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"He kept their bodies close, kissing her cheek and whispering apologizes when he could. Stephanie closed her eyes, losing herself in him."

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“Axl! Let him go!”

Stephanie kept on screaming at her lover, who was on top of another man, punching him as hard as he could. The singer looked like he hadn't even heard her, his top lip was curled up in a snarl. The man was trying to dodge Axl's fist but is was hard because the singer had wrapped his fingers around his throat.

Stephanie kept on watching as Axl's hand hit him over and over, ignoring the other man’s pleas for him to stop. She shouted over to Steven, begging the drummer to pull Axl off of the poor man. Steven tried to drag Axl off of him, but the singer glared at Steven, and the drummer slowly backed off. When Axl was pissed off and jealous at the same time, you don't mess with him.

“I'm sorry, I didn't know she was with you!”

Axl ignored him and hit him once more before he stood up, grabbing the bartenders towel off of the bar and wiped the blood off of his face and hand. He threw the towel down at the man, who was shaking as he dabbed the towel on his face, wincing as it connected with his face. He glared down at his bloody victim,” Now you know and if I ever see you again, I won't be as nice as I am now. She's mine.”

Axl stepped over the man and finished his drink quickly before he grabbed Stephanie's hand. She cursed at him and shoved him off of her, storming out of the bar. Axl watched her leave, confused and upset. He was defending her and also warning every man not to go near his girlfriend. Other than his band, he didn't like any other men being around her. His friends knew that boundary but other men didn't.


Axl ran out of the bar and after her. He looked left and right, down every street but he couldn't find her everywhere. He became worried and angry because she wasn't meant to anywhere without him when they were in a different country. She didn't know where to go and she didn't know anyone, so she could be anywhere.

“Where the fuck is she?”

After an hour of searching, Axl finally went back to the hotel. He walked into the big doors, ignoring people who kept on asking him for interviews and autographs. He signed in at the front desk and made a quick move for the elevator. He pressed the floor number and slumped against the metal walls. The look on Stephanie's face after what he done to that guy, it almost killed the signer. She had to see that he was protecting her.

The elevator made a noise, indicating that he had arrived on his floor. Sighing, the singer stepped out the small space and made a straight path for his room. He patted his pockets for the key, swearing when he couldn't find it. A few moments later, he found the plastic card and quickly made his way into the large room. He threw his jacket and card onto the couch and walked over to his bedroom. He needed to sleep then he would continue to search for his girlfriend.

What the hell did she think that she was playing at?

Axl stopped in his track and thoughts when he saw the picture before him, after he entered the room. Stephanie was there but the worst thing was that she was packing her suitcases, ignoring the man that had just stepped in the room. Axl's eyes followed her as she went back and forth from the wardrobe, shoving things into each suitcase. He stood still for a few moments, just watching her pacing, picking up her stuff.

“What are you doing?”

Stephanie kept on ignoring him, continuing with her task. She zipped up one suitcase and put it next to the blue one that she had already filled. She was tired, she had almost filled up to three suitcases already. On this tour, they had been to almost three countries, Axl had bought her a lot of gifts. He had bought her shoes, jewellery and some other stuff to say thank you for supporting him. She didn't like him buying her stuff, he spent so much money. But he insisted and she had to live with it.

Axl was sweet when they were alone, they fought but that what they were. It would be weird if they didn't. Their love always overruled their fighting. But Axl took their love too far, it became possessive and jealous. He was so scared of losing her that sometimes, like now, it ruled his head. He would snap at anyone who hit on her, or even look at her wrong. This could be sweet but he could go to far.

Axl patiently waited for an answer but after a few minutes, he walked over to her and grabbed the clothes out of her hand and threw them onto the ground. She pushed him away and bent down, grabbing the materials and throwing them into the case. She stepped behind him and grabbed her shampoo bottles, putting them into a separate case with her perfumes and brushes.

“Talk to me!”

She stood still after he grabbed her wrists and kept her in place. Looking up at him, Stephanie glared at him. She tried to snatch her wrists out of his grasp but as always, he was stronger than her.

“I'm leaving. I don't want to be here any more.” She said simply. Axl looked down at her, scared of what she meant. His heart started racing and he felt himself begin to shake. Did she just want to go home or was she leaving him?

“Why not?” Axl asked his lover, he didn't want to be on this tour without her. His band mates didn't want their girlfriends to be here, but he wanted to have Stephanie to be on the tour with him. He needed her approval and her acceptance, he needed her support.

“I don't like it here any more. The way you were tonight was disgusting, did you see what you did to him?” Axl opened his mouth to say something but she continued on.

“He didn't know who I was and he apologized but like always, you took it to far. You have no right to do that to someone. I can't be around you right now and I want to leave.”

“Then I'll go with you.”

“You can't, your on tour. Also, I don't want you to come with me, I want to be without you right now. You'll be home in a few weeks anyway.”

“You are not going anywhere without me. Where you go, I go.”

Stephanie shook her head. She knew that Axl was serious. The rule that Axl had was that she wasn't to go on planes and other countries without him. This could be a comfort to her, Axl was well known for his anger and he protected her. But sometimes, she needed to be without him for a while. She also knew that Axl became scared that one day she was going to leave him.


“I'm serious. You don't have to talk to me or anything, just don't go. Please?”

Axl pulled her to him, wrapping his long arms around her small frame. He buried his face in her neck, whispering pleas into her ear. Stephanie sighed, her resistance falling around her, sometimes she just couldn't say not to him. Her anger fell around her and she was close to melting at his feet.

“Fine. But I swear, if you continue to act this way with other people, I wont just leave to go home, I'll leave you and this relationship.”

She felt Axl nodding, his hair flowing around her. He pulled away and pressed a small kiss on her nose. He held her hands, intertwining their fingers. He kept their bodies close, kissing her cheek and whispering apologizes when he could. Stephanie closed her eyes, losing herself in him. Axl opened his eyes and so did she, brown connected with green and he spoke so softly.

“Don't ever leave me.”

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