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Chapter 3

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Ranma, Falcon and Wonder Girl go and saves Falcon's teams. Oh by the way; they're the Avengers.

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Summary: The team splits up to battle the dark forces threatening their friends and teammates, and learn that other forces have been brought in as well.


Chapter 3

Should be almost there. Xander thought as he drove his fully-restored, greenish, 1964 Chevelle convertible towards the outskirts of Los Angeles. The second he reached the city limits sign; a portal opened up and swallowed him whole.

A bright flash with swirling rainbow-colored light, and the next thing Xander realized he was parked inside a large room that was seemingly made of silver walls with large blue crystal pillars situated around him.

"Welcome to the Silver Palace, Alexander." a soft voice said. The young man looked over and saw a gorgeous woman with long blond hair in a white a silver gown, a simple silver scepter with a half blue/pink crystal in its head. She had the most amazing blue eyes he had ever seen. It was Serenity. "I hope your trip was well."

"Your majesty, please just call me Xander." He said as he got out of his car and bowed to the woman.

While Xander may have considered himself a bit of a ladies man, he did show married women a certain level of respect. Especially if she was a royal as Serenity.

"Then please call me Serenity, Xander." she said with a smile.

While Serenity lead Xander to the locker room in order to get ready, the pair spoke briefly.

"I take it things are going rough for the team?" he asked.

"Somewhat. They’ve encountered one of our old enemies. He’s more of an enhanced lieutenant, but incredibly dangerous nonetheless." She explained. "That and Shinji and Ranma need to take a leave of absence to deal with yet another threat."

"Right. Well, guess I’ve got to give it my A-Game, then." he said as they reached the locker room. "And you look chipper, by the way." he said as he started to head in to change.

"Well, Ranma's going to be a daddy." she said with a smile.

Xander paused and turned around.

"You're not!" he gasped.

"I am." she smiled.

"Congratulations!" he said as he hugged her.

"Thank you." she said, hugging him back.

"Have you told Ranma?" he asked as he pulled back.

"Yes, I have. He was shocked, but happy."

"Good. Though.... you do know I’m gonna tease him about this." he said.

"Oh, yes. I expect the others will too." she said with a smile.

Xander quickly dressed in his mission outfit (a black jumpsuit with cargo pants, a multi-pocket vest, thick black boots, gloves, a backpack with various tech in it, a large rifle slung over his shoulders, two guns in hip-holsters, a special knife in his boot, and a communicator on his right wrist) before Serenity teleported him to the White Moon fortress from the Silver Palace where the portal to the alternate dimension was waiting to take him to his teammates.


Ranma and Falcon were ready to go, with the rest of the team tending to Lex Luthor and the still unconscious Justice League.

Ron and Gears were examining the power-draining device that Luthor had used on the League, Rufus and Hedwig were guarding the bound and gagged Lex Luthor, while Danny, Static, Naruto, Harry, Ben and Ichigo were tending to the unconscious Justice League. And all the while, Wonder Girl was wondering who they were waiting for.

"So who are we waiting for again?" she asked.



The portal opened and a single figure stepped through, decked out in his mission attire and carrying a couple of strange, high-tech looking weapons with him, as well as a backpack.

"Xander!" Ron shouted.

"Gentlemen, good to see you again." Xander said as the portal closed and he walked towards his team.

"What’s up, X?" Ranma called out, glad that he had arrived.

"Hey, Dad." Xander said to Ranma with a grin.

"Oh here we go." Ranma groaned, even as the others laughed.

After a good minute of roasting Ranma over the coals, something that Wonder Girl actually found confusing due to the urgency of what was going on; Ranma toned it down and gave the orders.

"Okay! I’m going with Shinji to Tokyo-3 as back-up in order to rescue his team. We’ll be back with reinforcements as soon as we can. Ichigo, you're in charge till I get back."

"Alright." the orange-haired Soul Reaper said.

"Ron?" Falcon said.

"Yeah?" the blond weapons expert asked.

"I’m gonna need my Falcon back!"

"Aww-Man!" he groaned, upset.

"Here." he said, tossing a wrist device to Ron. "You can play with the Gundam X."

"Really?" Ron gasped as Falcon nodded.

"We need to get going." Ranma said.

"Right." Falcon said.

"Can I come with you?" Wonder Girl asked.

"Come with us? To where? Japan?" Ranma asked.

"Yeah. Sounds like fun." she said.

The pair looked at each other, as if considering it, before Falcon gave Ranma a ‘nod’.

"Alright, but stay with me." he said as he jumped out the window of LexCorps and dove towards the street at a rapid pace.

"Can he fly?" she asked.

"Sort of." Ranma said as he jumped out of the window, falling straight down towards the street.

"Oh boy." Wonder Girl said as she leapt out the window and followed them both down.

Falcon used his wings to glide himself down towards the falcon-mecha, Ranma landed with amazing ease and Wonder Girl floating down towards the ground itself.

The trio boarded the large white mecha and within moments were airborne.

(Back inside LexCorps....)

"There! Got it!" Gears said as he finished readjusting the control sequence on the power draining gun used on the Justice League.

"You sure this is gonna work?" Danny asked.

"Is the atomic weight of gold 196.966543?" he grinned

"You’re asking a guy who got a D- in science what the atomic weight of gold is?" the ghost boy asked as the blond teenage genius fired the energy beam at the six unconscious heroes.

A bright prismatic energy beam exploded out of the gun, washing over the comatose members of the Justice League, and stopping after about 15 seconds. Wonder Woman was the first to blink open her eyes, followed by Superman, then Flash and Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and then Jonn Jonzz.

"Ohhhh.... what happened?" Hawkgirl asked, rubbing her head.

"Not much. You guys just got the business end of a power-draining device created by an old foe of ours." Static said as the team was soon on their feet.

"Where’s Wonder Girl?" Wonder Woman asked.

"She went to help out Shinji and Ranma on another case." Ichigo said.

She did? I wonder why? Wonder Woman thought.

"Yo, X, take a look and tell us what you think." Ron said as Gears tossed the weapon to the newly arrived team member.

"And who’s he?" Green Lantern asked as Xander accepted the weapon.

"Another member of our team." Danny said. "Just got here."

"Hmm. Titanium casing. Two independent power sources. DNA-signature matching. Photon-quartz crystal?" Xander asked curiously as he looked up at his teammates. "Destroyer?"

"Yep." Gears said. "His signature."

"Who is this ‘Destroyer’?" Batman said as he approached the trio of techies.

"He's one of the most lethal beings on the face of reality." Danny stated.

"How dangerous?" Superman asked.

"You hate Joker right, Bats?" Static asked, causing the Dark Knight to nod. "Take about 100 of him..."

"I get it." Batman said.

"Uh, no you don't." Gears interrupted.

"Huh?" GL John Stewart asked.

"That's a love-fest compared to Destroyer." Ben said.

"A hundred Jokers, no, a thousand Jokers aren't as lethal as Destroyer." Gears said. "And that’s on a good day."

"So, we beat him and everything's fine, right?" Hawkgirl asked.

The guys just looked at her, and laughed.

"Wow! She really made that sound simple." Static said as the League looked on in confusion.

"Miss Sheyra." Harry started to say. "Destroyer is the low man on the totem pole."

The Justice League just looked at the teenage wizard in shock. Mostly because he wasn’t kidding.

"He’s THAT deadly?" Flash gasped.

"Oh yeah." Naruto grinned.

"We better find him before he..." started Xander.

"...completes the device needed to erase this universe." Ichigo said as he got ready to move out.

"He’s already got the device Luthor had." Ben said.

"What device?" Green Lantern asked.

"Some kind of modified, reverse-engineered alien tech from a robo-creep named Brainiac." Gears said.

"Brainiac got into Luthor's computer systems a while back, built himself a new body out of Luthor’s own equipment. Heavily modified, too." Superman said.

"So much so that it’s not considered Earth-technology anymore." Xander said.

"What’s this thing look like?" Hawkgirl asked.

"Like a really small computer hard drive, the size of a microchip, capable of processing millions of terabytes of information in seconds." Gears said.

"And a terabyte is... how much?" Flash asked.

"Approximately a trillion bytes of computer data." Jonn said.

Flash just whistled at that high number.

"This isn’t good. It means the device is almost complete." Xander said.

"So he’s got the hard drive to process the informational program for the device. He’s got the quantum crystal to power the device. And according to Ranma he’s also got the plasma-orb to channel the interdimensional energy through, as well as the Boom-Box technology to open the portal to other dimensions." Ichigo said.

"So all he needs now.... is the sacrifice." Naruto said.

"Sacrifice?" Wonder Woman asked.

"A living being with incredible magical energy." Harry said. "Usually the daughter of a demon or something of a supernatural nature. Do you have anyone in this world like that?"

"Yes," the amazon princess said. "Her name is Raven. Daughter of Trigon."

The Magnificents paled as they looked at each other.

"Oh Crap!" They said and started to take off.

"What is it?" Superman asked, the Justice League running after them.

"We need to get to her before he does!" Ichigo said as Gears and the others tried to use their own tech to locate her.

"If he doesn’t have her already!" Danny stated, causing the others to groan at what he was implying.

"Why?" Flash asked as he ran alongside of them. "What’ll happen?"

"Oh, not much." Xander started to explain. "Just that if we don’t get to her first, or if we can’t save her, not only will he use her powers to wipe out this universe, he'll rape her soul and take her as his personal slave."

"Got A Lock!" Gears shouted as he stared at his wrist monitor. "Dark Force energy signature located at.... Science Police Headquarters?"

The members of the Justice League all looked panicked as he said that.


A quick dimension-hop courtesy of Ranma found the Falcon-mecha flying towards the Fortress City and the underground base known as NERV. Ranma was actually sitting outside on the head of the falcon while Shinji piloted the mecha from inside, with Wonder Girl right behind him.

"So this NERV organization is where your teammates are being held." Wonder Girl asked.

"Yeah. It’s run by a real jerk of a guy named Gendo. But he’s not the real issue." Falcon said.

"He isn’t?"

"No. Gendo is cruel and ruthless and completely amoral. But he’s nowhere near smart enough to capture my teammates, nor strong enough to hold them. So it’s going to be a real fight when we get there."

"And you think these mysterious people are the ones who put that chip in the back of your neck?"

"Exactly. It’s cruel, it’s sick, it’s controlling, and it’s something a power-hungry, manipulative, fiend would do to his own son." he explained.

Wonder Girl looked at him in shock.

"Your father did this to you?" she asked.

"That asshole is not my father. As far as I’m concerned, he died a long time ago." he said grimly.

Guy’s got a few issues. She thought. "Right. Okay. So.... what’s the plan?"

While Shinji had no immediate answer for that, he knew that Ranma was thinking up a solution to this very problem.

Landing within a few minutes later, Ranma, Falcon and Wonder Girl looked around and noticed that there was no one else on the streets.

"Where is everyone?" Wonder Girl asked.

"This section of the city never had a lot of people." Shinji said. "Perfect place to hide the Falcon. We just need to get to NERV now."

Using a special jutsu that Naruto often used, the trio headed for NERV. To the casual observer it looked as if a young Shinji Ikari was walking to NERV by himself. But in reality he had two special friends who were cloaked by an invisibility jutsu. A special electronic scrambler keep the pair off of any video monitoring equipment as they made their way through the dark corridors of NERV.

"So if this Gendo-guy isn’t running things, who is?" Wonder Girl asked.

"I have a pretty good idea." Shinji said. "But right now we need a plan."

"And you have one?" Ranma asked. "Because if you don’t, I do."

The trio paused as Shinji looked at Ranma. Shinji had a nervous expression on his face, while Ranma was smiling. Wonder Girl noticed this as Shinji gulped.

"Uh-oh." the science ninja said nervously.

(Science Police Headquarters)

The Magnificents and The Justice League arrived at the tall and imposing tower-building that housed the Science Police and their special prison cells for superhuman criminals and villains.

When they arrived they noticed that the building was surrounded by dozens of strange-looking demons and succubae. The League seemed a little distraught at seeing so many demonic creatures there, but the Magnificents had seen far worse.

"They aren’t attacking." Wonder Woman noticed.

"Because we haven’t made any aggressive moves yet." Ichigo said.

Xander grinned as he pulled out a small cellphone and punched in a number.

"Hello? Yeah, it’s me. Look, I need my car here as soon as you can..." he said, before...


The group looked on as Xander’s ‘64 Chevelle convertible dropped right in front of everyone.

"What is that?" Flash asked.

"A Chevelle Malibu SS Convertible?" Green Lantern gasped. "Why the heck did you want this thing for?"

"Because it’s time to have some fun." he grinned as he opened the trunk and pulled out a high-tech-looking sawed-off ‘Saiga’ shotgun.

"So what’s the plan?" Ben asked.

"Ron, you and Xander deal with the demons out here. I’ve got a feeling there will be more inside." Ichigo said. "The rest of us will head inside and rescue Raven."

Ron and Xander nodded as they got into the front seats of the convertible, after grabbing and loading as many weapons as they could carry.

"We’ll punch a hole, you guys get through." Ron said as Xander gunned the engine.

The Magnificents nodded as the Justice League just watched.

Xander flipped a switch and opened up the front bumpers, revealing a row of mini-missiles. The headlights pulled back, and a pair of machine guns emerged.

"Let’s hit it!" Ron grinned as he stood up and slammed the clip into his gun. Xander gunned the gas as the missiles flew and the machine guns roared.

The League just watched as the pair rolled through the onslaught of demons, shooting and blowing them up left and right. It was then they noticed that The Magnificents had all made it to the front door of the building.

"Well? What are you guys waiting for?" Ichigo shouted as Ben and Danny raced into the building with Harry, Static and Gears on their heels. Naruto seemed to be waiting for Ichigo to follow.

"Uh... right." Green Lantern said as he and the League continued to be shocked and amazed at the rather blatant use of violence against the demons.


Shinji Ikari continued walking through the hallways of NERV, having arrived for another battery of tests, when in actuality he was there to rescue his teammates.

"I can’t believe I’m doing this." he mumbled as if to only himself.

Don't worry Shinji,” Ranma said into his earpiece. “Everything's going to be fine. They are expecting a wimp not a bad ass.


Trust me.

Shinji paused in step and quickly looked around. Not seeing anyone else, or a camera, he replied, "You do know those are two of the most dangerous words ever spoken. Right before, 'I have a plan'?" he asked.

Yeah, yeah, along with 'Don't panic', 'It couldn't get any worse' or 'At least it's not raining'. Shinji, we got this.

Shaking his head, the pilot-and once-again-ninja continued on towards his destination.

(Dr. Akagi’s Office)

Shinji entered the office of Dr. Ritsuko Akagi and mentally frowned. The reason was because he knew that this woman was not the real Ritsuko, who was safely in America at ISO Headquarters. This woman was some kind of clone or at least a very good impersonator.

Regardless of the particulars, Shinji felt very little if anything for her.

"Good morning Shinji," the fake Dr. Akagi said. "You’re a little early. Are you ready for your tests?"

"Of course Dr. Akagi." Shinji said calmly.

The pair walked down to the testing areas where the entry plugs were located. However, right as they got there, the alarms went off.

"WHAT THE?" the fake Dr. Akagi gasped as she turned around just in time to see Shinji sucker punch her in the face, a solid knee to the stomach, causing her to drop to the floor.
Then he took off.

(With Ranma)

The invisibility jutsu that Shinji had picked up from Naruto was still in place on both Ranma and Wonder Girl as they followed several shady looking people to a restricted holding area. Wonder Girl stayed there while Ranma decided to have it out with ‘their boss’.

Following the cruel-looking man, Gendo Ikari, to his office, he was able to avoid being seen as he entered the office and stood right in front of Gendo’s desk.

It was then that a small device that sat on Gendo’s right started beeping. Looking around, Gendo tried not to let his nervousness show.

"So, are you going to stay hidden or are you going to reveal yourself?" he asked.

Ranma dispelled the jutsu, Gendo feeling the pressure of the room get heavy real quick. Standing before him was a young man, dressed in a red shirt and coat with black pants, black boots, and a Dragon Lance strapped to his back.

"Who are you?" Gendo asked.

"Just an ordinary guy, with an ordinary life who's going to kick your ordinary ass!" Ranma grinned.

"Not if I have something to say about it!" Gendo said as he pressed a button under his desk.

Alarms went off, and within seconds a small battalion of men in black suits burst into the room and surrounded Ranma.

"If anyone is going to get their ass kicked, it’s going to be you. Take him!" Gendo ordered.

"Wrong." Ranma said simply as he closed his eyes and smirked.

The guards pulled their guns and started firing. The instant they went for their weapons, Ranma had pulled his Dragon Lance off of his back and quickly spun it around to face the men.

The men opened fire, Ranma spun his lance in a spinning, and circular motion, slicing bullets as well as deflecting them back to the armed guards. This bought Ranma a momentary reprieve as he looked around the room, his vision suddenly highlighting several items around the room, particularly on the desk.

One of the guards guns, another’s head, a pen on the desk, the keyboard and finally his chair.

Ranma moved quickly, moving from his standing position in front of the desk, and exploded into action. Swinging his lance around he sliced one of the guards hands off, the gun dropping towards the floor. Ranma kicked the gun with his foot, the weapon flying into the head of another guard, the guard stumbling back, his weapon discharging and nailing two other guards in their heads. Ranma flipped into the air and over the desk, his right foot snaking out and kicking the pen off the desk and into the throat of one of the guards. His momentum carried him backwards; his left leg snaked back and kicked Gendo in the chest, throwing the man of evil backwards against the far wall, stumbling out of his chair.

Ranma landed behind the desk, grabbed the keyboard and quickly smashed it against another guards face. He then kicked the chair up into the air, leapt up and kicked it again, throwing it across the room and smashing it into another guards face.

"FIRE BLADE!" Ranma shouted his Dragon Lance glowing red-hot. He slashed the air horizontally and blasted the last four guards with a blade of energy that sliced them in half.

Ranma spun around and noticed Gendo, standing up and trying to open a wall panel furiously using a special keypad hidden in the wall.

"And just where do you think you’re going?" Ranma asked as he stomped over to Gendo, grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and hurled him across the room into a large glass windows that looked out over the Geofront.

"Argh..." Gendo groaned as he tried to sit up, his face bloody from the impact.

"Now.... are you gonna tell me who put that inhibitor chip into Shinji’s neck, or do I have to make you tell me?" Ranma asked. "And who told you about Shinji? Who told you about his friends? Who was it that gave you the chip?"

Gendo looked up and just grunted. He tried to spit in Ranma’s face, but his face was so busted he could only stain his own pants.

"Fine. Have it your way." Ranma said as he grabbed the grim commander by his left leg, lifted him up, spun him around and hurled him directly through the glass wall, dropping him deep into the Geofront.

(Science Police Headquarters)

Xander and Ron were continuing to blow up demons outside the SPH, while inside, the two teams were fighting demons left and right.

"How you guys doing in there?" Xander asked as Ron gunned down another succubae.

We’ve got demons and monsters on every level!” Ben, as XLR8, shouted through his communicator as he continued to race through the halls. “We’ve tracked Raven’s signal to the roof! We’re almost there!

"Alright. Let us know when we can help!" Xander said as he fired off another missile to blow up another demon.

Inside the Science Police Headquarters, The Justice League were fighting off all kinds of demons and monsters, some of them out of the pages of Greek mythology.

Flash had gotten himself tangled up by a tree monster. Superman was trading punches with a Minotaur. Wonder Woman and Batman were fighting a giant three-headed dog. Green Lantern was using his ring to blast a golem to pieces. Hawkgirl was smashing a giant scorpion to pieces. Jonn Jonzz was using his shape shifting powers to keep himself from being turned into stone by Medusa.

It was then that the Titans showed up. Cyborg, Starfire, Nightwing, Donna Troy, Beastboy and Tempest. All of their eyes were glowing red.

"Great! They’re possessed!" Gears stated.

"What’s the plan?" Static asked.

"Gears, you got Cyborg. Naruto, you take Nightwing. Ben, you got Beastboy. Danny, you take Starfire. Static, you take Tempest. I’ll deal with Donna." Ichigo said.

"Got it!" the team said in unison.

"What about me?" Harry asked.

"You get to Raven! Try to stop Destroyer from using her to wipe out this reality. Ron and Xander will join you!" Ichigo said.

"Right!" Harry said, the teenage wizard taking off with Hedwig right behind him.

"Let’s take these guys! And remember: Non-Lethal!" Ichigo shouted.


Cyborg let loose a blast from his sonic cannon, Gears speeding around the blast on his rollerblades and moving up towards the high-tech hero. He pulled several small discs from his belt and continued to speed around the much larger and stronger possessed-hero, making sure not to get caught in his line of fire. Gears hurled the discs at Cyborg, each one landing on his chest and arms. An electrical surge washed over the cybernetic hero, sending him into spasms and dropping him to the ground.

Nightwing leapt into the air, throwing punches and kicks at Naruto, even as the teenage ninja created a dozen clones of himself to attack the Dark Squire from all angles, quickly dog piling on top of him and allowing Naruto, the real Naruto, to jab a paralytic snob needle into his neck, knocking him out for the immediate future.

Beastboy turned into a gorilla, Ben turned into Fourarms. The pair slugged it out, until Fourarms body slammed the green gorilla into the ground. Beastboy turned into a snake and lunged at him. Ben turned into Diamondhead, which saved him from the snakes poisoned fangs. Beastboy turned into a rhino, Ben turned into Wildmutt, jumping on the green rhino’s back and covering his eyes, which caused him to crash into a wall. Beastboy turned into a T-Rex and tried to eat him, only to have Ben turn into Cannonbolt and curl up into a ball. The T-Rex’s teeth couldn’t break through the thick armor of the alien creature, and he ended up spitting him out. Ben transformed into Humongasaur and quickly grew to 60-feet in height, and quickly slammed his fist into the tyrannosaurs head, knocking him unconscious.

Starfire flew around the room hurling starbolts at the ghost boy, only to have his ghost phasing powers save him from unnecessary harm. He quickly flew towards the alien princess and used his own plasma-bolts to take her down. Starfire was struck several times, but refused to go down. He changed strategy as he quickly flew up behind Starfire and blasted her with a blast of ice that he had learned from the snow men of the Ghost World. Fortunately they weren’t too far off the ground, and Starfire just dropped a couple feet onto the floor. Immobilized.

Static charged up his electromagnetic powers and flew at Tempest, who let loose his ability to control water at the electric hero. Static had faced foes like this before and quickly dodged each stream of high-pressured water that was hurled at him. He quickly jumped off of his steel disc and flipped over Tempest as the disc slammed into Tempest’s chest, knocking the wind out of him. Static quickly moved over to him and slammed his hands into the ground. The combination of electricity and the water that was still around Tempest shocked the water-breathing hero into unconsciousness.

Ichigo gripped his sword and flew towards the female amazon. His sword slammed against her indestructible bracelets, pushing the amazon heroine back as the orange-haired Soul Reaper leapt into the air and kicked her in the shoulder, sending her tumbling to the ground. Donna got back up and lunged at Ichigo, throwing powerful punches that turned concrete into powder, even as Ichigo dodged each blow. He gripped his sword, charging it up for another attack, as Donna Troy was right on top of him. Thrusting it up towards her chest, Donna blocked the blow with her bracelets. Ichigo only smiled as he thrust his sword into the bracelets, soul energy channeling through them and into Donna’s body, which shocked her system and knocked her unconscious.

The Titans defeated, Ichigo turned back to his team.

"Alright, good work, people! Static, Gears, keep an eye on them. The rest of us are gonna back Harry up and save this reality from being wiped out." Ichigo said as the Magnificents nodded and leapt into action.


NERV itself, as well as the Geofront, was large and extensive. Which was advantageous to the two men of evil who were about to start their interrogations of The Avengers.

"Are you sure this is going to work, Osborne?" Orochimaru asked.

"Of course, snake man." the ruffle-headed villain said. "These new computer chips will not only allow us extensive control of these pathetic excuses for heroes, but they will also enable us to take into their deepest, darkest memories." he said to the pale-skinned sannin.

"Ah, I do miss the old classic methods of interrogations. Needles, water-boarding, electrical shock, knives and scalpels, simply beating the crap out of them, applications of fire and ice, and for the women there’s the always satisfying rape method." Orochimaru grinned.

"As amusing as that would be, I prefer a more elegant method. Such as knowing that while they are completely under our control, they are aware of everything that is going on around them. Conscious of everything we are forcing and ordering them to do. And knowing that they are completely helpless to do anything about it. That... is even more satisfying. Knowing that we have power over them, and they know it as well." Osborne grinned.

Looking over at the seven x-shaped tables that held the half-conscious members of the Avengers: Captain America, Wasp, Wolverine, Tigra, Scarlet Witch, Elektra and Luke Cage.

"So... who should we start with first?"

"The women!" Orochimaru hissed with a lustful grin.

Osborne just looked at the snake sannin. "You want to implant them with inhibitor chips so that you can rape them?"

"Of course. You think it’s an easy task for someone who looks like me to get a woman?" he said with a sadistic grin.

"Oh, yes. I’m sure it’ll take more than your charming personality to seduce any woman." Osborne said as he moved the small table on wheels over to the struggling Avengers. "And now we..."


The pair looked back in shock, as a young woman with blond hair in a red outfit, and a familiar bird-garbed science ninja entered the room. The bird man glared at the two men.

"OROCHIMARU! OSBORNE!" Falcon shouted. "I suppose I have you to thank for forgetting who and what I was."

"You assume correctly." Osborne grinned, even as he pulled out one of his new pumpkin bombs from the pocket on the back of his belt. "I don’t know how you managed to remove it, but it does not matter in the slightest."

"Just tell me why." Falcon said.

"To get you out of the way. I have such big plans for the Omniverse, and you are one of the few obstacles that could possibly have stopped me."

"Really. I would have thought Spider Man would have been a bigger obstacle than me." Falcon said.

"But he doesn’t like traversing the dimensions like I do. It confuses him. Anyway, I’d like to thank you for returning. It’ll give me a chance to try out my new inhibitor chips. The one I implanted you with was a prototype." Osborne grinned as he pulled his arm out from behind his back, revealing the activated pumpkin bomb in his hand.

However, before he could throw it, Wonder Girl threw out her lasso, wrapping the bomb up in his hand, preventing it from being released, and exploding in his hand.


"AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!" he screamed as his arm, from his elbow to his hand, was turned to paste.

Falcon quickly leapt into the air and hurled his falcon-kunai at the snake sannin. Orochimaru easily dodged the kunai, but couldn’t dodge the human-sized battering ram that thrust his feet into his face and knocked him across the room. Falcon was on him in a second, punching and kicking the snake sannin with force and skill, not letting up even for a second. Falcon leapt into the air and threw a roundhouse kick that sent Orochimaru onto his back, but gave him enough time to quickly shed his false skin and escape. The false skin exploded, enabling Orochimaru the chance to grab Osborne and disappear to the escape portal that was in the next room.

"They’re getting away!" Wonder Girl shouted.

"Let them. We’ve got more important matters to attend to." Falcon said.

The pair went over to the still bound members of the Avengers and quickly unshackled them. Their daze quickly wearing off, the heroes took notice of the people who were freeing them.

"What? Falcon?" Captain America gasped.

"It can’t be!" Wasp gasped as the blond amazon freed her from her power-dampening cuffs.

"Actually, it is." Wolverine said as he sniffed the air.

Once the seven heroes were free, Elektra quickly got up and threw her arms around Falcon’s neck, hugging him tightly.

"Oh, Shinji-kun. I missed you so much!" The brown-haired woman in the white ninja costume said with a soft whimper.

"Sorry I worried you, mom. But in my defense, it wasn’t completely my fault." Falcon said as he hugged her back tightly.

"I know. Osborne told us that you were captured by Aizen and Dr. Doom, and implanted with one of those inhibitor chips." she said.

"But how did he get all of you?" Falcon asked.

"One-by-one." Wolverine said. "Sent a bunch of heavy-hitters to capture us."

"Are you the only ones here?" Wonder Girl asked.

"Yes. The others managed to escape by detonating the ISO field headquarters when it was invaded. As far as we know, the others followed the evac plan and escaped." Captain America said.

"We’ll have to meet up with them later. Right now we need to get out of here." Falcon said as he and Wonder Girl went over to the table on the other side of the room and quickly gathered up the teams weapons and equipment. Which included their ISO watches.

"Elektra to She-Hulk. Come in She-Hulk!" Yui said.

Where the Hell have guys been? We’ve been waiting to hear from you guys for weeks now!” the voice on the other end of the communicator said.

"Long story. We’ve just got a couple things to work out here and we’ll rendezvous with you back at Tokyo-2."

Fine. Is everyone else with you?

"Yes. Steve, Janet, Greer, Wanda, Logan, Luke, myself and Shinji."

SHINJI? SHINJI-KUN IS WITH YOU?” a new voice shrieked.

"Yes he is. I’ll explain what happened later on." Yui said.

Can I Talk To Him?” another voice called out over the communicator.

"Later!" Yui snapped as she turned off her watch.

"I guess I have a lot to explain, don’t I?" Falcon asked.

"Yes, but it’s not completely your fault." Yui said with a smile.


After dealing with Gendo and his guards, Ranma had set up several specially made Dragon Bombs around the critical areas of NERV before hitting the evac alarm.

"That’s our cue!" Shinji said as he punched the beacon signal on his watch.

The team had made it out into the open area of the Geofront where they found Ranma waiting for them.

"RANMA!" Falcon shouted as he and the other Avengers quickly approached the lone warrior.

"Ranma?" Tigra and Wanda gasped when they saw the Dragon God.

"Oh, it is you!" Wanda shouted as she quickly hugged the young man around his neck. Tigra got into it and hugged him tightly as well.

"Hello, Aunt Wanda, Aunt Greer." Ranma said as he hugged them back.

"You two know him?" Falcon gasped in shocked.

"Of course. I helped him with his neko-ken." Tigra said with a smile.

"And I helped him with his curse." Wanda said. "I love him like I do you. In my mind, he’s your brother."

Falcon and Ranma just looked at each other and smiled. Suddenly the explosions started sounding one by one all over NERV.

"Time to go." Ranma said as he opened a portal right before them and ushered everyone inside.

(Science Police Headquarters)

"Well, I never thought I’d get to do that!" Ron gasped as the Chevelle sat on the roof after Xander had driven it up the side of the building in order to surprise the villain who was about to use Raven in order to wipe out all of reality.

The pair were even more surprised to find two other magical beings there fighting against the demon guards who were protecting Destroyer and Raven.

"Xander Harris!" the woman in the sexy stage-magicians costume said as Ron went to Harry’s side to help him fight the demons that were attacking on the right side.

"Zatanna Zatara?" Xander gasped, giving the woman a quick hug before turning back to shoot down another demon. "It’s great to see you, but what are you doing here?"

"I sensed a magical vibe of dark energy and followed it here." Zatanna said as he blasted a demon with a bolt of lightning from her hands.

"Well, it’s good to see you. How the heck have you been?" Xander asked as he shot down a succubae.

"I'm alright. You're looking very well. How are the 'Scoobies' treating you?" Zatanna asked as she threw her top hat out, striking a demon in the head and knocking him cold.

(Sigh) "They kicked me out." Xander replied as Harry blasted a demon with his wand.

"What?" Zatanna gasped as Hedwig flew in and clawed at another demon.

"Yeah, Buffy figured I’d be safer if I wasn’t on the team anymore." he said as he shot down a flying demon with his Saiga.

"But you were the Main power behind her. YOU brought her back!" she said as she cast another spell to turn a fire-spitting demon into ice.

"Yeah I know. But, hey, I'm with a new team now. And they actually want me with them. So, way I see it, it’s kinda of a trade-up." Xander said as Harry and Ron were moving towards the large machine in the center of the roof.

Destroyer had Raven strapped to a large machine that looked like a strange, high-tech microscope with its large lens pointing down at her. The machine itself was building power and getting ready to blast Raven point blank in order to release her dark force energies and spread them all over the world and then the universe. Destroyer was standing on a raised platform getting ready to throw the switch once the machine had reached critical mass. He was about 9 feet tall, well-built. and dressed in a black cloak that covered his entire body. His hands were revealed, pure white with spiked fingernails.

"We have to get to her before it’s too late!" Harry shouted as Ron blasted another demon.

Just then, Ichigo and the others exploded up onto the roof. Ben, Danny and Naruto followed right behind him as Xander and the others raced over to them.

"What’s the plan, chief?" Xander asked.

"Raven’s the focal point of that machine. We get her off of that thing before the machine fires!" Ichigo said.

"And then what?" Ben asked.

"Then we deal with Destroyer!" Ichigo said.

The large man in the dark cloak looked down at Raven and grinned cruelly.

"With your power, I will take over this pathetic universe, wiping out everything and everyone you have ever known! Once it had been washed with your dark force energy, I will rebuild everything to my satisfaction.... with you as my personal sex slave!" Destroyer growled/hissed.

Fear etched into Raven’s eyes, even though they were half open. She had been drained of energy during her capture. Drugged and heavily sedated. She was still aware of what was going on, but could do nothing to stop it from happened.

The machine above her was starting to reach critical mass and in a few seconds she knew that her own powers would be sacrificed in order to destroy/corrupt the world, and without any powers she would be at the mercy of this monster.

Suddenly, a large flew out from nowhere, slammed into him, and knocked him off the platform and onto the controls just behind him. Raven barely could keep her eyes open as she saw a blond haired boy leap into the air and hurl four knives at her. The knives slashed at her bonds, not harming her skin, as another boy, a boy with brown hair, glasses and a strange scar on his forehead entered her line of sight and scooped her up in his arms, pulling her off the platform.

The machine fired and burned a hole right through the platform where Raven had been.

Ichigo, Naruto, Danny and Ben raced around the machine on the left as Xander, Zatanna and Ron raced around the machine on the right.

Destroyer growled as he removed himself from the machine and turned to face The Magnificents.

"I... will... Kill.... YOU!!!" he shouted.

"Ben! Take Him!" Ichigo shouted.

"Right!" Ben shouted as he held up his hand and suddenly transformed into a muscular 12-foot tall, red-skinned alien with four arms and four eyes. "FOURARMS!" Ben shouted as he charged the white-skinned villain.

Fourarms slammed into Destroyer and began pounding on him left and right. However, despite the initial onslaught, Destroyer recovered and punched the mighty alien away.

Ichigo leapt into the air and brought his sword down on Destroyer, knocking him backwards, but otherwise not affecting him. Naruto hurled his kunai with explosive tags at him, blowing him up but not doing much damage. Danny, Xander and Ron fired at him with their own powers, but it wasn’t doing much good either.

"We’re taking potshots at him and he’s not even flinching!" Ron shouted. "See, this is why I don't LIKE HIM!" Growled Ron as he fired on the raper of souls.

"I’ve got an idea!" Xander shouted as he raced back to the Chevelle.

"Just Hurry!" Danny shouted as Fourarms got back up and attacked Destroyer once again.

Off to the side of the building, Harry and Zatanna were using their powers to try and heal Raven, when a portal opened up only a few feet from them. They looked over and saw Ranma, Falcon, Wonder Girl, and The Avengers emerging onto the roof. The portal closed quickly as Falcon raced over to the pair.

"Harry, what’s going on?" Falcon asked.

"We saved Raven, but the others are trying to stop Destroyer." Harry said.

"Aunt Wanda, can you help them?" Ranma asked the Scarlet Witch.

"Of course, Ranma dear." Scarlet Witch said as she went to the female Magician’s side.

The team then noticed Xander fiddling with Destroyer’s power-neutralizer over by his Chevelle.

"Xander! What’s going on?" Falcon asked.

"The others are getting their butts kicked by Destroyer! I’m trying to reworking this thing so that it can neutralize him... but it’s gonna take a minute." Xander explained.

"We’ll buy you the time!" Falcon said as the Avengers raced over to where Ichigo and the others were battling the pale-face villain.

"AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!" Captain America shouted as he leapt into the air and hurled his shield at Destroyer, striking him hard in his face and staggering him back.

Wolverine and Luke Cage leapt at him, clawing and punching him fiercely.

Naruto charged his Rasengan and hurled it at Destroyer, blasting his arm.

Danny flew in and fired an ice-bolt at his other arm, freezing it fully.

Tigra leapt in and kicked Destroyer in the head.

Wonder Girl flew in behind him and punched him in the back, knocking him forward.

Wasp flew in and blasted his face with her bio-blasts, blinding him.

Elektra and Falcon flew in and kicked him several times in his chest, knocking him back again as Ichigo and Fourarms followed up with this own attack, striking him hard in his chest and dropping him to his backside.

However, Destroyer was stunned and injured, but not defeated. Slapping the heroes away from him he rose up and cackled cruelly.

"You Cannot Defeat Me! There Is No Power On This Planet That Can Defeat Me!" he declared.

"Wanna bet?" a voice behind him said.

Destroyer and the others looked back and saw two figures. The first was Ranma Saotome holding his Dragon Lance. The other was Xander Harris, holding Destroyer’s power-neutralizer.

"Oh crap." the villain gulped.

"Do it, X." Ranma grinned.

"You got it." Xander said as he aimed and fired, striking Destroyer point blank with his own weapon.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" Destroyer shouted as the energy beams washed over him like a tidal wave.

The second Xander stopped firing; Ranma was soaring through the air, punching and kicking Destroyer into a bloody, muddy, paste, doing more damage than the heroes had done beforehand.

"FALCON!" Ranma shouted as he grabbed Destroyer and hurled him towards the Science Ninja.

"GOT IT!" Falcon shouted as he crouched low, jumped up and thrust both of his fee out. "FALCON POWER KICK!" he shouted as his feet started glowing, slamming into Destroyer’s chest and causing him to explode as if he were made out of nothing but dynamite and powder.

The dust and smoke quickly cleared up, leaving Falcon standing there, his cape blowing in the wind even as he looked up and noticed everyone staring at him.

"Wow. That was.... wow." Danny gasped.

"And you guys had no faith in him." Ranma said with a smirk.

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