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I craned my neck round towards the building but the guy with bright red hair was gone. I sighed heavily. Then I saw our Dad coming out of the building with a large white box with a creepy smiley face on the side "That's headquarters." Our Dad told us "We have to return a few times in the next few weeks. First to legally change our names. Then to dye our hair black. Plus they wanna make sure we're following all the rules. Which reminds me." He handed us a sheet of paper each "These are our rules."

I stared down at the list "There's a curfew?" I asked "Seven o clock. We're not allowed out past seven o clock? Like anybody? What if it's an emergency?"

"Then you go straight to headquarters." Dad told me "If they catch you just hanging around or going to a friends house or something then you'll be arrested immediately. You get arrested ten times and then you're shot."

"This place is awful!" I cried.

"Shush!" Dad snapped "They hear you talking about stuff like that and they'll arrest you. Watch your mouth Arancione."

"Why aren't we allowed to kill any flies?" Sara asked.

"Some of them aren't actually flies." Dad explained "They're cameras that make sure we're all following the rules. Also, they keep an eye for the killjoys."

"What's a killjoy?" I asked, liking the sound of the name.

"They're a group of people. There's nine of them they reckon. They're people who believe in colours and freedom of speech and basically hate BLI. They show up every so often and mess things up for the town before leaving. They're evil. They drive around in a dusty, colourful trans-am." My eyes widened and I glanced at the window towards the trans-am "If we see them, we are to report the sightings to BLI straightaway. Once they are caught, they will be killed for their crimes."

"Are you sure they're bad people?" I asked him timidly.

"They're blood-thirsty murderers Arancione. If you ever meet one, you probably won't get the chance to tell BLI because they'll kill you. So if you spot one then just run. And don't look back."

I was surprised none of them had noticed the dusty trans-am but it was behind us. I looked towards the headquarters, hoping to see a glimpse of the red-haired guy but I couldn't spot him "What do they look like exactly?"

"Arancione, in a town where everyone wears white and has black hair, you'll notice them. They have strange hair colours and wear colourful clothes. You'll know them when you see them. Mostly they live in the desert but they show up every so often."

"I hope we don't bump into them." Sara said nervously "What kind of town is this where blood-thirsty murderers show up every so often? Why don't they just kill them?" I held back the urge to yell at her to shut up.

"They're trying Sara they- OH MY GOD, DUCK!" Everyone in the car ducked except for me. I looked out the window that my Dad had just looked out of.

The girls I had seen were laughing and running towards the trans-am with guns in their hand. Not normal guns though. I couldn't tell what kind of gun it was. The guy with shoulder-length black hair ran out after them, holding a large bag. And finally the guy with red hair came out, shooting behind him. There were two draculoids chasing them but they were faster. The girl with dark red hair leaned her head out the window and yelled "Party!" She didn't say it like the actual word Party. It sounded like she was calling someone's name. Surely his name wasn't Party?

He got into the trans-am and instantly drove out of the still-open gates. My Dad sat back up "We're okay now. We'd better drive to our new home."

"I will never call this place home." I whispered as we looked out the window "How are we meant to know which house is ours? They all look the same."

"Ours is the one with a giant '43' on the top." Dad told us "Just remember that."

"I prefer our old house." I yawned then started looking through the box Dad had put in the middle of me and Sara on the box seat "A cup with a smiley face on. Pencils with the smiley face on. What is this creepy smiley face?"

"BLI's logo." Dad was quiet before saying "It's a bit weird if you ask me, having a smiley face as their logo. They don't believe in emotions. Which is why every week we'll be recieving pills that will take our emotions away from us. One for everyday that you two will take before school."

"I'm not taking any pills to get rid of my emotions!"

"You don't have a choice!" Dad yelled, suddenly really angry "For Christs' sake Arancione stop disagreeing with every damn thing I say! Just do as your told!"

I slumped down in my seat. I could already tell that living here was going to be boring.
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