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ch 4 dont be surprised

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when new friends meet who knows what will happen

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heres another chapter for today. no more migrain for me. my pills are the shiz!

just a heads up I added the R warning because sexual violence is implied.

ive noticed this story isnt going exactly according to the first section of this story but as i said that was only a layout, an idea. this is the story so please reveiw tell me what you think so far please please please :)

Lesbian? What is that? I've never heard that term before. Maybe my dad will tell me when I get home but for now I have to go to class. We walked togerther until we reached my class. She looked surprised when I told her which one was mine. I'm only seven. It's not my fault I'm as tall as a fifth grader. She told me hers was two halls over and I could meet her for recess sence our grades had free time.

I was so excited going into class. As soon as I sat down my friend Frank could tell something was different, "So I can tell your dad's home but who was your new friend? I've never seen him before."

I don't allow the smile to leave my face as I wave goodbye to her, "That was a fifth grader. She's ten and really cool she wants to spend recess with me. Can you believe that? A fifth grader wants to talk to me! I just ran into her today... well sort of fell over her but still."

A frown crosses Franks face as the words tumble out of my mouth, "But... but I though recess was our thing."

"Frankie come on you know I wouldn't ditch you. You're coming with me. I think we both need a new friend and this could make us cool!... what does lesbian mean?" I ask suddenly thinking of what she told me.

Frank gave me a look of confusion, "Is.. is that what she said she is? Kelsey how do you not know what lesbian means? It's... well she likes girls... kinda how I like boys. You remeber our secret."

I smile and hug him close, "Well then Frank Iero I am now friends with a gay guy and lesbian. This is so great!"

"I wonder about you sometimes Kelsey." he giggles and takes out his drawing pad, "Speaking of boys... did your brother come to school today?"

"And you say you wonder about me? Of course he did Frankie. He never misses but I don't see why you like him so much. He's so much older and a jerk to you." I look down at my own notebook thinking of the girl again, how hurt she was and how gerard is to Frankie.

Frank snaps his fingers at me, "Snap out of it okay? At least he's not like your mom is to you." he looks down at my exposed wrist and I quickly pull down my sleeve, "I love him okay? People will do alot for love."

For the rest of the time we stayed quiet in our own little words trying to do our work until recess. Once the bell rang I jumped from spacing out too much, "Hey Frankie... if you can like a boy can I like a girl?"

Frank giggles picking up his things and heading to the door me in tow, "I can't tell you that Kelsey. You decide that for yourself." standing at the door is my brother as always ready to grabs Franks wrists and pull him close for a kiss.

I watch and flinch at the force Gerard uses. It never seems like love to me but to my surprise the girl's waiting for me too, "Hey baby!" Gerard says to Frankie as I move to the side to give them their space, "You're looking cutier and cuiter everyday." he gives him another hard wet kiss still holding his wrists tight.

"What's with him?" the girl asks lazily pointing to Frank and Gerard, "Isn't he from the other school?"

I nod and look down at my shoes, "Um yeah. That's my brother. They're sort of dating... um what's your name? You never told me." I blush and look away, "Sorry you don't have to tell me."

"You worry too much." she says holding her hand out to me, "It's brittany." she answers as I take her hand, "Do you want to go get something to eat? He doesn't eat with us does he? He seems like an ass."

Looking at the floor and blushing for sure I give her a small nod, "He does... I'm sorry. You don't have to sit with us if you don't want to... I can't make him leave and Franks my best friend."

"Stop worrying so much Kelsey." She remebered my name? she gives my hand a light squeeze reminding me I haven't let go, "Of course I'll sit with you. You seem really nice. Then again for all I know you could have killed your parents."

I shack my head and smile, "No not yet. I think Gee would be the first to go."

She giggles and the four of us starts walking to lunch. Our hands still tangled together. This seems too natural to me I don't want it to change, "So Kels," Gerard speaks up looking back at us, "Who's your new girl friend?"

I blush and say nothing, "I'm Brittany. You're Gerard Way right?" a bit surprised I smile. She just called herself my girlfriend.

"That's me. weren't you in my grade last year? Do you sneak over here too?" Gerard asks surprising me a bit more. She's in his grade.

She replies naturally like nothing's wrong, "I'm dyslecsic. They didn't know and faled me. They don't care much when it comes to people like me anyways. I'm just trying to make it through. It might be a bit easier now." she squeezes my hand again and we all get in the lunch line.

As Frank gets his lunch I follow Brittany waiting for them to be done, "Do you eat Kels?" I shake my head and look at the floor, "What would you like? I'm paying and you're eatting with me." when Gerard looks back at me and I don't make a move Brittany notices and takes a sandwitch and water, "Simple chicken salad okay? Ignore him. He doesn't control you."

I nod and we pay for the food and go to our seats. As always Frank slides Gerard his tray and takes the water bottle. Brittany glares at Gerard and whispers in my ear, "Does he always do that?" I take the sandwitch and start eatting looking up at her with worried eyes, "You don't have to worry. It's okay. You're with me now."

Frank sips his water and Gerard eats watching me close, "So kelsey finally out of the closet?"

"No." I answer sharp and quickly, "She's me friend. Stop being mean." Brittany smiles. I like her approval. It makes me want to yell at Gerard even more., "And if we were she wouldn't be a dick like you are to my Frankie either."

Gerard smirks pulling Frank close and licks his ear causing him to squirm in his chair, "I think I should correct you.. he's mine. He'll never like you the way he does me." Gerards arm moves down to Franks upper leg and he squeezes causing Frank to bite his lip, "Isn't that right baby?"

"You discust me Gerard! Don't do that!" I almost yell shoving my chair out from under me, "Don't let him make you so uncomfortable Frankie!"

With no responce from either of them and half the lunchroom staring at me including Brittany I storm toward the trash cans. Brittany comes after me just in time to catch me throwing up into one of the cans, "Kelsey, are you okay?"

"I'm sorry." I whisper standing still and facing her.

Suddenly she pulls me into her arms and gives me the same warm hug only my dad gives me, "Im so proud of you Kelsey. It's okay I'm here. Come on we need to go to class sweety. We can get your friend."

Without a word she takes my hand and we go back to what's now an empty table. She doesn't notice but worry spreds through my body as I try not to have a panic attack. Where did Gerard take him this time? If he hurts Frank I'll kill him.

Brittany holds me closer and we head to my class, "It's okay I'm sure they needed to go. That's all. I'm sure Frank will be in class." we reach my class and she gives me another hug, "I'll walk you out to the buses if you'd like... it's up to you though."

"Thank you so much. I would love that alot." she walks away to her class and I go into mine sitting in my seat when I see Frank stumble into the classroom slightly limping. When he slowly sits I turn and face him, "Did he hurt you Frankie? What did he do?"

Frank looks down at a blank page in his drawing pad, "It always hurts the first time... he said so."

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