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The house was boring. Small, square and white. All the furniture was white. There was a small white TV in the living room. I don't like watching TV at the best of times but the only channels were BLI approved. Sara was obsessed with some annoying programme called 'MouseKat' that I hated. So most of the time I stayed out of the house.

I hung around with Ellie and we talked about random things. Mostly the killjoys. And then one day she invited me round to her house which was a pretty much identical version of my own. I was greeted by a man with black hair who smiled at me "You must be Arancione!" He smiled at me "My name's Mouse. Well, it's supposed to be Dave but that's boring. I like your name though. Have they changed it yet?"

"Yeah, they changed it yesterday." I replied, shaking his hand and then following him into the living room "It's meant to be Elizabeth now. I'm not even allowed to shorten it to Eliza. They spent about ten minutes telling me that."

"Eugh it's so crap here! I wanna leave." Ellie moaned, flopping down onto one of the hard white sofas. Her Dad didn't even seem to mind that she used swear words. He was really laid-back.

"Me too." Mouse yawned, running his fingers through his thick black hair.

"If you two hate it so much then why don't you leave?" I asked, sitting down beside Ellie.

"Because we're not allowed." Mouse told me "Once you're in here, you're never allowed out. There's only one way..." He glanced at Ellie who nodded "Me and Ellie have been talking for a while. I've lived a long happy life... Until I got here. Ever since my wife died I've wanted to leave. So we came up with an idea."

"What, an idea to leave?" I asked.

"Yeah." Ellie grinned "Dad's been telling me all about the killjoys ever since Mom died. So guess what Arancione... We're gonna become killjoys too!"

"Seriously?" My eyes widened "What... How would we even do that?"

"Dad's been working on killjoy outfits for us. The both of us. And there's more. There's a tunnel. We built it in the kitchen. It takes about three hours to walk through but it takes you right to the center of the desert. And then the two of us can search for the killjoys. You and me Arancione."

"What about you?" I asked Mouse.

"I'll stay here. Try and convince the draculoids that you guys died. Some freak accident or something. Tell them that the killjoys killed you or something. I lived my life outside. Ellie never really got a chance to have a real life. Well it's time she had that chance. I want you to leave with Ellie. Don't worry about me. Don't come back for me. Okay?"

"Are you sure about this?" I wanted to know "I mean, it's awful here."

Mouse smiled "I'm sure about this. I've talked to Ellie about it. I know what I'm doing. Just trust me, okay?"

"Well okay..." I muttered "So when are we leaving?"

"Soon as I've finished your killjoy outfit. I've had Ellie's finished for a couple of months now. I just didn't want her to be alone out there." Mouse smiled at me "I meant to say this Arancione. Thank you. For being Ellie's friend. The kids round here keep telling her she's weird. Not you. And you wanna know why? It's because you're weird too."

"Take that as a compliment, Dad only says it to people he likes." Ellie grined.

"I only say it to people who truly are weird. And I only like weird people." Mouse shrugged and smiled "Normal people are boring. End of."

"That is true." I giggled "But BLI... I mean, they don't know what you're planning? Since they have the fly cameras and whatever."

"Well so far they haven't figured anything out and we plan to keep it that way." Mouse told me "Your killjoy outfit should be done soon. It won't take long. The end of the week I guess."

"What do I tell my parents?"

"They'll hear the same thing I tell BLI." Mouse sighed "I'm sorry Arancione. They'll think you died. We can't risk someone telling BLI. And no offence but your Dad is kinda up BLI's arse."

I nodded "Yeah, he is." I took a shakey breath. It wasn't Mom or Dad I cared about. It was just Sara "What about my sister?"

"No. I'm sorry." Mouse bit his lip "We can't risk her telling anyone. She might panic and blurt it out to your parents. We can't risk that."

I sighed "Fine. I won't tell her." I stood up "I'd better be heading home. Thanks for everything though."

"Meet us here on Friday morning." Mouse told me "That's when you'll leave."

"I'll see you before then anyway." Ellie grinned "See you round Arancione."

The next morning I made my way over to Ellie's house but stopped in the middle of the street. There were two pieces of tape in a cross across the door, both of them saying 'BLI Crime Scene NO ENTRY'. Obviously I ignored them and shoved the door open, praying there were no draculoids inside "Ellie! Mouse!" I yelled. Neither of them answered "ELLIE! MOUSE!" I ran upstairs and looked in both their bedrooms. They weren't there. I raced backdownstairs. They weren't there either.

It was obvious what had happened. BLI had found out their plan and arrested them.
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