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chapter 5

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The fifth chapter

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Chapter Start.

The next morning dawned bright and clear. Not that anyone in room 02 noticed as they continued to happily snooze way, one from the excitement of the pervious night and one just because she could.

However not everyone was content to let the room's occupants sleep in. In particular was a certain green haired Manga-ki who was standing outside the door tapping her foot. Haruna had knocked twice already without any response and had been standing there for well over an hour, in short her limited reserves of
Patience was nearly used up.

"Saotome-san? What are you doing here?" Evangeline asked as she and Chachamaru came strolling up the stairs. Haruna looked the approaching Lolita over before she went back to glaring at the door.

"Waiting for these two sleepy heads to get up so I can get revenge on Naruko for taking all those meal tickets from me" Haruna started to quietly mutter to herself, interspersed with the occasional evil laugh. Eva just gave the manga nut a pitying look before she walked over to her godson/master's door. She started to lift her hand to knock when she froze.

'The barrier is so much more powerful then last time' Eva thought as she brought her hand up and gently placed it. Even with as little pressure as she putting on it was still enough to trigger the feedback loop and pushed her back a little. To put something like this up meant that something had really rattled her new master last night, but what could it be. She was pretty sure that it wasn't the sealing, Naruto had acted normally at the end, so what could it be?

Eva turned away from the door and started to walk down the hall, Chachamaru right behind her. Eva's noise had picked up a scent that she was very familiar with, the scent of blood spilt in a violent manner. She followed the scent down the hall then up one floor before it led her to a room about midway down the hall.

The door sign said that this room belonged to Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuga and Ino Yamanaka.

It didn't really surprise Eva much to smell blood coming from this room, what with three ninjas living inside it was a wonder that the place wasn't coated in blood. What did surprise her was that the blood didn't belong to any of the ninjas, in fact it smelled like the pink haired terrors of 3-A, the Narutaki twins. But why would their scent be coming for the ninja girl's room. Eva suddenly had a very bad feeling course through her body.

The vampire's knock was answered by 3-A's resident kunoichi, though at the moment Kaede looked like an anorexic kitten could take her down. Her hair was laying flat against her head, Kaede had bags of purple hanging under her eyes and her eyes were actually open. Eva had never seen the other girl so strung out.

"Can I help you Eva-san?" Kaede asked with a slight growl in her voice.

"The stench of blood permeates this building and Naruko's room is currently locked down. As a fellow magic user I'd like to know what the hell is going on!" Kaede most have been really strung out 'cause she just opened the door further and waved the vampire in. Eva and Chachamaru immediately spotted the bandaged and bedridden twins, both of whom looked like they'd been sliced up pretty bad.

"A monstrous armored Mantis managed to sneak into the dorms last night and make off with Ayase Yue. The twins moved to intercepted and managed to recover Yue-dono before she could be fed upon but received serious injuries in their attempted to escape the area. Naruko-dono was apparently aware of the thief of her roommate and had been tracking them down as fast as she could. She got to them just in time to defeat the mantis and rush the group here to receive medical attention" Kaede said after she closed the door.

"What? How'd a monstrous mantis sneak onto academy grounds without Setsuna or Mana ripping it apart?" Eva asked.

"Apparently the staff conducted a high level ritual last night that blinded the detection portion of the school barrier for about five minutes. This provided an opening for the mantis to slip in, and once inside it was impossible for lower level mages to even detect its presents." Kaede answered as she slumped onto a couch. Eva had a pretty good idea just which ritual Kaede was talking about and it might explain why Naruto had been in such a rush to get back.

"But still Setsuna and Mana are far from more observant then most mages." Evangeline said.

"Setsuna was busy with some other intruders and Mana wasn't on duty yet." Kaede answered with a yawn. That something happening to the twins could make Kaede take the risk of staying up all night on watch intrigued the vampire.

"So why are you training this two as ninjas anyway?" Kaede smiled as they moved onto a subject that the ninja found much more appealing.

"Me and these two are from the same ninja village, A few years ago the village entered into a contract to ally itself with a far more powerful village in the Elemental Countries. As part of this contract our village agreed to marry three of their daughters to the son of the leader of the larger village. The son was apparently the last of two noble clans and as such fell under their C.R.A and would be allowed to take many wives, and his father was using this to gather support for both his village and family." Eva was starting to get nerves the more Kaede spoke. Minato and Kushina were from a major village in the Elemental Countries and had been going around make marriage contracts for their unborn son, who would have be heir to two noble but basically extinct clans.

There was just too many parallels for this too be a coincidence, and Kaede confirmed it a second later.

"I believe his name was to be Uzumoki?" Kaede said, her face scrunched up as she tried to remember a name that she hadn't read in a couple of years.

"Uzumaki?" Kaede bright smile and confirming nod just made Eva have a headache. How many people was that old monkey trying to shaft here!

"Well when the twins found out that their betrothed was a ninja they just wouldn't leave me alone until I agreed to give them some ninja training as well." Eva though that it was probably a good idea. Because when she and the dean removed Naruto from the hidden leaf it would probably start a war.

But first she had to make sure that these two were as close to top form as possible for the trip Monday and she knew just the way to give them plenty of 'time' to recover.

Then Eva planned on hunting down the old perv and getting him to tell him just who all were engaged to her godson.


Yue was having a weird dream.

She was standing in an old style sewer in water up to her knees. Though strangely it didn't smell so bad and the water was just standing there, not flowing in any particular direction with any strength. Pipes ran along the walls and ceiling in every direction, though never in a straight line.

'What is this place?' Yue thought to herself as she started to walk down the corridor. The corridor just seemed to keep on going for the next ten minutes or so before Yue found any other kind to structure, in this case a door. A couple of tugs on the handle revealed that it was locked up tight and Yue moved on. She ran into several more locked doors before she finally found one that was unlocked.

The bibliophile cautiously pushed open the door and peaked inside. The door led to another corridor which ended in a massive room easily large enough to hold all the girls in the third year of junior high at Mahora. One whole wall of the chamber had been replaced by a massive cage with a large gate easily sixty feet high, a piece of paper covered the lock at the center with what looked like the word 'seal' written on it. The rest of the walls and even the ceiling where covered in large pipes that carried a strange, pasty blue or red substances away from the cage.

Seeing nothing threatening in the room Yue slowly crept in and began exploring. Too bad she never saw the shadow behind her.


Naruko woke to a slight shiver running down her body, like someone had just breathed acrossed the back of her neck (something that she'd gotten quite used to lately). A quick glance at the clock on the wall showed that it was almost ten o'clock. Sighing slightly to her self Naruko looked down to check on her probably traumatized roommate, and froze at the sight of red chakra wrapping itself around the purple haired girl.

The red-haired ninja couldn't think of any reason that the fox in her gut would want to talk to Yue-chan, so decided to just leave them alone for now. If Yue started to scream Naruko could cut the connection pretty fast.

And with that happy thought Naruko let her mind drift back into the void.


The chamber was utterly fascinating for Yue, especially the large, glowing pipes on the walls. The substance in them was so thick that it barely flowed at all, and it seemed to radiate heat directly to their size and color. The blue ones gave off a comforting warmth that one would expect for a family fireplace, the kind that just begged for a blanket, some marshmallows and a good book. The massive red ones that came out of the cage though were like blast furnaces at Yue couldn't stand to get within thirty feet of.

Yue had found a small blue pipe that was just right to cuddle up with and had started to nod off when an amused voice interrupted the process.

"Enjoying yourself?" Yue nearly jumped out of her skin as she jumped to her feet. In front of her was a girl about sixteen or seventeen years old. She was easily a foot taller then Yue with a curvy figure that ANYONE in class 3-A would kill for with long, full red hair and slitted red eyes. The girl was wearing a red, front buttoned tube skirt over red cotton tights and black combat boots. A black tank top and red female duster finished the look.

"Who are you?" Yue asked as she slowly inched away form the new arrival.

"Isn't it impolite to ask someone's name without giving your own first?" the girl asked right back with an evil little smile on her face. Yue straightened up and reapplied the uncaring mask that she usually wore before she gave a slight bow to the girl in front of her.

"My apologies, I am Ayase, Yue. and you are?"

"Kyuubi. No that's all there is" Kyuubi said with a laugh when she saw the questioning look on Yue's face.

"What is this place?" Yue asked as she continued to study the older girl in front of her. Kyuubi just smile a little bigger before she snapped her fingers and sat in a chair that Yue was positive hadn't been there a second ago.

"I guess you could call it my 'home'" Kyuubi said as she made air quotes with her fingers.

"But what is it?" Yue insisted.

"Nothing you need to worry about at the moment" Kyuubi said before she seemed to zone out for a moment then she refocused on the here and now, "and now it's time for you to leave, bye." Yue didn't even get to make a sound of surprise before she dissolved into nothingness.

'Interesting girl.' Kyuubi thought before she went back to whatever she'd been doing before.


Yue awoke in a strange place that throw her for a moment before she remember what had happened the night before made itself known.

Not that almost being eaten by a giant demonic mantis was a thought that she want to entertain, but it did explain why she was using her new roommate as a giant teddy bear.

Yue gently slid herself out of Naruko's arms, crawled out of the bed and started to work the kinks out of her joints while she tried to figure out what she was going to have for breakfast.

"Nice to see that your finally awake." Yue let out a surprised yelp at the sound of the voice and jumped into the air, spun around, and landed in a mix of a vertical fetal position and an alterative dance step while facing the bed.

Where Naruko was trying to control her laughter, and failing miserably in the attempt. Yue returned to a normal standing position and started to tap her foot in an annoyed manner as she glared at her laughing roommate.

"Enjoy yourself?" Yue asked.


"how long have you been up?".

"For the last hour or so." Naruko said as she finally stopped laughing and crawled out of bed and headed for her closet, stripping out of her Pjs as she went. Yue couldn't help blushing a bit at Naruko's lack of feminine modesty, but after living with Haruna and the rest of class 3-A for so long she got over it quickly and changed into a blue t-shirt, shorts, knee socks and tennis shoes and headed for the kitchen. There a Naruko clone had set out a box of cereal and some milk.

Yue had just finished her bowl of cereal when Naruko walked out of the bathroom and slumped into the seat across from the purple haired girl, She pull a clean bowl to her and started making herself some cereal.

"So how are we going to run this today?" Yue asked. Naruko thought about it for a few seconds before she answered.

"I still have some things that I need to see the Dean about." Naruko said with one hand on her chin, "Things that you didn't need to know about." she added when she saw the interest on Yue face. "Is there anything that you still need for Monday?"

"Just some little things." Yue said as she looked at the table. She may have been wearing her usual emotionless mask as she said it but Naruko saw what she was really thinking.

Put simple Yue was scared. She didn't want to be alone at the moment and Naruko couldn't blame her one bit, she'd nearly been eaten the night before and now she was being told that her savior was going to leave her alone for an indeterminate amount of time while she went of to unknown places to do unknown things. Yue didn't have the comforting knowledge that she could thrash anything that came after her yet(though Naruko fully planned on giving Yue self-defense lessons as soon as possible).

But Naruko might have something that could tide Yue over until that problem could be corrected.

"Hey Yue-chan, could you come here a second?" Naruko asked as she finished putting her bowl away. Yue gave her red haired friend a questioning look as she walked over, what could her Naruko want now?

"Take your shirt off" Naruko said as she started to pull some things out of her calligraphy set. When she looked back Yue had gone cherry red in the face and had her arms cross over her chest. Naruko couldn't stop the big, evil that plastered itself on her face. Teasing opportunity acquired, commence teasing.

"Now Juice Box there's nothing to be embarrassed about, we're all girls there[sometimes]. Unless you swing that way of course." Naruko assumed a thinking pose while she said that, pretending not to notice as Yue turned even redder.

"PERVERT!" Yue yelled as she tried to take a swipe at her roommate. Naruko easily dodged the first swipe and caught the second, laughing the whole time. compared to the times she'd been chase by Hinata or Sakura for being a perv just made Yue's attempts look weak.

"Ok ok sorry Yue-chan, couldn't help myself" Naruko said after a few minutes of restraining an angry bibliophile. Yue stopped fighting and stood there glaring at the red-head.

"And why exactly do you want me to take my shirt off?" Yue asked as she pulled out the bland glare that she usually used on Haruna when she did something perverted.

"I'm going to put a tracking seal on you so that I can find you faster if something tries to eat you again." Yue paled at the thought of having something else try and make a meal out of her. After several seconds of careful thought Yue decided that it couldn't hurt and started to remove her shirt. Naruko got out one of her smaller, feather soft brushes, and small ceramic dish and a large ceramic jug. The jug was covered in an array of tiny symbols that made no sense to Yue but she figured that they must have a reason.

Naruko broke the seal on the jug and slowly poured a measured amount of black liquid into the dish before she resealed the jug. After the ninja had resealed the jug she turned and gave her purple haired friend a wide smile.

"Could I see your left arm please Yue-chan" Yue was instantly on her guard, she'd spent too much time around Haruna not to know a set up when she saw one. But also knew that Naruko wouldn't hurt her, embarrass her to the max but never actually hurt her. So she extended her arm for what ever Naruko had plan. Naruko gentle grabbed Yue's arm just below the elbow and rolled it so the inner part was facing up. Before Yue could ask why Naruko needed her arm the bibliophile lost all feeling below her elbow. Yue jumped slight when she lost feeling in her arm and looked at it just in time to see Naruko slide a small syringe into the vein.

Now Yue like many junior high age kids was not very fond of shots, so the sight of a needle being stuck into her arm made the bookworm turn slightly green. She was suddenly very thankful for the numbness cause if she'd felt the needle as well as saw it then she'd probably have been sick.

"Sorry 'bout that," Naruko said as removed the now blood filled syringe from Yue's arm and put a band aid over to small puncture wound. "But I needed some of your blood to make the seal work properly" Yue just nodded as she was still too queasy to talk at the moment. Naruko pored Yue's blood into the ink and used some of her chakra to mix it in. She then sat her chosen brush next to the dish of ink and turned to her quickly recovering charge with a smile.

"The bra needs to come off to" Naruko said cheerfully. Yue leveled a glare at the red-head.

"Why?" she asked.

"It will interfere with the array that I'll need to draw no you" Naruko said before raising an eyebrow at her shorter friend, "plus the ink stains something horrible". Yue couldn't argue with that and slowly reach back to unsnap her training bra. After it had been set aside Naruko used a warm rag to wipe down Yue's torso and back to give herself the cleanest possible work surface and told her to sit as stiffly as possible on the stool until she was done.

With setup complete Naruko began the slow, annoying process of placing each line of symbols in their correct position. Yue was a perfect subject; even if she tended to giggle when Naruko's ink covered brush went over anything sensitive.

After Naruko finished with Yue's front she moved to the girl's back. This took slightly longer because Naruko had to bundle up Yue's mane of purple hair before she could start but soon enough the red-head was done. Naruko walked back to Yue's front and placed her right hand on the central character of the array. Which happened to be between her left breast and her breast bone, the place with the shortest distance between the surface and Yue's heart.

"Ready?" Naruko asked.

"No" Yue said. Naruko just smile and started poring chakra into the array, which lit up like a Christmas tree. Yue let out a gasp as she felt a warm sensation flow through her body. The sensation built until it was too much for the bibliophile to handle and she passed out. Luckily for Yue she managed to stay upright until the sealing was complete and Naruko managed to catch her before she hit the floor. Naruko couldn't stop a chuckle from escaping. Non ninjas always had interesting reactions the first time a large dose of chakra entered their bodies.

While Yue was out Naruko made a clone and had it make the necessary modifications to a seal that was already on her own body. She then went to check the seal that was now visible on Yue's chest. It was simple the kanji for 'I'm Here' surrounded by a ring of tiny symbols and seven smaller rings. while Naruko was looking to new seal over Yue clawed her way back to conciseness.

"Did it work?" she asked.

"Perfectly." Naruko replied as finished looking the seal over.

"Great!" Yue started to get up but was stopped when Naruko held up her hand "what?"

"I still need to do one little thing" Naruko said as she pulled a different brush and a smaller ink bottle. Seconds later the kanji for 'Find' had been added to the top most circle of Yue's seal. A quick burst of chakra later and the new addition was locked in.

"Okay?" Yue locked at the change to the seal in confusion as Naruko's clone brought over her shirt and bra.

"Without that the seal only works one way, I could 'find' you, now though you will be able to find me as well. And not just any 'me' either. But the real me, even if I'm surrounded by a thousand clones of myself." Yue looked intrigued by the whole.


"Just concentrate on finding me and the seal will show you where I'm at or pull on your senses in a particular direction if I'm out of visual range. Kind of like playing hotter/colder" Yue was intrigued and started trying to focus on finding Naruko. After several minutes of nothing she started to get frustrated, but she also had an intense desire to laugh at her self? Frustration won out in the end.

"You're trying too hard." Naruko said before Yue could even ask. "Close your eyes." Yue did, "Clear your mind." again Yue did as Naruko said, "And clearly ask 'Where is Naruko Kazamaki'." Yue asked the question as clearly as she could and was almost blinded when a massive blue and red 'I'm here' kanji exploded into her mind's eye. Yue was so shocked the she went tumbling backwards and plastered herself against the wall. That was too much for Naruko, who fell over and started having convulsions for her intense laughter. After several seconds Yue calmed down enough to realize what had just happened, then she to started rolling around on the floor while busting her guts. It took the two girls several minutes to calm down enough to hold civilized conversation.

"What was that?" Yue asked as she pulled herself off the floor.

"I pumped some chakra into my end of the connection to make it easy for you to sense it. Think of it like lighting of a flare in the dark." Naruko said from where she was laying on the floor.

"More like a solar flare to the face." Yue grumped. Naruko had to chuckle at that before she stood up as well.

"Well I've got places to be and old geezer to torment. I'll see you later Juice Box." Naruko called as she grabbed her duster of a chair and headed for the door. Yue just waved as she finished putting on her own coat. Naruko yanked one of the kunai out of the barrier array, allowing people to come and going as they pleased, and yanked the door open and started sprinting down the hall.

"Hey you, get back here!" Haruna yelled as Naruko went flying by.

"Can't stop, late for meeting." Naruko yelled back as she started jumping down the stairs.

"What's gotten into her?" a very annoyed Haruna asked. Yue just started suck on her newest drink and look bored.

"She's late." was all Yue said.


Chapter End.

I must apologize for the delay in getting this chapter out. Some come easily; some have to be beaten out with a sledgehammer. This chapter required an eight pound sledge for it to be loosened for my brain.

Now that that's done I feel that I must ask how people feel the story as been going so far.

The next chapter will start the Kyoto trip, so we may get into some action

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