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"Reynolds, are you there? Please.. I'm scared.." {last chapter}

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"Frank, I'm here, if you need someone to talk to," Reynolds acknowledged, shutting the door, averting her gaze from Gerard who was being dragged down the hallway to one of the 'interrogation' rooms.
"I want Gerard!" Frank shouted crying, with his head in his hands.
"I know, I know," She sighed, softly. "He'll be back to normal as soon as possible - well, not normal, but - not psychotic." Frank nodded, sniffing.
"Will he be sent to jail?" He asked, sobbing.
"I don't think so," Reynolds tilted her head, pensively. "He'll plead as mentally unstable." She paused. "We have a few treatments for him, though, as you'll end up being needed in a few of the processes, and, we think you should help make the decision," Frank nodded, sighing.
"I still care about him a lot, and he feels so guilty for trying to kill me,"
"I know you do, I know. Which is why you should be a part of this. We have about three treatments, one of them I am certain you won't go for, but we have to share it with you, regardless.”
"Okay, continue."
"The first option, is giving him therapy. This would help him understand the murders, why he's getting these voices, help him understand and be stable enough until - well, we'll have to go to court after that."
"Okay, another?"
"The second, which is a little harder and will probably involve you quite a bit, is wiping his memory. We have done this before, sometimes memories come back but that takes triggering and since you survived it, I don't think triggering will happen again.. But you'll have to teach him about you, about things he likes, maybe about things like making a sandwich, or writing, that sort of thing, you know? It'll take time, but, there's less chance of court getting involved, and he won't be a threat.." Frank sniffed.
"Okay, is that all of them?"
"There's another, but I don't think you'll go for this one. I'm obligated to tell you, but.."
"Lethal Injection."
Frank shook his head, frantically. "No, no, no." If that were to happen it would destroy him. He’d never be the same again.
"I know, I know, we just have to consider it. I doubt that the law will go with that option, and if they do, we won't let them, okay?" Reynolds nodded, softly. "We're going to make him better, okay? We'll make him better." Frank sighed, nodding.
"I like the idea of wiping his memory, but it'll take so much time."
"It will, but chances are if he stays in therapy as soon as he's ready to face the world, he'll be sent to jail, and god knows what he'll experience in there." She said, gently. "Wiping his memory it is. We wipe it back till he was about 11 - that's right before.. Right before he killed his father."
"I see, will he act like a giant 11 year old, or will he still be 18?" Frank asked.
“He'll act like he's 18, of course, maybe slightly childish. He'll remember some things, about his mother, we'll make sure straight after the injections that we instill into him the important facts, his mother's arrest, etc. We won't tell him why, however."
"Okay, that sounds good, can you inject the thought of me, back into him?" Frank asked, smiling softly.
"Should be able to instill that into him. We have recordings of you, etc. We'll show him childhood pictures, that sort of thing, to make him remember his childhood.. Basically, removing a few years, taking away the bad memories. We don't do it very often, it's an expensive and tedious process.." She paused. "But we'll do this, for you."
"Thank you, thank you, thank you." Frank beamed, relieved, pinning all his hopes on the solution.
"It's okay, Frank," She smiled, genuinely. "We need a few days to prepare, so you'll have to stay clear of him - or at least visit when he's not being interviewed, and when he's restrained," She insisted. "As you've.. As you've now seen, he's quite dangerous."

Screams could be heard down the hallway as Gerard was dragged from the small interrogation room and thrown into the room opposite. It was so different from the nice, cushy room he had been used to - dank walls and floor, a metal rectangle for a bed, and one, singular, miniature window which barely leaked light at all. He sighed and lay down on the metal bed, sniffing and turning on his side.
Gerard pushed himself from the metal box as some food was pushed through the door. He sighed and curled up eating it, soon getting disgusted and overfed by the small plate and pushing it away. He missed his sketchbook, he missed his cigarettes, and he missed Frank. The little voices in his ears curled their gnarled fingers around him and choked him, their shadows dancing around him, making him crumble in terror. Frank sighed, sniffing, wanting Gerard.
"Gee, come back," He sobbed. Gerard bashed his fists against the door until the small latch opened and a voice appeared.
"Gerard - come on, calm down," The voice was familiar and calming.
"Frank's going to die," Gerard suddenly cried, banging his fists on the floor. "He's going to die, and I won't be there, and, and- I want to see him," He sobbed, pressing himself against the door. Reynolds stood outside, quietly listening.
"He could come and talk to you. He's not dead, I promise." Reynolds asked, sweetly. Gerard was silent.
"He stays on the other side of the door?" He took Reynolds’ silence as an approval. "Please get him to come.." Reynolds nodded and walked down the hallways, locating Frank's room.
Frank sat up suddenly, upon Reynolds entering his room.
"Gerard says he'd like to talk to you." She said, softly.

Reynolds walked him briskly outside Gerard's door.
"Now, he doesn't know you're here yet.. Whatever you do, please, do not go in." She pressed. "Do not." Reynolds stepped away from the door and down the hallway to her office. Gerard sniffled, lied on the dank floor, awaiting Frank's arrival - if he was ever going to.
"Gee?" Frank called softly, lifting himself onto his tiptoes, looking through the small window.
"Frank?" Gerard tensed up and pressed his chest against the door. "You're there? You came? You're not dead?"
"Why would I be dead?" Frank asked softly, "And, of course I came, I miss you." He sighed.
"Th-the voices, Frank, they still.." Gerard cried, his hands reaching up to the latch. Frank bolted the door from the other side.
"No Gerard." He spoke sternly, "If you do kill me, I hope you feel guilty, for the rest of your life." He did all the bolts, walking away from the door, angry. Gerard cried, falling back to the floor. He only wanted to hold his hand.
"F-Frank," He sobbed, banging another fist across the table, kicking the plate of food across the small room, pushing hands over his ears. Frank stopped in the hallway.
"Do you promise not to hurt me?" He asked, softly, walking back to the door.
"D-don't come in, j-just h-hold my hand," Gerard sobbed, sticking his hand idly against the hole in the door, waiting for Frank to pull the latch back so his hand could go through. "I won't give in to them, Frank, I won't," He cried. Frank did the latch, tangling his fingers with Gerard's.
"I love you, so much." He sniffed.
"I'm sorry that the voices, they don't like you," Gerard mumbled, squeezing Frank's hand far too hard. "The policemen are horrible. But they're right. I'm a dirty murderer," He sobbed. "I thought I was a good person!" Frank kissed the back of Gerard's hand.
"It's okay, honestly." He sighed, "You don't know, how much I miss you." He sobbed.
"I think I have an idea," Gerard sniffled, pressing his forehead against the door. "Do you know - do you know if I'm going to jail?"
"Reynolds says you won't, and she has a plan which will make everything better again." Frank smiled softly.
"Lethal Injection?" Gerard sobbed, clinging onto Frank's hand. "She said she'd never have to do that! She said.."
"No no no, I wouldn't let her, I promise." Frank smiled softly, holding onto his hand.
“Thank you," Gerard breathed, calming down. "H-how long till I'm better? Will the voices go away?"
"The voices will go, and you'll be a good person again," Frank smiled, "In a few days." Gerard nodded, squeezing Frank's hand incredibly tightly.
"Promise?" He breathed, squeezing his eyes shut.
"I promise," Frank smiled softly, kissing the older boys hand, "I have to go, I'm sorry, love you." He kissed the window, bolting the door again. Gerard let go reluctantly, dropping back down to the floor and shaking his head, sniffling. He crawled across to his bed and curled up, shivering in the cold, waiting for Reynolds to appear with a magic drug that could make all the bad things melt away.

When Gerard awoke, he panicked, finding himself buried under various wires and surrounded by machines. He was alone in the pure white room, his wrists and ankles were tied down to the hospital bed and he breathed in deeply, doing his best to stay calm.
"Reynolds?" Gerard called, timidly. "Reynolds, are you there? Please.. I'm scared," He squeaked, his voice returning to his old, childlike tone.
Reynolds entered, putting a hand on Gerard's.
"It's alright," She said, softly.
"Where's Frank?" Gerard asked quietly, his lips trembling as he stared around him.
"Frank isn't here, right now."
"I want him," Gerard sniffled, gazing sadly at himself. "I want him.." Reynolds sighed.
"I don't know if that's a good idea, Gerard."
"But I want him," Gerard persisted, his voice whining like a child getting their tonsils removed. Reynolds sighed and got up from her seat. She never really knew why she did so much or Gerard, or why she was attached to him at all. There was an endearing quality about Gerard.
"Frank.." She knocked on his door, softly. Frank opened his door, sobbing and shaking softly.
"Yes?" He refused to meet her gaze.
"Someone wants you, it seems."

Gerard's eyes were wide with fright, shedding a little light on what Frank had imagined Gerard might've looked like as a child. Frank sat down, taking Gerard's hand.
"I'm here now," He smiled softly, sniffing.
"I'm really scared," Gerard whispered, his eyes now tight shut. His breathing was shaky as he held Frank's hand loosely.
"Don't be scared, everything will be okay," Frank pressed a comforting kiss to his cheek.
"What are they d-doing?" Gerard sniffled. "To me? What's going to happen?"
"They are going to take out the bad memories, that's all, simple." Frank explained softly.
"And after then the voices will be gone? They'll be gone?"
"Yes," Frank smiled.
Gerard nodded and lay back, breathing softly. Another Doctor arrived, a transparent box filled with needles in his hand. Gerard swallowed audibly in fear. A drip was attached into his hand and Gerard began to feel the effects.
"Frank, you need to say goodbye now." The Doctor nodded to him. Frank nodded, resting his forehead against Gerard's.
"I'll see you soon, and I love you, don't forget that." He smiled, pressing his lips to the older boys, walking out of the room.
"Gerard, just count to ten, and you'll be knocked out, alright?" The Doctor said, over him. "One, two, three, four, fi-ive, si-ix, s-seeven.." The voices started to blur out and Gerard fell into the cascade of darkness beneath him.

The Doctors began to push needles into him, which would usually render Gerard into a screaming mess, but he couldn't feel a thing. He may have been dead, for all anyone else knew. Once the surgery into his brain was over with, he was wheeled to a small room, and locked in.
Frank saw Reynolds, drinking coffee in the hallway, rubbing her head in exhaustion. She did rarely go home anymore.
"Did it go as planned?" She smiled, softly.
"We don't know entirely, but he's stable, and his brain is functioning fine. We're beginning the basic therapy tomorrow, then they day after you can come in, and start talking to him." She paused. "Do you.. Intend on continuing to stay here? Because I feel, with a bit of paperwork, you'd be free to go."
"I have no one to go back to." Frank admitted, sighing.
"We do have a program, in which we set up our newly let out patients, provided they get a steady job and straighten themselves out."
"I'm not crazy, and I never was, I just wanted to get away from it all." Frank smiled softly. "So, where do I sign up?"
"I'll get some people on the phone and you can be out within a few days. We give you a decent apartment, and a small amount of money to live on, just until you get yourself a consistent job." She said, smiling gently. "I'm glad you're up for this Frank. I'm so glad with how things have turned out. Not all things of course, but - the bad things have good things too, you know?" Frank nodded, happily.
"Will I still get to see Gerard?" He asked, sweetly.
"Yes," She nodded, softly. "We'll need you."

A few days later, Frank woke up, knowing he could go and see Gerard. Gerard sat up in his particularly comfy bed, rubbing his head. His long locks were shaved from the surgery, leaving behind a stubble which over the last week and a half had already grown back to a short mess. He hardly remembered his long hair anyway, and this new hair seemed so convenient that he was at a loss to understand why he hadn't done it before. Frank followed Reynolds to the small room, where Gerard stayed.
"Does he remember me?"
"Vaguely. He'll remember some things. But this is what you're here for." Reynolds assured him. She opened the door and walked in ahead of Frank. "Good morning, Gerard." Gerard perked up and chirped back.
"Hello Doctor Reynolds!" Frank smiled softly, following in, behind her. Gerard cocked his head towards Frank.
"I got my hair cut." He said. Reynolds laughed endearingly.
"Yes, yes I remember." She smiled, patting his shoulder as Frank entered. Frank blushed, smiling softly.
"Hi Gerard."
"Hello Frank," Gerard said, tilting his head. "Did you visit me yesterday? I remember you."
"I visit you a lot." He smiled softly, turning to Reynolds, "Does he know I'm his boyfriend?" He whispered.
"I'm not sure," Reynolds whispered back. "We haven't asked him. All you can do is ask him. He's anything but violent now. He's harmless." Frank took a seat, softly next to Gerard.
"Do you remember what I am to you?" He asked, quietly.
"You said you wanted to stab me once, but I know that's not true, because if you really did, you would have done it by now." Gerard nodded, pensively. "We kissed once in the dark and it scared me because I don't know how to kiss and I couldn't see anything." He paused. "I got my hair cut."
"I'm your boyfriend," Frank spoke softly, smiling very gently. "I like your hair short, it suits you."
"I didn't think Gerard had a boyfriend. He is a very silly man." Gerard spoke, pointing his finger out as he did so. Reynolds shrugged at the third person.
"You're lovely, and you said to me, you cared about me a lot, you're not that silly." Frank smiled.
"Gerard is silly but he can speak very well." Gerard nodded. "Which means he should be speaking well right now, but he isn't, is he? He's rambling now." Frank giggled softly.
"Why are you speaking in third person?" He asked, quietly.
"Am I?" Frank nodded, tilting his head, worriedly.
"Oh - I - I didn't mean to. I - I'll try and not, okay? I'm speaking in the right one now, aren't I?"
"I don't mind, and yes, you're speaking in the right one now." Frank smiled softly, taking Gerard's hand, tangling their fingers together, sending a bunch of memories back to Gerard. Gerard stared at Frank intently. Almost intensely. Reynolds left quickly, staying outside the door, praying for no relapse. Gerard continued staring and didn't even consider if he was making Frank uncomfortable.
"Remember anything?" Frank asked, softly. Gerard continued gazing, his expression hard to decipher. He tightened his fingers around Frank's wrists and breathed deeply. Frank made a scared squeak.
"Not so tight," He bit his lip, loosening Gerard's hand slightly. Gerard quickly let go of Frank's hands, dropping them and tucking his own hands by his sides in confusion.
"Sorry," He said, quietly. Frank shook his head, risking it, leaning in, pressing his lips to Gerard's, softly. Gerard was non-reactive for several seconds before it occurred to him what was happening. He pushed his own lips against Frank's and reached for his hands again, doing his best not to grip on too tightly. Frank tangled his fingers with Gerard's again, resting his head on the other boy's shoulder.
"Did that bring back...Anything?" He sniffed. Gerard pulled a way, turning his body towards Frank and figuring out how he would hug him. He didn't want to hurt him, and he wasn't even sure if Frank would want to hug him like that. Frank wrapped his arms loosely around Gerard's neck.
"I want you to remember us." He sniffed. Gerard breathed in deeply, clutching at Frank.
"I do, I do," Gerard nodded his head, his eyes squeezed shut.
"Really? You're not just saying that, right?" Frank asked softly. Gerard shook his head and clutched at Frank protectively, dying to squeeze him against him but too afraid in case he hurt him, which he could. Frank smiled, pressing his face into Gerard's neck.
"Thank god, I thought I'd lost you."
"I forgot who I was." Gerard said, softly. "I forgot my name and I forgot my baby brother. I forgot about my grandma. I forgot about you. But now I remember."
"I'm so happy, Gee." Frank smiled, sobbing softly.
"Why are you crying?" Gerard asked, removing his hands and backing away, frightened he had hurt him.
"I'm happy, I can't help it." Frank sniffed, smiling, "You didn't do anything wrong," He giggled softly, rubbing his eyes.
"Oh, okay, good," Gerard nodded, ashamedly, rubbing his palms with his thumbs. "I th-thought I'd hurt you.." Frank shook his head.
"I wouldn't think you would try to hurt me, on purpose, at all." He reassured.
"I don't want to hurt you at all." Gerard nodded. "I haven't hurt you and I intend not to."
"Thank you," Frank smiled softly, "So, what do you remember?"
"That you're my boyfriend, and that you love me, and that you wanted to cut my hair. But I got a hair cut." Gerard paused. "You have an interesting dynamic and you like my drawings. You think my brother is adorable and you wonder if you'd ever get to have kids one day." Gerard pointed out. Frank had never shared that information with him and he didn't have a clue where Gerard had gotten that piece of information from. Frank smiled.
"You said, you like looking at my scars, because they make you remember I'm human," He blushed.
"You hurt yourself, don't you?"
"I did, before you made an impact on my life," Frank admitted, softly.
"Did I?"
"Yes," Frank nodded, smiling softly.
"I did good?" Gerard perked up, blinking softly. Frank nodded.
"You did very good."

Okay I hope everyone liked this, doing another story soon c': x
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