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when you lose everything

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Kelseys your normal girl on the outside but on the inside no one really know her except one person. can you find out what happens when her one hero leaves her behind forever

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hey guys this is a story idea i had listening to my chemical romances new song the light behind your eyes. this is a outline/layout/idea of a story please tell me what you think and reveiw if you think i should post the story as i write it here

The Light Behind Your Eyes

So long to all of my friends,
Everyone of them met tragic ends,
With every passing day,
I’d be lying if I didn’t say,
That I miss them all tonight…
And if they only knew what I would say,
If I could be with you tonight…
I would sing you to sleep,
Never let them take the light behind your eyes…
One day, I’ll lose this fight…
As we fade in the dark, just remember you will always burn as
Be strong, and hold my hand.
Time becomes for us, you’ll understand.
We’ll say goodbye today,
And we’re sorry how it all ends this way…
If you promise not to cry, then I will tell you just
What I would say
If I could be with you tonight,
I would sing you to sleep,
Never let them take the light behind your eyes.
I’ll fail and lose this fight,
Never fade in the dark
Just remember that you will always burn as bright.
The light behind your eyes….the light behind your-
Sometimes we must grow stronger and,
You can’t be stronger in the dark.
When I’m here, no longer, you must be stronger
And if I could be with you tonight,
I would sing you to sleep,
Never let them take the light behind your eyes.
I’ll fail and lost this fight,
Never fade in the dark,
Just remember you will always burn as bright.
The light behind your eyes… x10


stay strong stay strong stay strong. thats what my father used to always say when he would go off on week or month long trips. he had no idea what that ment to me. he had no idea how things really were when he left this otherwise dark house. when he was home everything was so happy and bright. even i was happier naturally. its like none of the pain and hurt from school, step mom, my siblings exsisted. we all loved eachother when he was here. the thing he liked about me was the constant smile i had on my face and why wouldnt i be smiling? daddy was home and he was here to stay... at least for a while.
every time he would want to leave ma again i would beg and plead for him to stay. i would try so hard to talk to him about how things really were but it seemed near impossible for any of it to be true to him.what he saw could have been called fake by many on the inside but i loved him and i was so happy but when when he would leave all things would change. my mother would change my older siblings would take control. i had no say in anything. the smile would soon escape my face never to return until the day my father returned.
i have friends. very few but still friends never the less. well a friend. his names mikey. hes the only one who knows the truth of it all. some mornings he knows the night before went bad. he could tell when mom had been drinking or my siblings had done too many drugs and took their anger out on me, their human punching bag. he also knew when my dad was home. he saw the seemingly fake smile on my face all the time for weeks. he would always ask why i was being fake and i would always assure him i wasnt and with a smile answer, "my dads home!" or "my daddys comming home today!" i would be so happy. i would act like a child again and he always understood why.
thats all changed. my fathers voice always speaks to me in my dreams. his final day in this house still plays through my mind. i always ask myself why did i have to mess up? why couldnt i wait? we were all so happy. he was going to take me away. he was going to save me. he cared. he wanted me to be happy. always happy. he believed me after i showed him the scars and bruises. those now never fading bruises.

as my thoughts become a blur and the light shines into my room i hear footsteps outside my door. i open my eyes and jult myself awake quickly sitting up. theyre calling my name? i have a visitor? no one ever comes for me except the therapist once a week and todays not the day. they wont stop calling my name. make them go away. what if its my brother or sister or even worse my mom... they cant take me i wont let them im fine here. they cant find me again... i know it was my fault

i slide out of the bed moving quickly to the closet to hide only stoping to see my reflection follow me in the mirror. looking at my self for the first time since i was placed in this new house i can finally see what everyone else sees everyday. my eyes are dark with bags under them and my wrists and arms scar covered. i wanted to badly to end this life so many times. (only stopped by my father, mikey, and foster mom). my hair is long, stringy, and uncombed. i dont like anything touching my hair anymore and no one will ever change that.

footsteps move down the hall towards my door at the end. i dive into the closet closing the door be hind me. now breathing hard i hold my knees close to my chest praying my door had a lock on it for once. no. no luck this time. the door clicks open and more footsteps are heard. the intruders shadow passes over my feet and i move them closer to me. the shadow suddenly stops in front of the closet. i bite my lipe hard as my breathing picks up even faster.

"Kelsey, are you in there?" that voice... i know that voice.

i leap out of the closet cluching mikey making him jump and fall into the floor with a crash, "Mikey, its you!"

my foster mother runs into the room face filled with both worry and shock, "she... she can speak... thats the first thing shes said in months."

ignoring her words i hold him tight laying on top of him on the floor, "dont leave me again please dont leave me again.

as he takes a look at me seeing my smile once again and tear filled eyes he smiles, "I would never wish it Kels. come with me. we need to go out sweety."

i sit up quickly shaking my head, " no.. i cant.. i wont... theyll get me theyll all get me... mikey stay with me. dont make me go out there im not safe anymore."

he stands and pulls me up going to my closet to take out jeans and a hoodie, "either come with me or i will have no choice but to leave. Kelsey you have been hiding away ever since youve been free. its time for you to get out." he lays the clothes on my bed and starts walking out my door.

"no wait!" i cry taking his hand, "just... just let me change... dont leave me."

my foster mother smiles and leaves the room tears now feeling her eyse. mikey goes into the hall and i follow him until he sits on the floor next to my room smiling up at me. i quickly go into my room pulling on my jeans and hoodie not bothering to take off my shorts or tanktop.

when im back in the hall hes already standing ready to take my hand and lead me to where ever it is he wants to take me. i follow him quietly out the door and into the spring air. the light of the sun warming my face. he watches as i look around at everything trying to recognize where i am once again. confusion and wonder filling my dface.

we keep walking keeping the pace until we reach a cematary. without a word spoken from either of us he leads the way through the gates. tears spring up in my eyes once again remebering my father. thinking of the funeral i was never allowed to attend. the pain and tourture brought down on me after his death

the memories flooded my mind forcing me to me knees the minute we stopped walking. i fell onto a gravestone allowing all the pain and pressure bottled up for all those years to pour out on the grave stone. peering up at the name, my fathers name, more tears escape my already reddening eyes. mikey stood still allowing me the time i needed only kneeling down next to me when i was calming down.

"kelsey" he finally held me and whispered in my ear, "you are free kelsey. its all over. you are free."
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