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Now You're Standing at the Edge of Breaking New Ground

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Ryan kisses William on the cheek and mumbles a 'thanks' before stealing his coffee and beaming at him and Ryan thinks that maybe he could get used to this.

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Ryan sits on his couch at 3 in the morning, legs crossed with a bag of chips in his lap.Damn insomnia, (or maybe it was because he slept from 4 pm to 2 am, not continuously of course. He woke up every twenty minutes at least) he thinks as he flips through channels on the television. Finding nothing remotely interesting (well besides the late night horror movies he flipped through a few channels back) he decides to see what shows have been recorded. He sees that William deleted all of his American Dad episodes (he'll bitch at William later for it) before he finally lets out a large sigh and puts on a random channel. He stares down at his stomach and chew his lip because, wow okay, this is actually really real and he's really pregnant and he's probably really screwed.

Almost all of his attention is pulled away from whatever the hell he's watching (he thinks it's called Scrubs or something, all he knows is the guy with the black hair is hot) when he hears movement coming from upstairs and guesses William's up too. The footsteps move from the bedroom to the stairs and stop at the bottom.

"What are you doing up?" A clearly groggy William asks and rubs at his eye with the palm of his hand and stretches the other arm up and yawns.

"The baby was hungry." Ryan lies and scarves down 5 (or maybe it was more) chips at once. William responds by chuckling lightly and ruffling Ryan's hair like a little kid.

William goes into the kitchen to grab a beer, not bother to turn any lights on (mostly because he doesn't want Ryan to eat his face off for hurting his eyes with the light) and comes out a few seconds later, plopping down next to Ryan on the couch. He sinks in slightly and thinks about how much they actually need a new couch because this one is from his mother and shudders at the thought that he was probably conceived on this couch or some shit (and maybe that's what that stain on the underside of the left couch cushion is). Ryan leans into William's side, completely obvious to what he's thinking about, and mumbles something about wanting a puppy. William ignores it and absent-mindedly 'hmmm's in agreement and strokes Ryan's hair.

They fall asleep like that, William sitting legs open, beer spilled, and Ryan curled into his side.

When Ryan wakes up in the morning he's slightly sweaty and his hair is sticking up in odd directions. "Not now," he thinks to Dot as soon as he gets the feeling of being sick because he really doesn't want to move; he's just too comfortable cuddling with William and laying in the sunlight coming from the sunroof, "wait a few minutes," but clearly the baby doesn't want to wait and soon Ryan's scrambling to his feet to get to the bathroom and heave up a sick mixture of potato chips and coffee and something else Ryan really doesn't want to know. "Nnngh," Ryan groans and pushes himself off of the toilet seat. He brushes his teeth slowly, making sure to scrub them hard because he really hates the taste of puke. As he stares at himself in the mirror he can see a hint of... helplessness? Or maybe he was just overreacting again because of his stupid hormones. He runs a hand through his hair and goes into the kitchen, the warm smell of coffee fills the air and Ryan kisses William on the cheek and mumbles a 'thanks' before stealing his coffee and beaming at him and Ryan thinks that maybe he could get used to this.


So Ryan possibly wasn't thinking rationally when he saw the little beagle puppy sitting on the side of the road all dirty and emaciated. But he couldn't just leave her there, all cold and lonely. What king of a person would do that? He scoops the dog into his arms and recoilsslightly when he got a whiff of her because she smellsreally bad. "Like a little hobo," Ryan coos to her and scratchs her behind the ear, "Hobo," he repeats and the dog barks up at him and wags her tail, "you like that name, huh girl?" Ryan puts her in the backseat of his car and drives home, reminding himself to disinfect the inside of his car tomorrow.

"We are not keeping it." William tells Ryan as soon as he walks through the door. He taps his foot with his arms crossed and thinks that will get the point across.

"She's a girl not an it," Ryan hisses back at William and pets the sleeping dog in his arms, "and her name's Hobo, by the way."

"Hobo?" William raises an eyebrow and steps closer to Ryan almost breaking out into a fit of giggles because of the way Ryan was staring dreamily at the little puppy.

"Yeah, Hobo." Ryan retorts at the older and walks into the bathroom to give his new friend a bath she so desperately needed.
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