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Chapter 6

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Xander's story (part 1)

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Chapter 6

Summary: Xander and Zatanna head to New Sunnydale.

It was a nice and sunny day and on the road just outside of Los Angeles, a portal had opened up. From it emerged a '64 Chevelle had drove out and started to head down the road. Xander Harris was behind the wheel thinking about how everything had changed since his fated meeting with the Kamiryus (1). Sunnydale was now a mecca for 'anti-vampire and anti-demon teams' and was one of the most protected places from Chaos magic in all of reality. It was also a part of LA now.

As he was driving on Sunset Blvd., people started to wave at him. Of course, he waved back. Zatanna had just woken up from her nap and noticed they were in LA.

"We're on the way to Sunnydale?" the beautiful magician asked.

"Yep," the specialist replied. "I can't wait to show you the museum."

At hearing that, Zatanna was curious now. "Why are you taking me to a museum?"

"It's not just any museum. Wait til you see it." he said with a smile.

Eventually, the pair pulled up to a huge campus, passing by a huge fountain, and parking around in the back. Getting out of the car the pair headed in to the rear door of the museum.

Once inside, the female magician was amazed at the sheer size of the building.

"Wow," she said. "What is this place?"

"It’s a branch of the Metropolitan Public Library." Xander said. "This is one of the largest museums in the world. It's also a library."

Just then a young man who looked like Noah Wyle (short brown hair, bluish gray eyes, dressed in a white button-up shirt, brown pants and tennis shoes) approached the pair, reading a book in his left hand while carrying three other books under his right arm.

"Flynn!" Xander called out.

"Wha... Xander? What are you doing back so soon?" Flynn said, placing the book in his hand into the bundle of books under his arm, and shaking Xander’s.

"Oh, it wasn’t a big problem. Just another lunatic trying to destroy the universe. Didn’t even need all my weapons for that one." Xander said. "Oh! Flynn, this is Zatanna Zatara. Zatanna, this is Flynn Carsen, the best Librarian in the world."

"Well. One of them." Flynn said as he shook Zatanna’s hand.

"I thought you were in New York." Xander said.

"Well, the Curator thought it would be good idea to transfer some of the artifacts we collected to a secondary location. I was just catching up on some reading on my way down." Flynn said.

Xander pressed the elevator button to take them down, when all of a sudden, a middle-aged man wearing glasses, a tweed suit and brown loafers, with graying brown hair and brown eyes approached them.

"Giles?" Xander gasped as he weed suit, loafers and glasses.

"Xander!" the older British man said with a smile.

Xander hugged his father figure tightly.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were in the South Pacific on an island somewhere, not thinking about slayers of anything else?" Xander asked.

"I was, but when Flynn offered me a part-time job to curate some of history’s most valuable and magical objects, I couldn’t resist." the man said.

The elevator opened up and the quartet stepped inside.

"Giles, you remember Zatanna, right?"

"Yes, I do." Giles said with a smile, "Las Vegas. Coyote Demon, wasn’t it?"

"It was. Too bad you didn’t stay for the show. Xander actually defeated Felix Faust when he tried to steal my powers." Zatanna said.

"Did you get anything from him?" Giles asked.

"A small scar and his scepter." Xander said. "I think I added it to my collection a while back."

"You’re collection?" Giles asked.

"Yeah, Xander actually has an impressive collection of artifacts and trophies." Flynn said. "The Library actually made Xander an honorary member, even let him keep a workshop here."

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. The quartet stepped out and into a large white hallway that was lined with book cases. Each bookcase was filled to the brim with books of various sizes.

"Now what?" Zatanna asked.

"Speak roughly to your little boy, And beat him when he sneezes: " Flynn said.

"He only does it to annoy, Because he knows it teases. " Xander said.

Suddenly, the bookcase split down the middle, both sides opened up like a pair of doors.

"What?" Zatanna asked.

"It’s a quote from Lewis Carroll." Giles explained.

"Alice In Wonderland. " she stated.


"Didn’t he go insane, or something?"

"Yes. Wrote some of his best works in the asylum."

The quartet walked through the bookcase, which closed behind them after they were all inside. The female magician looked around, first noticing the large trophy room on the right side. There before her were all the trophies and spoils of war from Xander’s battles since joining the Magnificents. Giles actually smiled when he realized that the trophies on the right actually belonged to Xander. He saw swords, scepters, armor pieces, various weapons and treasures, statues, tapestries and scrolls.

On the left side of the large room, displayed in their own exhibit-like stands, were Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir (2); a large stone chest filled with cursed Aztec gold; Perseus’s sword used to banish Hades to the underworld; the two silver chalices of Ponce de León; the magical Sword of Triton; Dr. Totenkopf’s deactivated robot assistant/assassin from the 1930's; Attila the Hun’s war axe; Temujin’s silver coffin; a mystical three-sided Tibetan dagger called the Phurba; a living Phoenix; the Monkey Paw; Achilles’s chariot; the Sword of Troy; two of the five Sankara Stones from India; and Sherlock Holmes pipe.

These were the items that belonged to the Librarians.

"When Flynn told me that these were yours, I was truly impressed." Giles said. "If you need any help to categorize them, keep them clean and such, I could free up some spare time. I’d also like to know the history behind each of them."

"I’d actually be happy to tell you the story." Xander said.

However, unknown to them, Faith and Willow had followed them. Willow actually having the password to get into the library, thanks to Giles.

Now, the girls hadn't seen Xander since Buffy had basically kicked him out of the ‘Scoobies’ a few years ago, so when they saw him, they rush/tackled him to the floor.

"OOMPH!!" Xander gasped.

"XANDER!" They shouted, hugging him tightly. He hugged them back just as tight; they helped him up as Faith saw Zatanna.

"Oh hey Z.," the slayer said as she hugged the magician.

"Hello, Faith," Zatanna said.

Flynn left his friends to their reunion, going back to his own work. The group went to Xander’s workshop, to sit down and just relax.

There they talked about old times and what Xander was doing now that he wasn't a member of the Scoobies anymore. Zatanna was not happy about what happened to her new 'Cuddle Monkey' and the 100-yd glare at Faith and Willow could attest to that.

"Ms. Zatara," started Willow. "It wasn't our fault; we wanted him to stay with us."

"Yeah, B just couldn't handle the fact that X saved all of our lives more times than we could count." Faith said. "It just ate at her, and don't get me started with the fact he was and still is a champion of the Elder Gods."

"So, not one slayer could be in the champions tournament?" Zatanna asked.

"Yeah, even I'm a little jealous. What win was this one X?" Faith asked.

Xander had to think for a minute.

"15." Xander said, reaching in to his 'stuff space pocket' and pulled out Shao Khan's helmet. "Oh yeah, I have one more surprise. TARA!" Just then a very beautiful young woman had walked up behind him. She was in a yellow sun dress and had blond hair and green eyes.

Willow was in shock.

"Tara? Is that you?" She said.

"Hello Willow," she said as she went over to her former lover, hugged and kissed her. "Mr. Giles," hugged and kissed him. "Faith," hugged and kissed her. "I’ve missed all of you."

"Hey, I'm going to order a pizza," Xander said. "Any preferences?"

"Anything with a lot of meat on it," said Zatanna.

Xander nodded and ordered 10 'ultimate meats' pizzas.

When Xander went to get the food, the pizza guy delivering to the museum and library upstairs, he came back carrying ten large pizza boxes.

"Are you sure this is enough food?" Giles asked, being sarcastic.

"You're right, Giles," said Xander. "Should've ordered 20."

Giles sweat-dropped.

Suddenly, one of the boxes in Xander’s collection started to wobble and shake.

The Phoenix that was on the Librarian’s side of the large room, started to squawk.

"Hey, X? Uh... something’s going on out here." Faith shouted, having heard the Phoenix squawk.

The group ran into the main hallway, right as the stone case that was wobbling had fallen off the pedestal and broke open, releasing a powerful demonic-looking creature.

"What is that?" Zatanna gasped.

"Oh, no! He’s awake!" Xander gasped.

"He?" Faith asked.

"Well, more like an ‘It’, but, it kinda looks more male than female." Xander said.

"Okay. Sure."

The creature before them was crouched on all four legs. It was massive, about the size of a water buffalo, with muscular pale skin, large claws on both front and hind legs, long sharp fangs in its large gaping mouth, no tail, no eyes, but it had a large pair of flaring nostrils.

The creature roared as it looked around, despite not having any eyes. It sniffed the air and then rushed towards both Xander and Zatanna.

"Move!" Xander shouted.

"Whoa!" Willow cried out.

"Hey! Over Here!" Faith shouted, trying to get the beasts attention.

"What is that thing?" Zatanna asked.

"A Vampiric Bull-Demon." Xander explained.

"A what?"

"A demonic bull that was bitten by a vampire. Apparently some eccentric bloodsucker thought to make themselves a super tough pet/guardian for their lair. Only problem was, it was too strong to control."

"It turned on its creator." Zatanna deduced.

"Yeah. Kind of a sad story if you think about it."

"Actually, it makes me laugh."

"Distract it!" Xander shouted as he raced back into his workshop.

Running over to an extremely large silver cabinet, Xander opened the doors to reveal a massive collection of weapons. There were knives, swords, guns, rifles, and machine guns. Most of them looking like they had been pulled out of a bunch of different Sci-Fi shows.

Grabbing a couple of weapons, which looked like NERF had made them for the Vortex series, Xander rushed back out into the trophy room in time to see Faith and Tara down, Giles and Willow on the other side of the room, and Zatanna trying to fend off the creature with her wand.

"Z! MOVE!" Xander shouted as he raised a large high-tech handgun and fired. A glowing energy disc flew towards the monster Bull, slamming into its shoulder.

The creature screamed in pain as it turned towards Xander.

The beast charged as Xander pulled out his other weapon.

This weapon was smaller than his first handgun, and looked like a heavily modified double-barrel mini-shotgun.

The beast leapt at Xander, as Xander fired his mini-shotgun right at the vampire-bull. The bullets of concentrated garlic and silver blasted the bull and caused it incredible pain. As was evident when it cried out in pain, and crashed into the floor, sliding along the marble floor all the way into Xander’s workshop.

Twitching and whimpering on the ground, the Vampire-bull was practically immobilized when Xander walked up to it and pulled out a small silver square from behind his back. The top opened up as a beam of light washed over the vampire-bull and pulled him into the box. The top closed and Xander sighed in relief.

Zatanna, Giles, Willow, Tara and Faith walked up to Xander, looking shocked at what he had just done.

"You.... I don’t.... I mean I kinda figured..." Faith started to say.

"What?" Xander asked as they walked back into his workshop.

"That thing thrashed us like a bunch of rag dolls, and you take it out like nothing." Tara said.

"With the weapons he made himself." Zatanna stated.

"God! B was so wrong about you. You need our protection? Right!" Faith said sarcastically.


Once the silver box was placed in a special cabinet, next to the weapons case, Xander was working on the deactivated weapon he had taken from Destroyer. He took the core and put it in to a lead lined chute, sending it all the way to a special container in the middle of the Earth. No one would be able to reach it, and if they tried, they would burn up in to ash.

He then took the now harmless rifle and placed it in one of his collectible weapons lockers. (The silver cabinet was where he kept his personally-made weapons)

"So what was that thing, X?" Faith asked, chewing on another slice of pizza.

"Part of one of the most deadliest weapons in all of reality." He said, "I'm talking about ripping the fabric of time/space here."

"Yeah," said Zatanna. "So what's with the fountain? You said you'd tell."

Xander sighed as he sat down as his main desk that had his laptop on it.

"Well to understand that I'd have to tell you about the 'Scoobies'." Xander started.


1. Ranma and Serenity's new last name
2. Not the Avengers one.
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