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Chapter 2

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Taylor's finally backstage, but it wasn't the scenario that hoped.

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"HEY FUCKERS, SUCK ON GUNS N' FUCKING ROSES." A guy with a black top hat and hair covering his face, yelled into the microphone. We then heard the introduction to 'Night Train'. We screamed our asses off, and Izzy seemed to notice me cheering. He winked at me and continued playing. I can't believe he remembered me! Sonny tapped Taylor's shoulder and shouted over the crowd, "IS THAT THE GUY YOU TALKED TO OUTSIDE?" I nodded and proceeded to watch the band play.

They were like fucking machines! The singer jumped around the stage with so much energy, the drummer was quick and brought great charisma to them. The big-haired guitarist was fucking amazing. The blonde on bass was so hot, and literally made girls faint. And Izzy, well he looked really mysterious on stage, since he wasn't really in the spotlight. Just more like the background man. But the rhythm of the songs were still amazing. Most of the girls in the audience took their tops off to get their attention, or threw bras and thongs on the stage. I laughed at how much the girls wanted attention from them. But then again, Sonny and I did come here hoping to meet them. When the show ended, the red-headed singer picked up all the undergarments from the stage and winked at them. They got all fan-girly and screamed, "Fuck me."

"Hey, let's go see them now!" Sonny said excitedly. "The singer was amazing.. I really wanna get with him." Sonny said sexually. I hit her arm playfully and she started laughing. We walked backstage and saw a big, buff guy guarding double doors. "How can I help you ladies?" He asked.

"Hi, I'm Taylor. I think Izzy told you that we were coming?"

"Oh, come in."

We walked inside and saw 4 guys sitting on couches, except the bassist. "Hey Taylor!" Izzy said cooly as he got off the couch to hug me. "I didn't think you'd actually come." Izzy joked. "Well did you really think that I'd have stood you up?" I chuckled. He laughed, and the 3 other guys flocked up to Sonny. "Hey girl, you up to fuck?" Slash said openly. "Uhhh." Sonny murmured awkwardly. "You're fucking hot." Axl blurted out. Sonny blushed and muttered, "Thanks." I looked at her and cocked my eyebrow, smiling. She rolled her eyebrows and gave me the oh-so magical finger.

I started laughing, and the guys looked back at me. I stopped laughing and just waved at them awkwardly. They then proceeded to flirt with Sonny. "Hey Duff!" Izzy shouted to my right. I looked towards the direction that Izzy was shouting to and my jaw dropped. The hot bassist walked out of a room, drinking a bottle of vodka. "Hey Izzy." He said casually. He walked past us, hardly even noticing that I was there. I frowned and Izzy probably noticed. "Duff, I wanna introduce you to someone." Izzy said. "Alright." Duff replied. Izzy put his hand on my back and leaded me towards the couch Duff was sitting on. "Duff, this is Taylor. Taylor, this is Duff." Izzy introduced. "Hi." He said, barely even looking at me. "H-hey." I stuttered. He just sat there, not showing any emotion. I just stood there, pursing my lips. Giving up on trying to get his attention, I made my way to a single-seat couch and sat, disappointed. Izzy followed and examined my expression. "What's wrong?" Izzy asked curiously. "Well, I kind of have a thing for that blonde sitting over there." I admitted. Izzy looked back and saw Duff. "What, Duff? Don't worry, he doesn't give a fuck about much." Izzy said. I protruded my lips, and Izzy sat on my lap. "What the hell are you doing? You're fucking heavy!" I scolded. He just sat there laughing at me, not even budging. I shrugged it off and just rested my head on my hand, which was on the couch.

"I bet he has a boner right now!" A goofy looking, puffy-haired blonde joked. Everyone started laughing, but me, Izzy, and Duff. "Shut up." Izzy chuckled. Duff just got up and proceeded into the other room again. I pouted since he seemed to have absolutely no interest in me. "Hey, you wanna go back to our place with us?" Axl had asked the two girls. They both agreed happily and the left the rest of the guys there. Steven and Slash started grumbling as they had left.

At the Apartment
The apartment that Axl and Izzy lived in was like a train-wreck. The wallpaper was peeling from the walls, and you'd occasionally see a few bugs scurrying across the floor. Sonny screamed when she saw a bug run around her. "You know what, let's go in my room." Axl declared. He put his arm around Sonny then grabbed her ass, and led her to his room. "Well, I know what they''ll be doing tonight." I joked and Izzy chuckled slightly as he lit a cigarette. "Let's go to my room." Izzy suggested. "Alrighty." I agreed. He walked towards his room and I followed.
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