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Take Me To The Courthouse, Baby

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"But they're scars, and scars are like little pictures in your skin."

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A week or so later, Gerard tidied himself and waited for Frank to awake. His Grandmother was coming today with news about Mikey, and he would be visiting the court where his mother was to be sent to jail (if justice was anything to go by). He wasn't sure if Frank was even allowed to accompany him, but he at least wanted to say goodbye to him before he left. Frank awoke, noticing Gerard in the middle of the room.
"Morning," He smiled softly, stretching his arms.
"Good morning," Gerard smiled, softly, adjusting his shirt cufflinks.
"Oh, it's the court case today, isn't it?" Frank asked, tired.
"Yeah." Gerard nodded. He looked quite smart, for once, in comparison to his white, scruffy hospital clothes.
"You look very handsome, and I hope it goes smoothly." Frank smiled, leaning over the side of the bunk bed, kissing Gerard's cheek.
"Thank you," Gerard paused, softly pushing another kiss to Frank's cheek. "I'm going to send that bitch to jail." Frank nodded, smiling.
"Good for you," He sighed, "I wish I could come with you,"
“You'd have to ask Reynolds, I suppose." Gerard hummed, softly.
"Nah, it's none of my business." Frank shrugged, yawning.
"But - okay." Gerard sighed, scratching the nape of his neck, his fingers getting almost caught in the tangles of ebony strands. He pushed on his slightly scuffed shoes and wandered towards the door.
"I'll see you soon, I'm not going anywhere," Frank smiled, "Also, I really wanna cut your hair when you get back." Gerard clutched at his longish lengths protectively.
"I don't know.."
"You look beautiful, honest, but I could just trim it?" Frank asked, giggling. Gerard shrugged.
"Maybe," He said, kissing Frank softly and quickly. "Are you sure you don't want to come?" He asked, bending his knees in an awkward fashion.
"I'll come, if you want me to come," Frank smiled, "So, your decision." Gerard was quiet.
"I.. Yeah." Frank smiled at Gerard endearingly.
"Give me a minute to get ready," He blushed softly, "Look away, please? Unless you want to see my scars." Gerard nodded, turning and shutting his eyes to ensure he didn't see Frank by accident. Frank smiled, pulling on black skinny jeans, a white shirt, and a black tie.
"Okay, I'm ready."

Gerard nodded appreciatively to Frank before taking his hand and searching for Reynolds, finding her chatting with an elderly woman, whom Frank assumed was Gerard's grandmother. A small sleepy boy stood with his hand reached up into her hand, a sleepy boy whom Gerard immediately smiled to. Frank pulled his sleeves down, ashamed, making sure no one saw, before taking Gerard's hand again.
"Oh hello, Gerard, I see Frank's coming with you?" Reynolds said, smiling softly. Gerard's grandmother turned from her conversation and beamed lovingly at Gerard.
"Gerard, dear. It's been so long," Frank instantly hid behind Gerard, shyly, smiling faintly to fain some sort of confidence. He hated meeting new people.
"Who's this young man, Gerard?" She glanced down at their linked hands and didn't even waver, which made Gerard swell proudly, if only just.
"This is my boyfriend, Frank." Mikey was asleep on his feet beside his Grandmother. Frank stepped forward, so he was next to Gerard. He looked considerably shorter.
"It's lovely to meet you, I know you mean a lot to both Gerard and Mikey," He spoke softly, gazing up at the older woman.
"Did they say that? Oh, they're too good to me," She smiled sweetly. Frank felt the tiniest bit jealous - their grandmother seemed like the loveliest, most grandma-ish woman in the world. Gerard laughed softly.
"Are you going to be alright, today, Gerard?" She asked, putting her wizened hand on Gerard's shoulder. Frank stroked his thumb over the back of Gerard's hand, smiling softly, as he looked down at Mikey.
"Yeah, should be." Gerard said, gently. "Why is Mikey here?" He asked quietly, ensuring he didn't wake him up.
"He wanted to see you and he was a little bit bored of those toys.. I think he's recovering, a little." His grandmother hummed, gazing down at him. "My little Mikes. Dead on his feet, isn't he?" She cooed, picking him up gently and holding his tiny frame against her.
"Aww," Frank smiled softly, turning to Gerard, "How are we getting there?" He asked.
"Car, and train."
"Shouldn't we get going?" He asked softly.
"Yes, we should," Gerard grinned gently, squeezing Frank's hand and nodding to his family and Reynolds to start walking. The car journey was quiet, however the train journey was a little more exciting.

Frank sat next to Gerard on the train, gazing out of the window.
"I've never been on a train before." He smiled, seeing Gerard's reflection in the window.
"I love trains." Gerard hummed, gazing at Frank and across to Mikey, who was on the border of waking up. Frank smiled, turning around, pressing his lips to Gerard's, softly and quickly.
Gerard smiled into the kiss before Frank pulled away. Gerard tucked up his knees, grinning softly as Mikey opened his eyes, a little bewildered.
"Where are we? Grandma?" Mikey squeaked, gazing around him. She sighed, beaming gently as she pushed his glasses onto his nose. Frank smiled, leaning his head on Gerard's shoulder, shutting his eyes, just to relax.
"We're on the train," She said, softly. She started another sentence but was quickly cut off as Mikey scrabbled onto the floor. He jumped but couldn't reach the window, so he clambered onto Gerard's lap, completely unaware that it was Gerard he was bouncing on. He bounded, looking out of the window excitedly.
"I can see trees and grass and clouds and the sky Grandma!" Mikey chirped, hopping up and down on Gerard's seat. Gerard sat, laughing softly at Mikey, who was oblivious to the fact that his brother or Frank was even in the carriage. Frank laughed softly.
"Hello, Mikey." He smiled. Mikey snapped his gaze in the direction of the noise.
"Hello Frank, what are you doing here?" He asked, in a strange, posh accent, which Frank assumed he might have picked up from his grandmother. Gerard laughed from behind Mikey, who was currently stamping on him, unintentionally.
"I'm here with Gerard, because he wanted me to come along with you guys." Frank said.
"Gerard's here?" Mikey asked, a small grin appearing on his lips. "Where? Where are we going?" Frank pointed to Gerard, laughing at Mikey endearingly. Mikey swivelled, looking around him confusedly, before finally finding Gerard underneath his feet. He stepped off him, cautiously.
"Sorry Gerard." He said, his cheeks a light pink.
"No need to be, come on, come look at the trees. I bet, we could see some little fishies from here, huh?" Gerard picked Mikey up at the waist and hitched him onto his knee, so he could see out of the window. Mikey pressed his face against it, as well as his hands.
"I can't see fishies, but I can see birdies!" Mikey chirped, turning to Gerard quickly for affirmation.
"I can see the birdies too, they're very pretty, aren't they?" Gerard smiled, pointing out of the window.
"Like Frank?" Mikey squeaked, continuing to stare out of the window. Gerard laughed.
"Yes, like Frank." Frank blushed hard, rolling his eyes.
"I'm not pretty, honest." He giggled.
"Yes you are!" Mikey chirped, ripping his gaze from the window. As he turned, the bruises on his face were still prominent and a few cuts and purple patches were still visible on his arms. "You have pretty brown eyes, and pretty black hair, and a pretty smile,”
"You're so adorable to say that." Frank smiled softly, "But, my face maybe pretty, but the rest of me, just isn't." He explained, sighing, looking out of the window again.
"You're pretty, inside out, Frank," Mikey smiled. Gerard nodded softly in agreement. "Look! I have scars and bruises too!" Frank smiled softly, shaking his head.
"It's not the same, Mikes." He rolled up one sleeve, showing Mikey.
"But they're scars, and scars are like little pictures in your skin," Mikey nodded, repeating something his grandmother had told him at one point. "I have them and you have them. It doesn't matter how they got there, it matters that they start to fade."
"Mine haven't faded for a long time," Frank sighed, smiling softly, gazing at Gerard, sadly.
"That's because you keep making new ones!" Mikey said, his gaze hardening. He may be little but he wasn't stupid. "That's not going to make them better, is it?" His voice returned to a gentle husk.
"I can't help it, that's why. But, Gerard helps me a lot." Frank sniffed, wishing Mikey would quieten down a little, rolling his sleeve down.
"You can help it, now stop," Mikey insisted, folding his arms. Gerard sighed. He wrapped his arms around Mikey and pulled him back, whispering something softly in his ear upon seeing Frank on the verge of being upset. Frank sniffed, gazing out the window, absently stoking his forearm.
"Mikey, that was mean," Gerard said very quietly. "It's very sensitive for him, I know you want him to stop but you can't be harsh like that.." He sighed, patting Mikey's head. Mikey nodded, ashamedly.
"I didn't mean to, Gee.." He mumbled. Frank chewed his lip, upset, leaning his head against the window as he gazed.
"Apologize," Gerard insisted, gazing at Mikey sadly. Mikey sniffed and nodded, turning to Frank vaguely with his eyes dropped to the floor.
"Sorry Frank.." He apologized, rubbing his palm with his other hand.
"It's fine, honestly," Frank smiled softly, turning to him, "I know you didn't mean to say anything to upset me,"
"Are you sure?" Mikey sniffled, ashamedly.
"Yes, I'm sure," Frank kissed his temple, smiling softly. Mikey nodded solemnly and climbed from Gerard's lap, going across to sit on his own, vaguely beside his grandmother. He curled up, still feeling particularly horrible with himself. Gerard sighed and shook his head, lying back. Frank sighed, gazing at Gerard, pressing his lips to his ear, and whispering.
"I know he didn't mean to upset me, and he shouldn't feel so bad."
"He knows. But I guess he's always confused now anyway.. And, he rarely hurts anyone's feelings. He can't even kill a fly." Gerard sighed fondly, pressing a kiss to Frank's forehead. Frank nodded, leaning his head on Gerard's shoulder, gently.

The rest of the train journey was quiet, and upon reaching the courthouse, Gerard immediately silent. Frank took Gerard's hand, walking off the train, following the older woman and Mikey. Reynolds walked quietly behind, making her self mostly unnoticed. They entered the courtroom and sat down, Mikey staying quiet anyway from feeling awful, the others to intimidated to say a word. Gerard sat and watched, his palms clammy as he awaited their mother's entrance to the room. Frank took a seat next to Gerard, nudging him with his elbow.
"You good?" He mouthed. Gerard breathed deeply, nodding.
"Mhm." He replied, keeping his eyes fixed on the doors. As they swung open and his mother entered, his body tensed up, and Mikey made an audible cry of fear. He tried to quieten himself and turned, curling up in his seat and burying his face in Reynolds shoulder, despite hardly knowing her. Frank took Gerard's hand, covering with both of his own, sighing as the woman he hated entered the room.
Gerard listened to the trial patiently, occasionally hearing little cries on Mikey's part. Which came to the point which Gerard was dreading, the most.
"So, Mrs Way, would you like to explain what happened, that night?" She was asked. She glared up at Mikey in particular, her gaze a little deranged. Frank pulled Mikey gently onto his lap, protectively, hushing him.
"It's okay, Mikes," He whispered.
"I'm scared," Mikey squeaked, curling up.
"Yeah, I'd love to," She hissed, standing up. "I was having a good night out, with my girls, you know. My son, Mikey, was at home, just being his worthless self, probably smashing something up or drawing on something or hiding in the basement as usual.." She sighed. "Anyway, it was about 12am and I came home, and Mikey was asleep. Thing is I needed a drink and well, what are kids for, right? So I went and I woke him, slapped him on the face a little till he woke up, and then when he did, well he just starts crying, and what am I supposed to do? I try and shut him up like usual but he got out of my grip, slipped into the hallway.. So I gave him a little shove. Or maybe a big shove." She shrugged, softly. Frank shook his head, gazing at Gerard, who was on the verge of crying. He pressed a kiss to his cheek.
"This is the only way it's gonna get sorted out," He whispered, sighing. With one arm, Frank cuddled Mikey, comfortingly, and with the other, he took Gerard's hand.
"See, for a while, he just sort of lied there you know, at the bottom of the stairs. And I thought, wow, this is familiar! Of course, nothing to do with Mikey, 'ey Gerard!" She raised her voice. "After some time, I went down, and he was kinda bleeding everywhere but, you know, it wasn't the first time so I wasn't so worried, but then the police knock on the door!" Mikey cuddled tightly into Frank, whilst Gerard stared down at his mother, open mouthed. Frank cuddled Mikey, pressing a kiss to his crown.
"Shh," He whispered, hushing the small boy, before turning to Gerard. "Don't do anything you'll regret, please?" He whispered to Gerard. Gerard shook his head, softly.
"I won't," He whispered, staring intensely at his mother as she spoke.
"They dragged me back and took the little fucker away from me, and -" She was cut off.
"Yes, that's quite enough. I think that's all we need to hear.." Frank cuddled Mikey, as the mother turned to look at them all. Gerard breathed in sharply, his body tensed. The judge charged her accordingly and the courtroom emptied, but Gerard refused to move.
"What's wrong?" Frank asked, letting Mikey exit the room, with his grandmother.
"Just - go." Gerard said, his head bowed, his eyes shut. Frank nodded, leaving the room, but he waited outside, with the rest of Gerard's family.

Gerard sat quietly, holding his head, thinking things over. He couldn't imagine the strain that was being pushed on his family and it only made it worse that he couldn't be there to carry the weight. He wanted to. And his mother's words still cut through his mind fog like knives and the fact she had implied something to do with him and the stairs frightened him more, because he simply had no idea what she was talking about. He sat a little longer, before throwing the leaflet box across the room, scattering the papers everywhere, kicking a few chairs over and leaving, unscathed. Frank smiled as he saw him.
"Ready to go home?" He asked , softly. He nodded softly, taking Mikey's hand in one and Frank's in the other. He walked beside them, Reynolds sitting them down on a park bench and leaving to get food. Gerard and Mikey's grandmother sat down on the adjacent bench, taking out a book and ignoring it to watch Frank softly. Frank smiled, gazing at Gerard, stroking his thumb over the back of his hand, turning his attention to Mikey.
"Are you okay?" He asked softly. Mikey nodded, gazing ashamedly across Frank at his older brother, then back to the ground. Frank sighed.
"What about you?" He asked, looking up at Gerard.
"I'm fine." Gerard said, staring absently. He snapped out of it when he heard his brother's cries.
Gerard opened up his arms.
"Come on." Mikey nodded, moving reluctantly over to Gerard, still thinking that Gerard would be angry at him for earlier. He stood in front of Gerard awkwardly, and Gerard sighed, lifting Mikey onto his knee and giving him a quick hug. "I'm not mad. I'm really not, and Mom's gone now, and she will be for a long time." Mikey nodded, sniffling.
"You've got Grandma now! And she is going to make you all better. I promise." Gerard paused. "Come on." He took Mikey off his lap and clasped his hand, walking him towards his grandmother's bag, who handed him something. He then ambled across to a small group of ducks and handed Mikey a plastic bag. Their grandmother watched lovingly from afar, before turning her attention to Frank. Frank smiled softly, gazing at them both, feeding the ducks.
"You like him a lot, don't you?" Their grandmother asked, softly. Frank blushed, nodding.
"Yes, I guess I do." He smiled faintly. She was quiet before asking anything else.
"You met him at the hospital, didn't you?" Frank nodded softly.
"Yeah, we're room mates,"
"Are you in for a similar reason to Gerard? Or a different reason - I don't mean to pry," She said, quickly.
"I don't mind," Frank smiled softly, "Well, I'm a part of a very dysfunctional family, and I used to self harm, it was a quick and easy escape, just to pass out for a couple of hours." He took a breath, "But, one day I lost too much blood, and I woke up in the hospital I am in now," He shrugged.
"That was very brave of you."
"You seem fixed, Frank," She smiled, in a wise way that only grandparents can. "It seems like the cracks you created are slowly, but surely, fitting back together." She kept her gaze resting on Frank, intently.
"Gerard's given me the help I needed." Frank smiled softly, "No one cared about me, and that's why I did it. But he really seems to, I guess, love me." He blushed. She was silent, smiling softly at Gerard, then back to Frank.
"You're right." She said, softly. "I've never seen him so. The only person he ever shows proper affection for is his little brother.. And now look at him." She sighed. "He turned out so well, despite spending his life in there." Frank smiled softly.
"He's a good young man." He giggled, seeing Gerard and Mikey sit back on the bench. Mikey was now a little chirpier, swinging his legs and giggling at the ducks which had followed him to his seat. Gerard smiled softly, shutting his eyes and resting his head back, reaching a hand behind Mikey and tangling Frank's fingers in his own. Frank smiled, kissing Gerard's cheek.
"Shouldn't we be off now?" He frowned, looking at his watch.
"Yeah.." Gerard sighed, gazing sadly down at Mikey. "Probably."
"Where's Reynolds?" Frank asked, confused.
"I don't know. She said she was getting food or something but.. She's not back yet."
"That doesn't sound good." Frank stood up, listening. "Hold on," He walked down the path, seeing Reynolds and Gerard's mother, arguing. "Gee, come here." Gerard planted Mikey down besides his Grandmother and followed Frank. Gerard's mother was stood, her skin grey and sunken, her fingers shaking as she shouted. Frank took Gerard's hand.
"Should we do something?" He asked, softly.
"He's in here for his own good, it was not fair for you to have said anything about that!" Reynolds shouted, irritated. "He could have triggered and killed someone, did you even think of that?" Her fists were clenched and her teeth gritted as she glared. Gerard's mother stood, raising an eyebrow. Frank cuddled into Gerard, slightly scared.
"Maybe he needs reminding, hey? Murder is murder, it doesn't matter if he was a child, and he should be reminded! Not have his memories repressed, he should suffer-" Reynolds cut Gerard's mother off my punching her across the jaw. Gerard was, to say the least, very proud. Frank looked up at Gerard, confused.
"Did she just punch her?" He asked softly, a smirk dancing on his lips. Gerard grinned, softly, but then worriedly.
"Yes.." Gerard's mother threw herself back at Reynolds who received a harsh slap across the cheek.
"Don't you ever dare go near Gerard or Mikey again, you bitch!" She shouted, knocking their mother back to the sidewalk. Frank hid behind Gerard.
"I think we should go home now." Gerard stood, staring at her, unsure of how he should feel. He didn't know what his mother had been talking about but he assumed it was to do with what she had said earlier.. But Murder? That can't have been to do with him. He nodded softly, turning back with wide eyes and walking beside Frank.
"Do we wait for Reynolds, or just get on the train?" Frank asked softly.
"Get on the train, she'll come." Gerard pressed, taking Frank's hand and heading quickly onto the train. Mikey and their Grandmother turned up moments later, then Reynolds, looking flustered, and her cheeks a raw crimson. Frank saw Reynolds get on the train, as he went to take a seat next to Gerard. Mikey got there first. He sat on the older boy's lap, smiling softly. Mikey curled over, lying against the back of the train seat to sleep. Gerard lent his head on the window absently, confused as to what Reynolds and his mother had been fighting about.
Frank kissed his temple. "I can tell something's on your mind," He said, gently.
"I'm confused," Gerard shook his head softly. "It's nothing."
"Okay, but if you want to talk, just say." Frank smiled softly, bumping his nose with Gerard's.
"I'll talk later, okay?"
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