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Lie To Me

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"Stephanie's hands came up and cupped his face, her thumbs running back and forth his pale skin, she heard him sigh contently." Stephanie & Axl

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So if she's somewhere near me
I hope to God she hears me
There's no one else
Could ever make me feel
I'm so alive

- Guns N' Roses; This I Love

Chapter 1


“Let me go, you crazy fuck!”

Axl's green eyes glared down at her, his breathing was hitching and he was hauling a snarl at her. The singer pressed her harder into the wall, trying to calm himself down but it wasn't working. There was no way in hell that she was leaving this house without telling him where the fuck she was going. Stephanie put up a fight, struggling against his strong hands, trying to kick him in the crotch a few times but he dodged her.

She slumped against the wall, looking like she had given up. Axl stared at his girlfriend for a few more moments before he slowly let go of her wrists and moved a step back. He kept on looking at her, trying to figure out what was going in her head. After a few more minutes, he took a few other steps back and she made another move for the door and he grabbed her so hard that he was shocked at the red marks on her arms.

Staphanie growled and punched him across the face. Axl's face snapped to the side and he let out a painful groan. But after he turned his head and saw the anger on her face, her chest heaving, he never thought she looked more gorgeous. How sick was he?

She made a path for the door but the second she touched the door handle, she was hauled back against a strong chest. Arms wrapped around her waist and held her tight as she struggled, needing to be away from him for a while. But there was no way that he was having that.

“You aren't going anywhere, it's dangerous out there. We are in a foreign country, who knows what the fuck would happen!” He hissed into her ear.

“You do not get to tell what I can and cannot do. You are not my father!”

Axl chuckled mockingly,” Thank God not. The things I do to you would shame every father in the universe.”

He licked his bottom lip, his eyes travelling down her body hungrily. She gave him a look of disgust and tried to move away but he held her hard. Axl laughed again, giving her a wink. She cursed at him, and tried to kick him off after he pressed small kisses to the slope of her neck.

“C'mon, wriggle some more, you know how it affects me, princess.”

Stephanie elbowed him in the stomach and he pulled her hair, tsking into her ear like he was telling off a young child. He rocked against her, nose buried in her hair, inhaling her strawberry scent. He wrapped it around him, feeling his anger melt away slowly. He loved this girl, she was his companion. Stephanie was his match, she was the female version of him. He wasn't going to lose her to someone else. He would kill them first.

“Get off of me. I want to leave, Axl.”

Axl turned her around in his arms, blood running down his chin from her punch. His cheeks were flushed from fighting her earlier. Her eyes roamed the room, wine was running down the white walls, leaving permanent stains. The glasses were smashed into mirrors. He started the fight, accusing her of acting inappropriately with one of his rock star friends.

Well they weren't friends any more, Axl had knocked the guy out after fighting with him. Sometimes she hated Axl, it was like he didn't trust her. She knew that he loved her, but his love wasn't normal. It was possessive but passionate at the same time. He never hit her purposely, only when she asked him in an intimate moment.

“You are not leaving this fucking house.” He said loudly.

Stephanie glared back at him and she felt the anger building inside her and all she wanted to do was to punch him again, break that beautiful face of his. But then she saw the love in his eyes, the innocence that stood out. She let her fist down and rested her forehead on his shoulder, “I hate you.” She whimpered into his jacket.

Axl smirked before he repiled, “I love you.”

His soft fingers grasped her chin and he raised her face to level with his. Their eyes met before he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers in a rough but loving kiss. She heard him hiss when he parted his lips. After a few seconds, they pulled apart. Stephanie's hands came up and cupped his face, her thumbs running back and forth his pale skin, she heard him sigh contently.

Axl's forehead rested against hers, and his arms wrapped around her protectively. They breathed slowly, rocking back and forth, comforting the other. They closed their eyes and mumbled apologies to each other after a few minutes. The couple didn't move for a long while, just happy being in each others arms. Axl's hands moved from her waist to her long, brown hair, tangling in the soft locks. His fingers threaded them through her hair.

“Why do we always have to fight this bad?”

“Your the one who hit me,” Axl responded after a few minutes and she hit his back, earning a laugh from her redhead.

“Fighting is us, baby. If we never fight, we'd end up killing each other. It's what we do, we need it to survive with each other,” Stephanie giggled into his ear,”We get off on fighting too, you can't deny it, it gets you hot.”

“That's not true!”

Axl rolled his eyes, “You said no more lying.”

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