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chapter 2

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Mikey and Alicia's baby shower.. Gee meets Frankie..(language included..)

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OK.Chapter 2.Here..

chapter 2

I'm in the living room drawing when my phone rings.It's Mikey
Sighing,I pick up the phone.
"Hello?"I ask.
"Hey bro.What you doin'?"Mikey asks.
"Just drawin'.Same old,same old.What about you?"I reply.
"Just getting ready for the baby shower today.You're still coming right?"He asks.
"Yeah,sure."I reply
"Ok,pick you up at two."He replies then hangs up.
Shit.I completely forgot about the baby shower.
I look up at the clock.
Shit,I only have an hour.
I shift myself off the couch and to my room.
At 2pm,I get a knock at the door.
"I'm Comin'!"I shout as I go downstairs,fixing my red tie and answering the door.
"Hey,Gee"Mikey greets.
"Heya,Mikes!"I greet back,lost in the concentration of fixing my tie.
"Here,I'll do it"Mikey chuckles and sorts out my tie.
"Thanks,Mikes"I reply
"So,you ready to go?"Mikey asks after fixing my tie
"Yeah"I say as I shut my apartment door and lock it.
At Mikey's place,It was pretty full.
"Make yourself at home bro!"Mikey says as we walk through the door.
I sit on the couch and take out my favourite comic book,The Umbrella Academy.
There's a knock at the door
"Hey Frank.Hey Ray."Mikey greets as two men walk through the door.
I look up to see a small,tattoed man and a tall man with an afro.
"Gee,this is Frank and Ray.Frank,Ray,this is my older brother Gerard"Mikey introduces
"Hey"I greet
"Hey man"Frank says,shaking my hand
"Lot of tattoos you have there"I say
"Yeah.."Frank says
"Ohh!Baby kicked!"Aicia cooes from the kitchen.
"Ohh!"Mikey cooes back as he jogs over and feels Alicia's tummy.
"So..Let's get this party started!"Ray booms as he turns on the boombox and cracks open some beers.
" long have you known Mikey then?"I ask Frank.
"About,4 years I think"Frank replys.
"5 actually"Mikey replys,sitting next to me.
"You feelin' alright Gee?"Mikey asks.
"Yeah,just not in the party mood"I reply.
"I could take you home if you want.."Mikey suggests.
"No,I'll take him.It's getting late anyways so I'd better go"Frank says
"Well,alright.Gee,I'll call you in the morning ok?"Mikey says
"Ok,Mikes"I say and stand up.
"Lets go then"Frank says and we walk out the door to his car.
"Well,here's my stop"I say outside my apartment.
"Hey Gerard--"Frank begins
"Call me Gee,everyone does"I say
"Ok,Gee.Can I um..Try something?"He asks
"Sure"I say
Frank hesitates,then gives me a soft kiss.
It was..
"I'm sorry.I didn't mean to--"
I kiss him back,a bit too forceful.
I pull back and smile.
"Do you wanna come inside?"I ask
"Ok"Frank agrees and we run towards my door and up to my room..
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