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A Friend In The Maze

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William stopped and stared at Ryan in disbelief. He opens his mouth to say something, but the words either got caught in his throat or were forgotten and laid on his tongue. "You're lying."

"William, I'm not, please believe me." Ryan stepped closer to William and grabbed his arm.

"Why should I?" William didn't shake Ryan off of him like he did last time, so that was a good sign.

"Because I love you I wouldn't do anything to hurt you please, you have to believe me." It all had to come out now; sneaking behind William's back, the blackmailing, everything. Ryan took a deep breath and let his head fall towards the floor. "Pete was blackmailing me. One night, a few weeks after we started dating, Pete and I... well..." He took a deep breath and stared up at William, "w-we got drunk, and one thing lead to another and I ended up giving him a blowjob. I didn't realize what I was doing until it was over." Ryan had stopped crying, but his voice was still raw and cracking. "Pete had taken a video and threatened to show you unless I gave him sex whenever he wanted it. I didn't wanna lose you so, of course, I agreed to it. I wanted to stop, I really did, William. A few weeks ago, when I told you I was staying late at the studio to work on some songs, I was at Pete's. Gabe was there, and they both wanted to have sex with someone I guess. I told them no, I begged them to stop, but they didn't." And now Ryan feels like he can't breath because he was talking so fast and the heat from the room isn't helping. He tries to ignore the apathetic look in William's eyes (Ryan thinks that maybe it's always been there) and lets a few of his tears fall.

"Ryan..." William stepped closer to the crying boy and wrapped his arms around him. How could anyone do that to Ryan? His Ryan. Not Pete's. Not Gabe's. His. Who the fuck were they to put their dirty hands all over his angel? Something inside of him didn't want to believe everything he had just heard. "I'm calling them." He says harshly and with a little too much attitude. He goes to the different room and pulls out his phone and dials Pete, figuring they'd be together. As soon as he answered William screams something incoherent from the next room at him and hangs up.

By the time Pete and Gabe got to the small house William and Ryan were sharing William was pacing back and forth and Ryan was sitting at the kitchen table with his knees pulled up to his chest. He saw Pete walk in first with the same smirk plastered across his face as always, Gabe followed close behind. He then decided that the floor was the most interesting thing in the world right now and he should stare at it intently.

He can hear William screaming something over Bright Eyes playing from his headphones and he can feel the shift in atmosphere when Gabe's face drops and looks over to him. Ryan thinks he can make out Pete laughing and mumbling something, or maybe he said it loudly and it just sounded mumbled over his music. The next time he dares to look up William is crying and throwing punches at Pete and Gabe is pulling him back by his waist. Ryan just backs away slowly and goes upstairs to sleep. Brendon, Jon, and Spencer came over half an hour later and William explained what was going on. Spencer looked dissapointed that Ryan didn't call.

Half asleep, Ryan hears footsteps coming down the hall. Whoever it is isn't wearing shoes or socks, their feet sticking just slightly to the hardwood floor and making a vague unpleasant sqlech noise as they lift up. He shifts slightly in his sleep when the door opens and the light from the hallway floods the otherwise dark room. Ryan stares at the figure in the doorway, all Ryan could make out was a black outline of a person. It's too thin to be Gabe and too tall to Pete and Ryan didn't know that his band mates were over so he concluded that it must be William, long hair, lanky limbs, and all. The figure he guessed to be William walks over and sits next to Ryan's sleeping body and the bed sinks in slightly. Ryan shifts more and stares up at William.

"Go back to sleep," William mumbles, long fingers brushing some of Ryan's hair out of his eyes. Ryan nods and turns back over and stares at the wall for a few seconds (ignoring the screaming and the sound of a door slamming) before closing his eyes again and falling back into sleep. When Ryan wakes up it feels like it's only been ten minutes but it's been more like two hours. The room is below freezing so he wraps the white blanket tighter around himself, making him look like a dirty snowball. When he stands up he notices he's in his skinny jeans are now plaid pajama bottoms and he figured William must of thought he was uncomfortable. He decides that maybe it'll be warmer downstairs, but wraps the comforter around himself anyways. Ryan forgot (or at least tried to forget) about everything that happened the past hours because right now his head hurt for caffeine so he went downstairs.

Pete was gone, Patrick was in his place, Gabe was sitting across from William mumbling 'I'm sorry's and all of that good stuff because Gabe is still his best friend and all, and Gerard Way and Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance are sitting on the opposite couch talking to William and Gabe and all Ryan can think is what the actual fuck are they doing here? Brendon, Spencer, and Jon were sitting on the other hideous couch (seriously brown and green stripes fucking disgusting what was William thinking) listening in on the conversation and giving inputs every now and then. Everyone stops and looks at Ryan when he comes padding down the stairs.

Ryan wraps the blanket tighter around himself and mumbles, "S'cold." He yawns and wipes his eyes before going into the kitchen and making coffee. Everyone goes back to conversing and Ryan swears he can hear Brendon on the verge of crying too. He plops himself down on the floor next to the kitchen sink and stares at the little person growing in his stomach. He decides from now on he's calling him or her Dot and falls asleep again on the floor smiling.

so i'm trying a different writing style idk okay this is probably better -Ryrp
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