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Slender Man - Chapter 2 - Telling Sam

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I watched it once. Then twice. Next thing you know I had watched it five times...

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I ran to my room without telling mommy or daddy what I saw. Flopping down on my lime green bed, I messed around with the buttons on the camera until I found out how to watch the video. I watched it once. Then twice. Next thing you know I had watched it five times. It's like music, you can't stop hitting replay. During my 7th time watching the video, the door opened really quickly. "GO AWAY!" I screamed, throwing my water bottle at whatever was by the door. "Ow! Elizabeth, why the heck did you do that?!" yelled a familiar voice. "Oh, I'm sorry Sam." It was only my older brother. "It's okay, but next time, LOOK before flinging your water bottle at my head!" he groaned, rubbing his forehead. "I just... I just thought you were this guy I saw earlier." I laughed nervously. "Who was it?" he asked. "Here, let me show you..."
Once the video ended, Sam's eyes were wide with shock. "Liz, do you KNOW who he is?" my older brother exclaimed. "No, who?" He stared at me nervously. "That's Slender Man! He's REALLY dangerous!" I gave Sam a confused glance. "How is he dangerous? I saw him twice and all he did was stand there!" Sam sighed. "Liz, I would tell you, but I'll tell you in the morning." I looked up at my older brother. "Why not tell me now?" He looked down at me. "Because, Liz, you wouldn't sleep for the whole night. It would scare the crap out of you," he warned. "Now good night." Sam shut the door behind him as he left, leaving me in the darkness, the only light source being the dim glow of my camera. I shrugged, grabbed my Dolly, and drifted off to sleep.

I was running through a hallway, lighted by only candles lined up on the floor. The hallway looked as if it were going on for eternity. Every step I took, he got closer, and closer... The shadow illuminated on the wall behind mine slowly vanished. As I slowly turned around, I let out a relieved breath, seeing that he was gone. I turned around quickly, and was terrified to see him standing before me. He stood there, calmly. The way he stood there silently... Somehow it comforted me, and my horrified expression slowly turned into a blank stare. His hand reached out to stroke my cheek. The touch of his hand was cold, and it made me shiver. As his hand stopped and fell to his side, my cheek went numb. It spread all over my body, until it was all senseless. As his long tentacles outstreached, I slowly walked into his arms... They closed around me tight, and I looked up to see him, staring down at me. I shivered, and he, as if he knew I was scared, wrapped his tentacles around me lightly, and lifted me higher... and higher... He lifted me until I was face to face with him. I shivered nervously. He then pulled me closer and smoothed my hair with his hand. Then, he pulled me even closer, until he wasn't holding me, but... hugging me? Then I heard someone shouting my name. "LIZ! YO, LIZ!"
"Liz, come on, wake up!"
My eyes fluttered open. "What... Oh, hi Sam," I greeted, stretching my arms out. I looked to the wall, and saw something weird. "Hey Sam, what's that?" I pointed to a circle with an X through it on my wall. "And why is it made of red paint?"
To be continued...
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