"OK then how does this apply to Eva-san?" Naruko asked when she had stopped laughing. Eva decided that this was something that she'd better explain herself.

"I am a vampire Naruko-san" Naruko took an involuntary step back when she heard that "To be exacted I'm a Shinso, a vampire created through magical means, not by being turned by another vampire".

"And how does a 'Shinso' differ from a 'Regular' vampire?"

"Lets put is this way Red" Eva said as she crossed her arms "I go to a 'Day'school, I eat with 'Silver'ware and I love 'Water'parks. Yes Garlic and Onions still aren't on my list of favorite things, but that's mostly 'cause I don't like the taste" Eva said with an evil glint in her eyes that was starting to spook her red-haired classmate.

"In fact the only known way to kill someone like me is to hit me with a super powerful incineration spell, the kind that could destroy an entire city in seconds" Naruko shivered as she thought about the kind of firepower it would take to destroy Eva, and found that she just might have enough power to do that. thou it would require her to let the Kyuubi have complete control and she wouldn't live through that experience.

"Why are you telling me this anyway?" Naruko asked while giving the four in front of her a questioning look "Are you all trying make it sound like Eva is just misunderstood and not evil?" Eva couldn't hold her laughter back and was soon rolling around on the floor while clutching her sides in hilarity induce agony. This lasted for several minutes before the blond could rein herself in and answer the question.

"Oh I'm evil alright, I'm considered the most powerful dark mage to ever exist!" Eva boosted, "Anyone would become at least a little bit evil if they spent the last five hundred odd years running for their life." the chibi girl seemed to calm down a little before she continued.

"You have to realizes Naruko-san, that no matter how much I may look or act like it, is that I am NO LONGER HUMAN!. Do I look human, yes. Do I act like a human, sometimes. Am I a human, Hell No! I haven't been a human for over five hundred years" Eva had moved up right in front of Naruko. The young ninja stood her ground as the vampire girl got within a few inches of her, trying to put on a strong front so that Eva wouldn't think that she was being intimidated. It helped that Evangeline was several inches shorter then Naruto's girl form. Eva was pleased to see Naruko standing her ground and hoped that in the future she could have the relationship with her godson that she'd been hoping for.

"If Eva here is so powerful then why am I needed here? Heck why did you hire ninja's if you've got an indestructible vampire at your disposal?" The red head asked.

"Well Eva-chan can't be everywhere at once now can she" the Dean chuckled before he continued, "Plus there's the small issue of Eva-chan being curse, she can't leave the grounds of Mahora Academy and had her powers sealed away to prevent her using them to escape."

"OKkkk?" now Naruko was really confused.

"Basically it means that Eva is useless to protect the students until we counter her curse."

"And how do I fit into all this?" Naruko asked as she looked from Eva, to the Dean to Takamichi.

"The only way to remove the curse is if Eva-chan willingly makes herself the servant of someone else, so basically she'd be exchanging her cage for a collar and leash." What the Dean didn't say was that it would only work if it was Naruto that Eva submitted to, but that wasn't necessary at the moment.

"What! You what me to basically make Eva-san into my personal slave!" Naruko shouted. After the Chunnin Exam and a couple of long talks with Neji and Hinata Naruko had gotten a healthy dislike of anything which made someone do things against their will.

"If that's how you choose to treat her after the trip then sure that's about it, though I'd expect a Konoha ninja to behave better then that" Dean said, serious for once. Naruko appeared ready to decline when she was suddenly tackled by the little blond vampiress that they'd been talking about jumped onto the red-head and started begging.

"Please accept Naruko-san, anything would be better then being stuck in this school for the rest of my days and I don't even have death to end it!" 'and I'd be able to be with my godson' Eva thought as she gripped onto the front of Naruko's shirt.

"But. . but" Naruko stuttered as she tried to speak. She was trying to find a way to convince Eva that this was a bad idea.

"Listen Naruto" Naruko went stiff as a board when she heard her real name, "I know you probably think this bad for me, but compare to what I'll likely face when Mahora gets a new Dean this is better by far." Eva gave Naruko her best Puppy Eyes no Jutsu as she looked the sex shifter in the eyes. Naruko tried to resist, she really did!, but soon found that the utter cuteness factor involved was to great(Eva is cute enough without it).

"Fine! what do I need to do?" Eva was jumping for joy when her godson(?) finally gave in, while the rest of the adults were mildly amused. Naruko just focused on the Dean and repeated her question, which the old man chuckled and motioned for Takamichi to start the arrangements of Eva's new binding.


A knock on the door startled Yue from the book she'd been half heartedly trying to read, not that she'd been making very much progress on it while she worried about her new roommate's meeting with Konoka's grandfather. It had been over an hour since Naruko had left with Takahata-sensei, well within the expected time tables for such a meeting but Yue still worried.

And this puzzled Yue. Why would she be worried about someone she'd only just meet? The only answer the juice drinking book lover could come up with was that the red head had grown on her, and much quicker then any of the members of the LEC had to boot!

Naruko was like an amalgam of Haruna's devious streak, Asuna's loud, blunt and over-reactive-ness with a slight sprinkling of Konoka's naivety. Yue couldn't remember the last time she'd laugh so much before today, as the red head just seemed to have slap-stick comedy down to an art form, and she seemed to have been keeping an eye on Yue and the rest, 'cause whenever they seemed to be getting to serious Naruko would find the most effective way to get them all laughing again.

Maybe that was why she didn't want Naruko to leave, missed having all this fun, it was almost like when she was younger with her grandfather. He may have been a philosopher but that didn't mean he didn't know how to get a young Yue laughing at the drop of a hat.

Yue was so distracted by her thoughts that she didn't notice herself open the door and stand in the doorway, completely spaced out, until an amused voice floated into her ears.

"Yen for your thoughts Juice Box?" Yue jumped slightly as her musings were interrupted by the subject of her thoughts. Naruko was standing in the doorway waiting for the path into the room to clear with an amused expression on her face as she held two plastic bags at her side. Yue blushed slightly as she stepped aside to let the red head through, embarrassed that she'd spaced out so badly.

"How'd the meeting go?" Yue asked as Naruko as the other girl placed the bags on the counter of their kitchenette and pulled out a pair of To Go boxes from a local restaurant.

"Just some annoying details, really not worth the energy to explain." Naruko said as she opened her box. Bourbon Chicken, noodles and corn waiting inside to be devoured. They had just lifted their first bites to their mouths when the door was hit with a thunderous knock.

"WHAT THE HELL!" Naruko shouted as she put her dinner down.

"Haruna! quick hide your food and open the door before she kicks it in!" Yue shouted back as she sprinted to the fridge with her takeout box, Naruko tossed her own dinner in before Yue slammed the fridge door shut and sprinted towards the front door as another bangs resounded through the apartment.

"Just a second I'm coming you green headed Manga-bak!-" Naruko shouted as she laid her hand on the door handle. But before she could open it Haruna gave the door another mega-kick that sent it flying around on its hinges to squash Naruko into the wall, leaving a girl shaped dent behind the door.

"I'M HOME!" Haruna shouted at the top of her lungs as she strode into the room, looking left and right for the red haired target of her latest evil scheme.

"Where's Naruko?" the Manga-ki asked after a moment.

"Still in the meeting with the Dean" Yue said quickly as she tried to distract Haruna from the twitching form cratered into the wall.

"Drat! to early yet. Well later then Yueichi!" Haruna yelled as she strode back out the door, slamming it behind her. The force of the second impact was enough to dislodge Naruko from the wall and she tried to stay on her wobbly feet but was still dazed from the crushing she'd just (barely) survived. Yue rushed forward to catch her new friend. But just as she felt the weight land on her there was a puff of smoke and the red head was gone. Yue stumbled forwards when she over exerted for the (now nonexistent) weight and almost crashed into the wall herself.



A little bit earlier and in a different location.

Naruto stood in a chamber built under the World Tree Plaza that he and Evangeline had been led to by Takamichi. It was a pretty basic setup really but apparently would serve their purpose.

"So why'd we have to come all the to this place?" Naruto asked as he stood with the top of his orange and black tracksuit tied around his waist and his t-shirt an chest armor laying of to the side while Takamichi worked to draw a series of seals onto Naruto's lower left arm and hand.

"In order to be successful we need to be close to the strongest part of the magical barriers that protect the school. That happens to be the World Tree, and you don't want to do this publicly after all." Takamichi said as he finished with the brush and blow lightly on the ink to help it set in.

Naruto couldn't help blushing as he thought of Evangeline in the room next to this one, getting seals applied to most of her body. Ya, definitely not to be done in public. Mostly for the peace of mind of the participants.
As Naruto and Takamichi started to walk into the main room for the sealing, Naruto stiffened and stopped.

"Something wrong Naruto-kun?" Takamichi asked.

"I just got a bunch of new memories, and they're consistent with the clone I sent back to my dorm room. If I'm right then Yue-san saw my clone destabilize!" Naruto said in a panic. Takamichi could see how this could be bad but now wasn't the time to start trying to fix it.

"Naruto! focus on the sealing. You can deal with Ayase-san later!"

"Right" Naruto said shakily before he restarted the march to the main room. Eva was his main priority right now and he needed to get this done fast.

The main room had a massive sealing array drawn on the floor, walls and even the ceiling. Naruto stepped very carefully as he made his way to the center of the main array, he had to be careful not to damage any part of the chalk array or it may adversely effect the seal that they were trying to make.

"You remember what to do?" Takahata asked, to which Naruto responded with a nod "then good luck." the smoking teacher said as he shut the door. Naruto stood as calmly as he could while he waited for Eva to show up.

Just as the cold floor was starting to get to Naruto's bare feet the second door to the room opened and in walked the little vampire that Naruto had been waiting for. She had her hair braided then rolled into a tight bun on the back of her head to keep it out of the ink that was all over her body.

And if the sealing array was all over her body, then that meant that Eva wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing. Not that there was much of Eva to look at. She was definitely a Lolita, which meant basically no breasts and little to no curve in Eva's entire body, which Naruto actually found a bit of a turn off. He need curves and breasts to get his heart pumping.

Eva stopped in front of her soon to be master and turned her back to him, then took a step backwards to press her back into Naruto's chest. Well more his stomach then his chest, as boy Naruto was a good foot an a half taller the Eva, who was short even to a thirteen year old.

"Ready?" Naruto asked.

"I was ready before you could walk brat!" Eva snapped as she stood there, she couldn't do anything more for risk of ruining the array on her body.

"Then lets start this thing!" Naruto said cheerfully as he pulled a kunai from his right leg pouch and used it to make a small cut in left palm. After returning the knife to its place Naruto used his right hand to hold onto Eva bun, the only part of her that offered an ink free grip, and slowly leaned her head back. Naruto bleeding left hand planted its self firmly over Eva's heart (she has one? 'clang' owhhh!). The runes on Eva's body lit up with a soft glow and Eva gave a gasp as she felt the power begin to move around and through her.

Naruto took a deep breath as he mentally prepared himself for the next phase of the operation. It wasn't the first time he'd kissed a girl, heck he didn't have any real first left. But standing in the middle of the sealing array was disconcerting to Naruto, even more so when the magical power started to swirl about.

"Well here goes nothing" Naruto leaned down and gave the dazed vampire the hardest kiss she'd probably ever had. Eva stiffened as a surge of magic raced through her down into the seals on the floor then up the walls to finally converge on the roof. Bolts of magic then started arcing from around the room and slam into Eva's body. This was both her curse being removed, and her new bond being formed and strengthened.

They only had to endure the sealing for about a minute before the magic dead down and Naruto thought it was safe enough to open his eyes. Eva was cradled in his arms and appeared to be unconscious. She was also now truly naked as she didn't even have the ink from the seals to cover her body.

But she did have the sign of her new bondage around her neck, a white leather collar with a brass plate that had Eva's full name on it, and Naruto's name listed as her 'master'. Below the plate were two oval links of forged iron chain.

Sitting on Eva chest was a black edged card. On it was a picture of a busty, twenty-something Evangeline stepping out of a shadow. She was wearing a black body suit with ninja sandals. Over it was a black lacquered breast guard with a back piece and padded belly protector. In her right hand was a black straight Katana with a matching Ninto held in the vampires left, both swords had three links of black chain attached to the hilts. The left side of Eva's head was covered by a Anbu style porcelain mask, painted non-reflective black with red eyes, white fangs with trails of red blood-like splashes dripping from them. The only other source of color on the picture was Eva face, hair and collar.

His curiosity attack of the day dealt with Naruto gently started to shake Eva's shoulder.

"Eva-chan, time to wake up" the little blond just mumbled something. Naruto tried again and got a much grumpier reply, Naruto was starting to get annoyed when an evil smile appeared on the blond ninja's face. His recent training in the feminine arts so that he could be Naruko more convincingly had given him a very good understanding of the female psychology.

"Eva-chan, if you don't wake up right now I'm going to do pervy things to you until you do." Eva's reaction was both predictable and entertaining. Eva launched herself several feet from the boy, squatted into a seiza position with her arms crossed over her chest.

"MASTER!" Eva quacked in outrage and surprise.

"Nice of you to join us Chibi-chan" Eva couldn't prevent an angry growl from leaving her lips. Naruto found the defiance very amusing but he didn't have time to poke fun at the vampire girl.

"As fun as teasing you is Eva-chan, I need to get going so I'll see you in the morning." Naruto started to head for the door when a shout stopped him.

"Master Please!" Naruto turned around to see Eva still sitting in the same position as when he left and looking slightly alarmed. she was starting to shiver slightly to so Naruto turned around and walked back to the blond.

"What is it Eva-chan?" Eva gave Naruto a pleading look for a moment before speaking in a bland monotone that slightly unnerved Naruto.

"Master, I don't have any orders and until I do I'm stuck in this 'standby' position." Naruto thought about the problem for a moment before he asked how to give her orders. "Either tell me to do something or set my limiter to allow me more independence in my actions."


"The watch like thing on your wrist" Naruto check his wrist and sure enough there it was. A silver watch like thing with a nob around the outside, Eva's chibi face in the center with an arm and twelve numerals around the outside. The hand of the watch was currently pointed a ten, Naruto wondered what that meant until it popped into his head. The higher the numeral the more control Naruto had over Evangeline, at ten Eva would be the perfect slave, eleven would stop all higher brain functions and twelve would instantly kill the vampire.

Naruto twisted the dial until the hand pointed and the numeral six, thought for a moment, then bumped it down to five for good measure. Eva's collar glowed for a moment before the blond jumped to her feet and jump-hugged her new master.
"Thank you Naruto-kun!" Eva said before she turned and sprinted for the door. Naruto couldn't help it; he'd nearly fell over laughing as he watched Eva skipped way. Well now that he had this problem dealt with he needed to hurry home to do damage control.


Back in the apartment Yue was still trying to figure out what had happened just a few minutes before. One second her roommate was being flattened by a Haruna opened door, the next she disappeared in a puff of smoke. The whole event was so perplexing that she never noticed that her drink was empty.

Or the shadowy hand that silently pushed open the window behind her.


Several blocks from the student dorms Naruko felt something penetrate the limited barriers that she'd been able to erect around her room.

This worried the ninja and she pushed herself to even greater speeds as she leaped from rooftop to rooftop. Anyone or anything that could enter a room through a fifth story window would be more then a match for Juice Box.


Yue shivered as a draft swept over her legs and arms, momentarily distracting her from the disappearing Naruko problem as she turned to shut the window.

And almost ran right into a taller dark figure that was standing right behind her. Yue almost screamed in fright but the figure punched her perfectly in the diaphragm, killing her scream before it could even start and leaving her barely conscious. The figure kneeled down next to the gasping girl and round her onto her chest, then it reached down and pulled off the black knee socks that Yue had been wearing around the apartment. One of these it wrapped through the girl's mouth and tied tightly behind her head, then it used the other to bind her hands tightly behind her back.

With its victim now secured gave a scratchy evil chuckle as it hoisted Yue's body onto its shoulder and leap out the window. It had sensed a barrier around the room as it had entered. A barrier that hadn't been erected by the girl it was carrying away, so she must have a roommate that had some form of magical ability. It thought it best to take its victim away as fast as possible, before someone arrived that could put up a fight.

Little did it know that in its haste to leave, it itself had been spotted by a third party.


Naruko didn't bother with the stairs when she reached the dorms, she ran straight up the side of the building to her window.

Silently the red head leap through the window, kicked off the floor, inverted in midair and landed on the ceiling. A quick scan of the room showed that it was empty; Naruko then dropped silently to the floor and started looking around the room. She knew that no one was in the room anymore; bit it wouldn't help anyone if she just ran off on a chase without trying to figure out what she was up against.

Unfortunately nothing in the room was being any real help; Naruko couldn't even get a lock onto her opponents scent. But Yue had a very stinky deodorant (to a ninja) that Naruko could use to track her down with.

Naruko couldn't help but think this was some kind of omen for the future, and if she was having to rescue classmates(And Fianc
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