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Chapter 9

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The team gets a new member.

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Chapter 9

In the Antarctic, there was a young man walking trying to find shelter. He was dressed in a red bodysuit and amber goggles. He collapsed, in the snow, just then someone came up to him. “This is ‘Arctic Wolf’,” he said in a Russian accent. “I have found someone out here I think he is a ‘cape’.”

Roger that Wolf, do you need the ‘team’?

“No, get de Boss he should suffice.”

Roger that, we’ll inform him. Headquarters, out.

Later a huge jet went in to a cave and in to a base. It landed and the ramp had come down. Then guards had came out, behind them was a young man. He was dressed in a black and white body suit, a white cloak, boots and gloves. On his back was the Dragon’s Lance, with him was his daughters Diana and Kara. Of course it was Ranma Saotome.

“Where is he?” He asked.

“In the thawing chambers,” said a doctor. So they went there.

“So, he just appeared out of nowhere?” Said Diana.

“Yes ma’am,” they walked to the warming chambers. Inside was a young, red haired man, Diana and Kara looked in stunned surprise.

“He looks like Wally.” Said Diana, Kara nodded.

“Hmm,” said Ranma. “What is the plan?”

“We’re trying to get him stronger and resistant to the air.” Ranma growled Diana and Kara looked confused.

“The air?” Said Kara.

“Back during World War 2, the Nazis succeeded in making super soldiers, I was ordered to go, stop and kill any and everything. Well, during the fight a rocket was launched and was going to destroy humanity once it blew up in the atmosphere which turned the very air we breathe in to a deadly mix, if one did not have super powers or abilities of their own.”

“But if this is who we think it is why is he getting something for the air?” Said Diana.

“He’s from a different universe.”

“So his body couldn’t adapt to the air.” Said Kara.


“So, what’s going to happen to him?”

“I don’t know.”

“We’ll give him the formula, it’s a better and more enhanced version of the super soldier formula.” Said a doctor.

“Okay, let me know when he is ready.” Said Ranma, “we’ll contact someone to get him.” So they headed back home.

“Diana, contact Wally, tell him we need to talk.” Said Ranma.

“Yes father,” she said. So she did and the next day the Flash was at the breakfast table having breakfast with Ranma and his family.

“Thanks for inviting me to breakfast Ran.” He said he was in a red bodysuit with a white spot with a lightning bolt through it on his chest and golden boots. He had his head mask on with lightning bolts on the sides of his head.

“No prob, Wally.” Said Ranma as he was serving pancakes, Diana, Karen and Kara were also eating. Diana was in a T-shirt for ‘Garden of Eden’ entertainment, shorts and sandals, Kara was in a shirt and jeans and Karen was in one of Ranma’s shirts and shorts. “I wanted to talk to you anyway.”

“Okay, what’s up?” He said as he started to cut in to his stack of pancakes.

Ranma sat down and started to drink his coffee, “We had found someone in the Antarctic and well. Take a look,” so he pulled out some of the pictures and showed them to Wally. Wally put down his fork and looked at the pictures.

“What the?” He said.

“He looks like you doesn’t he?”

“Yeah,” he said. “When I was Kid Flash.”

“That’s what we thought as well,” said Diana.

“So you guys found a kid that looks like Wally?” Said Karen.

“That’s what it looks like.” Said Ranma.

“Okay, I want to meet this kid.” Said Wally.

“Sure, I’ll see what we can do.”

Meanwhile the kid was having some nice dreams about a blond female archer and he woke up. “Ugh, where am I?” He said just then he heard a voice.

Hello young man,” it was female and had a Russian accent. He looked over to her. She had long black hair and grey eyes she was dressed like a doctor. “I am Dr. Yuri Sarutori, you are in the ‘Basement’. A top secret base for the Magnificents, can you tell me who you are?

“Wally,” he said. “Wally West.” If Yuri was surprised, she didn’t show it.

How did you get here?” He told her he was trying to help save the world with his team mates in Young Justice and his uncle and some kind of backwash of energy hit him.

“What’s going on?”

We can help you settle in here because there is no way we can get you home. Maybe Serenity can but I don’t know if it will work.” Wally sighed.

“I understand,” he said. So he was healing and was waiting on when he could be released.

A couple of weeks later, Ranma had walked in and saw ‘young’ Wally. “How you doing kid?” He said.

I’m fine, just want to get out of here.” He said, “Who are you?

“Name’s Ranma Saotome,” he said. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you out of there. We’re going to release you right now.”

Thanks but aren’t we in the Antarctic?

“That’s why I brought this.” He showed him a gold and red bodysuit. It looked like his old uniform. “This thing can take a nuke and you would only feel a tickle. It’s also extremely soft as silk, this is what you are going to be wearing when you get out of there.”

Okay,” so he was taken out of the chamber and took a shower. He dried off and started to slip on the bodysuit. Later, he went to Ranma’s office.

“Come in,” he said. So he walked in, “ah finally, we get to meet without three feet of plexi-glass between us. Sit down, I have an offer for you.” So he made his offer to join the Magnificents as they did not have a ‘speedster’. “We are one of the powerful and successful superhero teams in reality. We would like it if you’d join us.”

“I’d be honored to join you.” He said, Ranma grabbed Wally’s hand and shook it.

“Welcome to the Magnificents.” He said.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts, things were about to change and for the better for Harry. It was after Raven's announcement and the Gryffindors where in their common room talking to Raven and Harry as they had relaxed on the couch. Ron and Ginny were glaring at them for different reasons. Ron because here was this smoking hot girl and she's with Harry, Ginny because this slut is with her Harry. “So, what happened when you left?” Asked Hermione.

“Well, it was a kidnapping mission.” He said, “We were hired to rescue this cutie here.” Motioning towards Raven, “why don't you reintroduce yourself?”

Blushing she did, “I am Raven Roth. I was going to be used as a sacrifice for a spell.” She said, “Harry saved my life. So I figured I'd return the favor. So, when I heard that Sirius Black needs someone to protect Harry, I jumped at the chance.” She looked at him with love in her eyes. It was his turn to blush, “any questions?”

“Where'd you come from?” Asked Collin Creevy, “You look too good to be true.”

“Well, I am from the States yes. But, I am originally from a place called: 'Nevermore'. It's just parallel to this dimension.”

“So, you're from another dimension?” Said Hermione.

“Yes, when we were together. I wrote Mr. Black asking for employment to protect Harry.”

Meanwhile, Sirius had just finished reading the letter that Raven sent to him.

Mr. Sirius Orion Black,

My name is Raven Roth and I was rescued by your godson, Harry James Potter.

'As usual, Harry and his saving people thing.' He chuckled.

I was about to be used in a ritual as a sacrifice to destroy all life on Earth.

Sirius was thinking about what would've happened if he had failed.

I am writing to you to let you know that I am going to be his bodyguard against the remaining Death Eaters that want him dead. I will be willing to meet you over the Christmas Holidays.

'If the pup got some young woman's fancy, I can't wait to meet her.'

He has told me a lot about you, don't worry, I don't believe a word of it.

He chuckled.

I can't to meet you.

'Neither can I.'


Rachel ‘Raven’ Roth

Then he got a letter from Neo-Queen Serenity.

Mr. Sirius Black,

I am Serenity, Neo-Queen of Earth and White Empress of Order. My husband and I were told about you by your godson, Harry Potter, about what had happened and have decided to help you. As of right now, a letter has been sent by Queen Elisabeth II herself to the Ministry of Magic, telling them that you didn't have a trail and have been ordered to either give you a trial or let you go. I hope you will be getting your trial and found innocent of all crimes.


Serenity, Neo-Queen of Earth and White Empress of Order

'I hope so too your highness,' he thought. 'I hope so too.'

Meanwhile Harry and Raven had made it to their DADA class and the ‘Pink Toad’ Umbridge was trying her damnest to rile Harry up when she did the one thing she should have done. “Ms. Roth,” she said. “Please leave my room. Mr. Potter doesn’t need you anymore.” Harry slowly stood up as Hermione grabbed his arm.

“Okay, that’s it!” He said, “through out this entire year you have been trying to get my attention, well guess what Umbridge? You got it!” He slowly walked up to her as Raven floated next to him and landed on her feet. “Let get this party started. Okay, first off I am a lord thanks to the headmaster and our esteemed minister of magic forcing me to perform in the Tri-Wizard tournament.”

“About that,” she interrupted. “Where are the ones that helped you in the final task?”

“I’m not telling,” he said. “besides why are you interested anyway? I thought I lied about everything that happened on that task? An attention seeking brat, remember, that is what you said right? Moving on, thanks to them two, I am now Lord of the most ancient and noble house in all of Wizard Britain. Second; Ms. Roth is not going any where as she is my personal bodyguard. So why do you want her gone?”

“That is none of your concern.” She said.

“She is my bodyguard,” he said. “It is my concern. I personally think that you want to try to hurt me. Since you can’t touch me legally.”

“I think this so-called minister of magic doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. So he sends one of his lackies out to harms you.” Said Raven, Umbridge was mad.

“1000 points from Gryffindor!” She said, “And detention with me Ms. Roth.”

“Not going to serve it, all because I hurt your feelings?”

“Besides, if you take one point from Gryffindor I’ll make your life a living hell.” Said Harry, “besides she only follows my orders. So, um yeah don’t be expecting her there.”

“Well then, you’ll serve it for her!”

“Nope, I have too much to do. Besides, I think we should see other people.” Umbridge was getting madder by the minute.

“Then I will make it so that you’ll be…”

“Expelled? Sure go right on ahead, expel me and lose your job. I got everything on the entire Fudge administration, you’d be lucky if you’ll be a clerk.” Umbridge was cowed and the bell rang for the next class, “oh and that’s the bell too. I was have so much fun destroying you and your so called pride. See you next round Umbridge.” With that the class left the room and head for the next class.

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