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Chapter 8

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Ranma comes home and gives his mom the one thing she's always wanted.

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After Ranma had helped Shinji's team get settled in and talked to Serenity about the baby he headed for home with Kara, Diana and Karen. “You sure you guys want to meet my mom?” He asked the girls smiled.

“I want to meet Lady Nodoka,” said Kara.

“Okay let's go.” So they went to the front door. He opened it and they walked in. “Mom, I'm back!” Just then he was grabbed on to by a beautiful red headed young woman. She looked like Ranma as a female.

“Hey bro!” She said, she was in green track pants, a T-shirt and slippers.

“Hey sis,” he said. “Mom here?”

“Yeah, she's in the sitting room. Who's this?”

“This is Kara Ra-el or should I say Kara Saotome your niece.” Ranko's jaw hit the floor.

“My WHAT?”

“Nice to meet you Aunt Ranko,” she bowed to her.

“This is going to be so weird. Nice to meet you Kara.”

“This is Princess Diana Saotome,” he said.

“Let me guess, another niece?” Said Ranko.

“Yep,” Diana bowed as well.

“Nice to meet you Ranko.” Said Diana.

“Let me guess,” said Ranko indicating Karen.

“No, she's my wife.” He said, “Meet Karen Starr.”

“Hello,” she said. Ranko was stunned speechless.

“Nice to meet you Karen,” said Ranko. Karen shook her hand, “what do you for living?”

“I own a technology company,” she said. “You?”

“I'm Ranma's partner in an entertainment company.”

“An entertainment company?” They looked at him and he shrugged.

“It's called 'Garden of Eden Entertainment'.”

“What do you do?” Said Kara, “is it all entertainment?”

“Music, movies, Not Those Type Of Movies Karen! Uh, video games, toys and clothes.” He started to go in to the sitting room to get Nodoka.

(Sitting room)

Nodoka Saotome was sitting down relaxing and drinking tea when Ranma walked in. “Mom?” Said Ranma, she looked over to him and smiled.

“Welcome home Ranma.” She said, “how was the tour?”

“It was great, I want you to meet someone.” He took her hand and pulled her out to meet his daughters and wife.

“Wait, who are they?”

“What is the one thing you've wanted to have ever since we met again?”

“Grand... Children?” He nodded, “YOU GOT ME GRANDCHILDREN?” She glompped him tightly.

“Now mom, they're not kids anymore but...”

“I understand, they're still your children.”

“Yes and all will be explained when I get a chance.”

“I understand, let me meet my grandchildren.” So they walked out and to the others.

“Okay, Kara Diana, this is your grandmother, Nodoka Saotome. Mom, this is Kara Saotome and Princess Diana Saotome of the Amazons.” Nodoka glared at Diana, “Not those Amazons. She is a real Amazon.”

“It's nice to meet you grandmother.” They said.

“It's nice to meet you too.” Then she saw Karen, “who is this?”

“My name is Karen Starr.” She said.

“She's also my wife.” Said Ranma, “oh yeah. There is one more thing I forgot to tell you.”


“Serenity's pregnant.” Ranko and Nodoka just looked at him.

“She Is?” They said.

“Yep, I just thought you might want to know.”

“How did you find out?” Said Ranko.

“During the trip, she let it slip.” Ranko grabbed him and gave him a big hug.

“I can't believe it.” She said, “you're not joking with me are you?”

“Diana?” He said.

“He's not joking, Serenity is pregnant.”

“You're going to be an elder sister.” Said Karen to Diana.

“We have to celebrate, my son had brought home my granddaughters with another one on the way.” Said Nodoka.

“Yeah, I'm happy too.” Said Ranma, “so what say you sis?”

“Oh I'm happy, but what about 'you-know-who'?” She said.

“Don't worry, I think the child's elder sisters will protect her.” They smiled, “so what do you say we have some dinner?”

“Alright.” Said Karen.

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