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ch 5 enter my world... see things through my eyes

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is this a good idea? should I really bring her home to my parents?

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okay everyone. ive been writing alot today and nothing more really. heres the deal. the next chapter will be a point of veiw change. it will be from Franks point of veiw. I feel this story can be both Kelseys and his. P;ease tell me what you all think. thank you :)

Unbelieveable! I can't believe this. How my brother thinks it's okay to just hurt my friend is beyond me. I want to scream. Not only at Gerard but at Frankie too. Why is he lettting Gerard do this? I know sometimes Gerard corners him but most of the time he just takes it. Gerard doesn't care if he hurts Frank he just wants to use him and now... well now I know Gerard's gone too far. I won't let this happen again. Not ever.

The rest of class is boring. Frank lays his head on the desk and falls asleep. it doesn't seem like he wants to care about anything. Not after what Gerard's done. When the final bell rings I collect my things ready to meet Brittany and Frank stays still in his seat.

"Are you coming?" I ask looking back at him. For a moment theres no answer so I snap my fingers at him, "Well are you?

He looks up at me eyes slightly glazed over, "Yes of course.. it's friday... I'm spending the night with Gee." as he starts to follow me I notice his distant gaze but say nothing.

Gerard and Brittany are already out in the hall waiting for us, "Hey babe. You look tired. Want a nap when we get to my house?" Frank nods and leans against Gerard forcing himself to stay awake.

I glar at Gerard anger swelling up in me once again. This time I hold myself back. Brittany's here and already holding me not to mention I'm going home to dad so there will be no fights at least not today. As we make our way to the buses Brittany doesn't say anything to me. I can tell there's something wrong or on her mind.

"What's wrong?" I ask Brittany as we stand in front of my bus, "I can tell theres something wrong."

"Is this your bus?" she asks in a surprised voice. I nod hoping she will answer my question, "It's mine too! Why have I been too blind to see you? Come on we can sit together... I can tell you on the bus okay?"

She remebered that's a plus. I'm not as worried now. As we get on the bus I notice Gerard grab Franks butt and makes him fall into a seat, "Good boy." Gerard giggles sitting next to him, "God you're so adorable when you're out of it." Frank lays his head on Gerards shoulder too out of it to pay attention.

Brittany picks a seat across from Gerard so I can keep an eye on Frank. I can tell she already knows I'm protective of him, "So about that question," she starts forcing me to look at her once again, "I'm worried. I like you alot and I don't know how you feel or if you're even bi."

"What's bi?" I ask blushing. Why can't I know any of these terms they use.

Gerard laughs and looks into our seat, "Oh she's bi alright. Her crush on you is obvious and well she's been with guys before." my face becomes red once again. he didn't need to tell her that, "Aw that's so cute. Is little Kels still in denial?"

I glare at him clenching my fists, "No! Of course I'm not! Not my fault no ones taught me about this stuff!"

Brittany takes my hand and starts rubbing it trying to calm me down, "Hey hey sweety its okay... I just don't want to lose you thats all. Just promise you'll stay with me."

Ignoring Gee I look down at our hands, "I like this so nuch Brit... I just don't really know if I'm bi though... what if I'm not?"

Brittany giggles and kisses my cheek, "You'll figure it out I know you can. Just give it a little time. Are you doing anything this weekend. Maybe we can catch a movie or something."

"I um well... what about you stay the night with me. It can be a sleep over. My dad's home. You can meet him. He doesn't stay home for too long. Would you stay with me?"

She smiles and shakes her head excitedly. The rest of the ride home she holds and rubs my hand allowing my to look out the window as always and ignore the many people on the bus. It's a rutain I do in order to keep from having panic attacks and it seems like she understands.

As soon as the bus is at our house I'm the first off the bus pulling Brittany behind me. Gerard follows us holding Frank close so he doesn't fall over or pass out. Once off the bus I make my way inside as slow as possible worried of what mom and dad will think of us.
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