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[A/N] - SHAYLA! If you wanna be someone's daughter leave your looks, likes, dislikes, killjoy name, killjoy costume and who you want your Pa to be :)

Dad pulled up outside the white house and we all got out the car "Let's go inside." Dad said.

I shook my head "No. I don't wanna go in there yet. I'm gonna go look around for a bit."

Nobody said anything. I guessed everyone was just pissed off at me for no apparent reason. So I just shrugged my shoulders and went for a walk down the street. There were rows and rows of identical houses until finally I made it to what was probably the center of the town. There was a hospital, a library, a food shop, loads of other shops. All of them were white and had the creepy smiley face logo on them. I rolled my eyes and looked around. There was no one on the streets. It was really weird. Where was everyone?

I carried on walking past the town, past more rows of boring houses until I made it to a giant white wall that towered way above my head "Jesus..." I muttered, staring up at it "They really don't wanna let anyone outta here."

"You're telling me." A voice said from behind me.

I whirled around. There was a girl behind me around my age with neon yellow long choppy hair. She was wearing a white shirt, white trousers and black lace-up boots. I raised my eye-brows "I thought one of the rules was to have black hair here."

"You're one to talk."

"Only just got here. I have an excuse."

The girl smiled "I see. I had black hair last week. But I decided to dye it neon yellow. Looks way better now."

"They haven't 'arrested' you yet?"

"Oh the school have kicked up a bit of a fuss but whatever. They tried reporting me but luckily the killjoys have been pissing them off so much that they don't really care about my hair."

"So these killjoys? Are they really blood-thirsty murderers?"

"You wanna learn more about the killjoys? Come with me." We started walking down the road "My name's Amanda Elliot by the way but I like being called Ellie. Technically my name should be Jane but that's not the name my Mom gave me so I'll never go by that."

"I'm Arancione and I probably won't go by any other name."

"That's a really long name."

"I know."

"I'll call you 'Flossy'."

"Why Flossy?"

"Because it's shorter and I couldn't think of anything else right now." Ellie smiled "So who'd you move here with?"

"Mom, Dad and my sister Sara. You?"

"I came here with my Mom and my Dad. But now it's just me and my Dad."

"How long have you lived here exactly?" I asked. I wanted to ask what had happened to her Mom but I was worried she'd take offence or get upset.

"About five years now. But-" She quickly stopped herself and smiled "Maybe another time. Here we are." She pushed the door open to the library. There was no one in there.

"Where is everyone?" I asked "Why is there no one on the street?"

"They're so high on BLI pills that they just stay at home and stare at walls all day." Ellie said, sitting down at an ancient white computer. I pulled a chair over to the desk and sat down too "Me and my Dad don't take the pills though. We tried it once. It was awful."

"What was it like?"

"I can't really remember. I just remember feeling numb. I didn't wanna do anything. I didn't care about anything. We vowed to never take them again." Ellie was typing random things into the computer.

"What are you doing exactly?"

"Looking for survelience footage. They have some lying around on the computer's. I dunno why. I mean, anyone could look at them and see that the killjoys aren't blood-thirsty murderers as you described it. Then again, I suppose the town's too scared to look at the footage."

"Then why did you?"

"You ask a lot of questions. You are not gonna fit in here." Ellie laughed "I like that. I looked because... Well I'll tell you when we're better friends, okay?"

"Okay." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Here, I found some footage." Ellie clicked on one of the videos. It was a flickery black and white video of a little girl. She appeared to be screaming and in the corner a draculoid appeared. The guy I'd seen earlier with the shoulder-length black hair appeared and shot the draculoid to the grown, picked up the little girl and ran off "They showed us this video in school. Said that this killjoy killed the draculoid for no reason then kidnapped the little girl. How can that be true?" She rewinded the video "The kids screaming as she looks at the draculoid. The moment he's dead, she calms down and lets that guy pick her up. She trusts him, it's obvious."

"So why do the killjoys and BLI hate each other so much?"

"Because the killjoys believe in everything that BLI hates. Vice versa. I don't know." Ellie smiled at me and logged off the computer "I'd better go home, my Dad will be wondering where I am. I'll see you at school tomorrow."

"It's Sunday tomorrow. That's a weekend."

Ellie smirked "Weekend's don't exist here. I'll see you around."
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