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Just Not That in to Her

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Two friends who are huge fans of Guns n' Roses finally get their chance to meet them after running away from, and one of them falls in love with Duff. But he's just not that into her.

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My friend and I are huge fucking fans of a new band we heard this one time in L.A.

They were called Guns n' Roses. We saw that they were playing their first gig, so we had gotten interested. As soon as we heard their first song, which was called "Nightrain" or something, we got hooked.

We wanted to stay in L.A. to go to another one of their gigs, but then again, we are only 16 and we had sneaked in their. Both of our parents never found out luckily. But we had to go back to our shitty town since we were on vacation there.

But we weren't missing our fucking opportunity to meet them. Hell no! So we decided to run away. Hey, we have enough clothes and money, so why not?

"Hey Taylor, can you give me a hand with these bags?" My best friend, Sonny had said sounding overwhelmed by the huge bags she was lugging. I laughed and extended my arms to carry one of the bags she was carrying, and groaned when she dropped one of them in my hands. Holy shit, they were heavy. "Fuck Sonny what do you have in here, bricks?" I joked while resisting to drop the bag.

It was a good thing that they were close to the apartment that they were going to be staying in. When I saw a huge set of stairs to go up, I gave up and just dragged the bag up the steps. The steps were surprisingly clean even though they were in an alley.

When we got into the apartment, we saw that it wasn't actually that bad... There were two small beds, a bathroom, and a working kitchen. We hit the jackpot if you asked me.

The gig was tonight, so we put on clothes that made us look as hot as possible. Sadly, I didn't really have much that complimented my really awkward body. I had small boobs and I was pretty short (5' 4" to be exact). But I had a big ass, which was the only the only thing about me that I thought was hot. Oh, and my eyes are pretty cool I guess. They were like a gray-green. I looked over to my friend who was putting on a black laced corset and frowned. She had a perfect body, and a perfect face. Her boobs were huge and she was pretty curvy. Not too skinny, and not big. She had huge eyes, and full lips. She was a brunette, and her hair was perfect too. She never really had to so anything to it. It was up to her ass and it had really nice waves. I really did envy her.

"Hey, what are you looking at?" Sonny asked, observing me. I snapped out of it and went back to putting on my clothes. "Oh nothing." I muttered while slipping on a pair of leather pants which really complimented my ass and a white off-the-shoulder tee. I teased my bright dyed red hair and sprayed a shit-load of hairspray all around it. I didn't bother to put on any make-up since it wouldn't make me look any prettier.

"You ready Sonny?" I asked while suddenly feeling insecure when I saw her outfit. "Yeah." She murmured as she made one final glance at herself in the mirror. "Alrighty, let's go." I squeaked while making a slight fake smile. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to meet the guys. But I'm not even sure if they'd like me. Especially the bassist. He was the one that I really liked. But I'd be lucky if they'd even acknowledge me with Sonny in the room.

I looked at my watch and it was 8:30. Great, 30 minutes until the show. We arrived at a bar called Whisky a Go Go really early since the it was pretty close to our house. When we got in, guys were immediately flocking towards Sonny, and I distance myself away from them. "Sonny, I'll be outside!" I called to her, but she was too busy flirting with a hot brunette.
Well, she really is a dick magnet.

I stepped outside of the bar and got a Malboro out of my purse. I only usually smoked when I got stressed or some shit, so it wasn't really a problem for me. I took a long drag and slowly blew out the smoke. Seeing that there was still 10 minutes till' they perform, I took a walk along the Sunset Strip. When I walked back to the Whisky a Go Go, I ran into some and fell straight on my ass. "Shit." I muttered when I realized that my cigarette fell out of my mouth. I looked up and saw a guy with black, greasy shoulder length hair. He had a cigarette hanging from his mouth, and held his hand out. I grabbed his hand and pulled myself up then dust my shirt off. "Sorry." The mysterious guy chuckled. "Naw it's ok, just pissed that I dropped my last cigarette." I sighed. He made a little "hm" sound and dug into his pocket. He then pulled out a pack of Malboros and offered me one. I took the cigarette and made a small smile at him. After I took a good look at him, I realized that he was one of the band members. Holy shit! "Hey.. aren't you one of the band members playing tonight? Guns n' Roses?" I let out nervously. He laughed a little and replied, "Yeah. You comin' to watch us?" I took a moment to register all of this, and finally nodded. "Hey well, the name's Izzy if you didn't already know." He looked at me up and down then asked, "Oh, you wanna come backstage after the show? The security won't mind, I'll tell them that you'll be coming. Oh by the way, what's your name?" I smiled at his request and my heart started beating faster and faster. "I-I'd love to go backstage! By the way, my name's Taylor. I have a friend inside. Her name Sonny. Can she come along? I mean, if you don't mind." His eyes lit up when I agreed to go. "Sure, I wouldn't mind. The shows about to start in a few. Anyway, don't be shy to come! I'd be sad if a pretty girl like you stood me up." He joked then turned around and descended into the backstage of the bar. I didn't know whether to scream or to faint, but I did none, not wanting to gain any stares from the on-goers passing by. I walked inside and told her what had just happened. She nearly fainted when I told her that I met Izzy. "Oh my god, I can't believe that you met him!" She squealed. "I know, I can't believe it either." I muttered. "Did he seem interested in you?" She asked, eyes widening. I nearly burst out into laughter, but she made a semi-serious face a few seconds after. "Okay, I'm not sure. But I did see him look at me up and down." I whispered. As Sonny was about to speak, we heard the crowd screaming and saw the band walking on to stage. "Holy crap it's them!" Sonny exclaimed. She ran off into the crowd without me. I asked the bartender for a glass of vodka and drank it quickly, immediately feeling the burn in my throat. Quickly giving the glass back to the bartender, I made my way through the crowd, finally finding Sonny right in front of the stage. I looked around at my surroundings, and knew that this would be a pretty fucking kick ass night.
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