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I tapped my fingers against the seat of the car, slumping down further into my seat "Is the air conditioning definitely on?" I asked for the fifth time "It's boiling hot in here."

"Trust me Arancione, the air conditioning is on full." My Dad told me patiently "And it's hot because we're in the middle of the desert."

I sighed heavily and stared out of the window at the boring sand and dry landscape "There doesn't even seem to be a town here. I bet we've been tricked."

"Of course we haven't. It's right down there, I can see it in the distance." Mom said, fanning her face with her hand.

"Unless the heats playing tricks on your mind." My little sister Sara smiled, leaning between the two front seats to take a look at the town "Nope, I can see it too."

"Exactly. I'm not crazy." Mom said, pretending to be angry but we knew she wasn't.

I was pretty angry though "I still don't see why we have to move to the middle of no where just so Dad can have a 'better' job. We were happy enough back in England weren't we?"

"Think of it as an adventure Arancione. Come on, you know you can do that."

"I tried doing that. It's not working. There's no sign of life out here. What kind of adventure would I have?"

"I don't know and I don't care." My Mom told me. I rolled my eyes. Why did my parents have to dislike me so much?

"We can have fun still." Sara said optimistically "We'll make up stories, draw pictures, hang out with our friends, everything we did in England but we'll do it here too."

"It won't be the same." I said moodily "I wanna go home."

"This is our home now." Mom told me "Look, we're nearly there."

Me and Sara stuck our head between the two front seats to get a better look. All we could see was a large white wall and a gate that was also painted white "It looks like a prison." Sara whispered.

"It looks... Pure." Mom swallowed, looking rather worried.

"No, Sara's right, it looks like a prison." I told them.

"That's enough Arancione." Dad snapped. I sighed heavily. Sara never seemed to get into trouble. I did. All the time.

We got closer and closer to the white prison until finally we reached it "Oh My God, what the hell are they wearing?" Sara cried. There were a couple of people standing in the city and they were dressed in white suits with white dracula masks.

"They're called draculoids. They're kind of like peace keepers. They make sure everyone in the town is following their rules." Dad explained to us.

"The rules?" I repeated.

"Yeah. They'll give us a copy of the rules." Dad honked his horn at the draculoids who instantly opened the gates for it. Dad drove inside and they looked into the car "Hello, we're the new citizens." Dad told them "I'm Peter Nero."

"Ahh yes." The draculoid said "Come inside." His head turned as he looked around the car. His eyes swept past my Mom with her fluffy blonde hair, past my sister with long black hair and a blue fringe but his eyes locked into mine. I couldn't see his real eyes past the black draculod eyes but I knew he was staring into my bright orange eyes. Looking at my white blonde hair with a thick side fringe, my bright pink tee-shirt and my orange jeans. He stared at me for a long moment before turning away and walking into the large white building my Father had just walked into.

"What the hell was that all about?" I whispered, watching the creepy draculoid walk away from us.

"I don't know." Sara whispered back "But I'm freaked out."

I turned away from the draculoid and out of the other window. My eyes widened when a painted trans-am swerved through the white gates into the building before the gates had finished closing. A man stepped out of the drivers space. He had bright red hair and wore a yellow mask. I didn't say anything, just watched him.

Out of the other side came a girl with dark red hair and she smiled at the guy and said something. I couldn't figure out what it was. Out of the back seat came a guy with shoulder-length black hair and a girl with long straight chestnut brown hair and a blue streak.

Suddenly the guy with bright red hair locked eyes with me. My heart started pounding but I didn't look away. He smiled then said something to the others. They all looked at me, shrugged their shoulders and started walking away. The guy with bright red hair winked at me then made his way to the building my Dad was in.

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