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Slender Man

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Okay, so I'm obsessed with Slender Man lately, so I decided to make a Slender Man story! The story starts off on Elizabeth's 6th birthday. I'm not a very good author, I know. ._. But I LOVE writing...

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I remember it like it was yesterday... Well, it WAS yesterday.
Elizabeth's emerald eyes glistened as she stared deep into the six flames of her birthday cake. "Happy birthday dear Lizzy!" the chorus sang. Elizabeth smiled widely. "Happy birthday to YOU!!" the chorus shouted. She shut her eyes and blew into each candle. She suddenly jumped out of the seat and started jumping around. "I'M SIX!!!" she cried and ran outside. She jumped around wildly and dropped to the ground, rolling around in the grass, not caring that her dress was being stained. She leaped back up. Suddenly the gate opened. She turned to the gate, but realized that nobody was there. "What the heck?" Elizabeth ran to the gate and closed it. "What was that?" she asked herself. She shrugged, and was about to go back inside when a heavy fog rolled in. She turned around and saw a slim silhouette standing behind the fence. "Go away you... WHOEVER YOU ARE!" shrieked the six year old and ran inside.
Elizabeth slammed the door behind her. "Mommy!" shouted Elizabeth. "What's wrong, honey?" asked her mom. "Some tall guy is staring at me from behind the fence!" Her mothers eyes widened. "Who was it?" asked her mother, concerned. "I don't know, it was too foggy out to see!" Elizabeth cried. "Let me see," said her mom and walked outside. The fog had already faded away, and there was nobody there. Her mom sent a confused face toward Elizabeth. "B-but, he was there a second ago! I swear!" stammered the six year old to her mom, just as confused. "Well, whoever it was, it left," replied her mother. She sent a warm smile to her daughter. "Now come on, honey, lets go have some cake and open your presents." She grabbed Elizabeth's hand and lead her back inside.
"A VIDEO CAMERA!" shouted Elizabeth, running over to hug her father. "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!" she cheered, a large grin creeping over her face. "Aww, you're welcome, honey!" replied her father, returning the embrace, blushing lightly. As soon as the excited 6 year old let go, her dad's blush vanished. "Plus, it has a night-time setting! Why not go test it out?" he suggested. "Okay, daddy! Wait... How do you turn it on?" asked Elizabeth, scratching her head. "Just push that button on the side to turn it on, and for the night-time setting, push that button with the moon on it. And, to start recording, press that button in the middle." Elizabeth did as instructed. Her father handed her a flash light, and she turned it on. She then turned the camera to record her face. "Hi watchers! It's me, Elizabeth, and I just turned six! I got this for my birthday, so lets test it out!" she ran back into her backyard.
"Isn't this cool?" she asked, smiling into the camera. When she turned the camera back around, the picture was getting all fuzzy and static. "What the?" She turned the camera, and there was the man she had seen earlier. Just then, Elizabeth realized that he had no face, and was wearing a black suit. The picture continued to get even more static, until you could barely see the man she was aiming at. The young girl shrieked and ran toward the sliding door. As she aimed the camera away, the picture became clear. When she got inside, she peeked through the curtains dangling over the sliding door she had just slammed shut. There was nothing there.
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