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I knew what I had to do. There was no point in going home and telling my parents. They'd only say they deserved it. Maybe even report me to BLI aswell. There was only one way I was going to save Ellie and Mouse. I had to get the killjoys to help me.

I went upstairs and found that Mouse had finished the first half of my killjoy outfit. A cut-up AC/DC tee shirt with 'Divine Corpse' written in blood letters on the back. There were a pair of BLI white lace-up boots now painted neon orange so I grabbed them then went into Avancione's room. Her killjoy outfit was hanging up in the wardrobe so I pulled it out and shoved it in my backpack. Her Dad loved making clothes for her so there was more than just the BLI uniform in there. I found some frayed denim shorts and red fishnet tights. I put them all on and looked at myself in the mirror. There was something missing. My raygun.

Mouse had stolen a few white BLI ones from headquarters and painted them. Ellie was going to show me but didn't have time to before- I swallowed and went into Mouse's room and looked everywhere. Eventually I found them at the top of his wardrobe. The one with 'Electric Violence' written in tiny letters belonged to Ellie. Mine was orange and white with a neon orange gun holder. I grinned and put it around my waist so it rested against my left thigh. I shoved Ellie's gun into my bag before heading downstairs.

I knew the passageway to the desert was in the kitchen but I didn't know whereabouts it was. That was when I noticed how the plain white tiles were pretty uneven on the floor. I bent down and pulled at them. They lifted with ease. It was a trapdoor. I could see the passageway beneath me. But it was pitch black. I needed a torch.

After going through Mouse and Ellie's cupboards I found a torch, three bottles of water and a tin of beans. I remembered to pack a can opener too. Then I sat down on the edge of the entrance to the passageway. I took a deep breath and pushed myself in. I flicked on the torch and pulled the trap door shut behind me. I winced as I realised I hadn't said goodbye to my family. Hadn't left a note or anything. Oh well. Hopefully they'd think I was dead or something and wouldn't come looking for me.

The tunnel was awful. It was dark, not very good and extremely hot. I wished Ellie was with me. It was way too scary by myself. For a moment I considered turning back but I knew I couldn't. Whatever I was going through right now was nothing compared to what Ellie and Mouse were goiing through.

Three hours later I finally made it to the end of the tunnel. I didn't even notice until I bumped into a wall. I touched the other two sides just to check there wasn't a turn or anything. No. I'd reached the end. I cheered loudly and shoved at the ground above me. It lifted up so I could crawl out into the desert. I cheered again, did a small dance and then started walking.

I didn't feel like cheering anymore. I was exhausted. The heat from the sun had been so harsh that I'd drank all the water ages ago and finished the food too. But now the sun had gone down and it was freezing cold. So cold that I wished the harsh sun was back. My head was thumping and I felt like I was gonna pass out.

Then I heard a car in the distance. Shit! It must be BLI! I tried to run but then everything started spinning. I fell to my knees and clutched my head, my eyes filling with tears. They'd surely kill me now. I hadn't been there that long and I'd already managed to escape. They were gonna be pissed off.

But the car I saw appear in front of me was not a white BLI car or van. It was a dusty Trans-Am "Hey!" A voice called. Someone came closer to me. The guy with bright red hair. He bent down in front of me "Hey, are you okay?" That's all I can remember before passing out.

[A/N] - Short I know but I'll probably update again later :3 Happy News Year Eve by the way :D
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