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Chapter 1

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What if Ranma Saotome had to save the World with some of reality's most amazing heroes? I apologize for so many characters ahead of time.

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(Nerima, Japan. Tendo Training Hall)

19 year old Ranma Saotome gripped his lance tightly as he spun it around and beheaded the first dummy at the south corner of the dojo. He flipped through the air and beheaded the second dummy at the north corner of the dojo. The third dummy at the west and the fourth dummy at the east met the same fate before Ranma flipped back to the center of the room.

A pair of clapping hands caught his attention as he lifted his head up to meet the image of a divinely beautiful woman in a flowing white dress with a glowing crystal around her neck.

"A most impressive display, Ranma-kun." Serenity said as she entered the dojo.

"I train hard to protect the people I care about, Serenity-chan." he said as he moved up and pulled the woman into a one-armed embrace, kissing her gently on the lips. "Like my family."

"Well, you have another chance to prove that, my husband. A new threat has arisen. You are needed once more." she said, giving him a peck on the cheek.

He sighed. "The universe must really be in trouble if you need me to save it. Again." he smirked.

Serenity smiled at him, as if unaffected by his smart remark.

"So, what’s this new threat?" he asked, tossing his lance into the far corner.

"Let me show you." she said as the crystal around her neck glowed and projected an image in mid-air for him to see.

Ranma gasped as he saw the threat.

"Oh boy. I think I’m gonna need the whole team for this. Everyone." he said, pausing for a second. "Including Shinji."

Serenity looked at him. "Are you sure? After what happened last time..."

"He can handle this. He’ll be fine." he assured her.

She relented and nodded her head. "Very well. I will summon them." she said, touching the crystal that was around her neck.

(Konoha, Fire Nation. Hokage Tower)

In the office of Fifth Hokage, Tsunade Senju, 15-year old Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki Senju had just returned from a mission and was reporting to his adopted mother on what had happened.

The blond female Hokage, however, just glared at the younger ninja.

"I cannot believe I made you a Chunin." she groaned as she finished reading the report.

"What?! I did everything you sent me to do." Naruto said.

"I don’t remember sending you to paint every cat in Sound Village orange! Nor did I send you to put itching powder in the Otokage’s bed sheets and toilet! And what is this about distributing Icha-Icha Paradise manga to the local school?" she huffed, nearly shouting.

"That was Ero-Sannin’s idea." Naruto said with a blush. "He figured get the teachers in trouble, they wouldn’t be able to properly teach the next generation and..."

"I don’t believe this!" Tsunade groaned as she reached for her saki stash. "Long-term thinking and this is what he comes up with."

Just then, the intercom on Tsunade’s desk buzzed.

"Yes?" Tsunade grumbled as she pressed the button.

(Hello, Tsunade-san. My name is Serenity. Naruto is needed on White Moon business.) A voice said from the intercom.

Tsunade and Naruto looked at each other before a glowing energy portal opened up inside the Hokage’s office. Before Naruto could acknowledge, Tsunade reached across her desk, grabbed the hyper-active blonde, and tossed him into the portal.

"Now maybe I can relax without that brat starting another war." she said to herself before busting out laughing at Naruto’s pranks.

(Karakura Town, Japan)

In the center of the city, 16-year old Ichigo Kurosaki leapt into the air, practically flying, and slashed down another Menos Grande. The gigantic hollow disintegrated as Ichigo fell to the ground and landed as Rukia Kuchiki stepped up to him.

"I’m glad to see you’re not letting a little thing like a Menos get you down, idiot." Rukia said.

"I’d like to see you do better, shorty." Ichigo said.

"Oh, I will." she said. "Because I refuse to let the Kuchiki name be tarnished by the likes of you!"

"You say that like you had any control over it." he smirked.

"I have more control over my powers than you did over yours!"

"Yet you couldn’t even get yourself out of some dumpy little dog collar."

"I am not having this argument again!"



The pair just glared at each other before Ichigo wrapped his arm around Rukia’s waist, pulled her up to his height, and kissed her fully on the lips. A kiss that Rukia hungrily returned.

However, their kiss was rudely interrupted Rukia’s phone rang.

"That better be Orihime telling us not to be late for dinner again." Ichigo said as Rukia checked her phone. "I swear she gets so hysterical if we’re not on time."

"It’s just because she’s worried about us, Ichigo. She loves us. And we love her, remember?" Rukia said as she listened to the voice message.

"I know. That’s why I married her and had you come live with us." Ichigo said, remembering that the redheaded six-flower princess was his ‘living’ wife while Rukia was his ‘dead’ wife. It was odd to some people who actually knew them, especially Tatsuki who was often livid about them living together like that, but Ichigo couldn’t choose one without hurting the other, and he wouldn’t do that.

He looked back to Rukia as her eyes went wide before she hit the replay button and handed the phone to Ichigo.

(Ichigo Kurosaki. You are called to White Moon. Now.) The female voice on the other end said as a portal opened up right next to them.

Rukia sighed as Ichigo set her down.

"Tell Orihime I’ll be back as soon as I can, Rukia." Ichigo said before jumping into the portal.

"We’ll both be waiting, my strawberry." Rukia said softly as the portal closed.

(Dakota, USA. Dakota High School)

"This is soooooo boring." Virgil Ovid Hawkins groaned as Mr. McGill, the algebra and physics teacher, droned on and on about the Pythagorean theorem.

"I’m actually enjoying it." Richie Osgood Foley replied as he continued taking notes.

"Being a genius must be nice." Virgil groaned.

Suddenly, a voice wafted over the PA system.

(Would Virgil Hawkins and Richie Foley please report to the Principals office?) A female voice said over the PA.

‘Oohs’ and ‘Uh-ohs’ sounded off one-by-one as the pair looked at each other in confusion.

Nevertheless the pair got up out of their seats and headed towards the principal’s office.

However, halfway to the office, the pair was intercepted by an energy portal that appeared right in front of them, as a pair of rough, martial arts hands reached out, grabbed their shirts and pulled them into the portal.

(Amity Park, USA, Casper High School)

"Is something wrong, Danny?" Goth-minded ultra-recyclo vegetarian Samantha (Sam) Manson asked. "You seem kinda... jumpy today."

"It’s nothing, Sam, I just.... kinda...." ultra-average-looking Danny Fenton said, but trailed off.

"Kinda what? You know you can always tell me anything." Sam said with concern.

"And I’m here too, if you need another set of ears." technophile Tucker Foley said with geeky enthusiasm.

Danny just smiled as he looked at his two best friends. "Thanks guys. But I’m fine, I just...."

"Just what?" Sam persisted.

"It’s not a Ghost world-thing is it? Because that dragon-ghost-girl kinda had a thing for me." Tucker said with some nervousness.

Danny was about to answer when, suddenly, a wash of cold breath expelled from his mouth. But not in the usual way. Instead of its usual blue, this one was dark green.

"Danny? Is a ghost nearby?" Sam asked.

"No. I’m being called." Danny said as he took off to a vacant area of the school.

"Called? You mean... by them?" Sam asked as she and Tucker followed Danny around the corner.

"Yes. I have to go." he said, racing around the school building as a portal opened at the end of the alleyway.

"Again? It’s the second time this month!" Sam said.

"I know. But I have to go." Danny stated.

"You know, one of these days you’ve gotta tell us where you go and who you’re working with." Sam said to them.

"And what kind of tech they have!" Tucker added.

"Tucker!" Sam snapped.

Danny jumped into the portal before it closed behind him.

"Take care, Danny." Sam said as he disappeared.

(Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry)

"You could at least tell us who these muggles are, Harry." the good-natured Ron Weasley said as he walked to study hall with his two best friends.

"I can’t Ron. You know that." semi-famous teenage wizard Harry Potter said to the boy.

"Then why not tell me?" book-smart Hermione Granger asked.

"Because the same rules still apply." Harry stated.

"Harry!" she snapped. "They helped you saved Cedric Diggory from Voldermort in that cemetery. You could at least tell us a little something about them."

"Hermione, Look!" Harry stopped the pair in the hallways before the main study hall/lunchroom. "I can’t talk about this, and there isn’t anything you can do to make me talk."

"Oh? What about slipping Veritaserum into your food?" she said in a teasing/threatening tone.

"You wouldn’t!" Ron cried to Harry’s defense.

"I could." she said in a sing-song voice.

"Professor Snape would never let you into his stores to get that potion. Remember? He sealed it off after the TriWizard Tournament last year." Ron said, but then started to panic. "Unless..."

"Unless I created my own. And I could, you know. I got an 'A' in Potions as well." she said with a smile.

"Yeah. I know. The whole school knows!" Ron huffed.

Just then, a white owl, Hedwig, flew in through the open window and dropped a letter into Harry’s hands.

"It’s too early for mail." Hermione noted as Harry opened and read the letter.

"That’s because it’s not mail. It’s an emergency summons!" he said.

"You mean.... they’re calling for you again?" Ron asked.

"Yes. I need to go to one of the paintings." Harry said as he dashed towards Gryffindor House.

Ron and Hermione ran after him, Hedwig flying after them.

The quartet arrived at the designated painting as a beautiful woman in a white dress with a crystal around her neck extended her hand from the painting towards Harry.

"I’ll see you two later." Harry said to Ron and Hermione as he took the woman’s hand and was pulled into the painting.

Hedwig suddenly flew after Harry, vanishing into the painting like a stone hitting the surface of a smooth pond.

The pair watched as both boy wizard, his owl, and the universal mage faded and vanished altogether from the painting itself.

"And he’s off on another adventure." Hermione said.

"And perfect timing too." Ron said.

"What do you mean?" the girl asked.

"Professor Snape’s Potion’s class is next." he grumbled.

(Middleton, USA, Middleton High School)

"Ron Stoppable!" red-haired teenage adventurer/hero Kimberly Ann Possible snapped at her blonde boyfriend/sidekick.

"KP, I can’t talk about it." Ron Stoppable said to the girl, trying to plicate her.

"Ron, I’m your best friend, your girlfriend, your partner-in-crime-fighting! You have to tell me something!" she insisted.

"KP, I can’t! I’m sworn to secrecy." Ron insisted.

"Yeah, a secret even Wade can’t crack. Ron!" she said.

"I’m sorry, KP. But I gave my word."

"I can’t believe this! Between the two of us, you get picked for a special interdimensional task force and you can’t tell me anything about it."

"Uh, yeah. That’s kinda the point. It’s supposed to be a secret. I mean who, besides us, would believe something like that? I’m sorry but my answer’s the same."

"Ronald Stoppable, you are not supposed to keep secrets from your girlfriend! Your parents, sure! Your teachers, yes! But Not Me!"

"Why are you so insistent upon this, KP? And why now? I’ve been part of this group for a while now and you’ve never said anything before."

"You didn’t come back with a broken arm before!" Kim stated.

"It was a hairline fracture and I didn’t even need the sling for the full week." Ron retorted.

"Ron, please tell me something." she whined, giving him the Puppy-Dog Eyes and Quivering Lip.

"No! No! I will not be swayed!" Ron said, covering his eyes to look away from his girlfriend.

Fortunately, Ron was saved when an energy portal opened up right next to him. Without thinking, Ron leapt into it. Kim actually tried to follow him, only to slam into an invisible wall that knocked her back onto her backside.

"That is so not fair! And Discriminatory!" she shouted as the portal closed.

Kim activated her Kimmunicator and quickly linked up with Wade Lode, her gadgets expert and the person who maintained her website.

"Wade? Please tell me you have something." Kim asked.

(I’m sorry, Kim. Wherever he’s gone.... it’s nowhere on this planet.) Wade said dishearteningly.

Takes Rufus with him, but not me. "Ron. Where do you go?" Kim asked quietly to herself.

(Bellwood, USA, City Zoo)

"Are you sure you can handle this?" redheaded, 15-year old Gwen Tennyson asked as she stared at the 12-foot, four-armed, red-skinned Tetramand standing before her.

"No sweat." Four arms said as he lifted the four concrete road dividers up with his four arms.

"That’s not what I meant!" Gwen said as the stampede of zoo animals headed towards them at full gallop.

Four arms just grinned as he tossed the dividers into a straight line, forming a horseshoe-like cul-de-sac that started blocking in the horde of animals. He then raced around to the cages, ripping them off their concrete moorings and slamming them into the ground as the animals bunched together.

"Well?" Four arms asked.

"Well.... you’ve got the stampede caged, but what about the other animals?" Gwen said.

"Huh?" he gasped, looking back.

Four arms and Gwen looked around at the other zoo cages, and the smaller, less dangerous animals that were escaping.

"Uh..." he started to say.

"I’ll get them." Gwen said with a sigh, and used her magical powers to scoop up the animals and replace them back into their respective cages. Never had this problem when Kevin was here.

"Well, I caught the perpetrators." Max Tennyson said as he drug the trio of extremist animal rights activists back to them. Their leader was the mutant evolutionist Dr. Animo.

"You’re slipping Animo. I didn’t think it would be this easy to beat you." 17-year old brown-haired teenager Ben Tennyson said once he had switched back to his original form.

"If these fools hadn’t damaged my DNA Accelerator, I would have crushed you!" Animo hissed.

"Oh, like we were going to let you mutate these beautiful animals!" one of the activists said.

"Oh, just get me out of here." the beleaguered mutations expert groaned.

Gwen looked over and saw the police running up to them.

"Right on time." the redhead said.

Once the activists and the mad scientist were cuffed and lead away, Ben’s Omnitrix started beeping.

"What’s that?" Gwen asked as the device started beeping.

"Is that..." Grandpa Max started to ask.

"Yeah. It’s them." Ben said as an energy portal suddenly opened up. "Time to save the universe again."

"I really think we should go with you this time." Gwen said as Ben started for it.

"If there’s a problem, I’ll have the portal sent back." Ben said as he jumped into the portal.
"Of course, if the portal does come, that means that there’s trouble." Max said.

"Which is probably not good for us." Gwen said. "Good luck, doofus." she whispered.

(Tokyo-3, Japan, Katsuragi/Sohryu/Ikari Apartment)

Shinji Ikari finished making breakfast for Misato and Asuka, and was in the process of cooking Pen Pen’s fish, when the phone rang.

Moving the frying pan to a non-heated burner, Shinji answered the phone.

"Katsuragi Residence." he said.

(Shinji Ikari. You’re needed.) The voice on the other end of the line said.

Shinji turned pale as he recognized the voice.

Seconds later, an energy portal opened up in the center of the kitchen. Dropping the cooked fish into Pen Pen’s bowl as the warm-water penguin just stared at the energy portal, Shinji waved to the avian before stepping into the glowing portal before Misato and Asuka got to the kitchen.

Misato saw the portal vanish right as she stepped into the kitchen, but because of her usual half-dazed drunkenness, she played it off as nothing special and went right for her morning beer and into her usual ritual.

(Interdimensional Fortress White Moon)

"Welcome back, heroes." Serenity said as Shinji finally arrived.

Shinji nodded to the beautiful woman as he took his seat at the large triangular-shaped conference table.

With Shinji finally arrived, Serenity finally began the meeting.

(Two hours later, Mission Locker Room)

While the team was getting mission-ready for their departure, the group actually took to talking with each other. Their topic of discussion was actually one of their own: Shinji Ikari.

"So... do you think Shinji’s ready for this?" Ichigo asked as he polished his zanpakuto.

"He’ll be fine." Ranma assured the living soul reaper as he checked his lance.

"After what happened last time..." Virgil started to say, getting his hover-disc secured in his back pocket.

"I know. But Shinji’s come through for us in the past, even when he was attacked by Devastator." Ranma said.

"And Menasor." Ben added, straightening his jacket.

"And Bruticus." Richie stated, adjusting his helmet.

"And Abominus." Danny said, checking his belt compartments for his own tools.

"And Prediking." Harry mentioned, adjusting his costume.

"At the same time." Naruto explained as he checked his own weapons.

"Alright, alright! Five-on-one wasn’t a fair fight, but he came through, didn’t he?" Ranma asked.

"Barely." Virgil groaned.

"If he hadn’t gone berserk, he would have lost, right?" Richie asked.

"Lost? He probably would have died if he hadn’t freaked out." Ichigo said.

"Not like that was a good thing." Danny said.

"Tru dat! Took everything we had just to calm him down." Virgil said.

"He’ll be fine." Ranma repeated.

"How can you say that so casually?" Ben asked.

"Because I have faith in him." he explained.

"Probably just needs a girlfriend or something." Richie said.

"Like you’re one to talk." Virgil said to his friend.

"I’m serious! Maybe if he had someone special waiting for him. Hey, maybe Sharon could..."

"The guy’s got enough trouble without my overbearing sister in his life." Virgil said.

"She’s not that bad. Sides, it’d be better than Rubber Band Man."

"Yeah. Truth be told I’d rather have Shinji for a brother-in-law, but she’d never go for him."

"Maybe if he wasn’t so depressed and anti-social..."

"He’ll Be Fine!" Ranma snapped, making the group jump.

"I wish I had your confidence." Naruto stated.

"Says the hyper-active ninja." Ranma stated. "Look, we can discuss this later. Right now we’ve got a mission."

"Alright." Harry said.

"Fine." Ben said.

"Okay." Ron said.

"Cool." Danny said.

"Right." Ichigo said.

"Sure." Naruto said.

"No prob." Virgil said.

"Done." Richie said.


While the rest of the team were preparing to get underway, Serenity was in the Mecha Division just watching as Shinji was finishing up the check-list of his mission-mecha.

"Everything looks good, sir." one of the technicians said.

"Alright. Thanks." Shinji said as he got into the cockpit of the large mecha and prepared to move out.

Serenity approached Shinji as the maintenance crew departed.

"Are you alright, Shinji?" Serenity asked.

"Yes, ma’am. I’m fine." he said in a soft, monotone voice.

"No. You’re not." she said.

"I’ll do my job. Don’t worry about that." he said, trying to give her a reassuring smile.

"It’s not your job I’m worried about, Shinji. It’s you." she said.

Shinji looked at her. "You wouldn’t have brought me here if you didn’t think I could handle this." he said, throwing a previous argument she had once used against him in her face.

"Shinji." she said.

"It’s time to go." he said, punching the button that sealed the hatch and semi-politely ending their conversation.

The giant mecha, which looked like a 12-foot version of the Iron Man Hulk buster armor, only it was painted purple with green high-lights instead of red and gold, roared to life. Shinji pushed the controls forward and marched the mecha out of the high-tech division.

Of all the members of this team, he suffers the most. She thought as she watched him go. Bit by bit, his soul is stripped from his body.

(Metropolis, USA, one dimension hop later)

"Everyone Get Back!" red-haired, brown winged, mace-wielding heroine Hawkgirl shouted as the monstrous Kraken lashed out another arm as the avian heroine.

"Flash! Get These People Out Of Here!" hard-nosed, dark-skinned, emerald ring wielder Green Lantern shouted as he fired off another bolt of energy at the 40-story sea monster.

"I’m On It!" the scarlet speedster shouted as he quickly moved everyone he could out of harms way.

"I don’t suppose we have your Gods to thank for this." Hawkgirl asked as she smashed her mace into the monsters head.

"The Kraken was destroyed centuries ago. I don’t know where this one came from!" raven-haired, red, white and blue (with white stars) costume wearing amazon warrior Wonder Woman shouted as she used her lasso to wrap one of the Kraken’s hand by the wrist.

"It’s Orm!" square-jawed, superhuman Kryptonian hero Superman shouted as he spotted Ocean Master next to the monsters head.

"Aquaman’s brother? I thought he was dead too!" Green Lantern shouted as he dodged another fist.

"We need a plan of attack!" grim-faced, business-minded detective Batman shouted from his Bat Plane as he came around for another pass at the monster.

"Perhaps I Can Help!" a hard voice said as a large 10-foot tall purple and green robot suddenly appeared in mid-air next to them. "Everyone! Get Down!" he shouted as a dozen different slots and panels opened up, revealing a dozen missiles and weapon pods.

"Oh crap." Hawkgirl said as the airborne members of the Justice League quickly dove out of the way as missiles, rockets, lasers and bullets fired from the purple robot.

The weapons slammed into the Kraken all over its body, causing it to shriek in pain as Ocean Master fell from the creatures shoulder and into the ocean. The Kraken turned towards the purple robot that had injured him and roared before lashing out with its many arms. Shinji dodged the arms and flew towards the great beast, punching the Kraken in its head with its energized left fist.

The Justice League backed off as the purple robot continued fighting the monstrous beast, even as an energy portal appeared on the ground.

The seven members of the League just stared as they took in the nine new arrivals.

The first was a young man with long black hair dressed in a red shirt and coat with black pants, black boots, and a Dragon Lance strapped to his back.

The second was a blond teenager dressed in a black jumpsuit with orange highlights and trim, a katana strapped to his back, a pair of kunai daggers on his legs, fingerless gloves, and open-toed sandals.

The third was a tall teenager with spiky orange hair, dressed in a black jacket and pants, white shirt, black belt, black boots, and a single katana in his hands.

The fourth was another blond haired boy dressed in black with a large machine gun on his back, two trench knives in holsters behind his back, two extendible batons in a holster on his left leg, throwing knives on both arms, a grappling hook gun on his right hip, and utility belt around his waist.

The fifth was a young man with brown hair and glasses dressed in a black and red outfit, there was a broom strapped to his back and a long stick in his hand. A white owl was perched on his shoulder. (Think the outfit from the first stage of the TriWizard Tournament)

The sixth was identified as Static, decked out in his blue coat, black, white and yellow costume with white mask over his eyes, his dreadlocks flaying wildly as the young hero rode on a circular metal disc slightly bigger than a manhole cover.

The seventh was also identified as Gears, decked out in his greenish costume, helmet, rocket boots and ‘Backpack’ on his back.

The eighth was a teenager with brown hair dressed in a green jacket with a black stripes on the arms, blue pants, white shirt and a strange watch-like device on his right arm.
The ninth was a teenage boy with white hair and glowing green eyes decked out in a black bodysuit with white gloves and boots.

"Static! What’s going on? Who are these guys? And what is that thing?" Green Lantern asked as the League assembled around the teenagers.

"No time to explain." Static said.

"Well make time, because we’ve got a serious situation here!" Superman said, pointing to the still-conscious giant monster.

"You got that right. But that thing isn’t it." Ichigo stated.

"What are you talking about?’ Flash asked, looking back to the Kraken. "That seems pretty serious to me."

"It’s a distraction." Ranma stated. "The real danger is coming from elsewhere. Where we’ve got to go."

"And you need to come with us!" Ron Stoppable said.

"What?" Wonder Woman asked.

"Why?" Green Lantern asked.

"Because it involves your world also." Naruto said.

"What is going on here?" Superman asked.

"The short and simple of it is, a group of super villains from different worlds have banded together in order to conquer all of reality. To do that, they need to find several special artifacts that can give them unlimited power. These artifacts are unique to each dimension, and they’re here in yours to find the ones that will enable them to take over your universe." Ben Tennyson explained.

"Why is it we’re always the last to know about this?" Flash asked.

"We can locate the objects, but the bad guys probably already have a head start. So we have to go now." Danny said.

"But what about the Kraken?" green-skinned, bald-headed, ever serious Jonn Jonzz asked.

"Shinji can handle it." Ranma said.

The group looked up and saw the twelve-foot armored hero flying around and firing at the Kraken.

"You sure?" Green Lantern asked.

"He’s done it before." Ranma said.

"Just like last time." Static mumbled.

"Can it, Static!" Ranma hissed.

"Alright. Where do we start?" Superman asked.

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