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Chapter 5

by ArsaoTome

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Summary: Secrets come out and some members have some fun.


"What do you mean ‘taking a leave of absence’?" Batman asked the amazon princess.

"Just what I said. I need to spend time with my father." Wonder Woman said.

"Your father?" Superman asked. "Who?"

"Ranma." she stated.

"Ranma? But how could he possibly be your father? He’s a kid!" the man of steel said.

"Not everything is as it appears, Kal." she said with a smile.

Meanwhile, the man in question was making his way through the Watchtower looking for the rest of his teammates, in order to go back home. He was coming to the main hall when he was suddenly tackled by two really hot blonds. One was dressed in a white skintight, legless bodysuit, an oval cut out of her generous cleavage, blue boots and gloves, a red cape and belt around her waist. The other woman was younger, dressed in a blue, long-sleeved belly shirt with a red ‘S’ shield on her chest, a blue mini-skirt, red boots and a cape.

Ranma just smiled as he looked up and spoke to the pair snuggled into his arms and chest.

"Uh, hi girls." he said. "How are you doing?"

The pair said nothing just continued to hold him tightly.

Ranma just shook his head. "Do you two want to let me up?" he asked.

The pair let him up, the young warrior hugging the pair tightly.

"Sorry." Supergirl said.

"We’re just so happy to see you." Powergirl said.

Ranma just sighed as Powergirl grabbed his arm and held him tightly. The woman herself was a fighter, and there were very few people who measured up in her opinion. Ranma was at the top of that very short list. Every single time they had met, Powergirl had been so impressed with him that she had actually proposed to him. Not only because of his strength and skill, but because he saved lives, more so hers, which impressed the incredibly powerful heroine. But what no one knew was that Ranma was also the brother of Superman’s father, Jor-El, allegedly killed while on a space mission. It was during another of Ranma’s mystical journey’s that the Dragon God of Martial Arts had found himself upon the planet Argos where he met, saved and married a woman named Alura. It was here that he became known as Ra-El. Together they had a child named Kara Zor-El, a.k.a. Kara Ra-El. A girl who would eventually become known as Supergirl, cousin of Superman.

However, while Superman had thought that Ra-El was dead, he had no idea that Ranma was Ra-El and that he was Kara’s father. But Alura’s mother had kept a very special diary about her husband that she had sent along with Kara, which only Kara’s DNA could open. Which is how Kara knew.

"So, what's going on you two?" Ranma asked.

"Nothing. We’re just happy to see you. Dad." Supergirl said with tears in her eyes as the trio continued to walk through the Watchtower.


(Another part of the Watchtower)

"I still can’t believe this!" Static grumbled as he tossed the cards down on the table.

"What, junior?" Flash asked as he dealt another hand to the group.

"How some guys have all the luck." the electromagnetic hero said with a sigh.

"You mean Shinji?" Danny asked as he, Ron, Ben, Gears, Iron Man and Ichigo accepted their cards.

"Yeah. I mean... five girlfriends?!! Five! And they’re all total babes!" Static grumbled.

"Six, now." Ben said, accepting his cards.

"SIX? Who’s the new one?" Static asked.

"Wonder Girl." the alien shapeshifter said.

"You kidding me?!!" he gasped.

"Hey, some guys are just lucky." Ron said, letting Rufus accept the cards for him.

"And just how many girlfriends do you have?" Static asked the blond specialist.

"Just one. But she’s not happy with me right now." Ron said, looking over Rufus's slim shoulders.

"Why not?" Iron Man asked.

"Because I won’t tell her what I do on these missions." Ron said.

"The price of being heroes." Flash commented as he checked his cards.

"And what about you, Kurosaki?" Static asked the Soul Reaper. "How many girlfriends you got?"

"None." Ichigo said simply as he took his cards. "I’m married."

"Yeah. To three women!" Danny smirked. "All babes, I might add."

"What?" Static gasped. "How do you know that?" he asked the ghost boy.

"Oh, you know. We dead boys talk." Danny said with a smile.

"Jeez! Does everyone on this team have a steady girlfriend but me?" Static asked.

"I do." Ben said.

"I do." Ron said.

"And Ranma’s had who knows how many relationships before marrying Serenity." Ichigo said.

"So everyone on this team got a girl but me." Static said with a sad sigh.

"Hey, I don’t have one." Gears said.

"You’re more interested in science that girls." Static retorted.

"No. I understand science better than girls. Doesn’t mean I’m not interested." the blond techie said.

"Then I hope you meet a girl who knows magic. Really throw you off." Static snipped. "What about you, tin man?" Static asked Iron Man.

"Oh, several girlfriends, some of whom are trying to kill me." Iron Man said.

"Speaking of magic, has anyone seen Harry and Xander?" Ben asked.


Meanwhile, Jonn Jonzz was walking past the room that Zatanna and Xander had occupied, right as the door opened up to reveal a panting, nude young man with a bedspread wrapped around his waist. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes, kiss prints all over his face and body and he was breathing hard. He looked at the Martian and gasped.

"Water. I need water, ASAP!" he said.

"Xander come back to bed." Zatanna said.

"Help me." He said as her arms slowly wrapped around him and yanked him in. The door closed, leaving the Martian to look bewildered as he continued on his way.


In a separate room, Raven was totally relaxed. The most relaxed she had ever been in her life. She smiled her head on Harry’s chest, her naked body snuggled up against his in an almost warm caress.

"Did you know I was a virgin?" Harry asked.

Raven lifted her head and looked him in the eye, a smug smile on her lips.

"Really? I took the 'Boy-Who-Lived's virginity?" She asked with a smile. "I feel honored." She said before leaning in to kiss him on the lips.

"Not to brag, but a lot of girls would kill to be in your position right now." Harry said.

"Even Ginny Weasley?" she smirked.

"Especially Ginny." he replied.

"Well, tough! You’re mine now." she said, hugging him tightly.

‘Hope Ron can explain this to Ginny later. That’s what brothers are for, right?' Harry thought.


"BROTHER!" Rei Ayanami McCoy shouted as she leapt across the room and pounced on Falcon.

"Brother?" Wonder Girl gasped as she saw the blue hair, red-eyed, pale-skinned girl snuggle into her new lover.

"They don’t look much alike, do they?" Carol asked.

"Not really." Cassie said to the older blond woman. "So this is your sister, huh?" she asked Shinji.

"Half-sister, actually." a cultured voice said as the teenage amazon turned around and gasped.

"WHOA! Who are you?" Cassie gasped at seeing the blue-furred, animal-like figure in the white lab coat, black pants, and thin-rimmed glasses. She instantly got into a defensive stance.

"My step-father." Falcon said as he struggled to stand up with Rei attached to him. "Cassie, this is Dr. Henry McCoy, the mutant scientist known as The Beast." he said as he walked over to him. "And this is Rei, my half-sister. She’s the daughter of Dr. McCoy and my mother, Yui Ikari."

"That would be me." Elektra said, stepping up to Hank and giving him and affectionate kiss on his furry blue lips.

"And I assume this young lady is another prospective addition to your harem?" Beast asked the young science ninja. ‘If he didn’t care for any of them, I would be very upset.’ he thought.

"Long story." Shinji said with a small blush.

Yui, however, just huffed, as if annoyed.

"Honestly, Shinji! Six lovers and no grandchildren for me yet?" Elektra exclaimed mirthfully.

Shinji’s blush started taking a turn towards a headache and eye-rolling.


(Planet Doom)

In a large, dark-looking, yet regal throne room, a group of powerful and evil men were sitting around a round, black metal table talking. On the wall behind them, were mounted the heads of King Zarkon, Prince Lotor, and Haggar the witch.

"Destroyer has failed." said a voice in a dark room.

"Orochimaru and Osborne has failed as well." Said another.

"Doom knew we shouldn't have trusted those two!" Said Dr. Doom.

"Calm yourself my dear Dr." Said a real smooth voice.

"Let me guess Aizen," he said. "You have another plan? Osborne and that... 'Snake' Orochimaru couldn't hold those accursed Avengers!"

"I don't remember you doing any better my good doctor."

Just then they heard a voice coming in.

"So you men have failed again." the voice said, belonging to a woman in a lavender, strapless, floor length gown. She had dusky skin, green pupils with yellow sclera, a DD-cup bustline; claws painted blood red, fangs and pointed ears.

"Beryl, what are you doing here?" Said Doom.

"Showing you how it is done Victor." She said, a deep voice responded to her.

"If you think you can defeat those heroes, then have at it!" a powerful figure with a booming voice said.

"Thank you mighty Apocalypse." Beryl said and bowed before leaving the room.



"You’re What?" Superman gasped.

"I need to go and spend time with my father, that’s all." Supergirl said.

"You Mean Ranma Really Is Ra-El?"

"Yes." Supergirl said.

"No." Superman said.

"Kal!" the young blond snapped.

"This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!" the man of steel said.

"What’s with you?" Supergirl snapped. "You make it sound like we’re lovers or something, and he’s taking me away to some distant part of the galaxy to have his way with me!"

"Kara, don’t say things like that!" Superman said sternly.

"He’s right. Ranma’s going to take me away to some distant part of the galaxy so that I can have my way with him." Powergirl declared proudly.

Both Superman and Batman just looked at the blond heroine and opened their jaws like a fish.

"Fine! I figured you’d be hard-headed about this. Here!" Supergirl said fortunate that she had brought her portable diary with her.

"What’s this?" Superman asked, taking the mechanized diary from her.

"My diary." the maid of might said, swiping her fingers across the book, which caused it to activate.

Meanwhile, Shinji and the girls had located Ranma, because they needed a favor from him.

"Hey, Ranma, can I ask a favor?" Shinji asked his team leader, with Wondergirl, Ms. Marvel and the rest of his harem and family behind him.

"What’s up?" Ranma asked his daughters and prospective lover behind him.

"Could you set us up with a place for headquarters?" Shinji asked. "The Avengers Mansion and the Science Ninja Field HQ were destroyed by Doom and the others while I was ‘away’."

"I think I can." the martial arts master said. "I’ll have Serenity teleport a new mansion and underground base just outside of Tokyo-3 for you guys to use." he said.

"Thanks boss, you are a life saver." Shinji said as Ranma noticed the relieved expressions on his teammates faces.

"You're welcome. Now, I apologize for acting like the over-protective father, but what's this I hear about my daughter being interested in you?" Ranma asked the science ninja.

"Daughter?" Shinji asked, confused. "Who?"

"Cassandra, she was reincarnated from my daughter Drusilla." he explained.

Cassie looked at Ranma as Shinji looked at Cassie.

"I was wondering why I was getting these weird dreams with you in them." the young amazon said.

"Yeah. Before Kaos attacked New Themyscira, forcing me to leave, I taught you and your sisters how to send your souls through time." Ranma said.

Cassie grabbed Ranma in a tight hug.

"I don't blame you for my death, dad." She said, Ranma hugging her back.

That caught Shinji’s attention.

"What?" the science ninja asked confused by that little statement.

"One of my mortal enemies, Kaos, had possessed me, and I killed Drusilla before her mother, Hippolyta, exorcized me and saved our home." Ranma explained.

"So, you have some dark in you too." Shinji said.

"What are you talking about Shinji?" Cassie asked.

"I was brainwashed in to trying to kill Chief Anderson during my first years as a science ninja by the Galactor." he explained. "I only managed to stab his arm before he neutralized the effects."

His girls looked at him.

"Oh kay, who hasn't been possessed in to being evil?" Cassie asked the members of Shinji’s harem all looked away. She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel were whistling.


Raven’s departure from her teammates was a fairly emotional one. They didn’t want her to leave, but were happy that she had found someone who actually made her happy. Starfire nearly crushed her to death with one of her hugs. While Raven promised to return to her teammates, whom she thought of as family, she had to follow her heart in this matter.

Superman, after reading Kara’s diary, was eventually forced to accept that Ranma was in fact his uncle. Though the man of steel was still having trouble trying to understand all of Ranma’s traveling trips and how this was even possible.

Batman was more concerned that they wouldn’t have Diana’s or Powergirl’s muscle to handle threats that would eventually come up in the future. He grew even more concerned when Diana told him that she had already asked one of her amazon sisters to fill her shoes until she returned. Concerned because of her substitute choice: Artemis, the fierce red-haired amazon!

Wonder Woman had also made sure to send a letter to her mother in regards to what was happening and especially that of Ranma himself.

Superman’s temporary replacement for Powergirl and Supergirl wasn’t much better. But she was the only one in their power-class, so it only made sense that Andromeda of the Legion of Superheroes from the 30th Century be asked to fill in for a while. Having been stuck here in their century due to one of Brainiac’s devices, Andromeda was as powerful as she was beautiful.


Once The Magnificents had departed from the Watchtower, via energy portal courtesy of Serenity, with their allies, (including Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Zatanna, Powergirl, Supergirl, Raven, and The Avengers) back to the Crystal Palace, the team immediately started heading back to their own dimensions.

"Hate to save the universe and run, but..." Harry started to say.

"I know, Harry. See you guys later. Stay on standby!" Ranma said to them.

"Okay," Harry said, before he and Raven headed back to Hogwarts Castle, Hedwig flying after them.

"You got it!" Ron said as he and Rufus jumped into their portal.

Static and Gears waved goodbye as they stepped into their energy portal. Danny was next, followed by Ben.

"Orihime, Rukia and Harribel are waiting on me, so I better get going. But I’ll keep my ears open for your call." Ichigo said.

"Okay. Take care, cuz!" Ranma said as the Shinigami stepped into his portal and headed home.

This left Ranma with his own family, Xander Harris, Shinji, and his extensive family and team.

"Come on, guys. Serenity should have everything in place by now." Ranma said.


(Harry Potter Universe)

Harry and Raven stepped out of Serenity's painting with Hedwig on Raven's shoulder rubbing against her cheek.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say she likes you." Harry said with a smile.

"I like her too." Raven said, gently petting the white owls feather. "So, this is your school?" she asked, looking at the large and ancient castle.

"Yup. Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Founded over a thousand years by the four greatest wizards and witches of their age, who our four houses are named after actually." Harry said, giving a small introduction of the castle itself.

"It’s nice. Old buildings have such history." Raven smiled.

"Which reminds me. We’re going to have to come up with an excuse for your being here." he said.

"Well, you told me about your godfather, right? We can say that he hired me to protect you." she said.

"I like it. Let's go with it." Harry said.

Just then they were approached by an elderly man wearing thin-rimmed glasses, a pointed purple hat, and long, ornate robes.

"Professor Dumbledore!" Harry gasped.

"I’m glad to see you have returned, Harry. And this must be Ms. Roth." the headmaster said.

The pair looked at each other in confusion.

"You know me?" Raven asked.

"Yes. Lady Serenity was kind enough to send me a letter regarding your arrival and situation. I’ve taken the liberty of owling a letter to Sirius, so as to keep him in the know that you are Harry’s new bodyguard and girlfriend." he said with a smirk, before waving his hands, and changing Raven’s blue costume to that of a Hogwarts uniform, with Gryffindor colors and even a scarf, then gave a small bow before leaving.

"How did he..." she started to ask.

"If there’s one thing I’ve come to know about Professor Dumbledore, it’s that there isn’t anything he doesn’t know. Even if you think he doesn’t." Harry said with a smile, before the pair headed out to the Great Hall.

Then they came in to the great hall and went to the Gryffindor table. Raven was now in a cloak and the school's uniform in Gryffindor colors. Everyone looked over and saw them walk in to the room. They sat down at the table and started to eat. Ron and Hermione just stared at the young woman. She was very beautiful to an almost veela like quality, she had long black hair, blue eyes and soft peach skin. She had a red gem in the middle of her forehead and was nicely built.

"Whoa Harry who is that?" Said Ron, Harry was about to introduce her when Draco came up to him.

"Hello, I'm..." He started.

"Draco Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy, Death Eater and loyal servant of Voldermort!" Raven stated.

"Why you slanderous, little..." Draco said, reaching for his wand, only to be sent flying backwards by a blast of dark force energy.

"My name is Raven Roth; I was hired by Sirius Black to protect his godson Harry Potter. No dark lord is going to get past me, without me ending their lives! So I'm putting every MARKED Death Eater on notice: your lives are now like a calendar, your days are numbered!"

Everyone in the Great Hall heard her. The reactions were pretty much the same, though it was Ron who managed to sum up all of their thoughts.

"Bloody Hell!" the red-haired boy said.

End for now
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