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Stop Stop

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"I know what you're feeling."

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Gerard sniffled as he awoke, turning his head lazily and flickering his eyes open to find Frank sat in front of him. Frank smiled softly, yawning.
"Good morning," He whispered, blushing as he gazed at Gerard, through the plastic mask. Gerard removed the mask for a short moment.
"Hello, Frank," He said, weakly, putting it back on himself and reaching his arms out slowly to grab Frank's shoulders. Frank smiled softly.
"Do you want a hug?" He asked, confused. Gerard nodded and squeezed his eyes shut. He didn't just want a hug. He wanted his face pressed against Frank's neck and their fingers entwined, their torsos pressed together and their legs in a tangle. That was what he wanted. But he couldn't have that and he knew it. Frank smiled softly, wrapping his arms around Gerard gently, blushing. Gerard tugged him back, starting to cry again, feeling so vulnerable, confused as to how he felt and why he was feeling that way.
"No no, don't cry." Frank sighed, tucking Gerard's hair behind his ear. Gerard replied, muffled by the mask. He pulled it off himself, for a few moments.
"I can't help it," He sniffled, putting the mask back on and pushing his forehead against Frank's. Frank kept his forehead against Gerard's, gazing into his eyes.
"You still have the most amazing eyes, I think I've ever seen." He blushed, sighing happily. Gerard nodded appreciatively in response, shutting his eyes and biting down on his lip. After some time, Reynolds entered, smiling softly. Frank pulled away reluctantly, sitting in the chair, looking at Reynolds, and nodding.
"Hello Frank - Gerard." She said, quietly. Gerard nodded to her, shutting his eyes as he laid back. Frank kept ahold of his hand.
"What are you doing here?" He asked, politely.
"Just wanted to check on him. We're letting him out today, if he can fair without the oxygen.." She smiled. "How is your new medication, Frank?"
"Good, it's keeping me calmer, and I don't really have mood swings any more and something about my blood flow improving." Frank shrugged, smiling.
"That's very good, I'm happy." She smiled, fondly. "How about you, Gerard? How're you holding up?" She asked, her voice a little clearer. Gerard responded with a groan and kept his eyes shut. Frank smiled softly, shrugging, stroking the back of Gerard's hand.
"Will he be okay to come out today?"
"Should be. Might be a little bit irritable but you can handle that, yeah?"
"Of course," Frank smiled. Yeah, he was pretty much used to Gerard being /irritable/. Gerard made another aggressive noise, sniffing and turning on his side. Reynolds rolled her eyes and stood up.
"I'll just get a Doctor to check him over.."
"Okay," Frank nodded, turning his attention back to Gerard, "C'mon, don't be like that." He smiled.
"I hate this," Gerard spoke, his voice muffled.
"Hate what?" Frank asked, softly.
"Being alone."
"I'm here, you're not alone."
"I've never felt alone before.." Gerard started to cry, softly. "I don't like it.."
"No one does," Frank sighed softly, keeping a grasp on Gerard's hand.
"How does anyone cope with it?" Gerard sniffled, squeezing his eyes shut. "I miss everyone right now. I miss my brother. I even miss you, and you're sat right here.." Frank sighed, leaning over, pressing his lips to Gerard's softly, before sitting back down.
"I'm here, there's no need to miss me." He smiled.
"But I do," Gerard cried, reaching his hands out, willing for Frank to come back. A Doctor returned, Reynolds following behind. Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard, hugging him close.
The Doctor sighed, waiting for Frank to remove himself from Gerard, patiently. The Doctor pushed a hand onto Gerard's chest, listening to his heart beat through the stethoscope, removing the mask from his face. Gerard gasped a little, his lungs feeling under pressure for a few moments, before he calmed down, feeling considerably alright. The Doctor nodded.
"Should be fine to go." Frank stood up, holding out a hand for him, smiling softly. Gerard climbed up shakily and clung onto Frank, ensuring he didn't fall over. He walked slowly beside Frank, holding onto his shoulder as they made their way back to their room.

"I saw some of your drawings," Frank smiled softly, opening the door to their room, locking it behind them both.
"What did you think?" Gerard asked, sitting in the centre of the room on the floor. Frank sat opposite him.
"I love them, you're such a good artist, Gerard," He sighed, pausing, "But, I don't see myself, as you seem to see me, if that makes sense."
"I know," Gerard nodded. "I see you how you inside and out. You only see a reflection." Frank nodded softly, smiling faintly.
"Reynolds wanted to ask you something, but she wouldn't tell me what. Should I get her?"
"If you think it's important." Gerard said, softly, rubbing his aching head. Frank shrugged, walking out of the room, tapping Reynolds on the shoulder.
"Could you ask him, please?" He asked, whispering.
"Yes, okay. Come by my office in a bit, alright?"
"Okay," Frank nodded, walking back into the room, sitting in front of Gerard, "I thought you didn't like physical contact?" He spoke softly.
"I didn't," Gerard said, softly. "But suddenly I feel very lonely. I'm feeling things." Frank smiled, gazing at him.
"I know what you're feeling."
"I don't like it, make it stop," Gerard mumbled, willing himself not to cry again.
"I can't, but I do know what you're feeling, because I've felt it my entire life." Frank sighed, "You want to be loved."
"I hate it, I hate it!" Gerard pressed, upset. "How does anyone put up with being lonely when you can be so fine on your own?"
"Because, that's how life is. You're meant to be alone for some of your life, then you want someone to share your life with you," Frank explained.
"But I've never felt!" Gerard sniffled, standing up. He walked out of the door, crashing into Reynolds who was stood waiting outside. Frank shook his head softly, sighing, gazing at him through the crack in the door.
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