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In Defense Of Your Anatomy

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It's mpreg oops oh and it's ryilliam/ryden deal with it okay bye -Ryrp who can't write very well and will think of a better title later

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Ryan stared down at the little bulge starting to grow in his belly. His hormones had been completely out of whack the past month and a half and he had thrown a book at William's head for looking at him wrong then cried and apologized for almost an hour afterwards. At first he had figured the nausea and stomach cramps were from food poisoning, courtesy of Brendon's terrible cooking (he had spent the night at Brendon's a few weeks ago, but we're not going to get into that right now), but he had no explanation for the mood swings and sudden fatigue.

He was currently sitting, legs crossed, on his bed with Spencer, his band mate and, in a practical sense, brother.

He poked at his stomach and sighed. "I... I don't have to tell them, Spence. N-not yet at least." He looked up at his best friend, Spencer, the only person he could turn to with stuff like this. Spencer had always been the more mature one and even though Ryan was 2 years older, he still acted like the youngest out of the two.

"So what are you gonna do then? Just wait until your stomach is huge and then tell him 'oh hey by the way I've been pregnant this whole time'?" Spencer shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. "Tell me how that works out for you."

"I didn't mean that long," Ryan whined and uncrossed his legs; dangling them off of the side of the bed and supporting himself with either arms on the edge. "just until I can get everything figured out. I didn't even know guys could get knocked up! Goddammit that's the last time I ever listen to Brendon!" His arm lunged forward, grabbed the closest thing (which happened to be an alarm clock William got him since he constantly overslept), and hurled it at the wall. It shattered into hundreds of little metal and plastic pieces. "So what if you're allergic to cherries?! Just use it!" He mocked Brendon and stood up, flailing his arms in the process.

"Ryan, calm down." Spencer grabbed Ryan's hand and pulled him back on the bed. "Stress isn't good for the baby." Ryan whimpered slightly and looked down at his stomach.

"I don't care," Ryan's voice cracked in a heartbreaking way. A way that made Spencer want to crawl over and hug the other and never let go. They spent a few minutes in an awkward silence before Spencer finally spoke up.

"You need to tell William." Ryan sighed and walked over to the door frame, placing his hand gently on the wood and looking over his shoulder at Spencer.

"He's probably waiting downstairs then." He pulled the hem of his black t-shirt down and crossed his arms. He wondered how William would react to the news. Angry, apathetic, overjoyed? It made Ryan nervous just thinking about it.

Spencer nodded and chewed on his lip. After a few seconds he finally stood up and joined Ryan by the door. They walked downstairs together, Ryan complaining about how he didn't want to do this to which Spencer just ignored him and kept walking. Ryan let out a sigh of relief when he found they were the only two in the house and his boyfriend must have gone out for something.

Spencer pulled out his phone and checked the time. "I have to leave, but you're gonna call me later and tell how it went, right?" It was more of a demand, rather than a question. Ryan played along anyways and nodded, knowing he was going to call whether Spencer wanted him to or not. "Remember, subtle. Don't just barge into it by saying 'I'm pregnant' and leaving it at that." Ryan nodded and wrapped his arms around himself.

After Spencer left Ryan realized he now had nothing to do. "Movie, movie, movie..." He repeated to himself as he walked over to a stack of DVDs sitting next to the TV. He ran his finger over each one, reading the labels, and trying to decide between Aladdin or Finding Nemo. Usually he would've picked Aladdin, but for some unknown reason he decided against it. He got about thirty minutes into it before William came home. Ryan had to sit up slightly and crane his neck above the couch to look at William. "Hey, you're home."

"Yeah, I am." William grinned at Ryan and set his keys on the kitchen counter. Ryan walked over to William and greeted him with their usual kiss. He took a mental note of how William tasted like coffee, sugar, and maybe a little too much like his best friend Gabe. You know, not that Ryan would have any clue what Gabe's mouth tastes like or anything.

Ryan backed away slightly and took a deep breath. "We need to talk. Like, now."

"About what?" William tilted his head and tucked a piece of his long hair behind his ear.

"Well you know how we've been talking about wanting to start a family?" William nodded and narrowed his eyes, not in a vindictive way rather an inquisitive way. "I'm kind of- well I mean... fuck okay this is harder than I thought."

William sighed and rolled his eyes. He knew his boyfriend had a tendency to drag things on and on and on and on. "Just spit it out already, Ry."

Ryan didn't bat an eyelash before blurting out what has been on his mind for the past few weeks. "I'm... well I'm kind of maybe... a little... pregnant..."
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