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ch 3 when new friends meet

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dads home but its time to get back to school.

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hey guys new chapter sorry its kind of short but its christmas eve and i dont feel well. please reveiw tell me what you think so far. maybe ideas of things to add :)

There's a hand on my side. I jerk awake and hit the wall, "Sweety sweety calm down its just me. Good morning. you slept in today. I thought i could take you to school."

Looking down at me is my dad. Mom didn't hurt me last night. Not only the fact my mom didn't do anything to me but my dad's standing in front of me and he wants to take me to school too brings a smile across my face. I jump up and give him the biggest hug I can. I know this is always happening same rutain, dad will leave I will freak out and worry but as soon as he returns it's like he never left and I'm happy again.

He picks me up and takes me to the closet to pick out clothes for school, "Dad... do I have to go? You just got back. I don't want to leave you."

"I'll be here as soon as you get home. I'm not leaving for a long while this time. I promise. Just go ahead and get dressed. I have some toast and juice ready for you." before he can close the door I run to him and give him another hug as if it was the last one I would ever give.

When the doors fully closed I quickly get dressed and run to the kitchen where mom and dad are sitting and talking, "Good morning sleepy head." my mom says calmly, "Your father tucked you in last night but you were so out of it I don't think you noticed. He told you he's taking you to school right?"

I give her a smile and nod remebering our fight from yesturday. I can feel the bruise on my cheek but there must be no mark since no one's said anything yet, "Well maybe we should go." my father says breaking me out of my train of thought, "We don't want to make you late."

I give mom a hug and run outside to the car with my dad following close behind, "Kelsey can I ask you about something?" we get into the car and I nod not caring what it is I tell him everything, "I noticed the scars on your arm... What are they from?"

Everything goes quiet as he pulls out of the drive. Trying to think of an answer I give up and tell him the truth, "I... I was depressed. I'm really sorry. I haven't done it sence."

I lie. I have to. If he knows I cut so much and everywhere he will be so mad at me. He says nothing and doesn't look my way leaving me to stare at him waiting for a responce.

When we pull into a parking spot he turns off the car and looks at me, "Don't lie to me... and don't let me see it again."

The serious tone in his voice scares me. I slowly get out of the car and run up the school steps. Going into the school i cant help but wonder why he asked about it now. He always gives us some fun time with him first not straight to the serious.

Lost in thought I run into the only other person in the halls. I fall over him and hit my elbows on the ground. Looking at what I tripped over it was a boyg about half my size. He's leaning over a puddle of blood dripping from somewhere on him.

"Are... are you okay?" I ask failing to stand and falling to my knees in blood.

I hold in any noises of shock and he leans over further tryin to hide his face, "you... you're late for class... I'm sorry." he looks my way and i realise this he is a she and she's been beat up bad. I stand and try to help her up but she pushe3s me away, "No... I'm fine. This is what i get for telling people I'm lesbian."

I look at her stunned but try to stay normal, "Can i please help you?" She holds out her hand allowing me to help her up, "I'm Kelsey."
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