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Chapter 4

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Summary: After the rescue of Raven and Shinji’s team; they got together on the Watchtower.

The Justice League’s reality had been saved. With Destroyer gone, thanks to his own invention, and Raven safe, the fabric of reality was safe now. The public at large, while never realizing the scope of the danger they were in, were celebrating the Justice League’s victory over the demons and monsters.

Though for some reason, the other saviors of reality, The Magnificents and The Avengers, were not mentioned in this heroic gratitude. All of which suited them fine, since they were not from this reality. No sense in overburdening the public with something they couldn’t comprehend.

Currently everyone that had been involved at the battle at the Science Police Headquarters was now at the Justice League’s Watchtower. Just talking. "So you actually went back to 1944 and helped win the War?" Captain America asked Superman.

"Well, I wasn’t alone. And I was only there for two days." Superman said.

"What’s wrong?" Hawkgirl asked Flash.

"Well, I guess it’s just a little disconcerting that we needed help from two other groups of heroes to save our world. Like... we’re not enough, you know?" Flash stated.

"Like when we went to the Justice Guild’s reality? We didn’t do too much there, right?" the avian heroine asked.

"So that ring of yours can create just about anything?" Luke Cage asked Green Lantern.

"Except food and water." Green Lantern said with a grin.

"So this device of yours actually has the DNA signatures of every alien race in the universe?" Jonn Jonzz asked Ben Tennyson.

"Yeah. It was intended to be a genetic ark, to insure the survival of all alien species, especially those that were wiped out, extinct, etc." Ben said to the Martian.

"I don’t suppose you have any Martian DNA in that device?" Jonn asked.

"Uh, I might. I mean, I’ve got over a million different alien species here, so..." Ben said as he started flipping through the different alien characters.

"So that whole thing about you going from 14-years old to 19-years old... was an illusion?" Wonder Girl asked Falcon with Elektra standing next to her son.

"Exactly." Falcon said. "The inhibitor chip was created by Osborne in order to control people. The illusion of me being a teenager was a jutsu created by Orochimaru to make me completely unaware of what I was and had been."

"And the other members of your team knew about this?" Wonder Girl asked.

"I’m sure Ranma and Serenity did." Falcon said.

"But then why didn’t they remove the chip beforehand?" she asked. "Would have saved everyone a lot of trouble."

"Because if they had I wouldn’t remember anything." he said.

"What?" She asked, confused.

"Allow me to explain." Elektra said. "The inhibitor chip was attached to Shinji-kun’s spine, tapping directly into his nervous system, allowing it to control every aspect of a person’s thoughts. Even though it was only a prototype. The only way for it to be safely removed was for Shinji to remember who he was. Otherwise, Shinji’s memories would have been completely sealed off from his mind. Once he remembered who he was, the chip could have been removed without causing any kind of brain damage. And once removed, all of Shinji’s memories safely came back to him, including his life as science ninja. But to dispel the jutsu he had been placed under, required his transformation into Falcon. Such energy was sufficient enough to break the illusion."

Wonder Girl gave him a soft smile as she took his hand and squeezed it gently. "I can’t imagine how terrible that much have been for you. But you said that Orochimaru was a ninja, like Naruto. Didn’t Naruto know about the illusion?" Wonder Girl asked.

"Well... Naruto was always bad at illusion jutsu’s." Falcon explained, while Elektra just looked at the affectionate grip Wonder Girl had on her son.

Hmm. I wonder how Shinji’s lovers are going to take this? She smiled, noticing the ‘interested’ look on Wonder Girls face as she looked at Falcon.

Meanwhile, Ranma was looking out over the Watchtower, just watching the various interactions between his team and the other two groups, before turning back to look out the large window at the Earth that was below them. It was then that Wonder Woman came over and stood next to him, leaning against the wall that he was leaning on as well. "How’s your mother?" Ranma asked the amazon, not looking at her. Almost like he was deliberately avoiding her gaze.

"She’s fine." Diana said. "It’s been a long time."

"Too long." he said as she reached over, grabbed his shoulders and turned him towards her. She had a concerned look on her face, an almost anxious one.

"Please look at me when you speak to me." she said.

"After what I did to her, to all of you, you're still willing to talk to me?" he asked.

"I think any daughter would be willing to speak to her father, because she loves him. What happened wasn’t your fault." she said.

"Diana, I Brought Kaos To New Themyscara! You and the others should hate me for that! Especially Your Mother!" he said.

"You were possessed, father! I can't blame you, that's why I couldn't kill you. But I did buy mother enough time to exorcize the demon god out of you."

Ranma sighed, he lifted his head and looked at his daughter in her beautiful blue eyes and hugged her tightly. Diana sighed as she hugged him back. It had been so long. "I have something for you, and something to tell you." He reached into his 'Stuff-Space' pocket and pulled out a pair of magical hell-forged titanium bracelets. "These protected me when I was sent to Hell by Kaos. They’re double your strength and give you access to the same fire powers that my Dragon Lance gives him. I’d like you to wear them."

The bracelets were a bluish-silver with blood red streaks running over them. Considering their origin, Diana was a little apprehensive about putting them on. "Don't worry. They’re pure Dragon God energy, non-demonic. You think I would try to kill my own daughter? You did say I was exorcised." he said.

Nodding at that, and trusting her own father, Diana removed her own bracelets and placed the new one on her arms. The second she did, the red streaks glowed brightly, mystical energy surrounding her as she was briefly lifted off the floor, transforming her appearance.

The gold eagle on her breastplate changed into a gold dragon with red eyes, her blue swimsuit-like briefs changed in to long dark blue tights that covered her shapely legs; her black hair now had red highlights that now framed her face. The bracelets stopped glowing and set her back down on her feet. She opened her eyes and released a shuddering sigh as Ranma gave her an appraising look. "How do you feel?" Ranma asked with a smirk at her shuddering.

"Like the daughter of a Dragon God who just so happens to be an Amazon." she said, going up to him on kiss his cheek and hug him tightly.

"This is one of the first birthday presents I'm giving you. I've got a lot to make up for." he said.

"You’re much too hard on yourself, father. And you said you had something to tell me?" she asked.

"Uh yeah, you're going to be an elder sister. Well, half-sister but a sister none the less." he said.

"Serenity's pregnant?" Ranma nodded his head, she hugged him tightly. "Congratulations!"

"Thank you." he said and the pair continued talking. What no one on either team knew was that Diana was Ranma's daughter. Due to a mishap a few years back, Ranma had been sent to the past in which the Amazons were fighting against the war god Ares and his men. Ranma had showed up in the middle of that war and saw what was going on so he decided to help the Amazons and their queen. He actually went toe-to-toe with the god of war, blow for blow and move for move. The Amazon Queen, Hippolyta, had seen the fight and was stunned: a man was fighting for her and her Amazons.
Impressed by his actions, Queen Hippolyta had her amazons rally behind him. Together they defeated Ares and his warriors, sending the war god back to Olympus in humiliation. Having seen how strong and powerful Ranma was, as well as honorable, the amazon queen decided to marry him. Having the Gods bless them with immortality, Ranma was able to live and stay with them, even though he was a man.

They had a long and happy marriage, where eventually Hippolyta gave him three beautiful daughters: Diana, Donna and Drusilla. While he may have wanted a son, Ranma was nevertheless proud of his three daughters. Of their skill, intelligence, and their beauty. Then one day Heracles and his men had come to the island, and Ranma didn't like the way the demi-god was looking at his wife and daughters.
It was only a day later when Ranma was proven right. It was late at night when one of Heracles' men was about to attack him and he hit the man with a practiced move taught to him by the Great Dragon King, killing the man instantly. Racing to the palace, he found that his family was missing, and so raced out to find his wife and daughters. After he found the girls, and attacked their would-be rapists, finding out that their amazon strength had been neutralized after being ‘bound by men’; Diana told her father that Heracles had taken Hippolyta to Athena’s temple. Heracles was about to rape a naked Hippolyta, but right as he was about to forcefully thrust into her with his member, a quick blur came over to them and hit the 'Son of Zeus' with a flying uppercut.

Hippolyta then saw her husband standing in front of her. She smiled as he unbound her and removed his shirt, giving it to her. She used it to cover herself as Ranma flew at Heracles and watched as her husband and Heracles go at it. Heracles may have been pure power but Ranma was pure skill. He hit the half god with combos that would make even the best martial arts master green with envy, and then to finish him off, he laid a spinning heel kick across Heracles' face, breaking his jaw, nose and crushing his nasal cavity. Then he tossed the mad half god to his defeated men. After Ranma had freed his daughters, Diana, Donna and Drusilla had raced all over the city freeing their amazon sisters.

They had freed everyone and arrived as Ranma had defeated Heracles.

"You boys take your leader and leave!" Ranma shouted, "And don't you ever, Ever, EVER come back or I will KILL you!"

Hippolyta went over and placed a hand on her mate's shoulder, calming him before he went into a complete rage. He was already pissed off, but with his victory there was no reason to keep him like that. "From now on, no male with malice and lust in his heart, shall set one foot on this island!" She said, "with the exception of my husband; Royal consort Ranma." With that she kissed him with a passion that knew no bounds.

That was more than a millennia ago. The rest of his team didn't know how old Ranma really was; they just celebrated on his birthday. The only person that had any inkling of the truth was Serenity and she wasn't telling. When Kaos had possessed Ranma centuries after Heracles had left, the martial arts master had been powerless to stop him as he laid waste to New Themyscara Diana and her sisters were able to stall their father, giving Hippolyta enough time to perform an Amazonian exorcism to purge Kaos from him. Despite this, Ranma was so distraught and ashamed, that he left New Themyscara after he had helped repair the damage to the island.

Though Hippolyta understood why, she was nearly heartbroken at seeing him leave. The story behind Ranma, Kaos and the Great Dragon King was for another day. "Diana? I have a question for you." he said to his daughter, whose head was resting on his shoulder. The amazon heroine looked up at her father. "How would you feel about Shinji being your brother-in-law?" he asked.

"What?" she asked.

"Drusilla's interested in him." he said with a smile.

"She is?" he asked.

"Look at them."

Looking over from her father to where her little sister was, she saw Falcon talking to Wonder Girl, who was being an apt listener. Just to look at her happy smile, her body language, the sparkle in her eyes, Diana could tell that Cassie was in love. "Can he protect her from Giganta?" Diana asked.

"He can take on Brainiac by himself." Ranma said, causing the amazon to gasp, knowing how much trouble the Kryptonian super computer had given Superman in the past.

"And does he know that Cassie is actually your reincarnated daughter Drusilla?" Diana asked.

"No, but I’m sure that wouldn’t stop him from caring about her." Ranma said with a smirk.


Off to the side, Falcon and Wonder Girl were talking, and Falcon had removed his helmet, revealing his handsome face to the young amazon heroine while his mother had gone to welcome the rest of their Avengers teammates who had just arrived at the Watchtower. He was telling her about some of his adventures when her curiosity got the better of her and she started questioning him. "So the jutsu you used of you as a 14-year old boy when you went to NERV, that was all you?" Wonder Girl asked.

"Yeah. I learned how to create illusions from a ninja master name Kurenai who was from Naruto’s village. Naruto was actually upset that I succeeded at something he’s been working on for years." Shinji smirked.

"And was it these ninja powers that healed you when I found you, or was it your science ninja powers?" she asked.

"Well, mostly my science ninja powers. Our special watches are tuned to our DNA, allowing it to transfigure our bodies to the peak of physicality. This DNA transfiguration also makes for handy healing." he said.

"So, what do you like to do for fun?"

"Well, anything a teenager likes to do. Ski, snowboard, surf, even flying."

"You fly?" she asked. "Like... yourself or do you fly some kind of jet?"

"The Falcon mech we flew in when we went to NERV was originally mine. Ron borrowed it when I had that inhibitor chip on my neck. Part of the programming Osborne installed so that I wouldn’t remember even the smallest detail of my old life." he explained.

"God! After everything he did to you, I’m glad that bomb blew his arm off." she said.

"It’s less than what he deserves." Shinji agreed. "Hey, I was wondering. Would you like to join us? I can put in a good word for you."

Wonder Girl looked a little shocked. "You’d do that for me?"

"Sure. But there is something you have to know first." he started to explain.

She smirked at him. "In order for me to date you I have to defeat your 7 evil ex-girlfriends?" (1)

"What? No! Well, they’re not evil, but if you’re serious, you’re gonna have to share me with 5 other women. 9 if you count my mom, sister, aunt and cousin." he said.

Wonder Girl looked at him strangely. "You have that close a relationship with your mom, sister, aunt and cousin?" she asked, teasing him slightly.

"They’re my family, not my lovers. I don’t sleep with them unless they need some kind of comfort." he explained. While Cassie could have made a joke about that, she saw the seriousness on his face, indicating that he did care for them deeply.

"Still, must be difficult to juggle six girlfriends." she said.

"Not if he gives us equal attention." said a woman from behind Shinji. Wonder Girl looked back and gasped, seeing a woman with vivid purple hair and eyes, dressed in a blue one-piece swimsuit complete with blue stocking/boots that came up above her knees, two blue bands around her thighs, blue sleeves that started from her wrists and ended just past her elbow, a single blue band around her biceps. But what most noticeable about her, was the strange sword-like tattoo that went over her left eye.

"Who are you?" Wonder Girl asked.

"I'm Shinji-kun’s second lover. Misato Katsuragi, code-name Psylocke." she said as stepped up to Shinji, wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a passionate kiss on his lips. Shinji kissed her back with equal passion. "Mmm! I’ve missed that." she said softly as she turned to address the young amazon. "It’s so hard to find a man that loves and respects us all equally."

"I’ve never seen anything like that before." Wonder Girl said.

"Then it would be the first time, if you join us." Shinji said, Misato still pressed against him.

"The Magnificents, or your harem?" she asked, remembering what Shinji had said about sharing him with 5 other women.

"Either. I know you like me. If you don't, then I apologize for thinking the wrong thing." Shinji said.

"No, I do like you! I just didn't think that I'd have to share you." Wonder Girl said with a small blush.

Misato shrugged her shoulders. "Meh, don’t worry. There’s enough ‘Shinji-ness’ to go around." she said with a smile.

"I don’t know if that’s even a word, Misa-chan." a new voice said from behind the trio.

Wonder Girl looked back and gasped when she saw a 6-foot-8 green-skinned, -haired and -eyed woman with an incredible body dressed in a purple and white sleeveless and legless bodysuit, fingerless gloves and boots towering over her. She walked right past the amazon, grabbed Shinji by the back of his head, and stuck her tongue into his mouth as far as it would go. Even as Misato still held him.

"And... you are?" the young amazon asked as Shinji felt the gammazons tongue lick his own.

"Jennifer Walters, lawyer and super heroine known as She Hulk." she said after pulling away from Shinji. "I’m also the one who took Shinji-kun’s virginity." She declared proudly, causing Shinji to blush.

"And how is he as a lover?" Wonder Girl asked, causing Shinji to turn redder. The pair just looked at Shinji, smiling as they answered.

"I think we should get the others, right Jen?" Misato asked.

"I think so Misa-chan." Jennifer nodded.

"I’ll go get them." Misato said, giving Shinji a quick peck on the cheek and quickly left to find the rest of Shinji’s little harem. It didn’t her long, though, as Misato quickly returned with three other women. Cassie was a little shocked at this, even though Shinji had told her about them.

The first one was an athletic blond woman with blue eyes; she was dressed in a black one-piece swimsuit with a yellow lightning bolt going down the front of it, black opera length gloves, thigh high boots, a red sash around her waist and a black domino mask over her eyes. Her long hair was down and looked quickly brushed out, she stood about 6-foot even.

The second woman was a stunning redhead dressed in a form-fitting, bright red costume, with gold gloves and boots, a gold sash around her shapely hips, and a bird symbol on her ample chest embellished in gold like a shield. She was Caucasian with long, curly red hair, deep blue eyes, and was at least a Size-6 at 5-foot-11.

And the third was a blushing young Japanese woman in a pink and white mini-dress, white gloves and boots, a white cape with a red trim, a white belt with a silver swan buckle on her hips, and a white helmet with a pink visor in the shape of a swan's head. She took off her helmet, revealing her long green hair and green eyes.

"Everyone, this is Cassie Sandsmark, a.k.a. Wonder Girl." Misato said, causing the young amazon to gasp as how Misato knew her name. "Jen and I have introduced ourselves, so the rest of you just go ahead."

The blond was first, stepping up behind Shinji, wrapping her arms around his chest and giving him a slightly drawn-out kiss on his cheek. She then looked towards Wonder Girl as she took her mask off.

"Carol Danvers. Former Air Force lieutenant, code-name: Ms. Marvel." she said as she looked at Shinji and smirked. "Shinji is the best lover I’ve ever had. She’s sweet and attentive, and has great stamina." she said causing him to blush again. "And he’s just the right kind of innocent too." she said, kissing his cheek once more.

"I’m Jean Grey, The Phoenix." the redhead said as she stepped up to Shinji and kissed him softly on the mouth. "And Shinji is a wonderful lover, even better than my first husband." she said as she stepped to the side, standing next to Shinji on his right, her arms wrapped around his own.

"And I’m Jun Ikari, code-name: Swan." She said, looking down and twiddling her fingers. Shinji had always thought that it was cute when she did that, despite that it looked like she had a confidence problem.

"Jun." he said softly. "What did we agree on when you did that?"

"To at least lift my head up, Shinji-sama." she said.

"And what did I tell you about that, Jun?" Jean asked the young woman.

"To refer to him always as Shinji-kun, Jean-sama." she said as she lifted her head up, allowing Cassie to see how beautiful she was. She then blushed as she covered her mouth. "Oh! I’m sorry... Jean-chan."

Jean pushed Shinji back towards the window, setting him down on the bench and motioning for Jun to come over to Shinji. Jun did, and sat comfortably in Shinji’s lap.

Wonder Girl had been watching all of this, and seemed to realize that while Jun had honest feelings towards Shinji, she also had some confident issues. These were apparently being helped with by Jean.

Jun turned to look at the blond amazon. "When Shinji-kun took my virginity, he was very gentle with me. He made my first time, very special." she said softly, her arms wrapped around Shinji’s neck as he held her close. "Jean-chan was with us when we made love."

Cassie looked at the young science ninja in shock. Jean was with them? They had a threesome? She thought. It was then that Cassie remembered something. "Wait! Jun Ikari? You’re his wife?" Cassie asked Jun. Jun blushed heavily.

"I mean, you can’t be his sister or cousin, because that would just be wrong." she said.

"Actually..." she started to say.

"Well, legally, Jun and Shinji are married." Jen interrupted.

"Legally?" Cassie asked.

"Jun had her name legally changed. On paper, they are married. They just never had an official ceremony." Misato said.

"Why not?" Cassie asked.

"Well...." Jen started to say.

"Because Jen was his first lover." Carol said.

"Misato was his second." Jen said.

"Carol was his third." Jean said.

"Jean-chan was his fourth." Jun said.

"And Jun was his fifth." Misato said.

"She was also the first one to get her name legally changed. On a marriage certificate." Jen said.

"Which was sneaky, by the way." Carol said.

"You didn’t complain too much when I told you!" Jun said.

"That’s because you told us before you did it!" Jen said.

"She told you she wanted to legally change her name to Ikari?" Cassie asked.

"Actually she had already filled out the paperwork; the only thing required was Shinji’s signature. She cleared it with all of us before Shinji signed the paperwork." Jen explained.

Cassie just stared in awe at the sheer acceptance, trust, and sisterhood they had. While they all agreed that they would share Shinji, she was shocked that some of them weren’t trying more elaborate methods to get more time with him. Make themselves his #1 lover and such.

It actually made her think that she would enjoy being part of this harem.


Meanwhile Xander and Zatanna where talking about old times. They had met when she was doing a show in Las Vegas and he had finished a job taking down a powerful demon alongside Giles, Willow and Faith. Since he was there, he stayed for the weekend and took in one of her shows. Xander had been so impressed by her that he had gone backstage to talk to her, arriving right as the insane sorcerer Felix Faust attack Zatanna because he wanted her powers. Quickly rushing to her aid, he pulled out a rune demon blade and battled Faust to protect her.

They defeated Faust together and Zatanna had been so impressed by what he did.

"I suppose things are better with this new team." Zatanna said as she lead Xander down the halls of the Watchtower. She had been giving him a tour of the space station, and the pair had been talking about nothing in particular.

"Yeah. At least they want me on their team." Xander said as the pair came to one of the guest rooms.
Batman actually had these guest quarters set up in case of emergencies. Like if they needed to protect someone who had witnessed a crime. (Like the US Marshals Service)

"Well, it’s nice that you have them. But, if you ever need anything, someone to talk to, entertainment advice, sex slave, give me a call." She said the pair laughing as she brought that up.

"I didn't think you were that attracted to me." Xander replied as Zatanna pulled the young man into the room, using her magic to close the door.

"I still am." she said. "And I wasn't kidding when I offered myself up to you as a sex slave." she said as she pushed him down onto the bed, Xander gulping as she sat down on his lap, facing him. "And the offer still stands." she said, taking off her top hat and leaned in to kiss him passionately.


Iron Man continued to stare at the ‘Watchtower’ in awe. Despite the high-tech suit of armor he wore he was still amazed at the technological advancement that lay before him. He wondered just who the brains and backers behind the Justice League was.

"Amazing, isn’t it?" a voice behind him said.

"It is, actually." Iron Man said as he turned around to see a young man in a bluish-green suit of semi-armor, a high-tech backpack, rollerblades, and a helmet with visor over his head. It was Gears. "I’ve never seen tech like this before."

"Says the guy wearing the high-tech suit of armor." Gears said with a smirk. "But yeah, the ‘Tower’ always amazes me." the boy genius said. "Are you an inventor too? Or do you just wear that suit because someone pays you to?"

Iron Man looks at the young techie and lifted up his faceplate. "Tony Stark, owner and CEO of Stark Industries. And inventor of this armor." he said tapping his armored chest.

Gears grinned as he removed his helmet, replacing his glasses as he did. "Ritchie Foley." he said.
The pair shook hands and silently realized they were in the presence of a fellow ‘super nerd’.

"I see this as the beginning of a good business relationship." Tony said.


On the other side of the Watchtower, Harry was heading towards the medical bay in order to check up Raven and her fellow Titans. He paused when he saw Raven, in her dark blue outfit with her hood down, walking out of the Med Bay.

"Oh, Ms. Raven! How are you feeling?" he asked as he approached the young mystic.

The second she saw him, however, she grabbed him by his shirt, pulled him towards her, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately. She wrapped one of her legs around his waist as she continued making out with the ‘Hero-Who-Conquered’. So stunned by this action, Harry fell back into one of the adjacent rooms, taking Raven with him, the pair tumbling onto a single bed inside the room. She pulled back from him, staring into his eyes, the young wizard unable to pull away from her dark and mysterious orbs.

"I thought you couldn’t become involved with anyone like this, because of your powers." Harry said to

"My powers are linked to my emotions. But you’re the only one that can subdue them." She said, nuzzling his nose with her own. "You have a darkness within you as well."

Even thought he had defeated Voldermort, Harry still had dark magic running through his god-like core. Oddly enough, thanks to Voldermort. He wasn't that naive in believing that only light magic could protect the Wizarding World. That was why he became a member of the Magnificents in the first place. Even as he had his own unique army of magical allies, many of whom were chaotic good. (Like the Weasley brothers) Without chaos in the world, there would be no world. It was a balance that he tried to maintain, even if he had to become a Magical God to do so.

“Well, yes. But it’s not all bad." Harry said. "It’s more chaotic if anything." Raven giggled as she snuggled into his arms. Harry thought it was very cute.

"So... tell me about yourself, Harry Potter." Raven said in a sensual tone.


Note: 1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
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