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ch 1 hows your weekend? mines... normal.

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goodmorning... no not really good try though. this wouldnt happen if she would obey.

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hey everyone. heres the offical chapter one. i hope you enjoy. yes i know the bands not included yet but just wait. they will be i promise. :)
enjoy and please rate and reveiw. it helps me to know what you beautiful people think :) happy reading

If only life was that easy. No I'm not in a foster home but yes my father and only hero is dead and gone. I'm still and if you ask why or how I will have no answer to that question. Yes my name's Kelsey Davidson. The whole story's correct until the joy of leaving this place accours. No, I'll never be leaving this prison but I will stay strong... for him... for my father who loved me with all his heat no matter what mistakes I made. This isn't where my story begins though. In the begining of my story my father's still alive. Half of my life is a lie but I would rather have my father here, alive with the lies rather than dead. This all begins when I was seven and my father was still alive. Back when i didn't mind surviving.

It's a normal Saturday morning. The sun shines through my window. I let out a groan as the sun hits my face and the sound of my mothers voice slamns into my bedroom door. I fall out of bed and run for the closet. This has become a rutain. I would fall out of bed and mother would be ready with the belt to hit me for sleeping in again. I see her through the crack in my closet as she storms into my room, leather black belt in hand.

"Kelsey! Kelsey Davidson you get your ass out here right now! Don't think you can hide from me! I am your mother!"

Mother? Yeah some mother she is constantly scaring the piss out of a seven year old, sometimes literally. I back into the corner of the closet accidently moving some of my clothes. Suddenly the light shines onto my face and a large hand grasps my already bruised wrist. I attempt to hold back my tears as she pulls me out by the wrist with her free hand and begins smacking my arm, side, back, and any other part of my body she can reach with the belt.

I squirm to try and get free. This always pisses her off more, "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" her alcohold drenched voice screams in my ears, "Why do you always sleep so much?! You have work to do!" she lets go of my arm causing me to fall to knees, "No you will not be doing any of that today!" she pulls to my feet by my hair and forces my face into the sheets while smacking my bare back repeatedly.

Screaming into the sheets i try to move my head for air but she's too strong. She tightens her grip pressing harder on my head to use more force until my entire back is welted. Once she's satisfied she lets me go, "No I want you to start chores now! Your father comes home tomorrow and he does not need to be welcomed with a filthy house!"

As soon as she's out of my room with the door closed the tears leave my eyes as I cry uncontrolably from the pain of my fathers belt. I wished so much she wouldn't use his belongings for my punishments. As much as i deserve them I love my dad. Remebering her words a smile crosses my face. Daddys coming home tomorrow!
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