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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 of this 'little' story

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Summary: Shinji faces two powerful foes, discovers a secret, Ranma leans something new, and a new member joins the team.

Chapter 2


In a large, private office, two men were talking. One was an imposing, ruthless, and baldheaded man named Lex Luthor was talking to a tall robed figure who was explaining the finer functions of the high-tech rifle-like device that sat on the bald man’s desk.

"And you’re sure this will work?" the bald man asked.

"Of course." the robed figure said. "Simply use this and your hero troubles will be over."

The rifle itself was specially designed to the different aura’s of the members of the Justice League. The bald man grinned as he got ready to take out his most hated enemies.

(Shinji vs. the Kraken)

Shinji was flying through the air, firing napalm missiles at the gigantic sea creature in an attempt to dry it out. He switched to his flame throwers, located on the bottom of his wrists, and moved in closer. However, this just gave the monstrous Kraken an opportunity to reach out, grasp and slam the armored hero into the ground.


I have to do this. Because no one else would. Shinji mentally groaned, even as the blood dripped out of his mouth at being slammed into the ground so much. He activated his special swords, which were attached to his wrists as well, and stabbed the Kraken’s hand. The Kraken screeched as it pulled back from Shinji, releasing the armored hero and causing him to drop hard onto the concrete ground.

Shinji struggled to stand up as he armed his specialized missile launcher at the monstrous beast.

(Missile Barrage Ready For Launch) the computer said.

‘Launch Barrage!’ he mentally commanded as the back of his armor exploded off, revealing dozens of mini-missile silos. The instant the panel was off, a firestorm of missiles launched from the silos and flew directly towards the Kraken.

The beast screamed as the missiles slammed into his body, causing him immense pain, yet he didn’t let go of Shinji. The Kraken tightened its grip on Shinji, trying to crush him, even as he hoisted him towards his mouth, ready to crush the armored hero with it’s massive teeth, only to have said hero point both of it’s huge armored fists toward the open gullet, and launch two belts of special Vulcan-65 thermal grenades right down the throat of the monster.

The 24 grenades exploded one after the other, causing the monster unbearable pain as it threw Shinji back against a nearby building, hard, before it fell back into the ocean and dying in agony.

Shinji struggled to stand up, even as his life support and power system failed. He fell face-first into the ground, striking his head and injuring himself further.

At least.... I beat.... the monster...’ Shinji mentally sighed as he tried to remain conscious.

It was then that a cute, blond-haired young woman, dressed in a red sports bra, red tights and black boots, a golden lasso on her hip and silver bracelets on her wrists, appeared out of nowhere and flew down towards the armored figure.

"Wow. What a mess." the girl said as she moved up towards the heavily damaged mecha.
Gripping the armored figure she easily rolled the 12-foot giant over onto it’s back. Gripping the front panel and tearing it off, revealing a Japanese teenager dressed in a black under armor bodysuit with green lining and purple gloves and boots. He was out cold, bleeding, and not breathing.

I have to act quickly.’ She thought as carefully pulled him out of the cockpit, laid him down on the ground and gave him the ‘kiss of life’. She was glad that her mother had made her take those CPR courses; otherwise the overwhelming feeling of helplessness would have taken her. Breathing air back into his lungs, the young man suddenly coughed and opened his eyes.

"What... happened?" he groaned as he tried to sit up. "Who are you?" he asked.

"I’m Wonder Girl," she said. "And I pretty much saved your life."

For what it’s worth. ’ He thought gloomily as he tried to sit up.

Suddenly, an explosion downtown caught their attention as a blue figure flew towards the docks and crash landed hard into the concrete and wood. The pair looked over and saw Superman groan as he tried to stand up on his own feet.

"What the..." Wonder Girl gasped as Shinji looked to where he had flown from, gasping himself when he saw the towering form of a blue-armored villain.

"Apocalypse!" Shinji groaned.

"Well, Superman’s hurt but it’s not the end of the world, really." Wonder Girl said. Shinji looked at the girl as if in annoyance.

"No. The big guy in blue... his name’s Apocalypse!" he said.

"Oh." Wonder Girl blushed slightly embarrassed.

"We’ve got to get over there!" the boy groaned as he tried to get to his feet.

"You’re in no condition to fight!" she stated, reluctantly helping him stand up. She looked over and saw that Superman still had a dazed look in his eyes. ‘Man of Steel isn’t looking much better.

"Not yet." he said, pressing a button on the side of his wrist device. "I just hope they finished the repairs."

"What did you just..." she started asking as a large energy portal suddenly opened up and dropped a large, 55-foot robot that was painted white with purple wrist and leg guards while it’s large winged backpack was white with green lining.

Superman was standing only a few inches from where the large mecha had landed, looking a little annoyed at nearly getting stepped on.

"What Is That?" Wonder Girl gasped when she looked up at the giant mecha.

"GX-9900 Gundam X." Shinji answered with a groan. "I just hope the boys got it fully operational."

"Who got it what?" Wonder Girl asked as Shinji pressed the button on his wrist, causing the giant mecha to kneel down. "Wait! You’re not going to pilot this thing, are you?" she asked.

"Apocalypse just laid out one of the most powerful people in your universe. I don’t have a choice." he replied as he hobbled over to the mecha.

"I’m hardly laid out!" Superman groaned.

"Are you seeing stars?"

"And planets." he groaned.

"I can stop Apocalypse, but I need you to distract him." Shinji said as he climbed into the mecha, straining as he went.

"Distract him." Wonder Girl stated. "You’re giving me the easy task... why?"

"So that I can charge the Satellite Cannon!" Shinji groaned again.

"You’re going to kill him?" Superman asked.

"Would you rather have him stomping on innocent civilians?" Shinji grunted as he plopped himself down in the pilots chair, feeling his bones breaking even more as he winched again.

Superman didn’t look too pleased with that option as he looked back and saw the large blue giant that had just decked him, was now stomping through a small section of the city.

"Just hurry!" Superman shouted as he took off towards the despondent villain.

Shinji groaned, holding his side as he punched in the activation code.

(Authentication Required! ) The computer spoke.

"Domon Kasshu needs therapy." Shinji said.

(Authentication confirmed. )

"Who needs what?" Wonder Girl asked.

"Don’t ask." Shinji groaned.

(Warning! Pilot Health Status Is Critical. )

"That’s for damn sure." Wonder Girl huffed.

(Unsafe Operational Conditions! )

"Override Safety Protocols. Charge Satellite Cannon. Target... The Big Blue Guy!" Shinji said with a huff even as his breath was labored.

(Command Confirmed! )

The pilot seat pulled back into the large mecha as the doors closed around it. Wonder Girl flew up towards the Gundam’s shoulder as the robot’s eyes glowed a bright yellow.

THE CANNON’S ALMOST CHARGED! KEEP HIM DISTRACTED! ARGH!” Shinji called back through the Gundam’s head.

"Are you alright?" Wonder Girl asked.

NOT REALLY!” Shinji shouted again.
Wonder Girl nodded and leapt off the Gundam’s shoulder, flying towards Apocalypse as he knocked down Superman once again. Tightening her fists she smashed it into the blue giant’s face.

"OUCH!!!" she shouted as he held her fist tightly as it started to throb. ‘What the hell! I’ve got the strength of an amazon! What the hell is this guy made of?’


Wonder Girl jutted into the air away from Apocalypse instantly as a bright flash and an intense energy beam enveloped the upper half of Apocalypse.

When the light faded, the entire upper-half of Apocalypse was gone. The only thing left standing were a pair of sizzling and sparkling legs.

"You Did It!" Wonder Girl shouted as the Gundam flew over to them.

THAT WAS TOO EASY.” Shinji said simply.

"Easy?" she gasped in disbelief.

Superman soon joined the pair, a black eye now adorning his face.

DAMN IT! AN APOCA-CLONE!” Shinji said.

"A what?" Wonder Girl asked.


"ALMOST?" Wonder Girl gasped in fear.


"We have to find the others!" Superman said.

As people cheered the victorious trio, the Gundam gripped both Superman and Wonder Girl and took off into the air.


(With Ranma and the others)

"Anything yet?" Ichigo asked as he slammed his large sword into the monster that resembled his father.
While the rest of his team fought through the bizarro-doubles that were being sent after them as more of a distraction, Ranma was looking at his Trans-Dimensional watch trying to find the device that would destroy the fabric of reality. He looked at the liquid-blue-screen and saw the word ‘LexCorps’ flash before his eyes.

So that’s where is it. Ranma thought as he backhanded a strange creature that looked like a panda. "Ron!" he shouted into his communicator.

Yeah Ranma?” Ron replied through the device while he was on the other side of the block.

"It's in LexCorps!" Ranma shouted.

LexCorps?” Ron gasped as Superman flew over to him. “That figures! I’ll be there as soon as I deal with this pterodactyl!

"Copy that!" Ranma said.

"Where have you been?" Flash asked his Kryptonian teammate as he dragged his yellow-clad double behind him.

"Don’t ask." the Man of Steel said as the others saw a giant white, blue and red robot approaching them. "What's at LexCorps?" he asked.

"Quite frankly, the crystal component of a device that, when combined with a bunch of other devices will pretty much destroy all of existence." Ranma said as he showed the Man of Steel a holographic image of a reality destroyer. "We need to grab it or else.... I don't want to think about it."

"Alright, let’s get going!" Green Lantern said as Wonder Woman was talking to Wonder Girl.

"So.... how was the sea food?" Static asked as he hovered up near the Gundam X’s head.

HA, HA, HA, VERY FUNNY.” the Gundam replied to the electromagnetic teen hero.

"Seriously, what is going on here?" the teenage heroine asked her older counterpart.

"Long story." Wonder Woman said. "I’ll explain on the way."

With that, The Magnificents and The Justice League took off for LexCorps.

Within only a few minutes the two teams arrived at the large corporate headquarters. Gundam X landed right outside the main entrance. The two teams prepared to go in.

YOU’RE SURE IT’S HERE?” Shinji said through the Gundam.

"Uh, yeah." Ranma said as he gripped his lance.

"We were about to go in." Ichigo said as the large mecha opened up, revealing Shinji, dressed in green and black armor.

He jumped out of the pilots seat and fell to his knees. Ranma was the first on at his side. "Shinji? Are you alright?" Ranma asked the mecha pilot.

"Argh! No! I’m...." Shinji groaned in pain as he fell onto his back.

"He was injured from the Kraken fight." Wonder Girl said, racing over to Shinji’s side.

"Badly." Gears said as he checked Shinji over with his Backpack’s instruments. "Internal bleeding, broken bones and... whoa! Where’s you get that shrapnel?"

"Alright, we need to heal you up and fast." Ranma said as he set Shinji on the ground.

"And while you’re doing that, we’ll head up and deal with Luthor!" Superman said as he and the rest of the League rushed the front entrance. But while Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl and Jonn Jonzz raced in to confront Luthor, Batman hung back with the others.

"How is he?" Ranma asked.

"Not good. I can heal him, but it’s going to take time." Harry said as he started slowly fixing Shinji’s bones and injuries using his wand.

Just then a large white mechanical falcon screeched as he flew overhead and then landed right next to the Gundam X.

"Wow." Wonder Girl gasped. "Nice bird."

The cockpit in the head opened up and a blond-haired weapons expert said. "Cool, ain’t it?" Ron said as he stepped out of the seat. "I know it looks like something out of that ‘Power Rangers’ movie, the one where they all became ninjas and one of them had a falcon-zord."

As Ron talked, the words he spoke reverberated into Shinji’s ears. For some reason he heard the emphasis on ‘ninjas’ and ‘falcon’.

Something about those words. He thought until something happened. An electrical shock surged through his body, causing everyone around him to gasp.

"SHINJI!" Ranma shouted as he raced over to his teammate.

"What’s wrong with him?" Wonder Girl asked.

"He’s not moving!" Danny Phantom shouted.

Ranma didn’t answer them, only using his aura-abilities to give Shinji a quick check, and located something at the base of his skull.

"What the... Gear! I need you to check Shinji! He’s got something at the base of his skull! I think it’s a microchip or something."

"What, like I had?" Ron asked.

"You got it!" Gear said as they carefully rolled Shinji over and young genius located a strange microchip just underneath his skin. "Whoa! Cool design. It’ll just take a couple minutes to examine..."

"GEAR!" Ranma roared.

"Right. Sorry." Gear replied sheepishly as he went to work. "The chip’s imbedded into his nervous system through his spinal cord. I can remove it, but it’ll be painful."

"The state he’s in, he could die!" Ichigo shouted.

"Right. Naruto! Harry!" Ranma said as the ninja and the wizard approached them as he pulled out his tanto. "Once we get the chip out of him, I need you guys to heal him really quick."

"Got it." the pair said in unison.

Ranma gripped his tanto with both hands and stabbed it into the base of Shinji’s skull, smoothly cutting out the chip that was controlling him. Harry and Naruto quickly went to work, using their combined powers to heal Shinji’s serious injury. Naruto with his ki-healing techniques and Harry with his magic wand.

Gears came over to check Shinji even as a certain teenage amazon looked on in concern. "Vitals are good... but weak." Gears said as Backpack confirmed his health.

"Let him rest." Ranma said. "We got a bunch of bad guys to stomp mud holes in to."

"I’ll look after Shinji," said Wonder Girl.


Ranma kicked the door to Luthor’s office open as he, Ichigo, Harry, Naruto, Ron, Ichigo, Danny, Ben, Static and Gears quickly noticed that the six members of the Justice League were already down on the floor around Luthor’s desk with the bald man standing triumphant over them.

"Gentlemen, welcome!" Luthor said with a toothy grin as he aimed the large, high-tech gun at them. "You’re just in time to become part of my latest collection!"

The team groaned rolling their eyes as Ranma took command.

"On three, boys!" Ranma said. "THREE!"

Luthor fired the weapon at the team, it’s energy beam intercepted by Harry’s magic wand and Danny’s plasmatic energy bolts. With the power-draining beam dealt with, Batman suddenly appeared out of nowhere and hurled a mini-bomb at Luthor, blasting the weapon from his hands.

The second Luthor dropped it; the team was on him in a second.

Gears and Batman examined the weapon, the other members of the team tended to the unconscious Justice League, while Ranma talked to Luthor.

"Only one chance Luthor or I drop you! Who gave you the weapon?" Ranma asked as he dangled the bald man out over the large picture window.

"Drop me! Prove me right!" Luthor grinned.

"Okay." Ranma said as he let go, Luthor screamed as he plummeted towards the ground. Two stories down, Ranma caught Luthor by his right leg while his lance was embedded in to the building.

"YOU REALLY DROPPED ME!" Luthor shouted.

"Well duh. Final chance who gave you the weapon? You gonna tell me or do I save this country the time and effort of executing you. And believe me, when you’re married to a goddess, you are above the law."

"ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! He said his name was 'Destroyer'."

"Go on." Ranma said as they settled down onto the side LexCorps.

"He said that he was going to team up with Brainiac to control all of Reality."

"Did he say anything about having a higher up?"


"I am losing my patience with you Luthor!" He said his lance brandished in his hand.


Ranma sighed and quickly leapt back up towards Luthor’s office, a feat that shocked Luthor as he was dropped next to his desk.

"It's Destroyer." Ranma said to the team.

"WHAT?" Harry, Danny and Ron gasped.

"How the hell did he get out?" Ichigo asked.

"Get out?" Static asked. "How did he come back?"

"Only one way I can think of: Dreadwing." Ranma said.

"So now what?" Ben asked as Shinji was being helped into the office by Wonder Girl.

"Hey Shinji!" Ranma started. "What time is it?"

Everyone was looking at their leader strangely.

"It's..." Shinji said before looking at his left wrist seeing a watch there as it sent a message to him. 'Remember who you are. '

Just then flashbacks from a life he thought was a dream started to come back to him. However, it was no dream, it was real. Looking at the watch, he pressed the button and said the word that would give him back his life.


The watch glowed brightly, followed by Shinji as his body transformed in a blinding flash into a white bodysuit with gold trim, a black scalloped cape with a white lining and silver tips, a white helmet with a blue visor and trim. He had black gloves and boots, on his belt was a buckle with a Falcon symbol on it, its wings spread out.

Everyone stared at him in shock.

"SHINJI?" everyone gasped.

They all looked at Ranma.

"You knew?" Naruto gasped. "That's why you kept on saying he'd be fine. Cause you knew about this."

"Had a hunch. Besides Serenity knew as well."

Shinji, or the new 'Falcon', had started to clear his head as memories started to come back.

His team was in trouble.

"Ranma, I need to get back to Tokyo-3." Shinji said.

"What's wrong?" Ranma asked.

"My team has been captured by my enemies." He said, "I need to go rescue them."

"I’ll back you up; just let me call in a replacement." Ranma said as he pulled out his cellphone and made a quick call.


(Sunnydale, California)

In the library section of the town museum, a young man was sitting at a work table going over the designs for a new weapon that he had created himself. He smiled with pride, wondering why he’d never come up with these ideas before. But then again, since he wasn’t a member of the 'Scoobies' anymore, that didn’t feel too bad.

'If they don't want me, then they don't get my arsenal nor tech.'

His name is Alexander Harris, his friends call him Xander; really good friends call him 'X'. Ever since his ‘recruitment’ by Ranma and Serenity a whole new degree of thinking he’d never known had entered his head. He was working with Ron on some new vampire and demon hunting weapons. He wanted to show Ron the new ideas he had but Serenity couldn't reach him when Ranma called for the 'band'.

"This is going to be so cool," he said as he was about to test the new weapon he had built. That was when he got a phone call on his cell.

(Ringtone: X's Gonna Give It To Ya)

Xander picked up his phone and answered, "X-Man here."

X? It's Ranma.

"Sup boss?"

We need you! How soon can you be in LA?

"Give me ten. What's wrong?"

Tell ya when you get here.

"Alright." he said, hanging up the phone and heading out to his car. His weapon designs packed up, he quickly jumped in his car and headed for the ‘City of Angels'.

Ten minutes after he left, a certain slayer showed up. She had long light brown hair and caramel brown eyes, dressed in a black T-shirt, jeans, boots and a black leather jacket. Her name was Faith.

She was lead in by a cute redheaded witch with blue eyes and a black pantsuit with flats. Her name was Willow, and she was Xander’s oldest and best friend.

"Okay," Willow said with a soft voice. "He should be here, unless he had emergency."

“Can’t believe you kept him around." Faith scoffed.

"Xander’s a lot more than most give him credit for. Just never realized his full potential." Willow said as she lead Faith into Xander’s ‘office’.


Meanwhile Ranma had called Serenity.

"Yeah, X-Man's out of LA." He said.

Alright, I'll port him to you and tell him what's going on. She said, Now why is Shinji leaving you guys?

"His team's in trouble and I'm providing back up."

Wow. It must be serious if you’re leaving the team in middle of a mission. Alright, be careful. I want our child to have their father to raise them. Oops.

"Wait, what?" Ranma gasped.

Yeah, I'm pregnant.

"You sure?"

Of course!

"Sweetie, we’re going to need to talk about this later. I'll come back." Ranma said. The others saw Ranma pale and sweating as he hung up.

"Ranma? Is something wrong?" Harry asked.

"Yeah. You guys just became godfathers."

"HUH?" the whole group gasped.

"Sere's pregnant."

"Oh boy!" Danny said.

"Yeah, well all we have to do right now is wait for Xander. If we leave before he shows up, Ron show him the weapon."

"Got it." Ron said.

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