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chapter 4

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chapter 4

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Chapter Start.

Sakura had just finished her homework for the night and leaned back in her chair while giving her arms a stretch. She'd been working for the last six hours to finish all of this week's assignments and it was now well after midnight.

"Who knew that a ten year old could be such a slave driver" Sakura groaned as her knuckles, elbows and shoulders popped in rapid sequence. Hinata and Ino had finished their's earlier that morning and were now sleeping soundly in their beds. Sakura would have loved to join them but it was her turn to take the night watch, she wouldn't be feeling her nice, soft bed for a least another seven or so hours.

The pinkette was just starting to wonder what she should have for a midnight snack when someone started hammering on the door to her dorm, which made Sakura nearly jump out of her own skin.

Who the hell would be looking for her or her friends at this ungodly hour?
Sakura jumped out of her seat an ran to her front door and looked through the peephole, a split second later the kunoichi nearly ripped the door from it's frame in fright.

In the hall stood four identical copies of the new girl in class, Naruko Kazamaki, that just had to be shadow clones (though the original was no where in sight) holding three other members of their class. The two pink-haired Narutaki twins where obviously injury if the red stained bandages and gentle carrying forms were any indication, and then there was Ayase Yue, who was being carried bridal style by a clone and was wrapped in a bathrobe and looking badly shook up.

"Sakur-" Naruko started but was soon cut-off by her friend.

"Get them in here and start prepping them for surgery. You, make more clones to clear the living room and prep the surgical seals, then stand by to lend chakra support." Sakura ordered in a clear yet quiet voice before she turned and sprinted into the side room where Ino and Hinata were sleeping and started to shake them awake.

"Get up! We have a medical emergency!" Sakura shouted as she shook her blond friend. Ino grumbled about 'being woke up at the most ungodly of hours' but still rushed along with the rest, her white silk pajamas waving as she ran for the living room. Hinata was just ahead of her in a blue nighty and orange shorts.

When the three kunoichi arrived in the living room to find it already set up for surgery and the elder of the twins was laying on a stretcher in the middle of the array. She'd been stripped completely naked with only a pair of towels to preserve her modesty. Around her were several bowls of hot water and trays of surgical tools, while several I.V ports had been inserted into either arm. Around the bed several clones were busy adding booster and chakra supplement arrays to the existing surgical array.

"Report" Sakura asked as she finished tying back her hair and stepped up next to the stretcher, Hinata no far behind her. The clone nearest to the stretcher was the one to answer.

"Ma'am! Miss Fuuka has sustained a Class B wound to the belly approximately thirty-five minutes ago. Miss Fumika sustained a Class C cut to her back and shoulder of similar duration. Finally Miss Yue has multiple bruises and scraps along with a mild case of kidnapping shock." Sakura nodded as she started to slowly remove the bandages that covered Fuuka's wound while Hinata used her Byakugan to keep an eye out for damaged organs that might react adversely to a change in pressure. Ino had pulled out a scroll and began to unseal I.V bags before hooking the pinkette up, then she grabbed a couple more bags and moved on to her sister.

This was going to take awhile.


Outside Naruko hopped down from the roof tops just short of the dormitory and leaned lightly against a wall while she waited. She really didn't like being stalked, especially after what had just happened, so she was determined to confront her tail before she continued on to the make-shift hospital that had been set-up in Sakura-chan's room.

If there was one thing that was good about being a girl for Naruko, it was the boost to her chakra control that she got, though her stamina took a ten percent hit for it. Not that it would be readily noticeable in the middle of a fight if she only made NINE Hundred clones instead of a thousand.

Naruko pulled a small leather bound book from one of her sealing cards and started to flip through it while she waited for her stalkers to catch up with her. This incident had exposed a serious flaw in her home protection plan and Naruko was determined to fix the problem. It also put her into a less threatening posture for the upcoming confrontation.

She had just got done read up on her third barrier set-up when she sensed the arrival of her stalkers. They had stopped on a rooftop thirty feet away and forty feet up, a good position to either attack or to ran away from. She let them stew for a few moments before she rather lazily confronted them.

"Ya know I really don't like stalkers" Naruko said loudly without looking up from the book she was reading, "If there's something that you need to talk to me about please come down here and do so, I don't bite, . . . Unless you want me to." Naruko couldn't help adding the last bit; it just felt like something that the girls of 3-A would say. The two shadows stiffened slightly and their energy signatures fluctuated for a bit, almost like they couldn't decide what to do for a moment before both leap from the roof and landed in front off the red haired ninja. Naruko barely looked up from her book when they hit the ground.

"Kaede-san, Mana-san" Naruko greeted cheerfully as she turned a page in her book.

"Naruko-san" Kaede responded while Mana just gave her newest classmate a stiff nodded. The Priestess in training had her hands tucked up her sleeves, and Naruko had no doubt that she had weapons in hand at the moment.

"Can I help ya with something'?" Naruko asked, still not taking her eyes off of her book. Before Kaede could say anything Mana stepped forward.

"What did you do to the twins?"

"I didn't do anything to the twins" Naruko turned a page in her book while Mana glared at her and started to pull her hands from her sleeves, but stopped when Kaede placed a hand on her shoulder. The ninja waited until she was sure Mana wasn't going to go ballistic (literally) before turning to her bored looking classmate.

"If you would please tell us what happened we would be grateful. The twins were placed under my protection until their betrothed could be found, and it would NOT be good for my clan if they were killed or maimed before their wedding day." Kaede said as she bowed to Naruko. The red-head lifted her eyes slightly from her reading before lowering them again.

"All I know is that a Mantis type demon broke into my room, kidnapped my roommate, and that the twins got sliced up when they tried to rescue Yue-chan." Naruko said before she snapped the book shut and resealed it into a storage seal. Mana and Kaede took a step back from the red-head as she gave them a baleful glare.

"The twins are in Sakura Haruno's room, probably in the middle of being stitched back together right now. Neither is in any shape to answer questions right now so save the interrogation for the morning at least. As for Juice Box, she's my roommate so I'll deal with her." Naruko said while continuing to glare at the two older looking girls. Mana looked ready to shove some hot lead down Naruko's throat, but that would cost money that Mana didn't want to spend. Kaede just put the grouchiness down to Naruko being overprotective of people that she saw as under her protection and let it slide.

"Then we'll just check-in with Sakura-san before we head to bed" Kaede said with a smile. Naruko gave her fellow ninja a tight smile.

"Well now that that's taken care of, I'm outta here!" Naruko shouted before she pumped a hand into the air and snapped her fingers, the sound triggering her body to go up in a burst of smoke. Mana sputtered a bit as she yanked a pair of Desert Eagles from her sleeves and started to look around wildly. Kaede though, just got a bigger smile on her face.

'Naruko tricked us into believing that we had found her and left a clone here instead. A clone that was such a perfect copy of the girl that neither Mana or I noticed the difference' Kaede thought slightly as she watch Mana panic slightly 'I look forward to the next time I get to see you in action Naruko-san.'


Naruko was about to open the door when the memories of the clone that confronted Mana and Kaede flashed into her mind. She grin as she thought of the shocked faces that had been left behind when her clone went puff and knew that one of them was probably going to hunt her down some time in the next few days. Not that she really cared but it was always nice to know about potential problems in advance.

With a quick shake of her head banished the clone's memories that causing her pig tail to fly about, Naruko grabbed the knob and letting herself in.

The room had calmed down slightly now that the Kunoichi's were busy patching the twins up. They looked almost done, though it would be a few days before either Fuuka or Fumika were ready to do any strenuous activities (like pranking the teacher). If they were lucky the twins would still get to going on the fieldtrip, though Sakura would probably stick to them like superglue, making sure that neither reopened their wounds.

"Naruko-san! You are the real Naruko-san right?" Ino called as she finished closing up the wound in Fumika's back. It wasn't all that hard for Ino to finish with the pinkette's wound quickly; it had been a simple and very clean wound, made by a really sharp blade. The blond stepped away from Fumika when she was done and walked over to her fellow Leaf Nin (Not that she knows).
"How are they?" Naruko asked.

"Fumika was only lightly wounded and will be able to go on the fieldtrip. Fuuka is in a more serious condition and may not be able to go Tuesday" Ino said as she wiped the blood off her hands with a towel before holding out her hand to the red head. Naruko started to shake the extended hand before yanking Ino towards her and did her best to crush the blond with a hug. Ino was surprised by the familiar greeting but Naruko reminded her so much of her friend Naruto that she just assumed that the girl had the same hyper expressive personality.

"And Yue-chan?" Naruko asked as she released Ino from the hug.

"Just some light scrapes and bruises. I was more worried about the possibility of post traumatic shock, but your clone has done a great job in that department and I think Yue is one of the most shock proof people I've ever met." Ino said as she flipped her thumb towards the couch. Yue was sitting there, tucked as tightly as she could get into the side of one of Naruko's original clones with a box of tea in hand while the clone gave her a one armed hug. The Baka ranger looked relaxed as she sucked on her drink, and the clone had dozed off so Naruko wasn't to worried about Yue's mental health.

Naruko walked over to the couch and lightly tapped on Yue's forehead to get her attention. When the shorter girl looked up Naruko gave her a smile and asked if she was feeling better.

"I'm not sure. I'm so confused by the whole situation that I honestly think I'm dreaming." Yue said in her usual monotone, though she felt a little spooked too. Naruko frowned at that before her smile returned and she pulled Yue to her feet.

"Then why don't we head back to the room so we can have a little talk." Naruko pulled the shorter girl to her feet before she flicked the clone on the forehead, causing it to poof away in a cloud of smoke. With a hand on Yue's shoulder Naruko began to steer the girl towards the door.

"We'll call if we need something Ino-san." Naruko called back as they approached the door, an Ino understood from the tone of Naruko's voice the 'something' meant psychological counseling.

"Oh and Kaede and Mana are probably going to be knocking pretty soon to check on the twins, so be prepared" Naruko said cheerfully as the door clicked shut behind her. Ino paled slightly as she thought of the two scariest girls in class in a fit of over protectiveness coming her way, but then her professional mind took over and she went back it help with Fuuka's surgery.


Yue was rather reluctant to reenter the room she shared with Naruko, after what had happened earlier, But Naruko just steered her in before shutting and locking the door. With her only avenue of escape now blocked Yue forced herself to remain calm and collected as Naruko went about the room, picking up the dropped juice box from when Yue was kidnapped and shutting the window that the monster had used to enter the room. Then the red-head reached into a pouch on her belt and pulled out a card with a intricate drawing on it.

"Uh? What are you doing?" Yue asked as Naruko sat the card down and started making strange handsigns over it. After about twenty such handsigns Naruko slam her right hand down on the card. A puff of smoke later and a scoll could now be seen in Naruko's hand.

"Ensuring that no one disturbs us for a while" Naruko said as she laid the foot long scroll on the ground near the door and partially unrolled it. Yue became intrigued when she saw a wheel shaped collection of kanji. Think outer rings, then four spokes surrounding a thin inner ring with a large barrier sign in the middle. Yue would have started asking questions but a glare from Naruko showed that it wouldn't appreciate at the moment. The red-head then drove a kunai into each of the spokes of the diagram before spending the next minute blurring through hand signs. When her hands suddenly started to glow blue Naruko pulled her hands apart and slammed them onto the sealing array. The seal glowed white and a soft blue sheen seemed to bubble out of it and spread itself around the apartment, covering every surface before it soaked in.

"Well now that that's taken care of. . ." Naruko trailed off a bit as she look around their still bare living room. They still didn't have any furniture to speak of and Naruko's bean bed wasn't suited for the kind of discussion that she and Yue needed to have. With a sigh Naruko started to dig in her card pouch again.

"Hey Yueichi, could you please get out my takeout box. I haven't eaten since lunch and doing all this sealing and unsealing really works up an appetite." Yue gave her roommate a bland look before she headed for the kitchen. She pulled to food out of the fridge, transferred it to a plate (she didn't want to burn the apartment down) and throw the lot in the mike for a minute on high. When the mic was done Yue used a pair of oven mitts to carry the very warm plate into the living room.

And almost dropped it in shock, the once bare room was now filled with giant beanbags, desks, empty bookshelves and a small shrine on the wall. In the middle of it all was Naruko, kneeling over another of her strange scrolls. There was a large puff of smoke from the scroll that quickly dissolved to reveal a wooden coffee table.

Naruko let out a tired breath as she stood up and turned around, deciding to go see what was taking Yue, and almost fell over laughing at the sight of Yue standing there with her mouth hanging open while one of the shoulders of the bathrobe she was wearing had slid off and was giving Naruko a clear view of Yue's chest over the plate of food she was holding in her mittened hands.

'Whoops! I think I broke her.' Naruko thought as she walked over to the catatonic girl and fixed her robe before checking the temperature of plate. Finding that it was cool enough to hold Naruko gently pulled the plate from Yue's weakening grasp. Once Naruko had the plate of food firmly in her grasp she reached out with her free hand and closed Yue's mouth before sending a chakra pulse into the purple haired girl's cheek. The resulting zap made Yue jump a good six inches straight up.

"Whos'a? Whats'a? H'n?" Naruko almost dropped her food 'cause she was laughing so hard, but she held it together long enough to sit the plate on the table before she gave in. Yue felt a vein start to pulse as she watch her roommate laugh, and in a few moments she'd had enough of it.

"Finding it funny red?" Yue asked with her arm crossed over her chest.

"Haaa! noooo! haaaa! It's friggin' hilarious! Haaaa!" Naruko managed to sputter out between laughs. With that Yue called for vengeance and tackled the laughing girl. The two girls spent the next five minutes rolling around the living room floor while they tried to pin an tickle each other into submission, a task the Yue was finding very difficult as she quick became aware that Naruko was both well versed in the art of tickle fighting AND much stronger then she was. It ended when Naruko managed to hog tie Yue with the belt of her bath robe and started to really work the library girl over.

"Haahaahaa mercy! MERCY!" Yue yelled as Naruko ran her fingers up an down Yue's sides. Naruko smirked as she sat up while still straddling Yue and went into a short rant about her awesomeness, before she got off the hog tied girl and released her. After a few seconds of clothes being straightened the two girls sat down around the coffee table, were Naruko started to inhale her late dinner while Yue sucked on a box of some weird drink.

"So tell me everything you remember when that thing tried to kidnap you earlier." Naruko said after she'd swallowed the last of her food. Yue paled considerably at the request but she still related as much as she could remember, not that she remember very much as she had spent part of it unconscious. While Yue told her story Naruko listened intently and quietly (miracles do happen!) and by the end had come to some worrying conclusions.

"This is most troublesome" Naruko said as she played with one of her calligraphy pens (In Konoha a lazy pineapple head scowled in his sleep). Yue watched as Naruko's face contorted in ways that showed that she was thinking of unpleasant things. Yue waited several seconds before she couldn't stand it any more.

"Um? What's troublesome Naruko-san?" Yue asked. Naruko glanced at her purple haired roommate before returning to her thoughts.

"Think about it Juice Box. All schools have a security system to protect the students from criminals and such, right." Yue nodded in understand, "Well if the school has to deal with magical threats then it would make sense then to have a magic security system as well" again Yue nodded, "But as far as I can tell the school only has one massive barrier array to protect it. Yes its very powerful and can probably handle most opponents but once the enemy gets through it that's it, there little to stop or track them after that."

"But why'd it come after me?" Yue asked shakily.

"Best I can come up with right now is that he wasn't targeting you so much as he was passing through and spotted a quick snack" Yue blanched at the thought of being reduced to something's dinner, but hey it was better then some of the alternatives. Naruko had gone back to brooding while Yue felt a need to chug another drink. After a few more minutes of silence Naruko stood up.

"Well I think that's enough for tonight, lets hit the beds so we can get up in the morning and . . . . What did we have planned again?" Naruko looked mildly confused for a few moments before an amused Yue filled her in.

"We were supposed to go get furniture and other essentials tomar-today" Yue corrected after a look at the clock, Naruko nodded in understanding and started walking towards the bedroom.

"Well that make one less thing we need to take care of, I'll handle the furniture and we'll use the time to have a little chat with the dean, and while we're at it we should see Eva-chan as well." Yue's eyebrows shot up to her hairline as she sprinted to catch her red haired roommate.

"Why do we need to see Eva-san?" Naruko thought for a few moments, she needed to find a tactful way to tell Yue about the new relationship that she had with the class vampire.

"Me and Eva-chan have to discuss some things concerning the fieldtrip and I think she'd be a pretty good choice to get you up to speed on the magical part of the world." Naruko finally answered as she and Yue entered their bedroom. It was still pretty bare but it didn't need very much anyway. a few minutes and a few unsealings later and each girl now had a dresser for their clothes and a bed. With that done the girls were soon changed and doing their level best to get to sleep. Naruko dropped off right away and was soon snoring loudly, but Yue just keep tossing and turning. Every time the bibliophile started to drift off a shadowy figure would torment her until she woke up.

After the third or forth time this happened Yue sat up and admitted to herself that she had a problem, but how to solve it. Yue hadn't had nightmares since she was really small, so she didn't keep something around to cuddle with that made her feel safe. In desperation she turned to the only 'cuddle-worthy' thing in the room.

As silently as she could Yue slipped out of her bed and crossed over to the other bed. Once she found the bed Yue gently lifted the quilt and crawled in. Naruko was laying on her back with her arms and legs sticking out at odd angles. Yue thought about what Konoka had done the night before and wondered if the something would help here.

But then she thought better of it. If Naruko had caught her doing it she'd have teased Yue nonstop for the rest of the week.

Yue curled up next to Naruko's right side and used the red-head's right arm as a pillow. The feeling of warmth coming from the girl next to her soon lulled the bookworm to sleep. A couple of minutes after Yue finally drifted off to sleep Naruko rolled over and wrapped an arm and leg around the smaller girl and pulled her tightly against her chest. One of Naruko's glacier blue eyes opened slightly as a frown appeared on the red head's face.

'She was rattled worse then I thought.' Naruko thought as she watched the mop of purple hair pressed against her breasts. After a few moments Naruko closed her eye and tightened her grip on Yue, making sure that the smaller girl felt warm and protected, before she allowed herself to drift off.


Back in the kunoichi's room Sakura and Hinata slumped onto their bed completely exhausted from the surgeries that they had to do on the twins. Fuuka's wounds in particular had been a real headache, but with a little luck the pinkette would still get to join them Tuesday for the fieldtrip to Kyoto. Her sister had already awake up for a bit after Ino had finished with her.

Which proved to be a good thing 'cause just as Ino was answering some of Fumika's questions Kaede and Mana decided to kick in the door like a couple of angry mother gorillas. The sight of Fumika up and talking both calmed the two girls down, and led to the first ever 3-A style interrogation led by Kaede. Once the older looking girls were satisfied that the twins really were ok Mana left to take over the campus patrol from Setsuna, while Kaede stayed to keep an eye on the twins through the night.

A soft moan from nearby caused Sakura to look acrossed the room, and she couldn't stop the sleepy smile that spread acrossed her face. Apparently a pair of Naruko's clones had followed the sleepy kunoichi's into the room. One had picked up the obviously asleep Hinata while the other quickly throw the covers back, A few quick maneuvers later saw Hinata snuggle tucked into her bed and mumbling about ramen-something(honestly the girl was into Naruto too much).

With Hinata taken care of, the two clones moved over towards Sakura's bed. The mednin was rapidly losing the battle to stay awake but still managed to wrap her arms around the clone's neck when it picked her up.

"Thanks." Sakura said through a yawn while the other clone straightened her bed out.

"Our pleasure." the clones replied as they lay'd Sakura back onto her bed and covered her up. They then disappeared in two puffs of smoke.


Chapter End.

Sorry for the delay but I've never been good at writing fluffy chapters, and as much as I hate to admit it this chapter is primarily fluffy to finish off the day before we get back into some action.

To reconfirm the results of the poll will have Naruto contracted to marry Konoka/setsune, Keada, The twins, Anya(but she'll be years off) and Kazumi.
If you have any question please just ask and I'll try to answer.

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