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Well, are you sure it's even mine?

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"So you're saying that you're one hundred percent sure that it's mine? It couldn't be Brendon's, or Gabe's, or Pete's, or Jon's, or anyone else?"

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Ryan bit at his lip and scanned William's eyes for something, anything. Anything to tell him what the older was thinking. All he got was swirls of dark and light brown pulling him in.

"You're... wait, wait, wait... Y-you're what?"


"H-how?" William sat down in the closest kitchen chair and tried to make sense of what was happening.

"I don't know!" Ryan snapped back at William and threw his arms up. He really didn't have any clue how he, a male, could've gotten pregnant. He started pacing the kitchen floor while chewing on the knuckle of his thumb, a habit he had picked up while touring.

"Well, are you sure it's even mine?" William stared the younger brunette down. He had always knew that maybe, just maybe, Ryan wasn't exactly satisfied with their relationship. Ryan was young. Ryan was gorgeous. Ryan didn't exactly need William anymore. There was only a few seconds of cutting silence before hysterics fell between them.

Ryan stopped pacing and stared at William, "What did you just say?" He hissed, barely above a whisper. Something inside of him broke, knowing that William could even think of Ryan cheating on him. Ryan is completely innocent and everything too.

"I just wanna know, Ry... I-I need to know you're completely sure it's mine." William stayed calm and kept his voice steady, or as steady as he could.

"Fuck you!"

William sprung from his chair and stalked towards Ryan, "Why are you getting so defensive?!"

"Why are you acting like such an ass?!" Ryan was on the verge of tears and these goddamn hormones were not helping. He took a step closer to William and crossed his arms.

"Because there's a chance that that baby," William glanced down at Ryan's stomach then back up to Ryan, "might not be mine!"

Ryan was full on crying now, tears leaving shiny wet lines from the corners of his eyes down to his chin. "I never said that, William!" His voice was high pitched and almost desperate for his boyfriend to just believe him and for this conversation to just be over because he really didn't want to lie about this too. He pulled his long sleeved shirt, which was actually William's, over his hands and reached up to wipe his tears away.

"So you're saying that you're one hundred percent sure that it's mine? It couldn't be Brendon's, or Gabe's, or Pete's, or Jon's, or anyone else?" Ryan swallowed hard and looked down at the ground. William looked at Ryan, mouth agape, but not entirely surprised. He took a step away from the other. "That's what I thought." Ryan opened his mouth slightly, like he was going to say something, but stopped himself by closing it. He did this a total of 3 times before finally speaking up.

"William, I'm so so-"

"No," William put his hands up defensively and shook his head. "save it I'm-"

Ryan cut him off in a weak voice. "Bilvy, please..." He pleaded, stepping closer to William. Usually when Ryan called William by his nickname everything would be fine, he was hoping that now wouldn't be an exception.

William's breath caught in his throat and his heart leapt in his ribcage. He shook his head and took another step back, not wanting to be any closer to Ryan. He took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of his nose. "So whose else could it be?"

"Brendon's. Or Pete's" Ryan took another step back and took a deep breath. "O-or Gabe's." See, Ryan was kind of a slut. No matter how many times he'd tell you different, he loved sex and didn't see anything wrong with that. Of course, as soon as he and William started dating he stopped having casual sex with... well everyone, because he loved William, he truly did. But then Pete started blackmailing him with a video of Ryan giving him a blowjob and threatened to show William and everything went downhill from there.

He would say he was staying the night at Brendon's to work on some new songs, while he was actually having sex with Pete and Gabe. Sometimes separately, sometimes together, Don't even ask how Gabe got messed up in that it's an extremely long story. One night, in particular though, Ryan decided he was tired of lying to his boyfriend and being used; so he told Pete and Gabe no. Not a good idea. They, in the classiest way to say this, had their way with Ryan, whether he liked it or not. He still had the bruises to prove it, even if they were nothing more than just light brown spots now. Brendon, on the other hand, was just a drunken fuck and he wasn't even sure if they had actually gotten any farther than making out.

"You're kidding right?" Ryan shook his head and chewed on the inside of his cheek. William's lip curled up in disgust and he grabbed his keys off of the counter and started walking to the front door, stomping the entire way.

"William, wait!" Ryan cried out and ran after the older man, grabbing his hand.

William spun around on his heel and yanked his hand from Ryan's, "What?!" He sounded so harsh and venomous that Ryan let out an involuntary whimper.

"P-please William, let me explain." William crossed his arms and nodded once. "I'm not even sure Brendon and I got any father than kissing, I promise."

"What about Gabe and Pete then, huh?" Ryan cringed slightly and looked down. "Or did you just have sex with them because you wanted to you fucking slu-"

"They raped me."
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