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Chapter 7

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Xander's story (part 2)

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Chapter 7

Summary: Xander explains everything to Zatanna.

So Xander told Zatanna about the Scoobies and what they had done before he had become a member of the Magnificents. Just then they heard someone walking in, “and if it wasn't for him.” Said a voice in a Caribbean accent, “I'd still be worm food.” Everyone but Xander looked over and saw the formally dead Slayer; she was in a T-shirt, jeans and sandals. Her hair was long and braided everyone was in shock at whom they were seeing.

“K-Kendra?” Said Giles.

“Hello, Mr. Giles.” She said, “Willow. You must be Faith,” the 'East-coast' slayer nodded then she looked at Zatanna. “Who are you?”

“Zatanna Zatarra,” she said. “Magician and Sorceress extraordinaire and Xander's personal love slave.” Xander smacked his hand over his face. Kendra cocked an eyebrow.

“You're one too?” She said Xander quickly lifted his head up in fear.

“Wait a minute,” said Faith. “I thought I was the only one, I've got the collar and everything.” They looked at Faith's neck and sure enough there was a collar with a tag on it with the words 'Property of Xander Harris' on it.

“Oh brother,” he said. Zatanna smirked. “Zatanna, I know that look, don't do it!”

“!sgat xes lla su eivG” She said and with that Kendra, Tara, Willow and herself had collars and tags on their necks.

“I hate you, you know that.” Zatanna just giggled. “Okay, Giles? You going to stay here or do you have someplace to stay?”

“No, I was hoping if you could put me in for a while.”

“Sure, I got a big house. Anyone else?” They agreed and they got in to their cars with Giles and Kendra riding with Xander and Zatanna and they head for a huge manor.

Once there, Xander was grabbed on to by a smoking hot, platinum blond woman in a red dress. “XANDER!” She said and kissed him on the lips.

The others were in shock, “uh X?” Said Faith, “who is this?” As the girl was covering his face with kisses.

“Sil, stop!” He said, “help!” Just then as Zatanna was about to use a spell to pull the rabid girl off of her lover, Sil was cover in a lavender aura and pulled away from him. Xander was gasping for air, his face was covered in kiss prints and was breathing hard. “Thanks Laura.” He said, everyone were looking around for this 'Laura' and they looked up. She was in a purple bathing suit, stocking boots, garter, hooded cloak, a domino mask and opera length gloves.

“You are quite welcome Alex.” She floated down, hugged and kissed him.

“Are the others here?”

“They are,” she looked over to the others. “Hello, I am called 'Nightveil'.”

“I'll introduce you to my friends once we meet in the main room.” Said Xander, she nodded and went to get the others.

“Well X,” said Faith. “Um, do we now have to call you 'Heff'?”

“No, come on.” They walked in to a huge living room, inside was a fireplace with a huge flat screen TV over it, trophies on the mantle, huge leather couches, chairs, a huge coffee table, a huge bay window, plants at the corners, baby grand piano by the bay window, guitars by that, speakers by the walls, an entrance to the dining room, a huge stereo system and on the coffee table was a huge picture of milk with a platter of warm cookies.

“Let's sit down and relax, I'll introduce you to the girls.” That was when they came down to the living room. He handed the platter of cookies to Sil and she took a couple. “Okay guys, this is 'Femforce'.” Giles' eyes widened, “I see you know who they are Giles.”

“One of the greatest all-female teams from World War 2?” He said, “yes I heard of them.”

“Well, let me introduce you.” He motioned to Sil, “this is Silva Synn.” Then he motioned to the patriotic blondes, “Joan Wayne and her daughter, Jennifer.” They waved, then there was a very beautiful woman with long platinum blond hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in a gold and orange bodysuit, “this is Dr. Maya.” Then a woman dressed in all red, bodysuit and boots. She also had on a bomber jacket, long, curly brown hair and green silted eyes, “Jessica Hunt.” Next was Nightveil, “Laura Wright.” Finally came a tall, statuesque woman in a cammo bikini, with black hair and blue eyes, “and Tara Fremont. Ladies, these are my friends. Rupert Giles, Willow Rosenberg, Faith, Kendra, Tara McClay and Zatanna Zatara.”

“I saw one of your shows,” said Joan. “You are great!”

“Thank you, Ms. Wayne.” She said, then she looked at Nightveil, “do you know a young woman named Rachel Roth?”

“No, why do you ask?” She said.

Later, everyone was either relaxing or getting some sleep as Xander was out on the porch. Nightveil came up behind him, “I sense something is troubling you Alex.” She said, “What is it?”

He sighed and sat down, “it's nothing.” He said.

“Is it about the Magnificents?”

“How did you...?”

“After we bonded, you have become an open book to me. You are worried about them?”

“Yeah, I'm a specialist one of the best. I fought in so many wars that there is no doubt the Kamiryus took me in to their family but I can't help but to worry. Something big is coming and we might not be ready for it.”

“I can check if you want.”

“We might need all hands on deck for this one.”

“I shall see what I can do.” With that she left, then Zatanna came up to him.

“Do you really think it's going to be that bad?” She said.


Unknown to them something was about to attack Neo-Sunnydale, something big.

A huge military convoy had showed up just outside of the town. “This looks like the place.” Said the lead driver, with that they drove in to the town. 'Soon Harris, very soon.'

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