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Chapter 4-Pitch Black.

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The day after..

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Chapter 4

I slowly woke up to see Gerard lying next to me. You probably guessed what happened last night. I don't really want to go into details.
"Morning Frankie!" He said yawning.
"Good morning!"
He stood up and slowly walked over to the bathroom.
"Where you going?" I asked.
"To the bathroom to have a wash silly,don't worry about anything baby!"
I was confused. Did Gerard love me before? Was this a one night thing? What was going to happen next?
"SHIT!" Gee shouted.
"What's the matter?" I called.
"Lyn-Z's coming home! You need to get out! You need to get out NOW!"
I had never seen Gerard like this before. He was scared. I got up and grabbed my jeans. I put them on whilst trying to look in the bathroom. Why did he snap at me? I know Lyn-Z and Bandit would be home soon but why was he taking it out on me? It was him who kissed me and let me stop the night. My phone dropped out of my back pocket whilst I had been putting my jeans on. I looked at it as it flashed every 3 seconds. It was Jamia.

16 Missed Calls-Jamia Iero

7 Messages.

Frank where are you?

You're supposed to be home now. Me and the kids are worried.

Frank. Please come home.

And a few more.
I stood up. What was I going to tell her? I started to go really dizzy. I held on to the bed trying to steady my step. Millions over questions were spinning round my head. I started to feel sick. What was I going to tell Jamia? Did Gerard love me? Why did he kiss me? Will she kick me out? What if Lyn-Z finds out? I was scared. More scared then I had ever been in my life then it went black.

Pitch black.
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